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Happy Monday! ROCKLAND2010 2 MSLZZY
4/24/17 10:11 P
Get outside and enjoy this beautiful day! ROCKLAND2010 2 MSLZZY
4/23/17 5:39 P
Wondering if Any one else IRONS besides me? Bought my new Iron yesterday at Target! Works GREAT!!!! FLASUN 26 JAMER123
4/23/17 11:16 P
#newbie hello this is my first day and i am 5`6 230lbs. My first goal is to get to 180lbs so that's EBABY 8 ROCKLAND2010
4/22/17 11:37 A
Brand new to this app/community! Not too sure how IAMME_ 7 ROCKLAND2010
4/22/17 11:36 A
Hi I'm a #newbie to the app. Not sure all it does, ASHREB3 7 ROCKLAND2010
4/22/17 11:36 A
30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes biking. Great start to the weekend #healthychoices #newb RMEING 2 ROCKLAND2010
4/22/17 11:35 A
Starting once again and have a lot to lose but I have to do this. Looking for some friends for suppo SHANN2016 19 BJCBIGLOSER
4/26/17 1:36 P
Hey all, Dee 50+ active and pretty fit all my life, agitated with limits my body is pushing against DEECAFFEINATED 2 ROCKLAND2010
4/22/17 11:34 A
I am 43 married mom from KY. I have about 80 pounds to lose and would like chat or text friend to s MISSJOE2017 7 W8BGONE4
4/25/17 11:33 A
Hi everyone! My name is Brittany and I am 23 years old. I have struggled to lose weight my entire li BRITT905 19 ROCKLAND2010
4/22/17 11:33 A
Good afternoon my name is Katie ill be 30 on may 29. My goal is to loose a total of 50 pounds .. goi JUDAHJD 6 BRBLANK
4/24/17 11:49 P
Okay so I have been on and off SparkPeople for a f BPITCOCK 13 DENISE168
4/24/17 3:19 P
#DeterminedToGrow and get back to my old shape if not a better version of me #friendfinder SGT_MANA 4 ROCKLAND2010
4/22/17 11:32 A
#friendfinder WALKERANT 2 ROCKLAND2010
4/22/17 11:32 A
#friendfinder JESZIKKA 3 ROCKLAND2010
4/22/17 11:32 A
Trying to lose a lot of weight and keep it off.. Looking to be motivated and motivate others, add me ZZDPZ84 5 DENISE168
4/24/17 3:12 P
#friendfinder I've lost 60 pounds over the past 6 months but have been stuck for months at 190. I'm COUNTRY_MUM 4 ROCKLAND2010
4/22/17 11:31 A
New to Spark. I used MFP, but decided I didn't car TKSPRATT 7 ROCKLAND2010
4/22/17 11:31 A
Just finished my 1 hour Pilates class, getting stronger every day! ROCKLAND2010 2 KOFFEENUT
4/22/17 12:18 P
Join me in a Happy Friday dance. Feel the burn! ROCKLAND2010 3 HAPPYSOUL91
4/21/17 9:52 A
Happy Thursday, my Spark Friends! ROCKLAND2010 4 MSLZZY
4/20/17 9:37 A
45 minutes, Pilates and Yoga, the perfect combo ROCKLAND2010 1 ROCKLAND2010
4/19/17 8:06 P
Day 1001 of at least 10 minutes a day of intentional exercise LESLIELENORE 4 ROCKLAND2010
4/19/17 7:15 A
"Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” —Napoleon Hill ROCKLAND2010 1 ROCKLAND2010
4/17/17 7:21 A
Two hours in the garden must burn a few calories! ROCKLAND2010 4 DS9KIE
4/17/17 10:37 P
It's going to be 70 degrees today in Massachusetts! Spring! ROCKLAND2010 6 DS9KIE
4/17/17 10:38 P
I walked 3.5 miles on this beautiful day here in Massachusetts! ROCKLAND2010 2 DS9KIE
4/16/17 6:22 P
Pilates class, 60 minutes, I'm ready to take on Saturday! ROCKLAND2010 3 DS9KIE
4/16/17 6:23 P
888 days of logging in... EMMACORY 4 ROCKLAND2010
4/15/17 8:48 A
This is a new day you have never lived before. Enjoy each and every moment. ROCKLAND2010 2 DS9KIE
4/16/17 6:25 P
and my Happy Friday dance begins! ROCKLAND2010 2 DS9KIE
4/16/17 6:26 P
Happy Thursday, everyone! Get outside and enjoy this beautiful Spring day. ROCKLAND2010 3 MSLOUIE3
4/13/17 8:24 A
45 minute class, combination of yoga and Pilates, also known as Piloga, my favorites! ROCKLAND2010 1 ROCKLAND2010
4/12/17 1:54 P
Mark Twain once said, "eat a live frog every morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest o ROCKLAND2010 2 HAPPYSOUL91
4/12/17 10:19 A
Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a t ROCKLAND2010 7 LINDZZ3
4/14/17 8:30 A
3 mile walk on this beautiful day! ROCKLAND2010 6 FLASUN
4/11/17 5:05 A
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit - Aristotle #motivation ROCKLAND2010 9 MSLZZY
