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I'm pretty sure this is close to hard boiled eggs...right?!?😂 BITOFSPARKLE 11 BRENDA_77039
3/29/17 6:53 P
Today was very difficult for us. Our cat Hip Hop had kidney failure. We had him for almost 18 years. JANETTEDC 26 DDZURIK
3/27/17 11:13 P
My Grandson had helped me lost 55 pounds in less than a year VOAGOLD 24 SASSYJIVEL155
3/28/17 12:26 A
Almost at goal weight! JAMIEHORMEL 301 DTSM53
3/27/17 11:37 P
Any suggestions on how to keep healthy during stressful times? RMPOKRZY 4 DIANALAZZELL
3/27/17 3:52 P
Prom #2k17❤ hopefully next year I won't look like a whale 😂 MILLIE_O8 37 MTN_KITTEN
3/27/17 7:30 P
Amazing! Go feet! RMPOKRZY 1 RMPOKRZY
3/27/17 2:17 P
Anyone do office yoga? RMPOKRZY 1 RMPOKRZY
3/3/17 7:41 A
Anyone do office yoga? RMPOKRZY 1 RMPOKRZY
3/3/17 7:41 A
I didn't knw i had it in me 6.0mph running for over a half hr at the gym. Everyone have a great We FEALSTON 5 RMPOKRZY
3/3/17 7:41 A
6 miles of fasted cardio this morning. Walking on air lol 👯 GSANGHERA 7 LADYARTIST41
2/25/17 5:44 P
I am new and wonder how I begin this program #help MARGEOB 23 LCOWGILL
2/26/17 11:23 A
I'm down 19 pounds. It took 7 months but at least it's continuing in the right direction. I was able DVOLOVSKI 18 PAMGOTTHIS
2/25/17 10:48 P
#firstpost can't wait to hit my goal i can and will do this! LJO0814 11 JAYISOLDEM2
2/22/17 1:24 A
First day back on my diet hopefully I stay on it! AMBERLEE71916 13 CHEIVOUS
2/21/17 7:43 P
Tonight for dinner I made turkey meatballs with rolled oats as the bread and baked in the oven...the MMRSMILES25 8 MRSLIONESS17
2/21/17 6:45 P
Good morning to you all. Time to get my butt in gear from a couple off days, we'll Lazy days 😉. Now HLOPEZ84 5 GINA515
2/17/17 8:38 A
I bought a food scale a couple days ago. It's such a life safer! LYNNSEAE 30 MARTHAWOOD
2/17/17 10:44 P
#firstpost I'm finally feeling that I'm ready to take ny weight lost seriously. Hoping that this wil KITA2018 10 MRSBKM
2/18/17 7:41 A
Had subway for dinner yesterday. And I do have to say I am proud of myself.instead of my usual foot SPARKISBACK17 8 RMPOKRZY
2/17/17 8:00 A
Today's weigh in was so encouraging I have 2.3 pounds left before I am out of the 200s YES!!!!! so h MLOVE88 41 S_MHANCOCK
2/17/17 8:23 A
Any plans for Valentine's Day? We're cooking at home which will make keeping on track a little easi RMPOKRZY 1 RMPOKRZY
2/12/17 1:39 P
I FINALLY DID IT! After months and months, I FINALLY lost a dress size! LR237787 33 CHUBBAGRRL
2/12/17 4:14 P
Today's my rest day, what's everybody do on their rest day? Usually we go to a park or go on a hike. LIVEDRAGON 2 RMPOKRZY
2/12/17 1:38 P
So this is a question for women only. I had a c section with my son and have that "c section pooch " KTERHUNE09 12 GINGB1985
2/12/17 4:49 P
I'm feeling bad because I've eaten a ton of cookies but I am logging them to hold myself accountable CARRIEBEAR55 12 K65668
2/12/17 3:43 P
I'm so happy. When I start I was 228 two week ago I make a small goal to drop down to 200 then big g NOODLEZ26 21 MZCHIEFBOO53
2/16/17 8:32 A
Well, I only have 53 pounds left to lose. That is much better than 80!! ELIZABETHANS 20 RAC1973
2/11/17 9:31 A
I have lost 23 pounds!!! 1/3 of the way through my weight loss!! MARCHAPRILEMAY 15 KIMMIESANTORO
2/11/17 10:09 A
Reading through the chats this morning it seems everyone is ready to embrace the day. What is one he CNELSON0717 18 SLIMMINGVE
2/11/17 4:31 P
#friendfinder I'm new and I'm totally loving the scene.... #supportsystemstrong💪💪 DUWONA 6 P61763
2/11/17 9:56 A
Happy Friday friends!! S_MHANCOCK 3 WALLYHEIDI
2/10/17 8:57 A
Morning, I just got back from my morning 2 miles walk, AND I'm not hurting as bad! Yay! I'm think of SUMMERFODRIE 16 D61530
2/10/17 12:32 P
What can exercise are you doing today? MELITTA61 21 MFITZX3
2/10/17 11:39 A
Had black coffee today in an attempt to save calories lol. It was so bitter that it was seriously to GSANGHERA 50 JERSEYSHELL79
2/10/17 7:53 P
Hey everyone heres a tip at night before you go to bed log your meals for the next day take your tim MICHELLET8828 15 J38850
2/10/17 9:01 A
Woot Woot! This has been my first week using SparkPeople and I lost 4lb. I think getting rid of soda C56984 56 LOULOU1709
2/15/17 8:39 A
I hate when co-workers, friends and family ask me if I'm dieting. No I'm not dieting, diets have an PATOUED1 94 SKIERS26
2/7/17 8:45 A
I woke up this morning with head felling like it was going to explode and my nose super stuffed up. CGANOE1 10 MARIHELEN
2/7/17 8:59 A
