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When you're working your plan and you notice your bath towel wraps around to cover ALL your parts ge TIKI23 13 S_MHANCOCK
1/20/17 9:01 A
Kind of beating myself up. Looked at my chart as to where I should be since starting and I'm a few p NEW_ME_IN_2017 3 IVANHOE64
1/20/17 8:11 A
Going out of town to visit my parents today. They always eat terrible. Don't have a game plan to sti CASSIEMA 11 KENDILYNN
1/15/17 11:10 A
YAY! Weighed myself this morning and I'm now down 5.2 pounds since Jan 1st! I just have to keep focu JANISMOMTO2 11 FHOUK15
1/15/17 10:27 A
Hi, SparkPeople. I'm new here. #friendfinder #firstpost ELSIE412 25 MMEQUEEN
1/15/17 8:32 P
Any plans for this weekend? RMPOKRZY 1 RMPOKRZY
1/15/17 10:06 A
18.8 lbs lost since I started back on Nov 27th. i am so proud GABYMORRIS 18 SHARON.LELA
1/15/17 11:17 A
Pushed myself extra hard yesturday and it paid off!!!!! Officially at 200 pounds! I haven't been thi FHOUK15 20 LTRINH9
1/15/17 10:28 A
In have been walking two miles a day since the 1st... It's starting to feel like a habit. ANN_72758 40 S_MHANCOCK
1/8/17 10:37 A
#healthy Well I ended up in the hospital of all things. So now I'm starting all over. During my hosp TZPRESCILLA 4 TZPRESCILLA
1/8/17 9:55 A
Hi! I'm currently at 250 lbs, and I'm aiming to lose 80 lbs. I'm a newbie, and I'm hoping to make f AJJONES1983 21 RMPOKRZY
1/8/17 9:23 A
I am so proud of myself I have completed a whole week with no junk food. That's a first for probably ROBYNWILLIS01 23 FISHOXO
1/8/17 10:03 A
I'm leaving 48lbs behind me in 2016. What about you ? #weightloss #fitness #lean #motivation #health PATOUED1 159 REESECUPS42
1/16/17 5:10 P
Day 2. No progress Day 1. I did everything right on day 1. Exercised a lot. Kept below the spark cal PCAESAR3 8 MICHULLLL
1/8/17 9:27 A
1/8/17 9:21 A
After I've got off work this morning I was exhausted. 42 hours worked this week and I worked out eve RYANCLAYTON 16 IXFALLX2XPIECES
1/10/17 2:37 P
I've been on diets it seems all my life. I've lost weight and gained twice as much back. I have just MRSTKR 11 VANSRUFUS
1/6/17 9:17 P
I went today and joined planet fitness I hope I can motivated to do this as I always seem to get bor SMILEY-57 6 CHINADOLL53
1/6/17 7:29 P
#theymakeitharder. My man and I have fallen into a lifestyle that involves ordering takeout several ADVENTUREGRRL 8 PRICEISRIGHT114
1/6/17 9:16 P
#day3 : I have now gone 3 days without going over my calorie limit, without having one sip of soda a BRANDI92817 26 LILITH_XIV
1/7/17 1:43 P
New to this site. My first goal is to cut out soda. I have 1-2/day but want to stop it all together. ROXGRL1 32 AMYNOEL1025
1/6/17 11:50 A
Down 10lbs and an inch off my belly in under 2 weeks! AMARYLLIS93 16 BTANNAHILL
1/3/17 11:17 A
Finished my workout and feeling great! CH0905 6 BTANNAHILL
1/3/17 11:18 A
Ugh! Time to revamp my favorites list & groups. Today's tracking took way too long! If I want a good YISKAMIRYAM 3 RMPOKRZY
1/3/17 11:05 A
Do you have any traditional New Year's Day dishes? I'll be eating collards and black-eyed peas. :- RMPOKRZY 10 VANILLASKY15
1/1/17 11:07 A
Are you writing New Years resolutions? I'd like to run a half marathon eventually, and this year I h RMPOKRZY 15 TWINKLE30TOES
1/1/17 10:52 A
Went to the dr yesterday!!! And I'm pretty damn excited!! I lost 11 lbs in 28 days! I cut out my cok BHIGHFIEL3 17 GSABASS
12/31/16 8:27 P
I have found an exercise that I love, water aerobics. I do it in an RV resort outside in a heated po ODEESMOM 10 ALYSSAR2012
12/31/16 8:00 P
Well I lost 70 pds in 2016. I am going for another 40 pds in 2017. I will still have more to lose bu ADDIE0871 9 QSHEPP06
12/31/16 8:04 P
#backontrack I'm really shooting to get a fit and healthy body. day 1 was today watching what I eat ARICHARD29 5 RMPOKRZY
12/31/16 7:40 P
I am leaving 2 sizes of clothing behind me. It could be 3 but no money to buy smaller. It is all goo TKUPETZ 10 DAWN1830
12/31/16 3:59 P
Does anyone bake with Stevia? I was thinking of trying it, any thoughts? RMPOKRZY 3 RMPOKRZY
12/29/16 8:59 A
