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What tea did you drink today? MOONGIRLMOON 8891 ROCKYCPA
5/29/17 7:56 P
Just finished a Zumba Master Class - an hour and a half of dancing! Happy Memorial Day to everyone ROCKYCPA 1 ROCKYCPA
5/29/17 11:29 A
So this is my 1/2 way point Start weight 236 CW 203 GW 155-165ISH SKITTLESNINJA 205 WFTGATL
5/29/17 7:41 P
Yes. Was not sure I was losing until I found this old picture. Getting there MRSHURST88 187 MARIANAD2
5/29/17 5:41 P
10K Log-In, Bonus Wheel and team points KRYS210 2712 BOGFARMER
5/29/17 9:55 A
Spark Wheel-Daily Points COACHGIA 25014 BRENDAGAIL9
5/29/17 12:57 P
May Game - ABC at the grocery store WALKING_WONDER 162 VAWHITE
5/29/17 9:56 A
From 524 to 224!! God Is Great!!! GPALMER29 250 NANCYANND55
5/29/17 10:16 A
Remembering consequences of careless eating ... as there is much temptation this weekend .... Stay o 2BDYNAMIC 23 4CONNIESHEALTH
5/29/17 6:59 P
Emoticon How You're Feeling ANGELUS__QUINN 2379 BABYBARNEY
5/28/17 3:18 P
A-Z 5 Letter Words With NO Repeating Letters -WRKNG2ABTTRME- 1653 BABYBARNEY
5/28/17 3:18 P
5/28/17 12:13 P
I'm JOINING the community and need all the encouragement in the world! Hello all! MMILOVICH 98 IRONADONIS
5/28/17 5:12 P
I was at a clothing store yesterday and I was nervous because to be honest I've hardly gone clothe s BREMARSH91 205 CANDJMUNOZ
5/28/17 5:00 P
Just finished a high energy Zumba Toning class - now ready for the day! ROCKYCPA 4 WALLAHALLA
5/28/17 6:01 P
Remember that changing your life, one day at a time, is true bravery. CAULIFL0WER 11 JOYFULPAMELA
5/28/17 8:26 A
Heading out on the first leg of our vacation in a couple of hours. Today, we travel to Charleston, S WALKIN4JEANIE 13 1958TMC
5/28/17 11:07 P
Tracking has been surprisingly easy to start up again! Somehow taking pictures of what I'm eating h EBEAMS 33 PRYTANIAS
5/28/17 8:41 P
Continuing .... Lifestyle .... 25 minutes brisk walk .... & vigorous house clean ...Enjoy your day! 2BDYNAMIC 15 4CONNIESHEALTH
5/28/17 5:56 P
Our Gerti crossed the bridge this morning. We rescued her 2 1/2 years ago. At the time she was about AUGUSTAGLOOP 59 NANCYANND55
5/27/17 6:04 P
I've finally hit 50lbs down. I was so close for so long, 48.5.... 49.... and stalled for almost two VODKASODA 120 GORDONED
5/27/17 11:32 P
Almost to my goal!!! 5 lbs to go!!! KERRERIK1 304 SPARKLE1908
5/27/17 9:12 P
As of today I am down 40 lbs. for the year!!! JULESANA8818 117 FOCUSEDSAM
5/27/17 3:49 P
Emoticon for how you're feeling today... THINBUCKEYE 3378 ROCKYCPA
5/26/17 11:04 A
5/26/17 10:58 A
5/26/17 10:50 A
Pulled weeds from the backyard for 3 hours straight. Strength training and cardio all in one. WALLAHALLA 5 LIS193
5/26/17 12:10 P
Had a wonderful Salad yesterday for my lunch! YUM!!!! FLASUN 20 COCOAGOAL
5/27/17 2:35 A
I'm trying to be kind to myself this morning. It's hard. PJPEGG 17 FOXBAY99
5/28/17 1:55 A
Less than 24 hours until 100k race start! Eating all the carbs and resting today. ZORBS13 78 JAZZEJR
5/27/17 3:42 A
It's my birthday today, so I am going to indulge in some tasty Italian and cake. However, I'm still KBEGEY 271 WANNABZEN
5/26/17 10:54 P
Left: 3/24/16 Right: today after my workout. Excuse the sweaty face. I just finally can see a huge d STUFFY864 119 WOMANOFLOVE
5/26/17 2:45 P
Good morning everyone!!!!! Today is weigh in day and I weighed in at 238.6 lbs so I am 89.6 lbs down THEJACKIEDEAN12 304 KARENWILL2
5/29/17 6:18 A
Today Is ONE week with this cold!! Wish it would go away!!!! FLASUN 23 GLORYB83
5/26/17 10:24 A
Awesome thing happened at the gym today. This woma MAGLITE7 32 COLLEGEMOM23
5/25/17 3:03 P
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 107 REGILIEH
5/25/17 4:48 P
After bringing my husband home from physical therapy, I took advantage of the first sunshine in days WALKIN4JEANIE 41 GARDENCHRIS
5/26/17 7:27 A
Omg I'm out of the 230's (barely) but thank God!! I started out weighing 254 March 7th!! I said good SHARA03 136 SHARA03