Up and moving. Have a great day everyone. FUNNYFACE101002 18 MAR_V3
2/7/17 11:12 A
Did you watch the game last night? I was sick and missed it :-( RMPOKRZY 7 SMACG61
2/6/17 1:34 P
Despite being stressed at work, I am staying the course and eating on plan!😆 #streaking SURFETTE729 6 LEAHBUGSMOMMY13
2/6/17 12:59 P
I've been on this app for 56 days and I'm down 22 pounds I feel great but I also hate looking in the CGANOE1 32 INDOIZZY16
2/4/17 7:18 P
#weightloss hi my name is Chrisandra and I'm just starting out I would love some support from the sp SKINN57 35 SHANDELG7
2/11/17 4:32 P
Left Women's Workout World to join Planet Fitness with my 14 yr old son. The decision has got me act GINGERSNAPZ2016 2 RMPOKRZY
2/2/17 9:48 P
Issues worrying about my dad in hospital so ate too many carbs today hoping to get back on track tom PIXEYDUST 5 PIXEYDUST
2/2/17 9:54 P
#100pounds After having had a good annual physical I have a starting place for looking 100 pounds. EDALKE 5 RUSSELLFORD
2/2/17 9:50 P
Ok ladies only..Aunt Flo is in town and it's boot camp day at the Y, I'm crampy, backache, headache PINKROSEPETAL 16 PINKROSEPETAL
2/2/17 8:30 A
2 months ago I couldn't run a mile! Today I just ran 4! I'm tired lol LEIGHTON54 54 C67834
2/1/17 10:15 A
I'm so happy! I've been active 223 minutes today. Danced with my grade 2 students & played with my k IFERRITTO 28 IFERRITTO
2/5/17 11:04 A
Yesterday was the last day of the first month of this new year. Today we start month number two. L EDNAEDWIN 21 RREICHEL2010
2/1/17 8:57 A
Did 5 miles this morning for my workout DEBSANKS 14 INAMINIT
2/1/17 10:02 A
#motivation I have had two rough days of over eating in a 4 day span I'm usually pretty good. I thin TABBIE28 6 JAYISOLDEM2
2/1/17 12:08 A
I started using SP a week ago after losing 25ish lbs on weight watchers and being stuck there for se LDYMSW1966 12 MELODIOUS819
1/29/17 9:53 P
Feeling so good and renewed this morning! Just finished treadmill workout and I feel great, I was ab EZZ305 5 RMPOKRZY
1/27/17 9:18 A
What are your exercise plans for today? I'm hoping to do a couch 2 10k workout. RMPOKRZY 23 RMPOKRZY
1/25/17 6:33 P
Yesterday was the anniversary of my weight loss journey. One year ago I committed to better food ch DRUCELLAJOHNSON 45 ONMYWAYLG
1/25/17 8:20 P
Good morning everyone! Have a great day and stay strong! #success BRANDONSKITTEN 9 7STIGGYMT
1/23/17 12:39 P
GOOD morning to everyone in my second week and doing good I loss nine pounds so far longer way to go ABDULHUNTER123 21 OCEANBOOTS
1/23/17 3:07 P
I have kind of a busy's going to be a struggle to get my workouts in. Ugh. ERIN2016 7 DANAIICHATZ
1/23/17 7:53 A
Having trouble keeping on track. How do you keep motivated? RMPOKRZY 8 MARTHA324
1/21/17 5:11 P
Had a bad couple of days of birthday parties and full of bad food. Ugh the guilt. Still managed to g ANN_72758 4 ADORKABLE-ME
1/21/17 8:33 A
I am in need of prayer life is in turmoil right now and I can't focus I weighloss...Stre TYME4ME2017 12 VIVI65
1/21/17 8:39 A
When you're working your plan and you notice your bath towel wraps around to cover ALL your parts ge TIKI23 16 JERSEYSHELL79
1/26/17 8:11 P
Kind of beating myself up. Looked at my chart as to where I should be since starting and I'm a few p NEW_ME_IN_2017 3 IVANHOE64
1/20/17 8:11 A
Going out of town to visit my parents today. They always eat terrible. Don't have a game plan to sti CASSIEMA 11 KENDILYNN
1/15/17 11:10 A
YAY! Weighed myself this morning and I'm now down 5.2 pounds since Jan 1st! I just have to keep focu JANISMOMTO2 11 FHOUK15
1/15/17 10:27 A
Hi, SparkPeople. I'm new here. #friendfinder #firstpost ELSIE412 25 MMEQUEEN
1/15/17 8:32 P
Any plans for this weekend? RMPOKRZY 1 RMPOKRZY
1/15/17 10:06 A
18.8 lbs lost since I started back on Nov 27th. i am so proud GABYMORRIS 18 SHARON.LELA
1/15/17 11:17 A
Pushed myself extra hard yesturday and it paid off!!!!! Officially at 200 pounds! I haven't been thi FHOUK15 20 LTRINH9
1/15/17 10:28 A
In have been walking two miles a day since the 1st... It's starting to feel like a habit. ANN_72758 40 S_MHANCOCK
1/8/17 10:37 A
#healthy Well I ended up in the hospital of all things. So now I'm starting all over. During my hosp TZPRESCILLA 4 TZPRESCILLA
1/8/17 9:55 A
Hi! I'm currently at 250 lbs, and I'm aiming to lose 80 lbs. I'm a newbie, and I'm hoping to make f AJJONES1983 21 RMPOKRZY
1/8/17 9:23 A
I am so proud of myself I have completed a whole week with no junk food. That's a first for probably ROBYNWILLIS01 23 FISHOXO
1/8/17 10:03 A

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