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If you are reading this, I challenge you to post o MIKANORI 1660 DONNASCOTT57
9/28/16 5:34 A
What does everyone do for a living? SOULOFFIRE15 421 M64140
9/28/16 7:36 A
Feel like something is wrong with my eyesight. Hur RAYOFSUNTJ 5 JOANHAGEMIER
9/24/16 9:02 P
Any runners have a favorite watch? I am not too pi PLAINJANEDOE 5 BIGRENTMAN
9/21/16 9:00 P
So, I have discovered the wonder of exercise. I wi XOUXIQUE 7 SFULLER65
9/17/16 9:02 P
Shocking, it's the end of a long weekend and I can PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
9/6/16 1:04 A
I did good today. Stayed within calorie range. How SHU370 8 PLAINJANEDOE
9/2/16 11:36 P
Rough day today..I need to get back on track..😒 LEAVELL110 8 PLAINJANEDOE
9/2/16 11:32 P
Hello everyone my names Stephanie and I'm fairly n ZDOCTORSTEPH 46 ALWAYSPARKLING
9/2/16 11:52 P
Guys what's your take on cheese and peanut butter HARRY664 7 LANAELAINE
9/1/16 7:32 A
Got to hit it hard tomorrow !!!!I think I can I th MPARAGIN 4 NUMBER1PUMPKIN
8/28/16 8:07 P
Of course it is freaking raining when I need to ru PLAINJANEDOE 19 CWAYMAN01
8/28/16 10:39 A
Just got a Fitbit. My question is. Is the amount o KAREBEAR0114 13 DIZZYBRITCHES
8/19/16 10:15 A
I need hugs. I've been doing so well and decided to join a fun night and have ice cream. I tried to MERIDIANGODDESS 6 DIZZYBRITCHES
8/19/16 10:07 A
Lost my Fitbit 2days ago and feeling the pain. I l WILLITWORK1 20 CHAPPERS1987
8/24/16 5:02 P
Ok I have been judged so much on this I need advic LANN69 43 AKELLY45
8/14/16 6:28 P
Apple Watch or Fitbit? I'm looking for a good wear CHERRYMCJONES 25 MJIMENEZ46
8/21/16 1:28 P
Do you have to sweat to lose weight? I exercise at home and the ac is on so i cant really sweat... # MIADELAROSA 5 SPORTY2016
8/14/16 5:46 P
Weighed in this morning and for the first time in SGARLETTS 958 THIS2WILPASS
9/23/16 5:43 P
Day 4 and still doing good. I have had so much mor JCARRANZA4 18 KTERHUNE0509
8/14/16 4:43 P
What are you doing right this second? I'm snuggled LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 88 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
9/18/16 10:39 P
I need plenty of new Fitbit friends to keep me act LDAVIES72 8 SISMAC
8/17/16 1:26 P
Happy Monday everyone! Today is day 2 for me on S MARIAD90 24 LOISLEL
8/1/16 3:10 P
Feeling like I'm about to vomit because tomorrow I PLAINJANEDOE 3 PLAINJANEDOE
7/31/16 10:02 P
What did everyone do for exercise today? BDOYLE03 1479 P61541
9/28/16 3:45 A
Heart broke. Went on vacation gained 6 pounds. I d HISWIFIE 25 VANSRUFUS
7/30/16 11:08 P
I went for a run when my family went to the airpor PLAINJANEDOE 3 DSPTCHR911
7/30/16 7:45 P
OK trying this for the first time . I need a chang RICKPANE 38 LANAELAINE
7/29/16 8:51 P
#techsupport for some reason my fitness minutes fo PLAINJANEDOE 6 PLAINJANEDOE
7/25/16 11:21 P
I failed today. I didn't manage to count my calori UNIQUEA 9 QUEENALICE0802
6/14/16 7:43 P
Okay, my lady friends, help.. How do you stay exer HDAVIS218 11 CTEA88
6/10/16 6:37 A
Hi.... jus started today...... PVELMURUG 10 PVELMURUG
5/18/16 4:36 A
Its been awhile since I have really used this app but I getting serious about being healthy and need SHORTCAKES9903 15 PLAINJANEDOE
4/24/16 5:36 P
Hey guys, A friend who is also dieting recommende LEHUGHES2442 62 GLENNA_70
4/11/16 10:58 A
Been under a lot of stress trying to find a job. B DARLAJORDANPOPE 8 JOYCESHUBERT
4/10/16 8:48 A
