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Trying not to lose sight of my goals during this holiday season! JPATENAUDE1215 24 RODRIGUEZ41508
12/5/17 12:38 P
Since I have reached my first goal of getting under 200 lbs, I have decided to allow myself to "take KMKGIRLIE0528 8 KMKGIRLIE0528
12/5/17 12:40 P
I did it! One week down. I know a week seems small, but when it comes to my struggle with diets/weig WILD_ONE 22 DAIZYSTARLITE
12/5/17 12:31 P
Today, I am implementing the "U Rock" award at my workplace. A way that we can improve inter-office SKEMERICH 12 RDCAGAIN10
12/5/17 12:33 P
I'm out here again. Getting it done. Running a few miles today. Look at that sky. Off I go into th DENISEA495 106 CHRISTOPHER63
12/5/17 8:00 P
Day 1 - This app was recommended by a nutritionist and I am excited to get started. No more using be REEBOK87 71 REEBOK87
12/5/17 7:51 P
Did the fastest morning YouTube kettlebell workout SWEETSUNSHIN7 14 LYONSFARM
12/5/17 1:08 P
Down another 3.2 lbs. So happy! Total since October 10th is 18.5. Goal right now is to be under 220 APUCHUCHU2 133 APUCHUCHU2
12/5/17 10:15 P
putting on a push to get 5 lbs off by Xmas! LEANJEAN6 154 MCJULIEO
12/5/17 10:15 P
Down 11 lbs in 28 days! #BeforeAndAfter TEXASHSMOMOF3 38 LVMS61516
12/6/17 1:50 A
#justsaidno Last night was a late night and I saw a post from our friend @GPALMER who posted how he COMEBACKKID12 13 DGRIFFITH51
12/4/17 11:14 P
After having had to take a two week break due to health issues, (now resolved), went to the pool thi SISSYFEB48 23 SRWYLIE
12/5/17 8:19 A
Hello everyone went from 215 to 185 And I'm here TIFFANII587 140 FLUTTERFLI
12/4/17 7:02 P
Twenty-first wedding anniversary flow with my man, my husband, the love of my life, and dad to my ch SUMMARAH 161 JBLESSER
12/4/17 11:36 A
Lost 38 lbs so far, still going at it! I feel great! #BeforeAndAfter MKDREW38 170 NOCALORIES
12/1/17 8:04 P
Oh my gosh!!! I think I'm gonna cry...tears of joy ST3PH 305 GINATRI1972
12/4/17 10:06 P
I found my workout on Pinterest I’m gonna do tonight! KAYLADIANE05 11 RODRIGUEZ41508
11/28/17 5:19 P
I'm going to be partially MIA till Dec 9th. I'm on the brink of failing my English 2 course, so ever YISKAMIRYAM 9 GOODFELINE
11/28/17 9:26 A
A1C = 5.6! Doc says to stop taking 1 of 3 oral Diabetes med and cut the dose of another in half. Goi SASRA1 50 HAWKTHREE
11/28/17 7:28 A
We set our clocks back at Daylight Savings Time. Seems only fair we can set our scales back 10 lbs a SISBELL02 40 PDLYE077
11/28/17 1:09 A
Morning run - one thing to mark off my to-do list for the day. PLUMBO42 3 RODRIGUEZ41508
11/17/17 10:41 A
Tiempo de café :) I need my coffee now GOOD MORN NOMASHOTCHEETOS 14 FISHGUT3
11/17/17 2:04 P
11/18/17 1:40 A
Posted a photo FITFORME17 12 PWILLOW1
11/17/17 2:09 P
Have a great day. PT this morning and errands this afternoon. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 12 EVILCECIL
11/18/17 7:09 A
11/18/17 7:09 A
220.2 44.5 41.75 50 I want to lose 20lbs to start KJMARTIN86 20 MDOWER1
11/17/17 2:36 P
Because I can!!!! And so can you. Yay!!!! DAWNRENEE337 5 ALLYLIZZY
11/17/17 12:37 P
Getting stronger! JSTETSER 15 GARDENCHRIS
11/18/17 1:30 P
11/17/17 7:50 P
lost 50 pounds! :) SCOOTCH1800 268 NOCALORIES
11/17/17 8:51 P
I have finally entered Onederland! KSMOM64 7 JAZZPUPPY
11/14/17 11:04 P
Posted a photo COEBA1212 9 TMILLER21915
11/14/17 10:32 P
My dinner: homemade chicken and shrimp stir fry with brown/wild rice and tons of vegetables #Eating SIMPLYKEN32 7 SIMPLYKEN32
11/15/17 1:40 P
Got school pictures back today and just had to compare to last year's. Oh, my! #BeforeAndAfter LKMANNING7 137 CMARTIN5383
11/22/17 8:31 A
I'm having a moment where I'm completely in my feelings. It's silly, I know. I'm frustrated and fe TMILLER21915 29 MDOWER1
11/13/17 9:02 A
I have been so tired the last couple of days. Had to force myself to exercise last night and looks l HONEYFLCN 10 ZRIE014
11/7/17 6:26 P
Celebrating my princess today! Good morning!! Have a blessed day! ANOJAG 250 JAZZEJR
11/8/17 9:36 P
The sunset today was gorgeous!!!!😍😍 It was such a busy day today but my husband and I made time t SIMPLYKEN32 15 -POOKIE-