Time to rise and shine, I tell my self today. I have had a small set back. I was really sick the las 1PATTYCAKERS 13 SMILILY
12/29/16 9:32 A
Good MorningšŸµ Im starting all over again and for my exercises will put an hour on it I do have a b MIOSOTISTP 3 RMPOKRZY
12/29/16 8:27 A
Hello everyone, my name is Paul and I am starting over today. Here is to a great 2017 and hitting go PMBOURQUE 6 DRBARNETT
12/29/16 8:55 A
I'm feeling really defeated right now. I was working so hard but then I injured myself and I haven't JGIOVETTI 15 RMPOKRZY
12/29/16 8:25 A
Did it over five mile speed walk and jogg DEBSANKS 21 WANNACANHAVEIT
12/29/16 1:35 P
Ate at Tacobell for lunch now feeling guilty. 256 to 566 calories left for dinner in nutrition fact HIMREN03 4 LEDOORMAT530
12/28/16 8:36 P
My journey started today. I have a long way to go! Any advice?! #firstpost TIFFASON 26 J38850
1/5/17 1:56 P
Every night I go to bed thinking that I'm going to do better tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and I just scr DWILK67 25 TIGERSWAN1985
12/28/16 9:15 P
I want a better life in 2017 than in 2016. Its not that I'm not grateful for this year, but its bee OADETERMINED 13 TIGERSWAN1985
12/28/16 8:31 P
What's for dinner tonight? Drum roll DEBSANKS 34 SWCHKLT
12/28/16 10:49 P
Im ready to start being healthy and feeling better. #firstpost WILS2012 8 CARTAY25
12/28/16 8:57 P
Anyone coming up with healthy goals for the New Year? I'd like to eventually run a half marathon, RMPOKRZY 14 GROOMS74
12/31/16 6:46 P
Well ladies, I got engaged over the holiday! Who wants to lose some weight with me?! MROWE46 32 LYNN0488
12/28/16 8:08 P
Down with the flu :( SANFOORA30 19 CARTAY25
12/28/16 8:48 P
10 more mins on this treadmill and it makes an hour. Was only gonna do 45 mins this morning. Figured LEXIGENE 23 VANILLASKY15
12/28/16 12:51 P
Quite day with the family. What are you up to tod RMPOKRZY 2 NAOMI_ACOSTA
12/26/16 12:12 P
New to this app I hope this helps starting tomorro JPICKART 34 LEDOORMAT530
12/26/16 5:12 P
I can do this! DNEGRETE 5 MARIEK7693
12/26/16 12:09 P
I'm down 8.6 lbs in a week and half! This is the r DEE1532 14 MARIEK7693
12/26/16 12:12 P
#friendfinder STEPHANI2387 2 RMPOKRZY
12/26/16 11:57 A
Thinking I did ok for Christmas. How did you do? CBASS30 24 RMPOKRZY
12/26/16 11:57 A
Gm everyone! Im back an Im ready to start a new me K06852 21 MARIEK7693
12/26/16 12:16 P
After almost a year of just watching and logging m SKINNYMAX123 19 CHEIVOUS
12/26/16 1:06 P
I am back!! I need to get back on track SUESSHARRISON86 9 FLARTIST7
1/2/17 11:04 A
Merry Christmas to you and yours, my SP friends! H NUTSABOUTMINIS 3 S_MHANCOCK
12/25/16 10:04 A
Something told me to weight this morning so I did J38850 12 S_MHANCOCK
12/25/16 10:04 A
Made it through Christmas eve, by myself, but with EDNAEDWIN 43 JET444
12/31/16 9:59 A
Merry Christmas! I love watching kids open presen RMPOKRZY 10 QUINNY2016
12/25/16 1:25 P
Merry Christmas to all DRBARNETT 10 7STIGGYMT
12/25/16 9:36 A
Well, I saw a video of myself this morning. I love MISSBLUE1623 21 LINDAMDAY1947
12/25/16 8:56 P
Merry Christmas Everybody!!!! I'm a runner ( not y VLRPRKS 4 VLRPRKS
12/25/16 9:15 A
Merry Christmas eve! Happy Chanukah! RMPOKRZY 2 LIGHTDRIVEN
12/24/16 1:41 P
Merry Christmas to me! I've lost 30 lbs!!! Hoping ZDUNIK 22 MSMAKEOVER
12/30/16 3:51 P
12/24/16 1:42 P
Fell off the wagon when my dad passed last month but i promised myself & my dad i would take better ELYSEP69 17 ELYSEP69
12/21/16 8:47 P
Well I just started using this app today! I want t XGOLDEN 18 RMPOKRZY
12/21/16 8:15 P
39lbs lost total! 6lbs left to my december goal w SARITARIUS 23 DIABETIK22
12/23/16 8:57 A
12/22/16 1:21 A
Somebody tell me a good healty thing too eat at a DQSMOOTH 16 LYNETTET123
12/21/16 10:23 P
I'm really struggling to stay under my goal close HOLLYROBIIN 6 WHITNEYLD
12/21/16 7:22 A
I saw the family doctor today and I'm down 5 pound C78507 18 HLANIER4
12/21/16 7:08 A
Is it to early to say good morning? It 3:47am her CBASS30 8 HLANIER4
12/21/16 7:15 A
Excited!! I am officially down 30 lbs since last S MWARNER211 32 WHYTEBROWN
12/21/16 12:03 P

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