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Ummm...not a big fan of these in-your-face ads I am experiencing when I track on my app, and when I SHIMMYSHAKER 4 SHIMMYSHAKER
6/1/17 6:18 A
Up by 2 lbs. - probably period weight - ah well. Let's start chugging that water and re-assess mindf SHIMMYSHAKER 3 TAILORDTOFIT
5/31/17 12:16 P
Lost 2 lbs. - down to 165! Started at 185 on March 1st. Wow. That's all I can say. My next reward t SHIMMYSHAKER 6 KIMM7469
5/24/17 6:52 A
167! My feet hurt today, so the scale got my hopes up - I couldn't stand correctly, so at first I w SHIMMYSHAKER 1 SHIMMYSHAKER
5/17/17 12:08 P
It's so hard to want to keep tracking. SHIMMYSHAKER 7 SHIMMYSHAKER
5/16/17 11:26 P
168 still - no loss, but no gain - steady as she goes. SHIMMYSHAKER 6 MIRAGE727
5/10/17 6:49 A
Have allowed myself to be off the wagon a bit, due to new excitement/anxiety. Back to working hard o SHIMMYSHAKER 2 MLR_00
5/8/17 6:27 A
168...not enough time this morning for a before/after pic, though - maybe later! SHIMMYSHAKER 6 MELODIE6353
5/3/17 6:50 A
I am pretty amazing. And, you know what? You're not so bad, either. ;-) SHIMMYSHAKER 2 DRINKALOTH2O
5/2/17 7:24 P
Dance show is done; time to get back into the swing of things! SHIMMYSHAKER 4 GOODGETNBETR
5/1/17 12:49 A
Dropped 1 lb. after 3 weeks, and after feeling sure that it wasn't going to happen after getting my SHIMMYSHAKER 3 BOOHOOBEAR
4/26/17 9:30 A
Another day in which GoogleFit has decided not to track my activity. Sigh. Hopefully tomorrow is bet SHIMMYSHAKER 1 SHIMMYSHAKER
4/22/17 9:38 P
Semi-surprise wisdom tooth extraction today. Taking it easy on the food and exercise. SHIMMYSHAKER 2 FIBROMITE87
4/20/17 8:09 P
Weigh-in day - have plateaued at 170 lbs. I've not been as careful as I had been; my work schedule SHIMMYSHAKER 1 SHIMMYSHAKER
4/19/17 8:43 A
Not enough water, too much coffee/sugar. Yuck. Body is doing that acid reflux/heartburn thing again. SHIMMYSHAKER 1 SHIMMYSHAKER
4/13/17 10:23 P
Maintaining at 170 lbs.; given the shift in my work schedule, the weather lending itself to having m SHIMMYSHAKER 4 ISABELLE84
4/12/17 11:45 A
Practiced finger cymbal rhythms til my fingers turned blue! BONNIEMARGAY 3 KOHINOOR2
4/7/17 6:40 P
Thanks SO MUCH for glitching and MISSING ALL OF MY STEPS, Google Fit! [/angry] SHIMMYSHAKER 4 DLJONES50
4/7/17 8:12 P
Weight/measurements comparison! SHIMMYSHAKER 10 BECCABOO127
4/5/17 10:45 P
From 177 to 170. Holy cow. Omigosh. When and how did this happen?!? My roomie even told me that I'm SHIMMYSHAKER 8 MARJOHN164
4/5/17 12:28 P
I took one bite of my cheese then dropped it on the floor!!!!!! AUGHHHHHH! :(:(:( SHIPANG 2 SHIMMYSHAKER
4/3/17 3:02 P
Not a great past few days, calorie-wise. Have been distracted and on a funky work schedule. Back to SHIMMYSHAKER 3 TACOMALO
4/2/17 11:55 P
Got that long-put off task done last night - guess I feel OK about that, but I'm still in a bit of a RASPBERRY56 7 SPARKLINGME176
