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Down 8.4lbs in my first week! LYNNSEAE 15 TSHAWGER
2/20/17 9:18 A
As I go forward tracking my food intake I really find myself scanning barcodes and reading labels a PICTUREMAN1 17 NAOMI_ACOSTA
2/20/17 8:57 A
This app helps to be accountable and honest! Why now and not in the past 20 years I don't know. 8# SUMMERFODRIE 20 IVANHOE64
2/20/17 9:38 A
Was sick Saturday and had to work all day yesterday, trying to get back onto my routine! Did a short LCANNIFF 3 PROUDMOM04
2/20/17 8:55 A
OMG, avacado on toast-my new fav thing ever! DHARRY52180 22 MSWITZER
2/20/17 9:37 A
So excited with yesterday's results. I was below my minimum but still ate over 1700 calories and a l ANNIM80 7 LISAMARIE2015
2/20/17 8:56 A
Down 13 pounds my first month. Proud of myself and #motivated to lose more! #progress SHELL 41 PROUDMOM04
2/20/17 8:52 A
Monday - hitting it finally! 😊🙏💕 WELSHWIFE16 4 PROUDMOM04
2/20/17 8:52 A
Haven't lost but 2lbs in February. But my pants are falling off my butt every 5 minutes! lol. Bought STUFFY864 9 PROUDMOM04
2/20/17 8:51 A
Gym time....joined a gym with a pool. Has treadmills in the pool. Can't wait to try it! GRAMMYBEL 20 MELROSE27
2/20/17 10:02 A
Weighed 167 and I'm now down to 132! WRETCHEDNDIVINE 81 122772
2/20/17 1:22 P
I am loving where I'm at! I do have 4 more lbs to go to goal! It has become much easier to keep up t PROUDMOM04 3 SAKAWACA
2/20/17 9:18 A
One more pound gone. Total of 13. Couldn't have done it without you Sparkers! EVAOLIVER 39 E33156
2/20/17 6:15 P
Does being on your time of the month make you gain weight? MRSCHUNKYNOMORE 13 MRSCHUNKYNOMORE
2/19/17 11:17 P
Yay down two pounds ! TADEYEMIXO 21 MARJOHN164
2/20/17 12:39 P
I'm starting today...Any advice to keep me on track because Im not gonna lie... I like my cookies... EMALEIGHW04 13 122772
2/19/17 10:13 P
Ate alot today almost 2800 calories I just felt the need to eat no im regretting it G23447 11 CAZADORES
2/19/17 10:32 P
I am struggling starting up again. Was doing 21 day fix and lost about 10 lbs. did 2 rounds -gave up MYERS53186 21 MYERS53186
2/20/17 12:07 P
The new Huffelpuff sweater the hubby got me for Christmas is already starting to feel roomier, parti HUFFELPOWELL16 21 SAPHIRA70
2/20/17 12:59 A
I'm new on here this is my 3rd day and first post 🙌 i never really had any problem with my weight u MPRITCHARD10 12 122772
2/19/17 10:14 P
I've lost 150lbs on Weight Watchers, and got off the program and gained 12 back. This program seems RGMSK318 6 122772
2/19/17 10:14 P
Anyone have any other diets I can try? I'm eating less than 1000 calories per day and cardio atleast SALLI21 16 HOOFNPAW
2/18/17 12:34 A
Down 2.6lbs my first week of weight watchers! So happy! LADYROVER 11 LME412
2/17/17 11:29 P
Love this application! Lost 7 pounds already! FLIP18 12 FLIP18
2/18/17 12:38 A
Thought I blew it today when I slipped up and ate out at taco bell. Managed to salvage the my daily GINGB1985 17 JROZ72
2/16/17 9:13 P
It took every bit of will power that I had, but I did not eat any of the strawberry cream cheese kin MSBRUCE337 22 DAWN1830
2/16/17 9:23 P
Started this jorney at 311 now im 283 im so proud of myself feeling good is so awesome 💪 MICHELLET8828 52 DONNYJ2585
2/16/17 11:10 P
Back on the wagon day 3. CATHYSUE1972 4 FUNNYFACE101002
2/16/17 9:26 P
Three NSV's. First, I ordered thin crust instead of pan pizza. Two, I only ate half of it last night IIZOMBIEE 24 ANNDANDY
2/19/17 3:56 A
I've been working so hard toward my goals. The past few days I've been feeling like crap. I fell off THELITTLEBAUER 34 KLIPSE
2/16/17 8:48 P
I've been working so hard to lose weight especially my belly fat but everything I try doesn't work. TIERRASHANTA 13 JUDY1260
2/16/17 9:01 P
It's all about me! My wonderful doctor made me write this down while we were talking about my new li TEEWATSON3 7 EMMAGIRL213
2/15/17 11:13 A
This is my 2nd week after finally deciding to get serious about my diet and exercise. At at end of m LAVONEY 16 DEWILL2
2/13/17 7:59 P
Slow but steady! SAILLE 6 ANNDANDY
2/13/17 5:08 P
Lost 10 lb in 32 days . 10 more to loose. Keep my exercises 30 to 40 men a day . Today kick boxing a FRACRIE62 7 MISSA526
2/13/17 5:43 P
Deleting this app. Way too much work to have to manually enter the nutritional content for every sin CANDYBARR973 32 TINALOUCHIC
2/13/17 9:01 P
I managed to be up before I had to be, 30 minutes in the gym before uni, I didn't catch the lift onc KERANCE 17 DGIGGLES3
2/13/17 5:57 P
