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Daily Baltimore Chat! SHAPEITUP3 2272 DEBIGENE
2/18/18 8:38 A
Yesterday was my birthday!!! I celebrated and had fun today begins my new year as I'm 31 and ready t IWILLRISEUP86 89 EDWARDS1411
12/22/17 8:05 P
I am having my roughest day post surgery. I am going to take my next doses and go to bed. Maybe a na DISNEYDAMSEL1 5 DEBIGENE
12/21/17 7:54 P
Doing some heavy working out got the sweat pouring pretty good remember that's fat crying!! Yeah I k GPALMER29 17 TREKPURRSON
12/22/17 8:17 P
Use emoticon to show your feelings today SYEATS618 21434 EDWARDS1411
2/18/18 5:36 P
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ... Have a wonderful day everyone! 2BDYNAMIC 43 4CONNIESHEALTH
12/16/17 1:10 A
Weigh in Challenge Spring 2017 SHAMROCKY2K 53 DEBIGENE
12/16/17 8:35 A
17degF and snowing today. So I warmed up with my favorite Latte - the 24oz Biggby "Teddy Bear". OOPS B_RAZORSHARP 15 SHAMROCKY2K
12/14/17 1:31 A
Positives A to Z LADYIRISH317 793 SYLVIEGIRL
2/12/18 8:41 A
Winter wonderland in Virginia.. finally šŸ’« MBLANKFORD 28 LYONSFARM
12/15/17 3:48 P
I've lost 100lbs as of today. I have a lot to lose so sometimes I don't feel like much has changed u VLS_121 311 ELIZABETHDARCY
12/31/17 11:21 P
Sun's not out but I brought the guns out good workout today finish strong feeling beastly now if I c GPALMER29 17 CHERIRIDDELL
12/8/17 1:41 A
What's Your Elf Name EDWARDS1411 6 MNDEBBIE1
12/27/17 6:24 P
Spent the day walking around the national christmas center and longwood gardens. So many steps. Such DISNEYDAMSEL1 3 DISNEYDAMSEL1
12/5/17 6:29 A
Finally reached my goal weight! 15lbs down! Now the hardest part... Maintaining it! #Kickingplateaub LALAP1012 90 SPARKLINGME176
12/4/17 8:05 P
It's late in the evening she's wondering what clothes to wear, she puts on her makeup, and brushes h GPALMER29 26 DGRIFFITH51
12/2/17 8:33 P
So I have leftover boneless ham from Thanksgiving... What should I do with it? I need some ideas. DISNEYDAMSEL1 7 KERRIBERRI86
11/29/17 11:13 A
I am going to have the best day ever! LEANJEAN6 33 LUNA_IS_MY_HERO
11/27/17 7:34 A
Things I'd rather NOT eat (alphabetically) NCSUE0514 2761 NIGHTOWLKIM
2/18/18 3:11 P
6 Letter Words A to Z FAITHSTORY 2864 RO2BENT
2/18/18 11:43 A
REPLACE A LETTER (but do not rearrange letters) CRUISIN2LOSIN 112948 45AQUA-MAN
2/18/18 5:05 P
2/18/18 3:31 P
Post Something Red! MUGSYMOM 16812 NASFKAB
2/18/18 9:38 A
what are you drinking right now? RENE333 69039 RAYNAC3
2/11/18 8:55 A
After it dries look. Anyway, thanks for the support! Have a great day!! We got this. JUSTSTICKWITHIT 30 SHAMROCKY2K
11/19/17 8:48 A
I am so proud of how far I have come. 101lbs lost and not looking back. I am now back to the gym too MIZ-FENTON 187 LOSER05
11/9/17 8:35 P
Daily Chit Chat--the anything goes topic JUDYPOPPINS 4597 ON_A_DIET
2/18/18 3:25 P
11/9/17 4:32 A
Not feeling so great today. Deciding to limit my online time, I'm not going to be on here for awhile DREAMWEAVER64 8 _LINDA
11/23/17 11:12 P
I have so many tracked flights on google flights it's like looking at a stock ticker.... #Iloveplann VEG_GIRL04 4 SHAMROCKY2K
11/8/17 5:40 P
Goodmorning. Low fat low sodium sausage, 3 eggs 1 egg white mushrooms and some cayenne pepper. Have JUSTSTICKWITHIT 43 COMEBACKKID12
11/7/17 8:40 P
Cities , towns all over the world A - Z SKEETER45 341 KWOOD1955
1/3/18 7:44 A
Three-word phrases A to Z LADYIRISH317 596 SYLVIEGIRL
2/12/18 8:40 A
My son survived a horrible wreck-road gave way and he and his work truck went over a cliff and ended FROSTY99 78 LUNADRAGON
11/18/17 9:16 A
My boyfriend popped the question tonight! Iā€™m engaged! šŸ˜Š KENTUCKYMEL14 130 TASHA147
11/4/17 10:58 A
Has your doctor ever told you to loose weight? SXSX1984 268 BEBAUGH1
1/9/18 7:59 P
Maybe I'm crazy or just frugal!! It's probably that I'm not wasteful!! But who else washes their pla GPALMER29 39 MEAGOP