4/10/17 7:02 P
I walked 3.75 miles on this beautiful day. Spring is finally here in Massachusetts. ROCKLAND2010 3 RASPBERRY56
4/10/17 5:39 A
#friendfinder Looking for workout buddies to keep one another motivated! I could really use some mot LKM641 5 ROCKLAND2010
4/9/17 7:15 A
4/9/17 9:27 A
"Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." --Lolly Daskal #motivation ROCKLAND2010 7 SEXYMOMMOM1
4/9/17 1:09 P
60 minutes on the treadmill, feeling energized! ROCKLAND2010 1 ROCKLAND2010
4/8/17 5:39 P
"Opportunities don't happen, you create them." --Chris Grosser #motivation ROCKLAND2010 3 LOSEWEIGHT1212
4/8/17 11:58 A
Woohoo Friday! Enjoy! ROCKLAND2010 2 LT3AG4S
4/7/17 2:56 P
Happy Wednesday everyone! ROCKLAND2010 2 LKEITHO
4/5/17 8:31 A
Just finished my 3rd week on here. Weigh-in this morning I lost 3 more lbs! My start weight was 153. GEMINIM 7 MARCHAPRILEMAY
4/3/17 5:49 P
You Learn More From Failure Than From Success. Don’t Let It Stop You. Failure Builds Character. ROCKLAND2010 2 LIBR@RYL@DY
4/3/17 7:36 A
45 minutes on the treadmill! ROCKLAND2010 2 FLASUN
4/3/17 7:15 A
Keep Sparking, my friends! ROCKLAND2010 6 SEXYMOMMOM1
4/2/17 9:09 A
60 minutes on the treadmill...feeling fantastic! ROCKLAND2010 3 GINA515
4/1/17 10:47 P
Take a deep breath and focus on fun and fitness today! ROCKLAND2010 5 CRAZYCAT99
4/1/17 8:40 A
I am grateful to see rain ☔️ today on the beautiful MA Southcoast. Stay away snow! ROCKLAND2010 6 ACRAZYCRAFTER
4/1/17 9:01 A
Peanut Butter - FACT - 3 lbs of Peanut Butter gets eaten per person each year! How do you LOVE your FLASUN 19 JANETFAYE
4/2/17 1:23 A
Looks like more snow in South Eastern Massachusetts today. I already got my walk in!! 🏃🏼‍♀️ CDEMELLO4 5 CDEMELLO4
3/31/17 8:05 A
I won 100 Spark Goodie points today. Goodies for everyone! ROCKLAND2010 4 SPARTANJAI
4/1/17 6:49 A
I've logged into SparkPeople every day for 100 days. ROCKLAND2010 6 SPARTANJAI
4/1/17 6:49 A
45 minutes on the treadmill! ROCKLAND2010 2 WORKOUTWITHPAM
3/30/17 8:58 P
Enjoy this beautiful day, one minute at a time. ROCKLAND2010 5 WORKOUTWITHPAM
3/30/17 9:00 P
45 minutes of yoga and 45 minutes on the treadmill, today was fitness day! ROCKLAND2010 3 WORKOUTWITHPAM
3/30/17 9:02 P
Hey everyone. #newbie here. I'm seeking a motivation buddy to form a bond that will encourage eachot KIRAROSEE 16 MEGGYSHELLYFIT
4/3/17 5:41 P
I've lost about 3-5lbs in 4 wks, w/ a lot of yoyo movement on the scale. Weekends & social occasions PEEWEEMAMA 10 MMEQUEEN
4/10/17 4:00 P
#newbie Hello everyone. 1954RTWEST 10 ROCKLAND2010
3/29/17 7:43 A
Hello everyone, new here. Found out today that I have high cholesterol, does anyone have any simple LIFEOFAMOMNWIFE 12 DEEN1215
4/11/17 10:32 P
Hi everyone my name is Jessy. I am not new to sparkpeople but I am new to the community. I have been JFIALLO 10 STACIEGATES86
3/31/17 10:27 A
Hi everyone, new to spark, over 50 and need to lose weight for health reasons. Have low back proble SONYAD11 15 STACIEGATES86
3/31/17 10:26 A
#newbie #friendfinder new here changing my way of eating to a low carb life style. MONKEYB72 5 STACIEGATES86
3/31/17 10:24 A
"If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain." Dolly Parton #motivation ROCKLAND2010 5 WORKOUTWITHPAM
3/30/17 3:26 A
Throw out the excuses and exercise to improve your health! #motivation ROCKLAND2010 5 WORKOUTWITHPAM
3/28/17 11:24 P
45 minutes on the treadmill! ROCKLAND2010 3 WORKOUTWITHPAM
3/28/17 2:50 A
My wife Jenny and I have been using this App for 5 or 6 weeks now. Here she it's wearing her weddi ROSSLAWS 34 VIVIEFRANKLIN
4/18/17 7:54 P
Enjoy life and all it has to offer. Try something new on this fabulous Monday! #motivation ROCKLAND2010 1 ROCKLAND2010
3/27/17 8:00 A
Kicked off Sunday with 45 minutes on the treadmill. ROCKLAND2010 2 WORKOUTWITHPAM
3/28/17 2:58 A
Im doing really good. I've lost 20.4 pounds MBROUSSAR2 8 NHEMBERGER
3/26/17 8:53 A
Down 15 lbs!! Happy to be under 200 again! Have a great Sunday, everyone!! 🦄🌈🎉💪 NAZYTEACH 7 NAZYTEACH
3/26/17 8:49 A

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