Another cold day in Madison, Wisconsin but I am de S_MHANCOCK 14 WARIORLADY_2016
4/9/16 10:36 A
Down 23lbs! Working on balancing carb, protein and WASU132 14 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
4/9/16 11:08 A
Still having a hard time with night eating I feel JSIEBENAL 14 JSIEBENAL
4/7/16 7:50 A
What is your food weakness? ASHBER 457 JAYISOLDEM2
7/7/16 5:19 A
OK I need some help for dinner tonight I having ba BOT2823WADLEY2 36 KIMMIE110639
3/30/16 8:33 P
Counting calories....walking....need to add some m KERHOO 4 KERHOO
3/31/16 1:50 P
So tired all the time, last night I just started r KAYLEAH93 10 PLAINJANEDOE
3/30/16 7:40 P
Can one be diabetic and not know it? I've recently VEROYBARRA124 14 AMOORE847
3/30/16 9:58 P
I DID IT!!!!!!! Out of the 200 club. 199.6 💪 TITANIUM303 953 WLMNGIRL4
9/11/16 9:36 A
4/1/16 1:31 P
Apparently I eat like a horse. Sigh. PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
3/29/16 7:19 P
Looking for a buddy who is like me. I'm a nurse an MAGGIECRAFT 15 KENDREA84
3/29/16 11:56 A
Today is my first day using this app and I am taki LEILAMH 8 GODSCHILD8113
3/28/16 9:32 P
What's your exercise choice? I do one of the following: a low/high impact workout, ellipticle, tread TORRIESJOURNEY 25 BECCAISDOINGIT
3/28/16 11:08 P
Feeling very discouraged today 😔 MELISSA77JONES 11 HEAVENLYSCENTS4
3/25/16 11:23 P
My date ditched me and I feel rejected and unhappy MARIANHIN 41 HETTA1949
3/31/16 10:09 P
I'm so frustrated, I currently eat no more than 1500 calories a day (always healthy foods) and do 60 ROCKYROAD89 33 WHITE012165
3/25/16 10:31 P
Hit 18000 steps today. How about you? HEALTHYLADY100 12 LSNAPP
3/25/16 10:23 P
Hit a "milestone" today! I have been walking/joggi MDICKEY95 27 LSNAPP
3/25/16 10:24 P
Snow day, no work. Did alot of house cleaning and MALBANESE43 9 PLAINJANEDOE
3/23/16 9:00 P
Trying not to binge....having some tea PLAINJANEDOE 11 PMOHAN
3/22/16 11:42 P
I just got a Fitbit for Christmas and I'm in need KPRUSSELL21 3 PLAINJANEDOE
1/24/16 5:46 P
Today is my off day. Does anyone else have an off MOM23RSN1T 11 WOMANOFWISDOM
1/9/16 7:06 P
I need HELP now! I'm at health club. Very anxious EDITGAL 97 DIZZYBRITCHES
9/5/16 10:14 A
Am I the only person who doesn't want to leave my PLAINJANEDOE 18 PLAINJANEDOE
1/9/16 6:50 P
Taking a rest day while I nurse a sore inner thigh PLAINJANEDOE 7 PITS123
12/6/15 3:44 P
I know this means nothing to anyone, but I struggl BEANIEBEENZZ 11 GSABASS
12/6/15 1:09 P
December: "Hey, let's create excuses for people to COFFEEPLEEZ 9 BETTYPAGESR
12/6/15 11:35 A
I'm looking for positive buddies to share this exp TRDUPAGE 11 BRIGHTSPARK7
12/6/15 8:58 P
12/6/15 11:27 A
I had the biggest cheat day since I started couple SHERMICHEW 9 EMARENE
12/6/15 11:31 A
Holiday foods.. ugh where to begin. I look at all LILMSMUFFINTOP 6 LILMSMUFFINTOP
12/6/15 11:40 A
What can i do to stop sweating so much no matter w PLAINJANEDOE 16 GSABASS
12/6/15 1:10 P
I lost another four pounds this week! I'm less tha MINATHERED 58 HATBORO1989
12/8/15 12:14 P
At the beginning of this year, I was doing so well JFLY6220 24 ANGELINA16561
12/3/15 9:31 P
12/3/15 10:13 P
Most people tend to weigh too often, but I'm in a ANON76 33 AKHLASS
12/3/15 10:10 P
How often do you all stretch? CRYSTHND 12 LEEFJL
12/3/15 8:54 P
The beepmonster school bus is gone, but now I'm st DIZZYBRITCHES 18 DIZZYBRITCHES
12/3/15 11:04 P
Today I started an important course but it's in an NOGA33 7 LEEFJL
12/3/15 8:58 P

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