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Using phone traveling for points DONNA_CPS2 6 SHAMROCKY2K
7/23/17 10:47 P
What is the last thing you ate? ELAINOVA 11535 SHOTOKIDO
7/24/17 11:28 P
What kind of fruit did you last eat? HEYLADY51 36669 NASFKAB
7/25/17 2:31 A
Daily Baltimore Chat! SHAPEITUP3 1919 DEBIGENE
7/25/17 8:11 A
Me with my gorgeous 94 year old Aunt June. She says to take the time to be with loved ones because y PUDINTAYNE 8 BIGCSCARE
7/22/17 6:53 P
A - Z ... USA Locations L0LLYGAGGIN 73751 LOVELY*LADY
7/25/17 7:41 A
What made you smile today? MARINERSFAN 64422 MCJULIEO
7/25/17 9:05 A
Surrounded by my brothers. Feeling good in my skin and getting lots of compliments. #maintainer SHAMROCKY2K 12 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/18/17 2:33 P
Dinner baked chicken 4.8 oz, steamed veggies and cashews!! 350 cals and all complex carbs!! God Bles GPALMER29 31 DIALYSISCHIC1
7/12/17 5:51 P
What do you drink most frequently during the day? TRI_BABE 28996 LOUIE-LILY
7/25/17 7:50 A
Sugar now available as nutrient to track! SPARK_COACH_JEN 5 SPARK_COACH_JEN
7/17/17 8:09 P
what are you GO TO spices BLINDS50 110 POPSECRET
7/25/17 8:36 A
Posted a photo MIRANDAMASON603 137 JO88BAKO
7/8/17 3:09 P
Heads up if you keep up with spark points and you use the group section to add your meals it will on GPALMER29 3 SHAMROCKY2K
7/7/17 2:51 P
67 lbs down. From 380 to 313 as of this morning. :) SPARKE77 196 LARKDC
7/8/17 1:44 P
Had a rough battle with a spell of depression. Trying to find my way back. DISNEYDAMSEL1 5 DIANALAZZELL
7/7/17 12:37 P
Happy Friday Spark community!! We are an awesome supportive group!! MBLANKFORD 16 KILTORE
7/7/17 4:29 P
Happy 4th to all in the U.S. LEANJEAN6 22 PICKIE98
7/5/17 7:00 A
Having trouble sticking to diet plan and reaching calorie intake mins. Tons of fruit and veg is real SOULFISH80 6 MORTICIAADDAMS
7/3/17 2:41 P
Weigh in Challenge Spring 2017 SHAMROCKY2K 43 DEBIGENE
7/17/17 8:56 A
I keep losing the same lbs. Today I realized when I have lost them that I am not huffing and puffin DEACONPEG 126 FOXYRED05
6/29/17 1:18 P
Dropped below 180 this morning. :) 18lbs down since May 30th! MRSFITPANDA 192 EEJAA70
6/27/17 3:31 P
Roll call... where is everyone from?? This pic is looking over the San tan mountains in Arizona TAMIAZ1 315 BNANCIB
7/1/17 9:23 P
I have decided to blog daily as a journal. When I write down my feelings I have better progress and DAWNWATERWOMAN 10 -SPIRITSEEKER2-
6/27/17 8:22 A
After a week of long activities I have lost inches instead of pounds. LEH93420 16 KBOUGHE1
6/25/17 7:26 P
Introduce your self JOEB52 3 SHAMROCKY2K
6/24/17 2:58 P
Hi everyone, my name is Toni and I am new to this. I am looking to lose 80-100. Currently having kne JIMENEZ-T79 30 CHINUA14
6/23/17 3:25 A
Arrrgg...frustrated and just feeling over it today! Having a hard time staying motivated. BGINN1 13 ADUKE6
6/23/17 6:35 P
Daily Chit Chat--the anything goes topic JUDYPOPPINS 4518 EDWARDS1411
7/24/17 3:46 P
foods you hated as a child, but love now CARPETCRAWLER 64 SUITABLE
7/24/17 6:03 P
Got stuck in traffic,major accident! Praying for those involved,puts things into perspective, life i JUSTSTICKWITHIT 30 1CRAZYDOG
6/23/17 12:52 P
A twist on the Niçoise salad. Have Tuna, boiled eggs on sautéed vegetables IMRAN99 6 HARM99ONY
6/22/17 3:34 P
Tempted not to walk. Tempted to cut my walk in half. Tempted to skip the cove that rounds the route LKMANNING7 194 FISHGUT3
6/21/17 5:09 P
Happy Birthday to me! Peonies are in bloom. Day is perfect! HELEN_BRU 307 MORTICIAADDAMS
