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Time to anger management app...i think it is helping PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
3/27/17 8:47 P
Doing my best to have a good attitude even tho it is Monday... PLAINJANEDOE 10 BANANASLOUIE7
3/27/17 8:22 P
My raynauds is baad today....cant warm up! PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
3/26/17 12:55 P
Trying to give my neck and backa break PLAINJANEDOE 7 SONGAHOLIC
3/25/17 9:26 P
I got a satin pillowcase at Marshalls today. Part of my efforts to focus on takin care of myself on PLAINJANEDOE 3 PLAINJANEDOE
3/25/17 7:30 P
Has anyone had deep tissue massage? Does it help long-term? #help PLAINJANEDOE 4 HPOFBC
3/27/17 8:28 A
Getting ready to run in the rain. had better be waterproof, because that was literally th PLAINJANEDOE 4 BANANASLOUIE7
3/26/17 6:50 P
I have definitely fallen, I definitely get back up or I would not be where I am today and aspire to HAVING_HOPE 16 PENOWOK
3/25/17 9:05 A
My new weapon in the war against anxiety/anger PLAINJANEDOE 9 MOTIVATED36732
3/25/17 9:12 A
Two hours to the start of the 10 miler. The pile of preparation builds. ONEKIDSMOM 24 ONEKIDSMOM
3/25/17 10:34 A
Missed my morning Zumba workout, but got it in after work. I now know my body likes mornings better MISSCNJ 6 PLAINJANEDOE
3/24/17 8:18 P
Couldn't sleep so I did the hypnosis session (it is free!). I will let you know how it works. PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
3/23/17 3:34 A
I need advise. This is embarrassing:( What would you do if after you lost weight you lost your breas ANGELAJANEDOE 44 BIKE4HEALTH
3/23/17 6:27 A
Added weightlifting to my workout today... Pretty sure I'm going to be sore tonight!😭😭😭 JOI2374 19 SNOEBUNNIE101
3/22/17 8:15 P
Started to stuff my face to calm mysepf because i was so angry that Lil B wasted yet more of my tim PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
3/22/17 7:30 P
Shout out to the personal trainer and client who were so busy using the plyo box as a water bottle r PLAINJANEDOE 6 TRISSYINCHARGE
3/16/17 9:57 P
Pretty sure that a guy was recording me on his cell phone at the gym today (based on where he was st PLAINJANEDOE 9 PLAINJANEDOE
3/15/17 4:48 A
206 day streak on SP! Down 44 pounds since July. Still a ways to go, but now...I GOT THIS! NARNIAROSE2003 50 LPORTER2015
3/15/17 3:56 A
Lmao my phone updated and i now havs my own personal emoji PLAINJANEDOE 4 MAYMA05
3/13/17 10:00 P
My nose hurts soo bad from being wiped constantly! Ugh!! PLAINJANEDOE 2 ZORBS13
3/13/17 7:55 P
My nose has always dripped when i work out but for the past few weeks it has been obnoxious...consta PLAINJANEDOE 4 PLAINJANEDOE
3/11/17 5:12 P
Been feeling a bit run-down lately...sleeping most of the day last Sunday helped (i felt strong and PLAINJANEDOE 3 PLAINJANEDOE
3/11/17 4:52 P
I can't get to were you put in food #tech SUNWARDWINE 2 PLAINJANEDOE
3/10/17 4:48 A
On my way to 100k steps in 1 day for the first tim LUCKYLISA12002 15 KIKIE1973
3/8/17 10:18 P
I have around 100 lbs to lose and have been doing cardio drumming 3 or 4 days a week and zumba 1. I MICHELLELAW01 11 RHIO3TRE
3/9/17 4:46 A
Okay so since I can't seem to get notifications. I'd like to add some Fitbit friends. If you post yo IIZOMBIEE 15 GINGB1985
3/27/17 4:46 P
Looking for some friends. Where are you from? #fri LALAJ84 191 JAYISOLDEM2
3/8/17 9:22 P
Anyone from Cleveland Ohio? Need a diet bundy #friendfinder LEAH2196 7 LEAH2196
3/10/17 2:38 A
Fool-proof way to defeat mindless eating habit: 1) put your snacks on the top shelf 2) do leg day o PLAINJANEDOE 21 JAYISOLDEM2
3/5/17 9:03 A
Feeling very depressed today. DREAMSOFWONDER 23 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/4/17 10:19 P
A little cold out today GYOUNG38 5 PLAINJANEDOE
2/26/17 6:19 P
Subway messed up my order. They apologized by putting chocolate chip cookies in my bag. I proudly QSHEPP 29 TSHAWGER
2/27/17 8:59 A
#Fitbit, would like more friends, to keep motivated! LAM_MURPHY 6 J38850
3/10/17 4:00 P
My hubby surprised me by buying me a reward gift for hitting one-derland ❤ he took me to David's Tea JEMMSIE 33 SAPHIRA70
2/26/17 7:32 A
Anyone using a fitbit. Looking for people to do the challenges with. #fitbit PRICANDEVIL89 11 PLAINJANEDOE
2/25/17 7:01 P
#fyi to anyone who sees someone having a nervous breakdown in public. U dont owe it to me to help me PLAINJANEDOE 14 GLIDINGIN
