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How did you feel when you woke up this morning? TWININGS12 10610 FANNIEPHINA
3/18/18 4:33 A
Feeling Positive or Negative? BIGMAMA4U 143530 LWLAR7
3/18/18 7:08 A
Did you overeat at your last meal? IAMJOYFUL2 14283 GDANE3
3/18/18 6:03 A
What Emoticon Are You Today? FIT4BRIT 39423 ZRIE014
3/18/18 1:39 A
Are you feeling Positive or Negative today? BIGMAMA4U 55604 GDANE3
3/18/18 6:03 A
Did you make your bed today? KIM22211 13908 MBPP50
3/18/18 8:03 A
Have you been outside yet today? SCOTLA 21121 MBPP50
3/18/18 7:52 A
What do you drink most frequently during the day? TRI_BABE 31550 EDLEAR
3/18/18 5:52 A
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 145355 LWLAR7
3/18/18 6:02 A
3/18/18 7:01 A
40 pounds down and a lot to go. I'm choosing to focus on my accomplishment at the moment, though! TLA0623 302 INCHINGALONG
3/13/18 10:41 P
How motivated are you today? Scale from 1-10 OODELETEDOO 46268 GDANE3
3/18/18 6:02 A
Did you track your food today? PIXIE637 27193 GDANE3
3/18/18 6:01 A
3/12/18 7:07 P
Say hello to one of my excuses for being fat and last addition to my little family my #2 # MISSCLASSOF2004 193 STAYSTRICK
3/12/18 9:35 P
I am not going to be a slave to the scale. I am just weighing in on Sunday morning. I have lost 36 p CHANGING-TURTLE 117 DJ4HEALTH
3/13/18 10:45 P
Did you sleep well last night? TPETRIE 9454 ROX525
3/18/18 7:03 A
Have you washed the dishes today? GOINGSKIING 199 SHAZMOLA
3/13/18 9:33 P
These 2 photos are about a year apart and 40#s difference. Weight loss really is the fountain of yo KIMBERAKA 151 MDOWER1
3/9/18 5:04 P
#BeforeAndAfter a reminder to myself how far I've come after my scale went up by 3 lbs this week des JEMMSIE 135 WENDERFUL35
3/13/18 10:36 A
Definitely got confidence 😊 and a neck that I haven't seen in over a decade #BeforeAndAfter TMP0418 192 PELESJEWEL
3/10/18 2:57 P
3/15/18 8:03 P
12 weeks of not smoking ADRIANMAL 33 ZRIE014
3/18/18 1:45 A
Did you sleep well last night? ILOVESP 41836 MBPP50
3/18/18 7:52 A
When ya want to quit, remember why you started... #BeforeAndAfter KZLENKA93 117 NOCALORIES
3/6/18 11:32 P
8 weeks at Curves gym + diet = 22lbs gone. Happy dance πŸ•Ί. Setting the goal for 20 more gone in the KELLIE282 110 DANCINCAJUN1
3/6/18 6:15 P
Down from 238lbs T94663 21 PRINCESSPP
3/13/18 5:42 P
Someone had asked for pictures. I ran my first 5K Saturday. I did it in 36 minutes 29.7 seconds. I c PHOUSE99 168 PHOUSE99
3/6/18 2:44 P
#BeforeAndAfter here's a little stomach transforma JJOHNNISE 38 LIZBROOKS4848
3/9/18 1:52 P
Finally in size 12 jeans! Down from size 18. Goal is size 10. MUSICLADY923 149 MDOWER1
3/4/18 6:57 P
Just trying to keep myself motivated to keep going! It’s getting harder to see results as often as i GOLDIEFOXX 142 ROSEANNECARLSON
3/4/18 6:36 P
Need some advice?? Never in my life owned a pair of skinny jeans until these were handed down to me. TMP0418 305 CHRISTINEBWD
3/4/18 9:16 P
Do you see this?!? I did it!!! I did it!!!!! I finally dipped into the 150s!! I have been cruising a JESSICA_G23 206 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/4/18 9:53 P
Are You Walking and/or Running Today? MJRVIC2000 29653 ZRIE014
3/18/18 1:41 A
Friday comparison. I actually have a waist now! KIMBERAKA 212 NOCALORIES
3/3/18 12:06 A
So far I'm down 68 pounds and I'm pushing to lose 40 more JJOHNNISE 188 CHERRYZMB60
3/3/18 2:15 A
Boom! I think I was a child last time my weight started with a 1! LEMYNADE 148 BAT_CAT
3/2/18 4:46 P
Have you ever been called fat? MELISSAFTS 254 ZRIE014
3/18/18 12:48 A
sleep...good or bad? MULLETNICOLE 6719 ZRIE014
3/11/18 2:13 P
Did you go outside today??? ROXYZMOM 18671 ROX525
3/14/18 6:41 A
This plateau has me,down. In have ran into health problems. The only,good is I am not gaining but at ARTASONG 15 ARTASONG
3/1/18 7:34 P
I got to my goal weight for Feb #BeforeAndAfter SOMEJUNK20 17 ROSEANNECARLSON
3/1/18 6:16 P
I feel a bit like a turtle with how slow the process seems, but then I remember the story of β€œThe To CHIRUKEN 68 KLAMBERT91
3/1/18 4:43 P
