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Went to my second great-nephew's christening today and even had a cuddle. Back to France tomorrow an POLSKARENIA 14 POLSKARENIA
7/20/17 6:18 P
First tomatoes picked this year from the French garden! POLSKARENIA 17 ANNDANDY
7/21/17 2:32 A
7/20/17 8:43 A
Full English #breakfast ? Not quite - the tea is important! #tracked 487kcals seeded bread roll cunn RAWCOOKIE 13 BLISSFULMOMENTS
7/20/17 6:40 P
Got my new desk cycle, another Smart Wonder Core; was lost without it for three days when the first POLSKARENIA 10 MADEINBRITAIN
7/14/17 3:09 A
It is very hot in my country. JELENA16 21 OCIKAT
7/13/17 7:00 A
#FitBit what's the best for Fitbit to buy? ADA4EVER 10 LOSEAGAIN2
7/19/17 4:52 P
Happy 4th of July to all Americans everywhere! POLSKARENIA 3 GLORIAZ
7/4/17 7:44 A
Big batch cooking again, African inspired vegetarian sweet potato and cabbage stew, 4 servings veg p -POOKIE- 11 LIVEDAILY
6/28/17 5:57 P
Not too thrilled with my eating over the last two days. Back is sore, weight is up by 2 lbs, working SUZIESWEAZEY 12 SUZIESWEAZEY
6/27/17 4:13 P
Had a lovely walk along the beach this morning, a perfect start to the day NEW-CAZ 25 JUDY1676
6/15/17 8:03 P
Well, photographic evidence of exercise!!!! Actually, the walk was in a park, very steep hill (we go LADYSUISEI 20 LADYSUISEI
6/14/17 4:46 P
Weight Loss Chat ~INDYGIRL 47 SHANTODD420
7/21/17 11:27 A
Word Scramble ~INDYGIRL 18 ~INDYGIRL
7/6/17 10:02 A
My first corset. This is one of the things that has been keeping me really busy.. along with wedding JOANNEELIDRISSI 12 SILVAS7
6/14/17 1:03 P
What hobbies keep you busy and not snacking? PRAYERACAPPELLA 7 PRAYERACAPPELLA
6/14/17 11:14 A
If I was at goal, I would... A-z ~INDYGIRL 7 LOVELYSPIRIT16
7/15/17 1:58 P
7/15/17 2:03 P
Summer Activities A-Z ~INDYGIRL 7 LOVELYSPIRIT16
7/15/17 2:04 P
Favorite Names A-z ~INDYGIRL 13 CATIEBELLE
7/16/17 2:53 P
7/24/17 8:15 A
Summer Healthy Foods A-Z ~INDYGIRL 8 LOVELYSPIRIT16
7/15/17 2:04 P
I'm in the process of moving out, soon to be filing for divorce. You guys have been keeping me on tr AMYB1976 12 MLR_00
6/2/17 6:51 A
3 mile walk on the Prom in the sun. What a view... -POOKIE- 26 RAWCOOKIE
6/3/17 4:14 A
Ready for the Summer?? Will be a HOT one here in Florida! What are your plans for Summer???? FLASUN 22 CGARR442
6/1/17 10:44 P
Please tell us about yourself TCANNO 40 POLSKARENIA
5/30/17 12:47 P
Darn it ate too much food today. DAISYFLWR 3 SHAPEUPCHELLE
5/29/17 6:19 P
Exercise and sleep, my BFFs POLSKARENIA 11 UPSY-DAISY
5/31/17 10:06 A
Lost 1lb today. First loss in ages, so very happy. KENWANNE2013 11 FLOUNDER1323
5/28/17 7:51 A
Happy Sunday - start of a new week for me. Spent a lovely hour in the garden then Seeing my eldest s JOG321 11 CHERYLDC123
5/28/17 6:52 A
What are you doing at midnight? JWABSHER 11 TIGERSEYEHEART
5/28/17 6:28 A
Super disappointed in myself. I have been lacking all motivation to do anything for my health; eati IBROWNELL 5 LILYSMAM2017
5/27/17 1:58 P
It's 1pm and I've already eaten over 1800 calorie 😩 CONSISTENTME 2 POLSKARENIA
5/27/17 1:11 P
Parsley sown in propagator, chives ditto, cactus seeds from Gran Canaria ditto, coriander ditto, edi POLSKARENIA 5 LADYSUISEI
5/28/17 5:17 P
Winter pool cover off and washed, summer pool cover washed and covering the pool, which has been giv POLSKARENIA 9 MORTICIAADDAMS
5/26/17 11:15 A
A bit discouraged..I know I am losing inches. I've gone from a 38 waist to being able to fit into a DJAY1972 8 DIANALAZZELL
5/25/17 10:20 A
Off to the Chelsea Flower Show today! POLSKARENIA 17 SPARTANJAI
