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My name is Morgan, I am 260 pounds and I am tired of being in pain when I play with my friends and I MORGANKENNEDY11 22 DREAMERSPIRITT
1/23/18 11:45 P
Struggling. Nighty night. Tomorrow is a new day. PAMALAMA1413 3 LKEITHO
1/23/18 8:17 P
Didn't want to exercise, but put in my minimum of 30 min on the treadmill anyway. My long-term goal SASRA1 3 JRKESTLER
1/22/18 9:13 P
I just want to take a second and say thank you to everyone on this feed. I will admit I jumped back JBALL21 9 BINA-80
1/23/18 7:54 A
Yay! 10 lbs down. To me every single part of a pound counts. Next goal 260. 8 lbs and counting. Love DIGREBS 7 SSUUEE1
1/21/18 1:05 P
Easter Candy is out, & I Resisted a Cadbury Creme Egg last night by entering it into the calories, i CANDINOEL 5 CGARR442
1/21/18 9:10 P
Today i said NO to twizzlers and choose a Kind bar instead with only 16 carbs and 5 grams of sugar!! DBMANZ 2 SASRA1
1/21/18 12:55 P
Yesterday I went to a restaurant with my family. I ALTJ-DOG 6 LADYARTIST41
1/21/18 1:50 P
I have never done this before so it's a first time post! I had started using this app about 10 mon SHIELDWOLF7X 28 RENA0212
1/20/18 5:47 P
For the first time in years, I have broken the 300 pound mark!!! Yahoo!!!! Loss- 22.4 pounds!!! LETITIAARNEY 13 FIDDLISH
1/20/18 9:58 P
This is me I am 25 years old and I am weighing 271 pounds my goal weight is 175 POOH_BEAR9217 29 FIDDLISH
1/20/18 9:50 P
Ok gotta say I was a little bummed when I got up this morning, I thought well here you go down the s KATTOBFAB 17 DREADHEAD4LIFE
1/20/18 3:03 P
The difference 190 days makes. #BeforeAndAfter ELF41978 116 PPPPPPPPPPPPPP
1/22/18 7:43 A
Seems very strange (but good) to be not wearing certain clothes because they're too big instead of n JAY61 3 BEBAUGH1
1/20/18 1:42 P
Below 240 lbs, 239.8 from 271 RDUNN1945 8 ALLYLIZZY
1/20/18 1:52 P
So this happened 😩 I’m way over my calories today. It’s my first day and I’m just being real to mys 4KDYOUNG 16 CANUCKSEW1
1/16/18 1:31 A
#teamgreen #kidneywarrior #kidneydonation #kidneydiseaseawareness #transplantsurvivor #transplantjou TRAY1229 11 QSHEPP
1/16/18 3:26 P
Only 9 more pounds to the "healthy" section of the bmi chart! SASRA1 2 TBRYAN-LU
1/14/18 9:34 P
When I used to be on this, years ago, there was a place to put weekly measurements. I can’t find tha SCHOOLMOMANGELS 2 SASRA1
1/14/18 1:24 P
6/10 lb away from 50% to goal. So close! SPARKLYEYES71 3 SASRA1
1/13/18 12:47 P
Remember 235 lbs when you're losing weight feels and looks completely different from 235 lbs when yo MRSPOTATOHEAD83 3 SASRA1
1/13/18 12:44 P
June 2016 when I didn't care Started July 1, 2017 ST3PH 139 ANNAMARIEPRICE0
1/21/18 10:01 A
Oregon Weather Report: 2017 ALIHIKES 115 SASIKHASI1
1/23/18 9:19 P
Hi everyone! I've been on and off sparkspeople for years. I try to be consistent as far as tracking CESTMOIUMI 2 SASRA1
1/11/18 7:30 P
Haven't used spark in yrs....but I'm back CAROL2558 34 NYARAMULA
1/11/18 4:16 A
