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The dawn of the weekend, actually the dawn of Friday. Have a great day. In Maine we are still enjo ORTATK 6 CHELZANNE
10/20/17 8:15 A
Started to do my workout this morning and felt sic SWEETSUNSHIN7 17 PATJOONWW
10/20/17 8:57 A
10/20/17 8:07 A
I posted this a couple days ago. Scenes from my hometown. These pictures help calm me. REEDSKI 114 ZRIE014
10/20/17 6:15 P
Happy Friday!! Ate way too much last night but I’m ready to go today!! JPATENAUDE1215 9 CHELZANNE
10/20/17 8:16 A
Does anyone have some low fat, high protein foods/recipes they'd like to share? I'm feeling stuck in CHAMARTER 4 REEDSKI
10/20/17 7:28 A
Anyone others sparkers run into the 6 months, β€œI am sick of tracking” attitude. SP is a fantastic p GREGORANGEDOOR 16 PHOUSE99
10/20/17 7:57 A
I spun a 20! Haven't done that in a while! 😁 REEDSKI 8 GLORYB83
10/20/17 5:31 P
Week 22 lost 33.5 lbs Slowly but surely!! STARRYEYES1985 8 REEDSKI
10/20/17 1:40 A
I'm having a hard time and could use some advice. I'm only down 4lbs in a week and I feel like I sho BOBBIEMANNING79 14 MYTIMETOLOSE17
10/20/17 6:31 A
Foots better. Hope to do treadmill Mon. JWRFLINT 3 REEDSKI
10/20/17 1:34 A
Me and my baby girl. 32 years apart. Same birthday. Started at 214 on 10/7/17 now 208. 23 to go. BLACKBODY644 2 REEDSKI
10/20/17 1:33 A
I just started spark people in the hopes of losing 50-60 pounds in the next 9 months. I have chronic CONISS 15 RBVRE565
10/20/17 6:15 A
Does anybody out there hate going to the doctor? The SCALE, the LARGE BLOOD PRESSURE CUFF, the GOWNS LILLTEX 12 PHOUSE99
10/20/17 8:12 A
Joined the Gym Sunday.Went Monday&Wednesday.Will go again tomorrow. My first day back was intimadati C33247 4 LASTDIET2017
10/20/17 1:42 A
I'm fighting and praying! MRSFANCYLADY 6 BEVERLY1501
10/20/17 8:05 A
Why is it I can be so determined in everything else in my life except losing weight? I have lost abo EMTOH4U2 5 NREED8
10/20/17 1:44 A
My three-year-old wanted to read me a bedtime story....πŸ’ž AMYMBUNCH 21 RBVRE565
10/20/17 6:14 A
Posted a goal STR458II 17 LIS193
10/20/17 1:09 P
Posted a photo TEAGIRL49 29 PATRICIA-CR
10/20/17 10:30 A
WooHoo! I'm officially back in the 160s this morning for the first time in about 5 years! 169.9, but SVELTEYOOPER 7 DLJONES50
10/19/17 11:59 A
I passed up the big donuts I used to get, every morning, and grabbed boiled eggs and a big bottle of SOUTHERNSIREN66 10 JTHEALTHY1
10/19/17 10:31 A
At work last night we had to push 250 lb carts of cake. Is this the same as working out. G72358 4 AUNTRENEE
10/19/17 9:38 A
Yesterday made my six month anniversary on my weight loss journey. SASSYK11 6 ACOYNE728
10/19/17 7:46 A
I've been working my butt off and it's starting to pay off. I'm down 56 lbs since May 15. #BeforeAn THACKL1 40 MOCHAMAZZJAZZ
10/19/17 10:20 A
#BeforeAndAfter CR8ED2BFIT 19 CINDYTW963
10/19/17 3:18 A
Posted a photo KILTORE 13 EVIE4NOW
10/19/17 1:17 A
Hump day! It was a good day! stuck to eating plan. still haven't exercised. bugs me to no end!!! P LILLTEX 5 ZRIE014
10/19/17 1:15 A
I got in my 10 squats for today and started the 30 day plank challenge. MOUSE 16 ALLENLISA5357
10/19/17 3:09 A
Great workout this evening! EMARIE00 2 REEDSKI
10/19/17 12:11 A
My family sent me some photos from the midwest. Autumn is a beautiful season. I only exercised 11 m REEDSKI 21 SYLBA61
10/20/17 10:19 A
Corn smoked teriyaki pork ribs garlic butter brussel sprouts and mushrooms and onions all sprinkled NITA_26_NM1 14 SPARTANJAI
10/18/17 5:07 A
I am still logging my food every day! The good the bad and the ugly. Though today's was pretty darn LUCKYDOGFARM 14 NANHBH
10/18/17 6:43 A
10/18/17 3:46 A
Motivation moment.... RHOOK20047 12 MITOONAMISSION
10/18/17 8:20 P
Advice for tomorrow.... RHOOK20047 14 REGILIEH
10/18/17 1:06 P
New habit- Making herbal tea for the next day in lieu of midnight snacking using the principle that AMYWESTMAN 34 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
10/18/17 8:01 A
I feel like im ready to give up,and have barely started my journey. I feel as though I'm not sure ho DANIELLEV2 17 DANIELLEV2
10/18/17 11:40 A
This sure seems like an awful lot of work and deprivation just to lose 10 pounds since September. I WICKEDPIXIE13 11 LUANN_IN_PA
10/18/17 8:32 A
