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Posted a photo GLOMEKAAL 9 MIKESL0V
6/22/17 10:11 A
I found this idea on the web. Left vase I placed a gem for each pound I hope to lose. When that does 13BRINGIT2017 9 REEDSKI
6/22/17 5:42 A
You can't tell from this photo but the sun was a red ball at sunset tonight. REEDSKI 23 GLORYB83
6/22/17 7:39 A
Can't deal with the invasive popup ads that have been ramped up in frequency and disruption I'm by t MINMAX2K 13 REEDSKI
6/22/17 5:35 A
6/21/17 8:24 A
Ashamed to say im starting over again. I want to lose weight so bad, but I keep getting in my own wa IMHONEYGLAZED 13 SOUTHTXXRNNR
6/21/17 9:58 A
My goal lose 43 lbs by end of Dec CCANTINE5 9 REEDSKI
6/21/17 8:12 A
Okay, this is the 5th day of my diet. I was 150 lbs yesterday. Now I'm 151. I'm so close to giving u THECRETAN1833 20 RUBY-TUESDAY26
6/21/17 9:22 A
Make a sentence from this word LADYDOOR 29843 REEDSKI
6/19/17 5:17 P
6/21/17 12:47 A
Sentences with Alliteration REEDSKI 2411 REEDSKI
6/19/17 4:51 P
6/19/17 5:33 P
Heroic Women RENATA144 15 REEDSKI
6/19/17 4:41 P
What makes you happy? SAMMYWRH 71 REEDSKI
6/19/17 4:33 P
Pretty flower of the day! REEDSKI 11 DESERTDREAMERS
6/20/17 1:51 A
Yeah!!! Doctors scale shows I'm at 249!!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† P11166 3 P11166
6/19/17 1:50 P
Breakfast! Yummy! NUTSABOUTMINIS 10 _LINDA
6/19/17 11:57 A
211 beginning weight L68763 5 L68763
6/19/17 1:31 P
I walked in the rain this morning. The water hasn't melted me yet, so that's a good sign. ;) LKMANNING7 7 SANDYANNIE471
6/19/17 1:58 P
Just starting my life changing journey today. I was so close to my goal just last summer...and threw MAGGIEANN2017 4 MADDIEBSMAMA
6/19/17 10:38 A
The last few days I have had ZERO interest or desire to eat breakfast :( I don't know why? I've neve JEMMSIE 8 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
6/20/17 6:05 A
I think I'm eating too much. Eating at the top of my calorie range. Very comfortable. Not losing. KORTMOM0830 2 REEDSKI
6/19/17 10:30 A
Woo hoo FINALLY! Now, 25 pounds to go to get to 145. I'll reevaluate at that point. JENGLAND09 43 TYENOVKIAN
6/19/17 10:30 A
72 days until my wedding! Time to knock my last goal out of the park! After 50lbs gone, 10-15 more SARITARIUS 5 REEDSKI
6/19/17 9:47 A
Me with my 8 mo old granddaughter. She is a tub of butter! SKDUFORD 7 REEDSKI
6/19/17 9:40 A
I have the hotel fitness center to myself BONNIJEAN 4 REEDSKI
6/19/17 9:39 A
3 lbs down last week. Now to wrap my head around this week. I'm off to water aerobics but I'm draggi BEVERLY1501 7 REEDSKI
6/19/17 9:38 A
For me staying on track during vacation is almost impossible! Even though I've had some indulgence DIANAK3183 12 REEDSKI
6/19/17 9:37 A
It's kind of frustrating. My life, particularly my weight, is like a yo-yo. I have been trying to lo DINZEL 5 REEDSKI
6/19/17 9:35 A
After a hectic 2 1/2 weeks, I am hoping to get back on track. My eating habits took a huge hit and DJAY1972 2 REEDSKI
6/19/17 9:32 A
Fell off the wagon a little bit but I'm getting back on by taking responsibility and going for my go KJKELLEY920 3 REEDSKI
6/19/17 9:29 A
I have a special needs child. Today was one of those mornings that he got angry at everything and re BLUEROSE99003 6 BLUEROSE99003
6/19/17 9:42 A
Fell off the wagon. Was at 193 and now I'm back to 206 :( help! I need motivation again. E83872 4 REEDSKI
6/19/17 9:18 A
Just a few days in and down 4 lbs. (some of it water loss I know) but I am seeing an increase in ene COUNTRYLADY87 2 REEDSKI
6/19/17 9:15 A
25lbs down! Goal #1 check! Long way to go still but progress is progress. SITOWERY 3 REEDSKI
6/19/17 9:13 A
Fell off the food wagon yesterday. Time to get up and get to he gym. LAURENPAYNE1978 4 REEDSKI
6/19/17 9:13 A
Good morning everyone, I'm new here and have a couple of questions. I am toying with the idea of try ROSEM98 3 KNIGHTCHIK
6/19/17 10:34 A
I lost 2lbs this past week - yay me!! JEMADE 4 REEDSKI
6/19/17 9:12 A
This will be the week I get under 200 lbs πŸ™ŒπŸ» JBALL21 6 MIRAGE727
6/19/17 4:50 P