#BeforeAndAfter Not sure what I weigh right now because I gained back some with back injury. Waiting VACAY2018 28 DRSUS312
1/11/18 2:26 P
Trying to get the hang of this but I don't know how to get more protein in...I'll be on the Internet BKLANDER 2 SASRA1
1/9/18 10:31 P
This is my first time on here. Looking forward for 2018 to be a good year foe my weight loss journey DENIMARIEGOTBOS 2 SASRA1
1/9/18 10:29 P
Finally down to 138 from 273. Took me years to do it, but I did it! VIKINGGIRL73 11 POLAR63
1/9/18 11:02 P
I'm Finally Down Below 180...Current weight = 179.4 !!! Woo Hoo ! CANNINGNANNY 9 LIVEDAILY
1/9/18 2:04 P
Did not feeling like working out today. Made myself get up and try my first kettle bell workout. Fel MANSHU72 3 NOCALORIES
1/8/18 11:26 P
I got an email and vm from my gym today--I have been working out at home, but they wanted to know wh CHRISHATH 3 CHRISHATH
1/7/18 11:41 P
Dropped my 5 pounds of holiday/travel weight and now back on track toward my goal. Just under 10 pou SASRA1 5 COURTNEYTITUS
1/7/18 2:35 P
Good morning! I hope that everyone have a great week. #inspiration LALAJ84 28 SASRA1
1/7/18 12:25 P
(Paleo) Cinnamon Roll In A Mug (it was yummy) Ingredients Serves 1 Cinnamon Roll 2 tablespoons co ALBERTA119 14 SASRA1
1/7/18 12:22 P
I've lost 4lbs in 2 weeks just by limiting my coffee creamer to 3tbs per day. Thanks to this app, I ZEN1123 12 MSMITCHELL2696
1/7/18 12:53 P
Today is my first day starting. Wish me luck KRISTINE45 8 KRISTINE45
1/7/18 1:47 P
Well first week of tracking and no weight loss. It’s a partial win though because that means I didn’ KRUPERT1982 5 MSMITCHELL2696
1/7/18 12:45 P
Almost my goal 1.6 pounds to go 😳😳💪🏃 hard work pays off HJUDIE1 11 TIMZMOM
1/7/18 12:37 P
Why is it so hard to reduce fat intake n up protein, I'm am so ignorant regarding food. Is protein j KITTYLEACH 7 SASRA1
1/7/18 12:18 P
I went from a whopping 280 lbs to 220 to date! I remember when i was just glad to lose even 5 lbs, i CGORDON6642 17 SADIEMYERS
1/7/18 1:20 P
I'm starting to have cravings to eat something heavy TYMESHA1 7 MSMITCHELL2696
1/7/18 12:33 P
Recommitted to getting healthier on December 27th and am down 10 lbs. LUVCNTRYLIVIN05 5 ALLYLIZZY
1/7/18 1:17 P
Hi I'm Georgia. I am New to this so please bear with me. I want to lose 20 lbs by mid April for my d PURPLEORCHARD2 5 SASRA1
1/7/18 12:10 P
I am having such a hard time loosing weight. I hope I can find some great support here!! KAMRYNN91 4 MSMITCHELL2696
1/7/18 12:28 P
Down 12 pounds in the last month. Thanks, Sparkpeople!! HUMEROX 6 MARIDOWNEY
1/7/18 12:48 P
Feeling lonely in my weight loss struggle. I’d love a buddy to talk to daily. I need someone to help NANNB2008 6 ANDEELYNN4646
1/7/18 5:36 P
Started in the "obese" section on the bmi chart. Now in the "overweight" section. Only 10 pounds to SASRA1 8 MLR_00
1/7/18 8:11 A
This is really day three, took a lot to post a pic WAYGOR 23 FINISHES
1/5/18 9:38 P
Hey I'm down 20 lbs.Been doing really good with tracking.I will get to my goal! Thanks for being on SCHRADER5 9 ALLYLIZZY
1/5/18 11:29 P