2/25/17 8:21 P
It is my running and grocery store day! Whooo! Getting Pita Inn post run as always...gotta refuel on PLAINJANEDOE 6 PLAINJANEDOE
2/25/17 4:13 P
I'm 9 calories under my daily allowance and I realllllllly on edge of bingeing. Anyone out in SP uni ASHKATH81 11 MIGG21
2/21/17 9:24 P
Did my first workout in a gym in over a year today. I am so out of shape. I had quit smoking a year SKADAS-WE 5 SAN47BEE
2/18/17 5:58 P
I have binge eating problems PLUSSIZE1989 43 DEBBIE1993
2/16/17 10:40 P
When working out an I the only one who goes with no undies ALOVEBEAM 13 KENDILYNN
2/17/17 12:27 A
Does anyone else have a job that has them walking alot? Waitress maybe? I walk anywhere from 10 mi KEASTON7 37 LUANN_IN_PA
2/17/17 8:22 A
My new car got rear ended about an hour ago. I am fighting the food that I need for comfort. MRSKLAUSSNER 10 CYMBULIZUM
2/16/17 10:30 P
I'm loving my fitbit. . Keeps me so motivated to do my best everyday. JANEYDZJOURNEY 7 JADEDROSE325
2/14/17 9:29 P
And I thought I had had bad days!!! Last night and today were just tragic! My dd birthday sleepover EZZ305 5 MRSAEP01
2/4/17 5:44 P
# exercise Does anyone have some suggestions of exercises to do while sick with a head cold? Normall LNWALL 13 LNWALL
1/31/17 7:07 P
I'm feeling really unmotivated to do anything today. Like I have a few chores to do but can't seem t EMMAYBEE 3 LISAMARIE2015
1/28/17 9:42 A
As I was coming out of Panera today with my daughter a group of boys about 16 walked by and said "do LUVADOVE 9 PWOJO82
1/21/17 10:44 P
Looking for quick healthy breakfast options that don't involve cereal or a shake. I missed breakfast SHEVONNEM 29 RALPHDB
1/17/17 9:15 P
New to spark people what are your favorite healthy foods or snacks? TMR1996 14 UNKYNDENESSE
1/8/17 1:09 A
Any #advice on getting rid of Insomnia? Past two night I havent slept a wink, but Im SO tired. I jus BECKSAX 8 SMITTYSTYLE
1/8/17 1:10 A
Hello all, I'm new to the app :) just wanted to say good luck to everyone who's aiming to reach some ALI142 15 MSMAKEOVER
12/28/16 3:43 P
My mom says that she is making collard greens, gre QR3451 15 TSHAWGER
12/21/16 9:03 P
Hooray. Wanted to try out posting something. I'm n NADIAHOPF 22 DOROTHY592
12/6/16 5:50 A
6am coming fast won't be long have to get ready fo SKIERS26 4 DOROTHY592
12/6/16 5:49 A
What did you have for breakfast? SASSYSUNDAE84 6 HLANIER4
12/5/16 5:34 A
Hi, everyone! I'm new here and new to the weight-l ERIN8149 4 PLAINJANEDOE
12/5/16 4:56 A
Just curious about my fellow Sparkers: what do you DIZZYBRITCHES 41 OUMABOUD
12/2/16 6:22 A
Thinking of getting a fitbit or something like it. MRSBKM 25 LOSING2WINIT
11/25/16 11:24 A
Did you eat a traditional Thanksgiving meal or som LPORTER2015 33 YAZFAN71
11/25/16 12:28 A
Cardio vs. strength training? Where do you fall? I LANEYTHEGIRL 17 VANILLASKY15
11/23/16 1:28 A
Weigh myself now down to 161.5that makes it 35 pou PATTIE1917 13 MIDVADE101
11/20/16 10:40 A
What is your favorite veggie and how do you like t E55862 7 JLYN1976
11/9/16 8:44 P
Its hard to stay on track w/ #depression & #anxiety but I've don't it for 3 months I need to keep do SWEETSWTHRT4 34 SEBARTLETT
12/10/16 12:53 P
What are your favorite exercises? #favoritewaystom CONQEURRGRL223 23 JAYISOLDEM2
10/15/16 10:04 P
I am trying to get motivated. I can't seem to do i R64744 15 R64744
10/15/16 9:57 P
Would anyone be willing to be my fitbit buddy? If you are my email address is WolfEagle2007@comcast. LIGHTAZWIND 16 CONQEURRGRL223
10/16/16 9:11 P
I'm looking for group to help support each other. On journey lose weight. I used.think groups.chees DAVINA19 11 MSMAKEOVER
10/16/16 7:54 A
I dance to get going is that good with my back lik T66576 8 T66576
10/15/16 9:12 P
#firstpost #friendfinder. First timer on Spark Peo KRISPIE984 33 PUDDERS83
10/19/16 8:11 P
I did it!!! I FINALLY did it!!! This week I reac BABYGURL45 1131 ANUTKIN703
3/7/17 11:24 A
I was just diagnosed diabetic. It really scared me NJFLOWERS 5 MHOOGE
10/15/16 9:09 P
Need Fitbit buddies! Please post your email so I c C_ANEMONE 17 ANGEL2GOOD31
10/17/16 8:22 P
I'm feeling disappointed again ive been eating.n then inputting my intake. Dumb me ate.Chipotle blac DAVINA19 22 BELLAMYLOVE1
10/15/16 11:17 P
Feel like something is wrong with my eyesight. Hur RAYOFSUNTJ 10 CATHYSTAYLOR
10/4/16 7:45 P

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