11/7/17 5:06 A
A gorgeous sunset I took outside when I was walking....It is so breath taking!!! AMYMBUNCH 155 EO4WELLNESS
11/7/17 10:22 A
This is my "present" me at 274.4lbs... I started my journey 4 months ago at 320lbs, but alas, I hav CANADIANNEE 103 TESSIEMOONRAE
11/5/17 9:02 P
I work this weekend...😒... 12 hour days! I’ve pre SKY70740 9 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
11/4/17 3:13 A
Last meal!!!!! SKY70740 19 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
11/4/17 7:54 A
My boyfriend popped the question tonight! I’m engaged! 😊 KENTUCKYMEL14 130 TASHA147
11/4/17 10:58 A
10/31/17 5:18 A
I'm feeling like curling up in a ball and hiding but have responsibilities that I just can't let fal WALKN4WARD 17 TIGERSEYEHEART
11/1/17 6:10 A
#BeforeAndAfter 97lbs down. my weight goal has finally been reached!! So here is my very first side APALMER05 276 XXFINE01
11/7/17 7:18 P
It has been a very active weekend! I rode my bike sat and sun morning. My husband has been under the BEACHCHICA08 25 LOSER05
11/18/17 1:41 P
Guess what was made for dinner tonight!?!? Some Mm CONSTANCE067 53 TMP0418
10/30/17 6:07 A
Posted a photo DINKER0798 18 ZRIE014
10/26/17 8:58 P
Dug out some old pants from the basement today just to see if they would fit...and they did! Down fr MOMMYVX3 7 ZRIE014
10/26/17 9:22 P
So admittedly been eating pretty badly over the last week or so, going way over my calories more oft CROD1830 9 ZRIE014
10/26/17 9:16 P
Good morning Spark family took today off my son is sick and Dr not sure what is wrong. I am worried ERICALEAHA 7 ZRIE014
10/26/17 9:15 P
So I weighed myself this morning not what I usually do but I was curious and I reweighed myself 4 ti MILKATRENA 40 BETRHO48
10/27/17 12:19 P
Lunch: chicken pasta salad, grapes & pumpkin seed cheddar crispbreads = 338 cals SYLBA61 7 ZRIE014
10/26/17 9:13 P
Week 16 Weigh In: I'm 2lbs down since last weigh in! That's 37lbs total since I started this weight SLKIRK487 20 ZRIE014
10/26/17 9:05 P
Same shirt, four months apart, 25lb down⬇️ MELDAMAY 211 MELDAMAY
10/26/17 11:09 P
Been feeling under the weather the last couple days. I made some yummy white bean kale soup today to FITSISTA79 18 SILKYSLIM48
10/26/17 10:00 A
I am doing school work right now. I hear snoring and look over to see this... DEEMIE 13 ANGELA-105
10/18/17 11:11 P
I'm going out for a bike ride on this beautiful autumn day! JSTETSER 40 LIS193
10/19/17 11:29 A
Love spending time with my husband......💞 AMYMBUNCH 8 ZRIE014
10/18/17 7:26 P
30 pounds down! I like my new less chubby face!😊😊 JDBUSTILLOSJB 81 RODRIGUEZ41508
10/18/17 2:55 P
I am down 44lbs!!!!!!!! NIKKIE430 298 GABIRUSZCZAK
10/18/17 11:50 P
I am new to spark and looking for support to lose AJARRY07 27 SARAKATHRYN76
10/12/17 3:30 P
While on our roadtrip we enjoyed a peaceful picnic at one of my favorite ponds. Slow food is so much SADIEMYERS 20 HELENATILFORD
10/12/17 2:11 P
I've come a long way. Teen mom at only 16 years old, divorced and single mom of 4 children at 26 ye LALAP1012 302 LALAP1012
10/14/17 3:37 P
Made albóndigas with lots of veggies and rice on the side for dinner and lunch tomorrow 🙌 LIZETH_MM 19 LIZETH_MM
10/11/17 12:32 P
All i wanted to do when i got home from work was sleep 😴 but instead i got changed & hit the weight DANILEANNC 22 INSPIRED26
10/11/17 11:13 A
Got married to the man of my dreams! 10|7|2017. I feel super blessed ❤ DSA7259 221 MAO-MIAOWS
11/14/17 1:20 P
A year and half ago when I couldn't even button up CHAANNE81 124 INSPIRED26
10/11/17 11:05 A
Today was my first attempt at meal prepping lunch... didn't realize how proud I'd feel once I was fi ANDREKAJOHNSON 24 HAWKTHREE
10/9/17 8:28 A
Happy Sunday!! So today was great in the world of working out. I follow this lady on YouTube named w THEJACKIEDEAN12 21 AGEE1944
10/9/17 1:45 P
Started at 240, today I am 179.2 almost there! JENNAE93 14 RODRIGUEZ41508
10/7/17 1:38 P
Breakfast 2 eggs, asparagus, spinach, bacon, and fresh salsa OBIESMOM2 8 SRWYLIE
10/8/17 11:57 A
Posted a photo ALTUS_OWL 4 INSPIRED26
10/7/17 5:06 P