On plan again and encouraged to have dropped a few of those vacation/travel pounds quickly. Heading SASRA1 1 SASRA1
1/4/18 9:49 P
When you are feeling a bit discouraged remember your “why” and stay the course! This is a journey n TSTEPHERS 3 SASRA1
1/3/18 12:29 A
By not eating on my plan and not tracking over the holiday, I gained back about 7 pounds in 2 weeks. SASRA1 4 GOODGETNBETR
1/1/18 4:42 P
On vacation for a week, knowing full well I would deviate from my healthy habits over the holiday. T SASRA1 1 SASRA1
12/31/17 2:26 P
142.6! Only 2.6 pounds to my Christmas goal! :-) SASRA1 4 JUAREZK0930
12/18/17 3:26 P
Woo hoo 😊 Good bye woman's section hello misses.....that's right I'm in a size 14 jeans I could jum TMP0418 67 ~BRY~2009
12/18/17 10:34 P
Crockpot carnitas with jalapeños, salsa verde, & cheese. 2400 calories, 4 grams total carbs for the FINESMALLSTORM2 7 OOPSEDAISY1
12/17/17 2:30 P
30 pounds gone! SASRA1 57 ALLYLIZZY
12/14/17 4:25 P
Chicken breast coated with pork rind crumbs and parmesan cheese fried in coconut oil. #ketodelicious FINESMALLSTORM2 8 SASRA1
12/12/17 6:12 P
12/5/17 10:43 A
Late lunch today, but keeping it Ketolicious! Starting with a baby spinach salad loaded with grape t FINESMALLSTORM2 7 SASRA1
12/3/17 10:46 P
Not a bad dinner: Ground elk, dusted with cinnamon, espresso, cacao, black pepper, & Chipotle peppe FINESMALLSTORM2 9 SASRA1
11/30/17 11:21 P
After several good days, my blood sugar dropped to 60 around 11 pm. The doctor suggested cutting my GIAARNOLD 6 DIALYSISCHIC1
11/28/17 1:58 A
Just came across this idea...Kind of fun, I may do something like this. FITULOUS 27 YMWONG22
11/28/17 7:47 A
A1C = 5.6! Doc says to stop taking 1 of 3 oral Diabetes med and cut the dose of another in half. Goi SASRA1 50 HAWKTHREE
11/28/17 7:28 A
So today starts my journey. I'm really trying hard to feel good about myself but its hard. people te BRIANNAPHILL1 13 FRISKYCRITTER
11/28/17 5:55 A
I DID IT! Into the 140s by Thanksgiving and thankful for all you wonderful Sparkers. SASRA1 8 VICKYLYLES
11/23/17 11:18 A
I DID IT!!! Diabetes blood check shows A1C blood sugar 3-month average in the "Normal" range!!! SASRA1 25 FRISKYCRITTER
11/23/17 4:42 A
3 months of meeting nutrition goal ranges almost daily. Down 24 pounds. Already planned/tracked port SASRA1 5 CATALDI81
11/22/17 1:34 P
A year ago, I found out my a1c % fell in the prediabetic range. Today, after receiving my blood test TRAIKAR 14 TRAIKAR
11/16/17 11:13 P
WooHoo!!! My Dr. says I am no longer diabetic. Life style change did it for me. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 165 PATRICIA-CR
11/15/17 10:52 A
Returned to the gym after not going for a while. Walking/jogging on the treadmill is far easier now SASRA1 4 52114ME
11/13/17 10:49 P
What part of Oregon are you in? AMANDIE 732 GRAMMAJANET11
12/26/17 9:09 A
Sooooo close to the 140's! I will be there before Thanksgiving. Was 174 8/23/17. Feeling accomplishe SASRA1 20 SASRA1
11/11/17 6:06 P
I'm actually wearing jeans and not stretch pants.... Wow.... L25833 41 JULIENSMITH
11/11/17 11:57 A