Monday is here, let's make sure we move it! TWEETYKC00 3 BONNIEMARGAY
6/19/17 4:18 P
Can't wait for lunch after my workout! FITNESS_ELLE 23 FITNESS_ELLE
6/22/17 12:55 A
Good night to all. All I will wake up to a new day of new goals and a new lifestyle of eating and ex KMBRBN68 5 CURLYLADEE
6/19/17 12:24 A
6/19/17 2:04 P
While at work today I was a little stressed, took a walk with one of the sweet dogs at work, look wh IAMJUSTME79 10 CTYONIT
6/19/17 1:56 A
Spent day at old market in Omaha with daughter on Father's day FATDADDYSLIM 8 REEDSKI
6/18/17 11:14 P
I did it!!!πŸŽ‰ 5000+ steps βœ”οΈ No soda βœ”οΈ Food logged for the dayβœ”οΈ 20mins of excerciseβœ”οΈ Maybe this i KZSAMI 3 REEDSKI
6/18/17 11:12 P
I was thinking I wanted something to eat. Its the worst in the evening! But instead I grabbed a wate HEATHER0027 10 TIME2KILL
6/22/17 7:03 A
If I would have been as adamant with my weight for the last 10 years as I have been with my skin, I MABRAXT 5 REEDSKI
6/18/17 11:07 P
I only have 20lbs left to lose. DPROCTOR4444 4 CHIKO_FOX
6/18/17 11:08 P
Not good today, 132 carbs total 3 meals 1 snack. I want to have 40 carbs for 3 meals 1 snack. I wi MTOFSTRENGTH 5 BARBEDWIREKITTY
6/19/17 1:45 A
I made a Sparkpeople recipe today. Very few calories but loaded with nutrition. Lentil Soup. I ad REEDSKI 8 LKMANNING7
6/19/17 8:23 A
What a beautiful site to end the day. MWHITT75 10 GORDONED
6/19/17 12:10 A
Hello everyone i am looking for some really gd low carb low calorie meals that whole family can enj MSCAREBEAR1 9 MSCAREBEAR1
6/18/17 5:07 P
I am restarting with SparkPeople today. I have been tracking with MFP, and WW but now, they have be RRJONES591 10 RRJONES591
6/18/17 3:25 P
Running to the grocery store for last minute things then home to batch cook and clean! DEESFIT4LIFE 5 DEESFIT4LIFE
6/18/17 4:13 P
I'm making these from one of the spark recipes and says to bake them I want to crock pot them, any o CARRIEMETODAY 15 CARRIEMETODAY
6/18/17 11:16 P
Breakfast had to try something new with my eggs and plus I love bell peppers LILTBOGGIE61 8 R37291
6/18/17 5:06 P
Posted a photo LOLICAAA 3 REEDSKI
6/18/17 2:42 P
This sounds like a perfect prayer! CARRIEMETODAY 7 REEDSKI
6/18/17 2:42 P
One month difference! Scale didn't move much but you can see a clear change in posture and inches lo CHERIBERRIES 51 MDOWER1
6/18/17 6:57 P
6/19/17 8:47 A
Guys, what is yours opinion about eating bananas, do u think that fruit is healthy or it is too much LOLICAAA 12 LOLICAAA
6/18/17 4:25 P
Yesterday was a day on the lake. TANGOJAVA43068 13 FROSTY99
6/18/17 3:51 P
Today a baby fawn visits my walking path. TANGOJAVA43068 16 DBAKER571
6/18/17 4:54 P
I made a healthy lunch. Homemade fried rice with steamed broccoli. No salt at all. MYEMMANUEL 9 FISHGUT3
6/18/17 4:53 P
Small chicken salad. With grapes around150-200 calories TOMBENAVIDEZ 25 STOPPLAYING2011
6/18/17 4:26 P
Chicken with homemade BBQ sauce and a spinach onion dill salad served on my finest china. BORAHDEAU 10 ZELDA13
6/18/17 3:58 P
I'm going grocery shopping, anyone have any tips for healthy snacks for a junk food queen? Or easy f CHATCURIEUX29 9 KBOUGHE1
6/18/17 3:15 P
I LOVE cilantro!!! I chopped a little cilantro and onion and sliced a few Cherubs. Mixed this in w REEDSKI 7 GLORYB83
6/19/17 7:13 A
First day since I downloaded this app that I didn't track. I also didn't really try to make good ch S23374 11 REEDSKI
6/18/17 12:51 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 9 REEDSKI
6/18/17 12:48 P
Breakfast veggies ready to cook my DH his Fathers' Day breakfast. Happy Father's Day to all the D OKBACK2MEAGAIN 7 LAPPEROO
6/19/17 12:39 A
This photo was taken on 6/15/17. Everyone has that one moment when you realize something has to chan FITGIRL0714 8 PNUGENT24
6/18/17 11:41 P
This weather is making it challenging for me to get my workouts in. On a positive note it's also ju DELHSI 5 CFRY53
6/18/17 5:36 P
I'm starting to hop back on track to weight loss. I let my weight creeped up to 20-25lbs heavier. No ISMORRIS 2 REEDSKI
6/18/17 12:31 P

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