10/18/17 5:24 A
One year. 30 pounds gone. I’ve lost more than my kiddo weighs. It’s amazing to think of how heavy he ELORA101 26 NEWBARBARA2017
10/16/17 11:19 P
Ty lord for this meal amen dinner time healthy lifestyle πŸ’˜ it πŸ˜‹ so delicious πŸ˜’ .it very hard but SIMMON72 22 ARHUNT71
10/17/17 11:26 A
My after dinner dessert πŸ’–πŸ™πŸ½πŸ₯. I hope everyone had a great day . βœ…πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ’– NCFIT34 33 MICHELECARLYON
10/16/17 11:01 P
Left school after 5:00 and had this on the table by 6:00... and then realized I've had only 800 calo LKMANNING7 21 REEDSKI
10/16/17 10:25 P
After two weeks out, the heater is fixed! Water aerobics start again Wednesday night! YEAH! AGAIN I BEVERLY1501 10 ZRIE014
10/16/17 10:31 P
Traveling to NYC thru tomorrow night. I walked over 8 miles today (went to Macy's, Bryant Park, St P BIKEORAMA 10 ENGELKUH89
10/17/17 8:18 A
I am not having a good day. Had 2 wisdom teeth extracted and they have been bleeding most of the da ANHELIC 7 REEDSKI
10/16/17 10:18 P
10/17/17 8:50 A
Walked for the first time in a while. 30 minutes after my body said no. I said yes. Enough of the sa BIGGULL 5 DIANEDOESSMILES
10/16/17 10:34 P
Counting my blessings tonight.... :) TIGERSEYEHEART 16 GOIN4IT233
10/16/17 11:34 P
Definitely back on track today! Started the day with 35 minutes on the treadmill. Three meals all wi LDYMSW1966 3 ZRIE014
10/16/17 10:42 P
Ok trying this again!!! Took one step so Im proud of what I have done today!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜† BDUBOSE26 5 ZRIE014
10/16/17 10:39 P
I interviewed for an assistant manager position at my job today..... MISSAMY72 14 BLUEROSE73
10/18/17 2:28 P
Max and Leo say goodnight sparkly friends. 1958TMC 45 1CRAZYDOG
10/18/17 12:02 P
Spent 3 hours and 55 minutes relocating the fence in my backyard. It was a very nice fall day so it LOOSEYLEFTY 4 REEDSKI
10/16/17 10:07 P
155 is better than 162..g night Sparks LORI 14 MANONAMISSION73
10/19/17 9:46 A
#icandothis So it's the first cold dark night where I wore my winter coat and walked to the gym to d COMEBACKKID12 10 ENGELKUH89
10/17/17 8:13 A
Homemade coleslaw and a squash dish #keto TINKERFAN1968 12 BLESSOME
10/19/17 2:57 P
Does anybody have any good tips on getting weight off the mid section? CORYSWIFEY4915 9 AMYWESTMAN
10/17/17 12:52 A
Tackled some hills today with my daughter's dog. He's my favorite walking buddy. Attached is a quick SVELTEYOOPER 8 -POOKIE-
10/17/17 2:32 A
Day 2 no soda. YES! MAMAROU 5 LALOAFY
10/16/17 10:01 P
So happy I am down 15lbs :) FITBY4O 4 LKEITHO
10/16/17 10:00 P
we have all heard terms like "stress is weighing me down". today i found out that is a real thing. w SOFT_VAL67 5 EVILCECIL
10/17/17 6:26 A
Went to I hop for dinner....didnt do too bad and stayed in my range for the day...scrambled eggs tur WENDYC1975 4 MICHELECARLYON
10/16/17 10:59 P
Ok I'm gonna be good and only eat one!πŸ‘πŸ‘ KENNYBARBIE12 16 SADIEMYERS
10/17/17 11:06 A
It's amazing how much our children follow our lead, sometimes without us even realizing. Since I be PRAIRIEGIRL17 6 POLAR63
10/16/17 10:11 P
Just jumped off my elliptical. Managed 30 minutes while watching The Voice. I am feeling awesome and MICHARM 18 ZRIE014
10/17/17 1:30 A
Ugh - I seem to have hit the dreaded plateau - keeping my calories in check and exercising, but no r KKILBURN 6 REEDSKI
10/16/17 8:55 A
I'm the worst selfie taker but so excited today. From a size 20 to a size 14 jean... can not wait to BEVERLY1501 36 DAKOPP
10/16/17 11:28 A
Good Monday morning spark friends. This week I pray that God gives us the wisdom to distinguish the CARLOSLAKELAND 7 MONA330
10/16/17 10:42 A
First week completed and I'm down 4 pounds! I am proud of myself because I stayed strong, tracked da BRATAY1974 5 REEDSKI
10/16/17 8:51 A
It’s time to take control of my food and make better choices! 70LBS2017 10 PATJOONWW
10/16/17 9:54 A
Good morning! Today I shall begin. First thing's first, no more soda. I'm giving that stuff up co CALLMERU 5 GOODFELINE
10/16/17 10:04 A
Ugh. My husband does a low carb diet. I do low calorie. Every other weekend he has a "cheat weekend" RKAYBOOHER 3 LUANN_IN_PA
10/16/17 10:10 A
Out of calories but have night munchies! Gonna bru XANNIE 7 REEDSKI
10/15/17 11:02 P