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I weighed myself on a BMI scale the other day and was disappointed in the results so the same day I TARAMARTINEZ201 4 TARAMARTINEZ201
11/21/17 9:48 A
Hope you are getting all things crossed of this weeks to do list! (Not my creation) LITTLEREDHEN8 10 CATHYRAEDAVIS2
11/21/17 7:40 A
I'm need to Really get my act together weight wise KINYA4571 6 JULIENSMITH
11/20/17 9:24 A
I've lost 21 pounds by eating HMR food and shakes for 2.5 weeks. CHERYLMK2016 6 KSTEVERSON
11/19/17 7:38 P
#BeforeAndAfter not seeing scale move much but bmi NENGELL 40 TWEETY287
11/22/17 2:41 P
Look at what I found today! I may still have bat wings, but my bat wings have muscles! PAM120800 25 EVILCECIL
11/20/17 7:23 A
Spinach and egg salad! SEAOFCARNAGE 16 ELSCO55
11/19/17 9:04 P
How do I delete some foods that I have saved on food tracking page. #techsupport YAIYEE 2 REDBIRDFLY
11/4/17 9:35 A
Where do I find the calculator that tells me how many calories an exercise has burned based on my we EVAMAY0321 2 REDBIRDFLY
6/16/17 11:32 A
Most of my wardrobe is gone now. It was too big, so it's out of the house. It's bittersweet... I had DREAMERSPIRITT 4 REDBIRDFLY
6/16/17 11:28 A
I joined Spark People about a month ago and was making healthy food choices then Girl Weekend happen KRIS_VINCENT 3 KNIGHTCHIK
6/16/17 11:50 A
#tomorrowprep I really want to start meal prepping to be healthier and make things easier for my fa LKM641 6 AGRIFFIN33
6/2/17 11:08 P
Dessert! Dates, almond butter, cocoa, and peanuts blended and formed into balls. GEMINI8715 6 SARAPAPAYA
6/3/17 12:58 A
It's 630 pm and just had my last meal of the day.... giving this intermittent fasting a try PETEYGEE310 3 REDBIRDFLY
6/2/17 10:40 P
The avocados are ready for party fouls please! KAUAICAROLANN 5 ALNEAGLE
6/2/17 11:09 P
Alright here is my starting pic. I am currently at 190 and have a goal of being 172 by July 22 of th GLESPEON 21 REDBIRDFLY
6/2/17 10:36 P
Only lost 0.5lbs this week. First time since I started in January I haven't hit my 2lb a week goal. STUFFY864 9 CONNIET88
6/4/17 9:24 A
Can someone help me out , I'm trying to add in my dinner I'm not sure how to log my data in !! ENAIJAH 5 REDBIRDFLY
6/2/17 10:26 P
6/2/17 10:25 P
I've been using spark for apx 1 year and ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“it. I have lost over 30 lbs and am close to my goal! R_DELORES 4 REDBIRDFLY
6/2/17 10:24 P
We went to a nice pub After work โ˜บSaw the menu with all the tasty apps, fish and chips, hamburgers a COMEBACKKID12 9 GRACED777
6/3/17 10:38 A
Couch to 5k Week 3 day 3. This was hard - I think I didn't eat enough beforehand and bonked during m GRATTECIELLA 13 CTYONIT
6/3/17 6:29 P
Hello All!! New to the community!! Let the weight loss begin!!. DRESIRU11 68 DRESIRU11
6/5/17 7:52 P
Very excited about tonight's salad, which feature spinach, strawberries, pistachios, radish sprouts, GRATTECIELLA 17 -POOKIE-
6/3/17 3:05 A
Hello everyone. Please watch "Forks Over Knives" on Netflix or Google it and read. Busts a lot of ha REDBIRDFLY 2 DGIGGLES3
6/2/17 10:48 A
Hello Everyone on this journey to health! I'd like to ask you all to watch the documentary "Knives O REDBIRDFLY 1 REDBIRDFLY
6/2/17 10:38 A
500 calorie breakfast if you need to be full for a while KITTYLOVERAJA 12 RAGNAR359
6/2/17 11:30 A
May 30th I was 247 today is not my normal weigh in day but today I jumped on the scale and 3 days la LILTBOGGIE61 7 LILTBOGGIE61
6/2/17 10:47 A
Tomorrow I am going to start this military diet I have heard so much about..feeling nervous MHMILLER82 2 REDBIRDFLY
6/1/17 10:26 P
Day 1 reboot. I have 6 weeks until I go in to see a non-surgical bariatric specialist... Let's see i TIAJEAN 9 REDBIRDFLY
6/1/17 10:22 P
So I decided to leave my calories where they are take off the tool that adds calories that you burn CMARTIN5383 5 CMARTIN5383
6/2/17 12:05 A
I had some popcorn after 8 pm. I was bored. Cutting out bad habits is hard enough but replacing them HEALTHYME1961 3 REDBIRDFLY
6/1/17 10:18 P
Getting ready for vacation, I am going to try my best to stay on track and log in to spark everyday! SDOOFOUR 5 PICKIE98
6/2/17 7:45 A
So i adjusted my excersize goals in the sparkpeople app today. It adjusted my calorie intake.... i MISHKA1212 7 IAN2409
6/2/17 12:28 A
