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Got a new cut and color. Took ton of selfies. This is the only one where I didn't look like a derang SKYDRAKE 20 SMILINGBEAR
10/11/17 10:34 A
3 Things to Be Happy About Today KALISWALKER 253 MULTIMOM
10/19/17 8:39 A
9/21/17 6:37 P
Mission: Slim-possible ~ Chit Chat KPACE7 601 DEQUINTA
8/26/17 9:49 A
I have battled my obesity for years and here I sit 30 years old at 340lbs. I am disgusted with mysel MAKEITCOUNT87 218 TCRANE522
7/25/17 7:14 A
Weekend off. Will take care of body and soul today! SCHNOOTIE 8 MAWMAW101
7/23/17 9:09 A
7/19/17 10:48 A
Full of energy. Plans for the day... mowing.. clearing out closet.... shopping... working out with h SCHNOOTIE 4 BJAEGER307
7/19/17 6:04 P
12 of us at work walked today! Our group is growing. RHOOK20047 4 SCHNOOTIE
7/19/17 9:38 A
Had a lovely day, luncheon meeting with 12 Ladies from the group I teach, we are on a summer break b JUDITH316 21 GRACED777
8/1/17 3:30 A
motivation moment.... RHOOK20047 17 JANPER1
7/2/17 4:36 P
Don't stop until you get enough! RHOOK20047 3 MBPP50
7/2/17 10:23 A
Did 10 minutes upper body strength to get my point for the INDIGO Hopscotch SCHNOOTIE 3 JANPER1
6/17/17 2:31 P
Ate a cup of frozen grapes instead of ice cream. SCHNOOTIE 6 KATEBRN
6/19/17 9:09 P
My first day with spark.I have tried dieting so many times so I found this and hope I can do with th JULIE9741 299 SRILEY6324
6/13/17 7:32 P
What exercise did you do today? MARIAGI 275 DRC2009
8/11/17 8:58 P
ABC'S of Reaching Our Goals KPACE7 730 MIMAWELIZABETH
8/29/17 5:07 P
Waiting List for a Summer Challenge Team CLOSED LOSINGLINNDY 115 LOSINGLINNDY
6/21/17 7:10 P
6/15/17 4:39 P
6/3/17 9:24 A
Mini goals for the day: Deck of Cards Cardio Workout and Deck of Cards Strength Workout. Go! SCHNOOTIE 5 JANPER1
5/29/17 7:50 P
Had a wonderful workout before noon. Feeling good about myself. SEAMUNKI 3 SCHNOOTIE
5/29/17 10:35 A
If we don't keep to our healthy lifestyle BIGRENTMAN 9 SCHNOOTIE
5/25/17 7:51 A
Back home from my Germany vacation. Time to get back to healthy habits! It was an amazing time! SCHNOOTIE 7 GERMANPICKLE
6/2/17 10:01 P
It was so great to be in the sunshine breathing the fresh air. Put me in a good mood. LOISLEL 6 SCHNOOTIE
5/11/17 12:07 P
Going to Chinese buffet for dinner tonight. So far, I've heard that none of the food is steamed, whi PUPPYBUG 14 TTHOMPSON2011
5/6/17 11:57 A
I love SP trophies! I feel accomplished! NHEMBERGER 11 SCHNOOTIE
5/1/17 8:44 P
Walked the labracadabrador around the neighborhood. BONNIEMARGAY 7 MBPP50
4/14/17 7:46 A
Had a Owl in the front of the house this evening BOOBERRY 18 KOHLRABIGIRL
4/14/17 2:17 A
Cardiio and strength workout done, #fitness JANPER1 2 SCHNOOTIE
4/4/17 8:00 A
My walking group is up to 7 now. RHOOK20047 4 SCHNOOTIE
4/2/17 10:21 A
Well did good at the gym. Did biking and also some weight lifting. Ended with 30 squats. DHARRIS200 4 SCHNOOTIE
4/2/17 10:21 A
This little guy is the main motivation for my weight loss. I want to be around for him and his futu RHOOK20047 16 JAVNMICH1969
4/3/17 1:21 A
Had a salad instead of a plate of pasta. RHOOK20047 6 PICKIE98
4/2/17 3:02 P
Starting the new month with renewed goals. Keeping my eyes on my goals will help me succeed. LOISLEL 7 4CONNIESHEALTH
4/2/17 12:08 P
Good Morning remembering were I started BIGRENTMAN 14 JUDY18229
3/31/17 9:02 P
Good Morning my spark friends BIGRENTMAN 9 FLORIDASURVEYOR
3/28/17 9:27 A
Shining the Light on Winter 5% Challenge Community CERIUSLY 17 COOLMAMA11