6/21/17 12:42 P
Tonight's dinner, mushroom cheesesteak, sauteed beets, and fresh tomato. I've never had beets, so we DISNEYDAMSEL1 13 SHAMROCKY2K
6/18/17 8:35 P
Posted a photo EDWARDS1411 26 MAYIE53
6/18/17 9:46 A
Inches starting to show. Had been very hard to reduce the waist line IMRAN99 105 CIERAPOET
6/17/17 2:06 P
Grocery shopping questions for all SHAMROCKY2K 22 SOXYINMO
7/23/17 9:28 A
Posted a photo EDWARDS1411 13 SHAMROCKY2K
6/15/17 8:04 A
Well time for Wimpy to pay me back for that Hamburger! Meaning I must pay back myself all the wasted DREAMWEAVER64 3 SHAMROCKY2K
6/13/17 12:20 P
Busy week with lots and lots of eating out events..... BASKETCASE500 3 LIVEDAILY
6/12/17 6:00 P
I did it! I met my first goal now I'm even more motivated!!! 5 more pounds to go! Low calories, drin ALEXRENE118 209 BOOERDEM
6/12/17 8:28 P
6/10/17 6:58 A
Good thoughts on this Wednesday. SPARKPEOPLE 5 JUDY1676
6/7/17 11:11 A
Its funny how life works. The left picture was me 7 years ago, at that time I was a SR. In highschoo CWEST4973 208 SHAKTI101
6/7/17 4:43 A
Making turkey burgers and sweet potato fries for supper tonight. Using my indoor grill for my turkey JEZEBEL99 3 NANCYANND55
6/5/17 7:52 P
Two words -- change one LADYIRISH317 3390 SARA-SMILE2017
7/13/17 6:26 P
Hi, I'm Kelly, can I join you? KELLY_SS 7 WHITEANGEL4
6/7/17 6:15 P
Happy Saturday everyone JEZEBEL99 13 FISHGUT3
6/3/17 10:17 A
I'm in Onederland!!!!!!!!! 😁🎆 Heaviest: 230 SW: 223 CW: 199 GW: 140 STARGAZ3R 233 GORDONED
6/3/17 8:14 P
I have noticed in the past week I have gotten too comfortable and I am slipping with my intake and a MBLANKFORD 8 STARFISH1961
6/1/17 2:43 P
Beginning today 177 lbs, 50 pounds to go, just did my firts workout and planning my food for the day SLAVOIE5 10 JULIEA7201
5/29/17 12:22 P
Today is officially my day 1. Got out and did a walk/jog for 2 miles with some pushups in between my IBROWNELL 4 IBROWNELL
5/29/17 11:56 A
5/29/17 11:39 A
5/29/17 11:20 A
5/29/17 10:54 A
Started the morning off with a 10-minute walk while drinking my coffee. Have a great day everyone! SPARKGUY 29 KITT52
5/29/17 5:47 P
do anyone drinks 64 oz of water every day 😂 KINGOSBY 12 KOHLRABIGIRL
5/29/17 1:32 A
Had this big dinner on Tuesday night. Sort of a reward of strong progress over the last two months n IMRAN99 16 GEORGE815
5/25/17 8:42 P
Tell us why your plans will work today. SPARKPEOPLE 27 MOONGLOWSNANA
5/25/17 2:32 P
Posted a photo LALAP1012 17 BIKE4HEALTH
5/20/17 9:13 P
"It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get back up." ~Vince Lombardi CHARTHESTAR 4 KATHYJO56
5/20/17 12:21 A
Favorite spot to watch birds. SHAMROCKY2K 5 2BDYNAMIC
6/24/17 10:38 A
Iron skillet cooking FANCYQTR 8 FANCYQTR
5/30/17 10:26 P
What are your "must have" grocery items! PDLSTMPR1 115 KRYS210
6/1/17 3:16 P
Almost first month, got 10 pounds lost. Way to go myself! Forward to another second month :) HOUNDDOG36 51 MAYMA05
4/29/17 12:27 A
Post Something Green! MUGSYMOM 5120 NASFKAB
7/25/17 1:48 A
Chaneg one letter to make a new word GENCAT 121269 45AQUA-MAN
7/24/17 3:23 P
April - Support and Chat RAINBOWFALLS 51 GRAMMACATHY
5/3/17 8:22 P
4/11/17 4:40 P
Bite of the Week K80DALY 34 DEBIGENE
6/13/17 10:00 P
How do you cook your vegetables? AMYCHU1 28 LIN1263
6/30/17 4:54 A
So... I have not exercise since Thursday. I have been celebrating my 50th bday all weekend. I took MIMIGEE2 99 FITWITHIN
4/4/17 8:04 P
Roll Call HAEDDRE- 219 CLARE1952
7/24/17 6:05 A
4/2/17 11:55 P

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