5/23/17 3:32 P
I woke up to find that my city had been attacked in the night :( 19 people who should have woken up STATSCAT 21 DGFOWLER
5/23/17 5:36 A
One Liners 9/15# 9. Next, was a job in a Shoe Factory. Tried hard but just didn't fit in. NEW-CAZ 13 IAMAGEMLOVER
5/23/17 12:39 P
I've got osteoarthritis pretty bad. Especially in my hands. Facing surgery next month. I have always ROSEANN17 9 RAWCOOKIE
5/21/17 7:40 A
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 15 1CRAZYDOG
5/20/17 11:21 A
Ways to Fit in Activity A-Z (Get Creative) ~INDYGIRL 10 ~INDYGIRL
6/13/17 4:49 P
5/28/17 12:17 P
7/15/17 2:09 P
Pets? Did someone mention Pets? ~INDYGIRL 19 LOVELYSPIRIT16
7/15/17 2:03 P
Idk who's going to see this but I need help getting back down to 185. R12570 7 JSTANLEY2322
5/11/17 12:11 P
Open Lens F8CONE8 166 F8CONE8
7/9/17 12:02 P
Six days of house guests and I coped, did workouts, drank a bit, but kept the weight off. Yessssss!! POLSKARENIA 12 ILOVEROSES
5/11/17 5:25 A
Driving through the French countryside.... POLSKARENIA 11 MEADSBAY
5/1/17 9:28 A
I am losing weight and inches but I have to figure out how to get rid of the belly flab what are goo WIMMERFAN 18 I_ROBOT
4/30/17 2:22 P
Buckwheat, chicken breast and vegetable :-) DOMINIKA705 13 POLSKARENIA
4/30/17 4:33 A
Healthy breakfast :-) DOMINIKA705 7 RYCGIRL
4/30/17 7:19 A
Planning to cycle my stationary bike between doing the laundry and other chores today NEW-CAZ 14 MARINEMAMA
5/1/17 4:39 A
Feeling broke. Joined a challenge 2 weeks ago down 6 #. Not getting any better at the movements and DFITCH817 7 SEXYMOMMOM1
4/29/17 7:01 A
Just worked out and I have the rest of the day to do as I please. NEW-CAZ 22 MEXGAL1
4/28/17 9:57 A
Morning walk views... Beautiful day. -POOKIE- 15 SPARKLINGME176
4/26/17 6:30 P
How often does everyone change up their workout? LAM200514 5 DIANALAZZELL
4/25/17 11:16 A
After her long sleep, our younger cat snoozed as I sparked... POLSKARENIA 7 HMBROWN1
4/25/17 6:37 A
Share your challenge goals SPARK_COACH_JEN 18995 CHANGEISGOOD
7/22/17 6:34 P
Please Introduce Yourself HERE. SPARK_COACH_JEN 6571 CHANGEISGOOD
7/22/17 5:59 P
4/30/17 2:50 P
Trying to remember that healthy doesn't always have to do to with a number on the scale. Working har LILMEMEJEAN 4 VEG_GIRL04
4/21/17 8:59 A
I'm in the weight lost journey and I'm going good but I afraid about the lose skin is there any idea SGRG17 7 WEARINGTHIN
4/21/17 6:01 A
Pleased to have maintained being 198lbs over Easter! No gain to take away my excitement of getting u -POOKIE- 22 JEANKNEE
4/25/17 8:13 P
Photobugs Chat ON_A_DIET 54 F8CONE8
6/25/17 1:50 P
Greetings IZZY911 4 F8CONE8
4/22/17 8:27 P
Nutrition Tracking Tips & Encouragement KALISWALKER 24 SWEETMAGNOLIA2
4/27/17 8:01 P
9 hours of uninterrupted sleep! NEW-CAZ 22 DEE107
4/18/17 12:32 A
Completely failed the last 3 days 😢 Now I'm sure there's no way i can make one of my goals. Uhhh I AAMANDAA2414 9 SPARK_COACH_JEN
4/17/17 7:16 A
I'm trying to stop focusing so intensely on the number on my scale, because I'm on a plateau so the TIGERSEYEHEART 8 PLCHAPPELL
4/14/17 5:37 A
Keep them at bay with your tracking! POLSKARENIA 20 MEADSBAY
4/14/17 7:19 P
7/24/17 8:11 A
I feel discouraged when going to the gym. I've been reading and watching videos on YouTube of people AMCBRIDE22 6 SMITIM
4/13/17 3:56 A
How Do You Stay Hydrated? KALISWALKER 37 MERICANDO
4/18/17 11:50 P
No early morning workout today, but lots to do cleaning wise in the redecorated bedroom and bathroom POLSKARENIA 7 ANNDANDY
4/13/17 3:04 A

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