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5/26/17 6:13 A
a good nights sleep TCANNO 6 AALLEY2
5/26/17 10:41 A
Eggs , blueberries and multigrain bread MESEATURTLE 7 TAMMYLEEYATES
5/26/17 6:19 A
Had a wonderful Salad yesterday for my lunch! YUM!!!! FLASUN 17 IAMAGEMLOVER
5/26/17 2:00 P
Last day before the holiday weekend. Enjoy your Friday. PAMBROWN62 8 G72812
5/26/17 6:11 A
Posted a photo MAMARHINE1 10 G72812
5/26/17 6:12 A
5/26/17 6:20 A
So was at the docs this morning, walked there! And I'm officially 3 cm taller after the surgery... A LENGZI 3 TRISSYINCHARGE
5/26/17 6:56 A
Today Is ONE week with this cold!! Wish it would go away!!!! FLASUN 23 GLORYB83
5/26/17 10:24 A
Day #1 and my first full 20 oz of water in a very long time wasnt has hard to fet down as i thought! HISGRL151 12 JOCELYNH711
5/25/17 6:21 A
5/25/17 6:27 A
Change your mindset! Start your OWN journey and challenge your mind! #MindOverMatter K37WYN 17 SUNSET09
5/25/17 6:08 A
Hello Spark friends. Have a positive, productive, on-plan as you want to be Thursday. Enjoy your d PAMBROWN62 19 SUNSET09
5/25/17 6:08 A
Posted a photo SCHECK5 16 GODS-PRINCESS
5/26/17 11:06 A
One Liners 10/15# 10. I became a Professional Fisherman, but discovered I couldn't live on my net in NEW-CAZ 6 GABY1948
5/24/17 8:20 A
Most of my SparkFriends know where I go on my Wednesday's...3 Hours of Thrift shopping! Who wants to FLASUN 16 JAMER123
5/24/17 11:10 P
Here's to mid-week, heading for the weekend. Have a wonderful Wednesday. PAMBROWN62 9 JANIE7DAVIS
5/24/17 5:35 A
Posted a photo MAMARHINE1 6 RAPUNZEL53
5/24/17 5:27 A
Celebrating my 60th birthday today - trying to stay on track. Won't be easy - going out to dinner. L DRABDALE 17 MSLOUIE3
5/24/17 6:27 A
Still coughing and feeling yuk! WBERRY57 5 GETDONE
5/24/17 5:35 A
It's amazing how great you feel after recovering from a tummy bug ☺ BELLKATE 5 SCHECK5
5/24/17 5:07 A
Difference from Feb 2016 to Feb 2017. KATDUGERS 29 COLLEGEMOM23
5/24/17 9:55 A
5/24/17 6:55 A
Starting to feel like I'm getting back into the swing of things after being out of sorts for a while PRETTYPOPPET 7 1DAY-ATA-TIME
5/23/17 1:03 P
My Grandson has some Decisions to make today! "Which one of my toys do I pick to play with today?" FLASUN 21 LESSOFMOORE
5/24/17 9:32 P
Posted a photo JUDITH316 26 JAMER123
5/23/17 11:22 P
Just started today, I told my daughter I would start getting healthier.. I'm 240 trying to get back C72415 9 C72415
5/23/17 6:03 A
Goal is to lose 60 pounds FERNANDEZ42 5 CHERYLHURT
5/23/17 5:36 A
I am new to this and just trying to lose wait for my wedding in April of 2018 I am currently 165 and COWARD388 7 PREMAMEHROTRA
5/23/17 5:48 A
Posted a photo SCHECK5 13 BRIAR150
5/22/17 7:39 A
Posted a photo SCHECK5 10 1CRAZYDOG
5/21/17 12:31 P
Yay! I lost 2 lbs , and im just getting started on my healthy lifestyle 😊💪🏼 BREEEXOXO20 9 MIRAGE727
5/21/17 9:06 A
Small loss after a very stressful week and weekend. A loss is a loss so I will take it! CSMAIL1971 4 _LINDA
5/21/17 8:39 A
Ready to get moving! Everyone have a great Sunday! We are FINALLY getting some rain! MISCH42 12 MISCH42
5/21/17 1:58 P
I've had this belt for about 20 years. I was at the weight I'm trying to get back to when I bought i HIGHWAYGIRL2004 10 FBAILEY24X
5/20/17 5:21 P
5/20/17 6:01 P
Colorful, healthy lunch. Salmon, asparagus sautéed with light butter and parmesan, and blueberries MHEDIN63 13 LAURELR99
5/20/17 4:29 P
Feeling extra pretty today!! Happy Saturday, Dolls!! Hugs, Jes MADMANSMAMA87 13 MADMANSMAMA87
5/20/17 9:31 P
Went to Dr today lost another 15 1/2 lbs in less than a month. So far that's 154 lbs😁 need to loose MEME4031 28 CFITZ1
5/18/17 8:04 P