3/30/17 6:06 P
From 179 to 177; began at 185. I'm *feeling* progress! Next week, weigh-in and measurements! SHIMMYSHAKER 13 SHIMMYSHAKER
3/29/17 3:51 P
I worked out right after I got home, and played that one game - you know the game - "Okay, just make SHIMMYSHAKER 2 MISSHARTUNG1
3/28/17 8:28 P
Oatmeal, vanilla almond milk, cinnamon, and banana - #BreakfastToStickWithYou SHIMMYSHAKER 3 BECCABOO127
3/28/17 3:18 P
#Bellyfit #EmbodiedGoddess tonight! REALLY in the mood for some pasta, so I'm gonna work super-hard. SHIMMYSHAKER 3 NAZYTEACH
3/27/17 5:44 P
Have some seriously sore muscles going on in my back from working out...whooft! On a brighter note, SHIMMYSHAKER 3 SHIMMYSHAKER
3/27/17 4:06 P
#Aldi #AldiShoppers Roll call! Who loves shopping at Aldi? What are your most favorite and least fa SHIMMYSHAKER 4 LADYREDCOMET
3/26/17 10:24 A
When all you want is junk for breakfast, but then you realize that you have a possible 9-hour day. # SHIMMYSHAKER 3 CONNIETEA88
3/26/17 10:34 A
Started off my day with sleeping in, stretching for 20 min., having oatmeal with raisins and vanilla SHIMMYSHAKER 3 SHIMMYSHAKER
3/25/17 8:23 P
This deliciousness was only 373 calories. #MeatlessSausage #Peppers #Onion #Tomato #OliveOil #Mozzar SHIMMYSHAKER 9 SHIMMYSHAKER
3/25/17 6:16 P
#mobilechat down to 149 and rewarded myself with a new dress! What do you think? The straps come off EMMAYBEE 223 BRENDA_77039
3/26/17 12:04 A
I'm ever-so-pleased that dinner didn't kill me calories-wise. On the downside, I've had a CRAPTON of SHIMMYSHAKER 1 SHIMMYSHAKER
3/23/17 10:05 P
Weigh-in day says: 179 lbs! SHIMMYSHAKER 5 BECCABOO127
3/22/17 3:07 P
Yesterday was hard. Attended a funeral and was blindsided with emotions. Ended the night with stomac SHIMMYSHAKER 6 SHIMMYSHAKER
3/21/17 9:44 P
Accidentally slept in - was up late due to heartburn beyond my control - luckily, I can bike to work SHIMMYSHAKER 2 KOFFEENUT
3/20/17 11:35 A
I love my job...I still wish I could have slept longer today. ;-) SHIMMYSHAKER 1 SHIMMYSHAKER
3/19/17 9:40 A
I love my job...I still wish I could have slept longer today. ;-) SHIMMYSHAKER 7 MARIEB441
3/19/17 10:13 A
I am thankful for SP, even with the changes. I sure wish they'd bring back the flags for the teams. BECCABOO127 6 SHIMMYSHAKER
3/18/17 7:48 A
Soooo tired. G'night. SHIMMYSHAKER 3 -WRKNG2ABTTRME-
3/16/17 7:36 A
#Cardio #DanceFitness #EmbodiedGoddess #Bellyfit SHIMMYSHAKER 3 SHIMMYSHAKER
3/15/17 8:20 P
#CardioDancing #Bellyfit ...should have been 35 min... SHIMMYSHAKER 3 SHIMMYSHAKER
3/15/17 8:20 P
Lazier day today. Had a 7.5 hour shift on top of awful cramps/pain. Hooray for bubble baths and naps SHIMMYSHAKER 3 SHIMMYSHAKER
3/15/17 8:20 P
What a rollercoaster day! Got to REALLY sleep in, got a driving permit (I've never had a license), a SHIMMYSHAKER 4 BECCABOO127
3/15/17 8:20 P
SparkFriends, help me out! Which workout should I do tonight? •Shimmy •Bellyfit •Embodied Goddess ( SHIMMYSHAKER 4 BANANASLOUIE7