10/29/17 2:38 P
Good morning from Doylestown PA OOKLATHEMOK 86 SPARTANJAI
10/29/17 8:11 A
Keep moving LEANJEAN6 26 MBPP50
10/29/17 5:37 A
Still awake after two hours of photographing the stars. Maybe I'll make it out for sunrise... INITFORLIFE3 159 RKHATERA01
1/7/18 7:49 P
"WDD" Who's with me?? GPALMER29 22 DENISE168
10/24/17 6:09 P
Sugar now available as nutrient to track! SPARK_COACH_JEN 16 SPUNOUTMOM
10/31/17 10:20 A
A week off of fast food has made so much difference in the swelling in my ankles. #BeforeAndAfter SPARKELLY20103 135 CFITZ1
10/17/17 11:31 P
NICE walk around Ft McHenry today...and we got a history lesson. Bonus! SHAMROCKY2K 6 DAWNWATERWOMAN
10/17/17 10:23 P
Grabbing lunch on my layover. Then I go to the hospital to see grandma hopefully before her hip repl DISNEYDAMSEL1 4 SHAMROCKY2K
10/12/17 12:01 P
Don't let anyone or anything slow you down! We are the spark community, hear us roar.......meow....l JUSTSTICKWITHIT 21 EVILCECIL
10/13/17 6:45 A
Happy Wednesday, everyone! #wednesday SPARKPEOPLE 10 MBPP50
10/12/17 9:41 A
We're supposed to have 4-7 inches of snow by morning...guess tomorrow's workout will be inside ā„ļøā˜ļøā˜ƒ SBABEYTA1 21 STR458II
10/9/17 5:54 P
Change a letter OLYGIRL1 15201 ITISNTEASY
2/18/18 12:26 P
A-Z Famous people (past & present) SUNLIGHT11 4544 CHRISTOPHER63
2/13/18 6:46 P
10/5/17 10:02 A
2/18/18 2:23 P
Lets go for a walk JOLIEN999 12 KEESHA13
11/6/17 8:07 A
Goodmorning, made a bunch of 93% lean turkey burgers yesterday. I will use them for lunch and dinner JUSTSTICKWITHIT 31 STARFISH1961
10/10/17 8:48 A
I'm in New Jersey, USA How far reaching is this post?ā”ā˜ŗ POGIRL17 245 CAJUNBUCKEYE59
10/3/17 7:11 P
Happy October everyone. What a busy week I've had. I spent last week at hospital with my bff. What a DRINKALOTH2O 13 1CRAZYDOG
10/2/17 4:42 P
What foods will you never compromise on? READY_STEADY_GO 128 FREDDYTT
10/20/17 12:21 A
I might have screwed up the 1st 9 months of the year but I will be relentless for the last 3. Never JUSTSTICKWITHIT 49 JULIENSMITH
10/1/17 7:35 P
The scale didn't move much this month, BUT I lost an inch in my waist, 2 inches in my hips and half DISNEYDAMSEL1 10 ADELINE2007
9/25/17 8:48 P
Starting over!! I turned 46 today. Iā€™m so disgusted with myself. All the weight that I lost last yea DAWN27367 304 MESANDEE
9/25/17 8:43 P
Goodmorning, well I don't really have much to say besides that the binges that I go through when hap JUSTSTICKWITHIT 29 EVILCECIL
9/26/17 6:40 A
Three Syllable Words A to Z FAITHSTORY 31390 BAKES3000
2/18/18 4:40 P
Change 1 Letter To Make A New Word JTREMBATH 18432 COOP9002
2/18/18 5:11 P
Time to walk a 5k at the zoo to support autism! DISNEYDAMSEL1 11 CDS427
9/24/17 8:55 A
Day 1! Let's do this! I'm super pumped :) KLIPSE 22 MPLSKEN
9/23/17 12:50 A
leaving tomorrow to son#2's wedding-- LEANJEAN6 41 NANHBH
9/21/17 6:36 A
Today I am grateful for... MRS*RADISH 2930 SYLVIEGIRL
2/18/18 7:30 A
Gained 17 pounds in 6 weeks!!! FML I simply just gave up and stop doing everything and started feeli KLIPSE 19 KLIPSE
9/18/17 11:32 P
I may not be where I'm supposed to be, but I am go ARHUNT71 205 CSROBERTSON621
9/16/17 7:39 P
My son is down 23 pounds!! He is happier! I couldn't be prouder!!! LMURPHY88 183 YMWONG22
9/16/17 2:52 A
After 30 years I quit and today is my 4 year Anive SKITTLESNINJA 224 CUIS1NE
9/16/17 2:34 P
Just finished my workout! I started at 278.9 now I am at 232.3! It's not much but I feel a differenc M65000 163 MDOWER1
9/13/17 5:47 A
What kind of fruit did you last eat? HEYLADY51 36991 RAYNAC3
1/31/18 8:48 A
Wow Friday night at 10 pm am relaxing watching something I recorded with my wiener dog sleeping in b CTCOLL41 15 CIERAPOET
9/9/17 3:24 P
Today was a great day hung out with some old friends that I hadn't seen in a long time. ERICALEAHA 9 CIERAPOET
9/9/17 3:20 P