Happy March 1st! Currently down 53.1 lbs πŸŽ‰ V_I_K_K_I_ 154 V_I_K_K_I_
3/1/18 5:30 P
Do You Make Time To Exercise? MJRVIC2000 11010 GDANE3
3/18/18 6:00 A
#BeforeAndAfter feeling more inspired now that I see the 6 month comparison photos ! Now I'm half w STARFISH1961 86 1CRAZYDOG
3/1/18 3:19 P
Today I received the best news I have heard in a long time. My husband, who was diagnosed with stage KELSEY0111 304 KHALIA2
3/1/18 2:14 P
#BeforeandAfter 80 pounds. I still have about 20 to go. AUDSROSE 138 PLCHAPPELL
2/28/18 5:14 A
New to the community, but started my 100lbs weight loss journey on October of 2017. I’m 45lbs down a MAKIKI04 202 ROMCGHEE69
2/28/18 3:49 P
YEAH!!! No Longer obese!!! I started at morbidity obese(288 lbs) back in 2010. I'm older with man DIANEDOESSMILES 249 ZUZUPETALS10
2/27/18 3:43 P
11/18/17 to 2/26/18- 50 pounds down! THELENA 201 HEAITHYMOMMA
2/27/18 10:53 A
Goal weight reached today! Very excited to move on to maintenance. I have more muscle on me now then SADIEMYERS 306 BATISTE1
3/1/18 10:09 A
I went from drinking rum out of pineapples on all you can eat cruises to drinking cold pressed juice EELS4PEELS 45 EELS4PEELS
2/21/18 7:01 P
Here I go again. 7 years ago I lost 130 pounds with Spark People. Ran a marathon, completed a triath KITHKINCAID 190 QUAIL75
2/20/18 2:45 P
Weigh in Tuesday 2.6 pounds 😊 total 47.6 in 5.5 months. I'm super proud of myself today 😊 To all TMP0418 184 ALEOPARD
2/20/18 11:08 P
Sooooo, this happened over the weekend which completely threw me off track, lol!! (Dorky shirts cour DANYGIRL40 302 CHEIVOUS
2/20/18 5:42 P
Plz excuse my feet. I’ve been through a lot yet, I NEVER gave up!! At 288 I was morbidly obese. Ju DIANEDOESSMILES 218 SKCASON
2/17/18 12:51 P
I thanked my husband for continuing to love me when I was fat. He said "you were never fat. You were MUSICLADY923 167 LSMITH2017
2/18/18 3:17 P
I went to the gym twice this week!! #goalmet #backatit #werk #babysteps πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ QUAIL75 3 BRIDGETTEANNB2
2/15/18 6:50 P
Low carb 25 net carbs or lower per day Started this way of eating November 15th SW 326 CW 290 GW 18 LCLARKLOSTIT 21 BABIESTEPS
2/12/18 9:08 P
Once the freezing rain had stopped and the ice was melted off the sidewalks, I decided to go for my DINZEL 9 COMEBACKKID12
2/12/18 11:01 P
This week for our local gym fitness challenge, teams get points for posting a picture on the gym's F KATBRUNNER 251 LIVEFULLY03
3/4/18 5:20 P
#BeforeAndAfter Started Keto on 1/8/2018. Lost just shy of 25lbs in one month! And the overall healt JPREKOPA32605 150 BELBINA123
2/13/18 4:05 A
What Type of Exercise Did You Do Today LAC936 7616 ZRIE014
3/12/18 9:36 P
Its been awhile since I posted a pic of my change went from 256 to 146 😁πŸ’ͺ CRISTALO321 236 JUNGLEGIRL8
2/10/18 2:15 P
Figured I would share a weight update. I actually started at 211 but this is the only photo i kept f DHARRIS200 147 RUTHSHEPHERD1
2/9/18 6:46 P
#BeforeAndAfter Almost at 100 pounds lost! Woohoo! I've lost almost 18 pounds in my first month of c ORIGINALGDP 124 CHRISTOPHER63
2/8/18 7:08 P
I am on my second week and doing quite well. However, I have been afraid to go anywhere because I do WIZZLEWOLF1 112 SASSYBLONDE69
2/8/18 7:45 P
My horse friend "Dollar" and I enjoying a warm February ride yesterday. Got this guy 14 years ago at SADIEMYERS 123 MANONAMISSION73
2/15/18 8:34 A
#BeforeAndAfter 8 Years makes a hell of a difference. Love yourself. EELS4PEELS 247 PROFRLJ8
2/9/18 3:53 A
Be proud but never satisfied. PABLO12689 177 BILLTHOMSON
2/8/18 8:41 A
Day 36. Down 8.4 lb. I'm making progress, this is the longest that I've stuck with it! DEBBIE0708 171 ALLENJOSEPH
2/7/18 9:55 P
We've all been there..... MOONSHADOWE 161 JOHNMARTINMILES
2/7/18 4:32 P
Goodmorning, down 2lbs. Slow and steady. Have a great day spark friends! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 115 LILIWHEELER
2/7/18 7:38 P
#BeforeAndAfter omg i feel so much better but my journey is not even close to being over!!! I'm goin DOINITNOTGONNAS 268 BMGH85
2/7/18 2:55 A