3/13/17 8:18 P
Survived work, check. Napped, semi-check. Curveball - having a mini Blizzard to quiet my monthly vis SHIMMYSHAKER 3 SHIMMYSHAKER
3/13/17 5:56 P
3/12/17 10:28 P
Did you have a good weekend? My highlight today was a bike ride with my son in the sun :). How about SPARKGUY 50 _CYNDY55_
3/15/17 11:00 P
What are you grateful for today? I'm grateful for a warm shelter, access to clean water and nutriti SHIMMYSHAKER 10 LADYBUG148
3/12/17 8:17 A
It's a new day; let's make it a good one! My intent is to survive work, come home, take a nap, and p SHIMMYSHAKER 5 MARINEMAMA
3/12/17 6:50 A
Was pretty in-the-zone the past few days, by my monthly visitor appeared extra hundred ca SHIMMYSHAKER 3 JAYISOLDEM2
3/11/17 9:55 P
Tired...I will feel this tomorrow! SHIMMYSHAKER 2 ZENYAW
3/10/17 8:18 P
I just celebrated a year of changes on March 6th. I started out at 363 pounds last year and am curre NEVERQUITGETFIT 337 FUNNYFACE101002
3/13/17 9:48 A
Feel free to add me as a SparkFriend - I love to have discussions, and to encourage others! #sparkfr SHIMMYSHAKER 1 SHIMMYSHAKER
3/10/17 8:33 A
I just started here, I really like the app!!! I didn't realize what I was eating had such fat ! I di BETHWISKOW 27 BETHWISKOW
3/10/17 9:15 A
Greek yogurt, a touch of honey, and toffee crunch granola; breakfast! SHIMMYSHAKER 1 SHIMMYSHAKER
3/10/17 8:28 A
...this is well and good, but where can I find the community points now? O_o SHIMMYSHAKER 3 SHIMMYSHAKER
3/9/17 7:34 P
A sweaty mess after #Bellyfit ! SHIMMYSHAKER 1 SHIMMYSHAKER
3/9/17 6:27 P
Alcohol is the hardest par of it all! Any suggestions!? DIRTYXXWATER 3 LIFESCRAZY
3/9/17 4:54 P
Totally let myself get too hungry at work last night and caved to my cravings!☹️I binge ate a small JACKSPRINCESS89 9 MZCHIEFBOO53
3/9/17 7:57 A
Oats with raisins, cinnamon, and a wee bit of maple syrup; what are you having for #breakfast ? SHIMMYSHAKER 4 BRENDA_77039
3/9/17 7:56 A
I'm still trying to figure out why depression sucks the logic right out of me when it comes to certa SIEGESA 17 SHIMMYSHAKER
3/8/17 10:47 P
I'm moving again, I'm one pound away from my first goal ! SEXYSONYA31 27 MIZMEMPHIZ10
3/9/17 12:29 A
Re-downloaded the app, dropped 5 lbs, and am feeling good - wonder what my workout tonight will be! SHIMMYSHAKER 11 ALICIASOUTH
3/9/17 9:03 A
Results of week 1 6 lbs down and definitely more energetic. Week 2, here I go! #firstweekdown #firs DANIA_GISELA 34 QSHEPP
3/12/17 9:00 P
My goal is to lose 76 lbs. What's your goal? JERRIDAWN1014 4854 RUCHADESHPANDE
11/11/17 11:06 A
Day seven for me. Today was very hard . Im currently sitting in the sauna. I cried today cause the NADIA2389 14 DEBSANKS
3/8/17 9:58 A
12/19/13 11:04 P
12/19/13 10:58 P
2/27/12 1:30 P
Green tea and oats? MIKEGOODNER 10 ELDORADO2
2/29/12 8:43 P
2/26/12 5:39 P
Emoticon your mood today BEACHMOMMA 25607 EO4WELLNESS
12/12/17 2:29 A
Share your challenge goals here! COACH_NICOLE 11680 FOUNTOFBLESSING
12/8/17 8:17 A