5/26/17 9:22 A
I hit my 40lbs down milestone today!!! Feeling AMAZING!!! :D :D :D MADMANSMAMA87 172 AMYBRO1
5/26/17 2:49 P
First time in a long time under 200. Yay!πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ🏻 SYDNEYBREW 300 PROVERBS4SEVEN
5/25/17 6:01 P
Most of my SparkFriends know where I go on my Wednesday's...3 Hours of Thrift shopping! Who wants to FLASUN 16 JAMER123
5/24/17 11:10 P
Happy Hump Day!!! CAJUNGAL328 8 DINZEL
5/24/17 11:08 A
Posted a photo LALAP1012 30 IAN2409
5/25/17 7:15 A
Wake up this morning feeling really good I made it out the 380s HENNYFLOW29 122 FITME2017
5/24/17 6:57 P
5/24/17 3:19 P
Down 53lbs in 3 months. WOOHOO! Finally feeling like I'm accomplishing something. SPARKE77 266 GORDONED
5/24/17 6:04 P
Woo-hoo!! First goal met of 15 pds. Starting the next. Thanks everyone for sharing and caringπŸ˜„ KINDGIRL56 187 SCOTTDEAN
5/24/17 2:25 P
Today I change. JSTETSER 20 MIRAGE727
5/25/17 6:40 A
Yesterday I did 10,436 steps, 4.45 miles, burned 2,301 calories and started my first kettlebell clas BLAZINGSWORD 4 PICKIE98
5/24/17 6:27 A
Making today an excellent day! JSTETSER 17 MIRAGE727
5/25/17 6:36 A
My daughter got me flowers to cheer me up, my little chihuahua was taken from our yard....praying fo STARFISH1961 43 KELLIEBEAN
5/23/17 4:30 P
Went on a hike Last weekend! JENN53888 5 WHYTEBROWN
5/23/17 12:22 P
Work hard, stay committed, but take time to pamper yourself too ... You are worth it! 2BDYNAMIC 29 SUEARNOLD1
5/24/17 8:13 A
Just learned of the death of fellow Spark friend AMYROSEC. My thoughts and prayers are with her sons SKYDRAKE 25 SUEARNOLD1
5/24/17 8:14 A
Ahh! I haven't seen the 180s in over eight years!! Almost 30 lb down! MAGLITE7 251 MIRAGE727
5/25/17 6:34 A
Good morning! VMEBANE657 18 MANDAWOLFEY
5/23/17 12:37 P
I joined a weight loss challenge and won the most inches lost. Down almost 17 inches, and 14lbs in 2 QUILL35 165 RAGERBOMB
5/24/17 7:35 A
Ready for another great day! JSTETSER 12 LIVEDAILY
5/22/17 7:54 P
I signed up for Beachbody on Demand (BOD) last night. First up? 3 Week Yoga Retreat. Day 1 was a cha THEBLONDEGENIUS 5 SKYDRAKE
5/23/17 10:26 A
I finally gave up added sugar and my depression has lifted 4URYOU 10 SUSIEMT
5/22/17 4:19 P
Almost 2 months. Proper water intake. Healthy foods and a 30 min workout a day. I should be at my go I34121 60 GORDONED
5/22/17 4:37 P
Happy Monday everyone! Got this week started with a great workout with my hubby at 5am! Wooohoo! MISCH42 104 MSLOUIE3
5/22/17 2:35 P
Happy Monday indeed!!!! SUMWITCH 185 TIBURONA
5/22/17 4:37 P
Things change today Not yesterday. Not tomorrow JSTETSER 14 CATS_MEOW_0911
5/23/17 12:52 P
Update on my spider bite.... I went to the doc like ya'll told me to and the doc put me on antibioti SRENATA 25 FULLERFARMS
5/23/17 8:13 P
Second day rebounding with my mini tramp was MUCH HARDER than the first day. However, I kept up my 1 WALKIN4JEANIE 10 WALKIN4JEANIE
5/25/17 6:31 A
Posted a photo LPORTER2015 18 MAYIE53
5/21/17 5:11 P
Lost 5lb my first week. πŸ˜€. Love tracking my food JOG321 46 LGAUTREAU3
5/23/17 8:00 P
Happy Sunday morning!!! Work out before church. La mix and match advance 32 mins 2792 steps 247 cals MIMIGEE2 24 WANNABZEN
5/21/17 11:29 A
338.8 to 331... Down 7.8 lbs this week since starting on Tuesday! Feel great!! BLVING_IN_ME 114 SUSIEMT
5/21/17 5:03 P
Had a special event at work yesterday! Got over 24,000 steps!!!!! JOESANGEL79 82 JOESANGEL79
5/21/17 10:19 P
Taking it a pound at a time.....the last 20 are being very stubborn...... JANDLP 262 JANDLP
5/21/17 7:11 P
How do you feel today... use emoticons! CHARLIE-B 808 ROCKYCPA
5/21/17 12:19 A
Life is a gift! JSTETSER 20 ROCKYCPA
5/20/17 10:11 P
Had some 'tough' days with bad allergies, but right back with the program ... 40 minutes of water Ae 2BDYNAMIC 25 LIS193
5/21/17 12:38 P

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