Mom of a 3 year old and newborn looking for people to keep me motivated! I'm aiming towards a 50 lb MAYDUBS05 10 TPJSTEVENS
6/6/17 5:09 P
Grey shorts is today and black shorts from May 20. AKUSHNIROFF 94 KBOUGHE
6/2/17 4:50 A
Opted for oolong tea again today. Missing my coffee but every little bit helps. SPUESCHEL 4 REDBIRDFLY
6/1/17 7:25 P
Good Even can I fix squash? Us southern always do fried? Help please thanks in Advance MELISSAT12 8 MARZBARZ1
6/1/17 7:46 P
I've had such a stressful day I jut want to eat throw in the towel. Anyone else ever fill this way? TTHRASHER2 9 JTHEALTHY1
6/1/17 11:06 P
Having a very nice day!! Got a 90 minute massage...omgs!! So good. Then ate healthy vegan food and l SG4INFO 2 REDBIRDFLY
6/1/17 7:18 P
I switched to a plant based diet 2 weeks ago. I've lost 8 lbs and all the pain that I've had for yea REDBIRDFLY 22 SARAPAPAYA
6/3/17 1:01 A
Couldn't be any happier today! Started my weight loss journey on May 1st sticking to 1200-1500 calor MANDYP11 12 TIGERSEYEHEART
5/31/17 2:42 P
I wrote a blog about TRANS FATS from an article in National Geographic this month. Check it out o GREEN-EYED-LADY 4 ELYSIAN_DREAMS
5/30/17 11:51 P
Has anyone else ever tried eating off a kid's plate to help with portion control? JB65773 203 COOKWITHME65
10/1/17 4:09 A
I'm trying to get a really nice prom dress this year for my last year in HS. Like a two piece. So le EGYPT1099 5 EGYPT1099
5/30/17 9:01 P
Down 5 lbs in my first week. YAY! I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease last week, so it's no lo ADUCKWALL 3 ADUCKWALL
5/31/17 8:37 A
Trying low carb diet. I need to be careful with protien though because I am a 2x kidney transplant. TAMANNHOP 3 TAMANNHOP
5/31/17 9:58 A
Dinner tonight! Cubed tofu, spiralized squash and so.e mushrooms, onion and bell peppers! The cucumb KTERHUNE09 5 DAIZYSTARLITE
5/30/17 9:02 P
Over-ate today/tonight. I knew I was doing it, too. I have been feeling anxious and just kinda down MRSCORNY2015 9 BLUEROSE99003
5/30/17 9:05 P
5/30/17 10:37 P
I decided a little bit ago that I absolutely have no excuse for being as big as I am. I have two won MUMMAJESSY87 14 VIV1914
6/7/17 9:55 P
My parents visited me in Hawaii for 2 weeks, and it was really hard on my healthy lifestyle. Luckily GREENSUBMARINE 5 REDBIRDFLY
5/30/17 3:34 P
Question my bmi is 31 how much should i be working out TIFFANII350 10 LUANN_IN_PA
5/30/17 3:53 P
I'm a beginner. But here we go. Let's see what happens... MICHELLEKLEYN7 4 REDBIRDFLY
5/30/17 3:25 P
5/30/17 3:19 P
Yesterday I bought a fitbit. I'm curious to know if using this device has helped you shed pounds or ABOSWELL00 5 MADDIEBSMAMA
5/30/17 4:00 P
33 year old mom of four. Smokes, drinks, with history of cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes in MEKA847 25 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
5/30/17 4:43 P
Lunch today: Cucumbers, peaches, black berries, on JENNIFER3676 6 NVITRO
5/30/17 3:37 P
Best kale recipe! BJK1961 12 PJPEGG
5/30/17 6:21 P
I'm tired of starting over! I never post on any of these sites because I don't want to be judged. Yo AMYJO2486 326 MONANISA
5/30/17 10:44 P
I am tired of starting over, June 1st I am going to work this program , I hope we can encourage each CRISWIFE 183 HILLARYALLEN
7/1/17 7:58 A
Started my journey 7 months ago. Can see some changes but still a long way to go. GYMBEAST83 169 JAZZEJR
5/31/17 6:52 P
Im new i just started so here i go DPEREZ874 304 DARLAE1
5/29/17 11:30 P
Day one, need your best tip! First day. I did my workout, been counting my calories, but I need this THREE_WISHES 25 THREE_WISHES
2/7/17 3:49 P
It's 3:00. I have 280 calories left for the day and I'm hungry. Any suggestions? INDOIZZY16 7 LILBIT312
1/31/17 6:32 P
I'm so frustrated. I think I'm just going to quit even trying. After a month of killing myself in th RACHILLYO 29 RUNNNERR
1/31/17 8:53 P
Going to a Mexican restaurant with coworkers tomorrow. What's the best thing to order that won't kil CJEDS777 9 JAMIER83
1/31/17 6:24 P
REPLACE A LETTER (but do not rearrange letters) CRUISIN2LOSIN 112473 RMUL2013
12/18/17 6:14 A
12/17/17 9:56 P
Two Words Change One JUDYGENTRY 29492 PHATPAT18
12/17/17 8:03 A
A-Z words ending in "Y" WOLFSPIRITS 39927 JUNETTA2002
12/16/17 9:57 A
12/18/17 5:55 A
Two words change one. CALIGIRL1075 18818 BTDACHIE
12/18/17 5:28 A
A - Z Things you buy at Walmart KAEDE... 38379 TONTOK
12/5/17 9:53 P
12/17/17 10:06 P