Ok now usually I would not weigh myself but this past Saturday I said self let's see your progress s PIICE8 20 GOODJOBJUS
2/13/17 5:27 P
Goodbye 16s. Hello 14s. LSTONESTREET1 43 MAALEX10
2/13/17 9:07 P
Down 15 lbs since 1/1/17! Just when you think you'll never lose another pound, step in tbe scale an CLBEME 39 MMDUVAL
2/19/17 12:38 P
Exercised early, ran errands getting ready for yet another blizzard, home and enjoying a very heal STEFANIE979 8 WHYTEBROWN
2/12/17 3:12 P
20 lbs down!!! 13lbs of it lost in the last 4weeks! Proud of myself! #motivation #healthyliving #weg J_WISNOWSKI 43 LINZEYSOUTHWELL
2/15/17 3:16 P
Went and picked out our wedding bands today. My pocket hurts but my heart is so happy. Went out to e STUFFY864 20 STUFFY864
2/13/17 4:38 A
I am just excited! I made my goal weight! This is the third goal and I am here! I have one more goal PROUDMOM04 59 ANAISPAYEN
2/12/17 8:58 P
Well, I only have 53 pounds left to lose. That is much better than 80!! ELIZABETHANS 20 RAC1973
2/11/17 9:31 A
#needadvice How do I increase my protein? Guess I'm eating the wrong foods. 😮 12DCOLLINS 27 HEATHERY18
2/16/17 5:55 P
Been going strong since January 1st. Started at 161. Down to 152. Would love to get to 140. But it g KENT07 31 KEERAKYRAM
2/12/17 9:12 A
It's Friday pizza day! #workinprogress CMULLINS168 9 CINDYTW963
2/11/17 1:21 A
Today was awesome! I went to Wal Mart and bought ffuzzy p.j's and I realized that they were size med KTERHUNE09 7 JERSEYSHELL79
2/11/17 8:15 A
I've lost 18lbs since December last year. 12 more to go to be at my ideal weight of 135. I'm so happ FLAMERICH 15 RYANCLAYTON
2/11/17 2:56 A
So, I thought the excitement of starting fresh would carry me through a couple days, but today had s CNELSON0717 9 DEBBIE1993
2/11/17 9:26 A
How do I change my current weight on my profile?? NETTERS_2015 4 ANGELAJANEDOE
2/11/17 1:55 A
Today was a strong day. Shake for breakfast, nice salad for lunch, pita with garlic paste for snack. LOVELYMONI15 3 PROUDMOM04
2/10/17 11:56 P
After two weeks of good dieting I slipped up today HOLLYROBIIN 18 PROUDMOM04
2/10/17 11:54 P
I'm officially 12 lbs down from 6 weeks ago. Hurt my knee and couldn't do much exercise for 1 1/2 we JOSH414 17 PROUDMOM04
2/10/17 11:35 P
how to like veggies TLMARANDA 62 IRISHEI
2/20/17 3:28 P
So mad! I've had a bad week staying on track with calories (have exercised). Saved 230 cals for an O UNKYNDENESSE 28 PROUDMOM04
2/9/17 9:28 P
Finally broke through about a month long plateau! Woo! And only 3lbs away from my GW! K34628 19 BTINCHER2001
2/9/17 9:45 P
Day one done so proud of myself!!!! Got through with NO indiscretions yay 😀 CAROLBEESON 32 GGSCHNEIDER
2/9/17 12:27 P
I cried, I swear I cried. I weighed in at 145 toda MCRAYCRAFT 2474 SMILILY
2/21/17 7:04 A
Today's weigh in was so encouraging I have 2.3 pounds left before I am out of the 200s YES!!!!! so h MLOVE88 41 S_MHANCOCK
2/17/17 8:23 A
Water is getting old, any tips or tricks SHAUNALVAUGHN 34 MRSKLAUSSNER
2/9/17 9:32 A
Goodmorning, it's snowing hard here, be safe if you are having weather issues. God Bless. JUSTSTICKWITHIT 9 KAREN_EDMONDS
2/9/17 7:56 A
#weightcheck DOWN 6 POUNDS THIS WEEK. 208 TO 202. Yay!! #weightloss #babyweight MADISONGREB 55 1EVILQUEEN1031
2/13/17 9:59 A
Very good day! BODOGG32 15 MSMAKEOVER
2/9/17 12:51 A
Weighted in today and am at 200 lbs. Almost out of the 200 club!! GINGB1985 19 ANNDANDY
2/9/17 1:36 A
So.... Just hit my one month mark on the 4th - also means it was my first #WeighIn and.... I'm dow GIMPYKISSES 16 GIMPYKISSES
2/9/17 12:33 P
Have found a new way to measure progress when the scale & tape measure aren't budging. Slap your thi KELLIEKLUMPP 69 MRSONAMISSION
2/9/17 11:59 A
Weighed in this morning and for the first time in SGARLETTS 1281 JAYISOLDEM2
2/15/17 8:12 P
15,000 steps by the end of today. DJANIAK 24 BSNITZLE
2/9/17 9:03 A
Well I was way under on calories so I had ice cream, then figured out I forgot to log my milk with d CRSMINER09 3 PROUDMOM04
2/9/17 12:04 A
Trying to get back into the Spark groove after titrating off steroids as part of my chemo regime. I HOKIENCLT 21 UNKYNDENESSE
2/9/17 11:00 A
What's the real story behind eating late at night if you're within your calories???? LAULLYPOP84 15 IT*SNEVER2LATE
2/9/17 12:07 A
I noticed today that I am able to put my hands in my jean pockets while seated...never been able to KIKIE1973 25 LEAHMAHRT1213
2/9/17 6:24 A
Went over points today :( WITTLANE76 4 PROUDMOM04
2/8/17 11:57 P

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