4/5/17 3:16 A
Yesterday's workout BIGRENTMAN 14 SCHNOOTIE
3/26/17 11:23 A
Posted a photo RHOOK20047 17 SCHNOOTIE
3/26/17 11:22 A
3/26/17 11:21 A
Nephew reunion! Heart sings! MMEQUEEN 9 SCHNOOTIE
3/26/17 11:20 A
Recovering from a spring cold but managed a 20 min walk and short yoga routine! JANPER1 3 SCHNOOTIE
3/26/17 11:20 A
It's my Bedtime, So it's Good Night, Sweet Dreams and God Bless... JUDITH316 9 DEE107
3/27/17 12:19 A
Last week's snow walk. Today still in my night gown trying to decide what to do with this day. Brows SCHNOOTIE 5 BJAEGER307
3/26/17 8:05 P
Cardio/strength training and yoga done JANPER1 3 SCHNOOTIE
3/22/17 9:44 P
Doing great during the 5% challenge before starting the Spring 5% challenge. BARBIE176 7 GINGERPAWZ
6/5/17 11:01 P
First time trying a Spark Video to go with my exercise ball. So much fun, very easy and effective! SCHNOOTIE 5 JANPER1
3/24/17 3:07 P
I've gotten to this point where going out to eat isn't enjoyable anymore. It's just a pain. The food PUPPYBUG 9 KENDILYNN
4/4/17 10:08 A
Lost 3 lbs. today... Lord, I've got a TON to lose! Almost literally! MRSJENNI 31 SCHNOOTIE
3/21/17 8:09 A
Walking in the sunshine almost 2.5 km and 30 mins yoga! Love it! JANPER1 3 SCHNOOTIE
3/21/17 8:05 A
I promised a sparkmember a pic of the bear that walked right up to us (2011) while doing yard work. WARRIORGIRL121 14 SCHNOOTIE
3/21/17 8:04 A
Good Morning my spark friends BIGRENTMAN 4 SCHNOOTIE
3/21/17 8:02 A
Amazing how just 5 minutes of Sun Salutations and simple Yoga can dissolve my back problems. #yoga SCHNOOTIE 4 BJAEGER307
3/19/17 1:07 P
I posted this on my locker at work and I now have 4 walking lunch buddies! RHOOK20047 16 CHRIS3874
3/19/17 7:50 P
Buzz Around the Airport - Discussion KALISWALKER 275 KALISWALKER
6/29/17 7:04 A
Follow Body Fit by Amy on You tube. You can sign up on website for monthly newslett JANPER1 2 SCHNOOTIE
3/12/17 7:21 P
The 1st was from 2014. It got worse than that. I got heavier and unhealthier. My wake up call wasn't PUPPYBUG 45 SCHNOOTIE
3/12/17 7:20 P
My youngest grandchildren BIGRENTMAN 11 JUDITH316
3/13/17 1:25 A
Yoga day today, love it! JANPER1 3 WHYTEBROWN
3/12/17 7:20 P
3/19/17 6:08 P
These beautiful children are my motivation to get healthy... Nana wants to play! IRISHSWEETPEA53 15 SCHNOOTIE
3/11/17 12:29 A
Got in my 10,000 steps today-not bad for being on a walker KATHYJO56 12 SCHNOOTIE
3/11/17 12:27 A
Went to bed early (for my standards). Who knew I could feel rested with enough sleep ;) #wellrested RAVENMAMA 2 SCHNOOTIE
3/11/17 12:25 A
I'm Maria. I am 28, I am the mom to a beautiful 7 year old and two furbabies and girlfriend to the b MLEMAS 29 KEERAKYRAM
2/5/17 8:09 A
Need some advice husband just was put on hold list on his transplant. Due to being 10 l PKWILLIAMS211 12 OVERDUECHANGE
2/5/17 4:14 P
Buzz Around the Airport - Discussion KALISWALKER 589 MULTIMOM
3/19/17 12:41 P
3 Things to Be Happy Today KALISWALKER 415 JOJO2348
9/9/17 7:56 A
Week 1 Setting sail for Aruba!! LADYLUK 11 SPARKFRAN514
1/8/17 12:49 P
-Share Something About Yourself- 2BDYNAMIC 480 CHERIRIDDELL
10/19/17 3:00 A
Vorstellung der neuen Mitglieder SCHNOOTIE 158 BIENKE
8/10/17 3:39 P
Driving test on tuesday.getting nervous. Help me w GOLDIRIS 4 GOLDIRIS
12/18/16 9:15 P
Kaffeekränzchen SCHNOOTIE 5671 BIENKE
10/9/17 4:36 P
Question of the Day - Small Appliances KALISWALKER 57 RITA1956
1/5/17 2:00 P
So i was talking with someone yesterday and they s L86446 12 IVANHOE64
11/17/16 6:28 A