For those who do not like to drink water, try putting raspberries, mint, and lime in a Masonry jar. PROFESSOR17 11 MERIWYLE
5/18/17 7:10 P
Posted a goal RDHDINWV 2 SCHECK5
5/18/17 6:09 P
Dinner! S82273 4 CATRICEJ
5/18/17 6:17 P
My goal for today was to get in 10,000 steps do 3hit exercises and drink at least 8 cups of water. I B31324 4 C38622
5/18/17 6:28 P
Well my sinus infection was getting better now getting worst again not eating enough calories getti BEE7203 4 BEE7203
5/19/17 11:17 P
Today is my start day. Very difficult to admit I have a problem with food and a commitment to contro REINVENTMYSIZE 6 RAERAERAE62
5/18/17 9:17 P
But I'm starting to notice a change in myself I'm coming down🤗🤗🤗 HENNYFLOW29 9 DADDYSLILMONSTR
5/18/17 8:27 P
Back to walking 2 mile brisk DVD. At some point I want to bump it up to 3 miles. NANALOVESALL7 4 TOCONNER
5/17/17 6:43 A
Give someone a smile today! I know this has been talked about before-but ever since they changed th LITTLEREDHEN8 14 BRIAR150
5/17/17 7:22 A
Good morning sparkspeople have a blessed day. It's employees appreciation day at work, I will pas CHERYLSCOTT54 2 SCHECK5
5/17/17 6:37 A
I hit 10,000 steps Tuesday! I'm not allowed to do that too often since my ankle is still recovering DISNEYDAMSEL1 4 PHATPAT18
5/17/17 6:43 A
Nice points today - now I'm outta here! Enjoy your Wednesday! RASPBERRY56 4 CINDY247
5/17/17 6:56 A
Started a 100 day workout challenge. Yesterday was my day 1. Intentional workout for 25 mins a day. NEWBUTTERFLY76 14 LIBR@RYL@DY
5/16/17 7:36 A
First day with this app, trying to start new lease on life! LUKSI2017 121 J38850
5/16/17 1:00 P
Believe in yourself JENNIFERRR1973 6 FLASUN
5/17/17 4:25 A
Life is what you make it! WBERRY57 4 SCHECK5
5/16/17 6:32 A
Woke up this morning not really feeling like going to the gym or working out, but I ended up having MARATHON_MOM 12 MIRAGE727
5/16/17 7:37 A
Enjoy your exercise today! LITTLEREDHEN8 11 PLCHAPPELL
5/16/17 7:10 A
Did so well yesterday til i was alone then i binge ate my way to bed 😞 MCANTRELL47 10 REEDSKI
5/16/17 7:35 A
Starting off my 30 day challenge today!! :) also going to be having a more healthier diet, not as mu A16646 16 TSHAWGER
5/16/17 7:46 A
Tonight I lost 3 pounds and I'm really happy and hope to lose more K43135 4 MLR_00
5/15/17 6:46 A
Up early to get my Core de Force videos in before school and the challenges of the day! WHYTEBROWN 7 EJOY-EVELYN
5/16/17 1:17 A
Happy Monday SparkPeople! Let's make today great!!! JADIEGIRL1974 8 SCHECK5
5/15/17 6:14 A
Posted a photo YICHE12 15 ODAT1117
5/15/17 10:18 A
Posted a photo KERENSA9697 19 TOCONNER
5/15/17 6:56 A
Posted a photo KERENSA9697 15 PREMAMEHROTRA
5/15/17 6:47 A
Today makes week one and I have lost 5.8lbs. In my first week. Going to see if I can boost up my wal HEREWEGO508 33 LOUISE979
5/15/17 8:04 A
So I ate all the things yesterday- I have to attend two celebrations at every holiday! The differenc AUGUSTAGLOOP 6 HMBROWN1
5/15/17 6:49 A
I constantly tell my friends that not trying is losing before you even attempt. Now I find myself d DAPPLE3 7 GOLFGMA
5/15/17 6:12 A
Please send prayers my way for my family 😌 WORKOUTGIRL58 8 KLMEIRING
5/15/17 6:17 A
2 mile walk done. ANNKRAN 3 NANCYPAT1
5/14/17 8:57 A
Posted a photo AGRAV618 5 NANCYPAT1
5/14/17 8:57 A
Posted a goal BEN87ADDICTCSI 20 LIZZIE138
5/14/17 10:12 A
Good morning and happy Mother's Day. It's a great day to love ourselves enough to make a positive de SPARKCAROLM 5 7STIGGYMT
5/14/17 9:02 A
To all the amazing Moms out there enjoy your day God bless you. MARIEB441 13 HOLLYM48
5/14/17 9:45 A
Posted a photo SCHECK5 12 1CRAZYDOG
5/14/17 12:14 P

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