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Update: Last time I posted, I was depressed about CUTE_FLUTE40 22 WLHOPE
11/24/17 9:58 A
Ugh! No sleep! TRACYGILB2015 9 MARIAN326
11/24/17 7:21 A
Soo I don't log any food yesterday caues I new I w DOINITNOTGONNAS 10 AQUAGIRL08
11/24/17 7:30 A
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. REDGINGER1 12 GEORGE815
11/23/17 8:01 A
Bad Mom kid went to wrong airpo OUTSIDEJOJO 15 _LINDA
11/21/17 11:24 A
We have adopted this beautiful guy, we love him alot very thankful he came to us😍😍🙏🙏 KBICK214 158 UMUCGRAD
11/20/17 5:05 P
Really, people? BOXED WATER??? Who is buying this stuff?! I’d like to meet the person who designe MIMAWELIZABETH 23 MIMAWELIZABETH
11/19/17 11:46 P
Yesterday I was up by 4:30...showered, got dressed, cleaned the kitchen up from last night, started ST3PH 9 ALLYLIZZY
11/17/17 1:01 P
Question of the Day, 11/15 DAP1313 5 LARRI2010
11/19/17 10:09 P
Just got back from an awesome vacation with pounds to lose! Eager to get back on track.😊 DEANA1003 54 CARINA640
11/8/17 3:20 A
Celebrating my princess today! Good morning!! Have a blessed day! ANOJAG 250 JAZZEJR
11/8/17 9:36 P
Today's run was not my best. Try again! But at least the scenery is beautiful. LYONSFARM 27 KELLIEBEAN
11/6/17 9:34 P
What are your plans for today? GYPSYANNLEE 109 DLWHATLEY70
11/15/17 10:13 A
10K Nov. Question of the Week KRYS210 31 SWEDE_SU
11/19/17 5:44 A
Hey everyone KEENA47 40 _LINDA
11/1/17 1:55 P
Well today is the second day of keeping track of what I eat every day... It's going a little slow bu MICHAELSMOMMA9 62 LARKDC
10/28/17 11:51 P
It sounds like Wyatt is awake. I need to get up off my butt and go get him. He's not fussing or anyt DEEKELLYE 7 ORTATK
10/21/17 8:42 A
Hi everyone... I am new to sparks people just trying to get ideas and keep the motivation in trying JAMESHOWARDBROC 63 DINZEL
10/19/17 11:12 A
I feel pretty today ☺ JILLIAN48 110 JILLIAN48
10/20/17 9:16 A
Good morning my ☀️ Family 😘👏😌 KEENA47 20 KEENA47
10/18/17 9:05 A
Our Grandson Moshe is enjoying his trip to Israel and Also his Ice Cream Cone!!! FLASUN 25 FOXBAY99
10/18/17 1:44 A
Good morning. What in the world happened?? Yesterday it was 80°, but it was getting cooler yesterday SUMMARAH 20 NOMORECLOUDYDAY
10/17/17 9:05 A
I’ve got the best of both worlds this morning. Asparagus for added veggie and then a little bit of s KJPE25 18 YENNY58
10/16/17 8:51 A
Health care personal keep telling me to cut back on my eating, I have, to no avail. I don't eat the FLYROSE64 15 PWILLOW1
10/15/17 11:47 A
Went to painting class and did this! SOFLOKITTY 28 APPLEPIEDREAMS
10/13/17 11:38 A
July I decided it was time for a change. Down 35 lbs!! Not looking back! JMSKREDE 146 NOCALORIES
10/13/17 6:53 P
Well I'm starting all over again, again. BLONDEDOG 18 RADOOGA
10/9/17 11:24 A
Good morning hope everyone has a great week ALTUS_OWL 22 AUNTRENEE
10/9/17 9:25 A
This feral beauty and her five kittens are our guests for several weeks. (She was trapped just in t MIMAWELIZABETH 17 MIMAWELIZABETH
10/8/17 4:04 P
Posted a photo BECCA12231 27 MICHELLELYN44
10/5/17 9:28 A
"Look Grandma & Grandpa, I'm on my first Airplane Flight - Going to Israel" Yitzchok says. FLASUN 19 CGARR442
10/4/17 11:38 P
My old friend Willie. How I miss him! PASTORVIC 16 PICKIE98
10/2/17 2:12 P
My new best friend. Hank the Tank. 2 year old British Lab. Loves to walk. My new motivator. High ene FOXYHOGG 46 EVILCECIL
9/26/17 6:40 A
I had a little biking accident yesterday. I lost control of my bike on lose gravel in a construction NANHBH 75 NANHBH
10/9/17 6:58 A
Posted a photo SOFLOKITTY 24 STARFISH1961
9/22/17 9:02 A
Alright sparkies, I need some encouragement. I'm at that darned plateau, still determined, working o PINKETTLEBELL 69 JPLATZER
9/21/17 9:15 A
I crave soda in the afternoons. Mostly, the caffeine. Any suggestions? Also, is diet okay??? Not ALL PINEAPPLEJAM 31 DKWT456
9/19/17 6:29 P
Left 188. Right 161 and I am not done yet. YENROD49 153 _LINDA
9/19/17 9:06 P
In high school I was extremely insecure about myself. I wore heavy sweaters in 80+ degree weather, I THEJACKIEDEAN12 305 LARKDC
9/23/17 10:07 P
9/27/17 3:33 P
I have lost 28 pounds since June 20 2017 but when I look in the mirror I don't see the improvement. BABYGIRL5555 27 ALLYLIZZY
9/14/17 2:01 P
My Florida family was fortunate! JSTETSER 127 JUDITH316
9/13/17 3:18 A
GOOD MORNING!! ☀️ ☕️ 💗 #flybutterflyfly #deliciousdailymoment SARASMILING 14 LOVEDABUNCH2
9/9/17 11:30 A
Birthday cheat day result: i gained 7 pounds of water weight 😂 and one of them is actually 1 pound GXNXSIIS 2 SEDONACAT
9/4/17 4:19 P
We went for a walk today at Sawgrass Lake Park in DETHFLWR4 10 KRYS1181
9/4/17 6:28 P
Finally went shopping was pleased to find it could fit all the styles instead of just those that wer HRODGERS4 122 HEALTH_NOW
9/3/17 7:01 P
Good morning, Spark Friends, I have a twist on the usual question: what healthy, higher calorie foo JWPSKINNYSKILLS 6 JWPSKINNYSKILLS
8/17/17 1:19 P
8/15/17 7:52 A
331 calorie breakfast.. this one is a little more carb heavy than usual but I'm going to try for 3 m MWARNER211 29 STARFISH1961
8/15/17 8:08 P
Question of the Day, 08/12 & 08/13 DAP1313 11 LARRI2010
8/17/17 2:52 P
10/2/17 11:41 A
On the trail at 4:30am when this poor bird hit some power lines ☹️ it was breathing but stopped with HAMMONDC2 13 HEATHER736
8/8/17 9:06 A
At start about six weeks ago I set a very conservative 3,000 steps as I am turning 70 and very very TOBYBIRD 20 PLCHAPPELL
8/5/17 7:28 A
I'm not happy about that. I worked hard this week and ate right except for yesterday. I over did i LEILEI13 6 RANAF222
8/5/17 12:08 P
8/2/17 7:14 A
Last fruit or veggie you ate WALKING_WONDER 564 HEYRED221
11/23/17 8:19 P
Today is my interview! I'm excited AND nervous. Praying for good outcome. I don't think I've ever wa LYONSFARM 40 SPARTANJAI
8/2/17 1:56 P
Looks like my country walks may not happen for a w LYONSFARM 68 NANCYANND55
7/12/17 3:35 P
where do you live? PANDABEAR42 44 JOYLARK
10/13/17 6:37 P
Down 1.6 this week! Only 5 more lbs to my goal of 130 by August! TECHERNO 171 MCFITZ2
7/10/17 2:26 P
Prayers for Karma today. She is being spayed. Let me just tell you this sweet little puppy has been SKITTLESNINJA 28 GRATTECIELLA
7/5/17 10:56 A
When i get a day off and my boyfriend has to work on a holiday. I get up at the same time because I SLIVERBULLET 7 YMWONG22
7/4/17 9:21 A
I haven't been the best with my meals! But I have discovered that by keeping my hands busy with nee 12NIMUE 13 MYTENTOES
7/3/17 10:17 A
Good morning all!! I seen several posts yesterday about eating a spoonful of peanut butter when havi MISTIJ 8 MCK2017
6/30/17 12:00 P
I work graveyard shifts and i usually eat salads that are 160 calories. I'm getting quite tired of s PANDA_NUTS 9 *GINA*
6/25/17 8:00 A
My goal is to lose 20 ponds by September 13th of 2017. SSINGLETON3B 18 RUBY-TUESDAY26
6/21/17 9:13 A
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 15 REGILIEH
6/20/17 4:18 P
Me and my babies TGLOVER14 19 MLR_00
6/18/17 8:30 A
What do you guys do to control and prevent low* blood sugar? What's your menu like and how often doe RUBY-TUESDAY26 4 SEDONACAT
6/14/17 6:51 A
I'm headed out on our much anticipated family it odd that in the midst of excitement I'm TEAMWAX 11 JOANNEJI
6/11/17 9:48 A
sleep (or the lack there of) MARYELLEN36 14 JOYLARK
10/13/17 6:34 P
6/7/17 8:40 A
Warming up for leg/ lower back day. It's too early for this crap... JCASTEEL001 10 JCASTEEL001
6/6/17 7:17 A
I had the best time garden center hopping with my daughter Thursday.... Making sure I still got my 1 JOYCEHARRIS3 10 LIBR@RYL@DY
5/26/17 7:18 A
Our current fosters, a young, pregnant feral cat I caught just in time, who gave birth the next day MIMAWELIZABETH 27 MIMAWELIZABETH
5/25/17 3:20 A