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This is so hard with 3 kids and a husband with a high metabolism so they eat whatever they want when PHILLIPANDTABBY 7 PIXIEDUST22
10/20/17 9:58 A
Looking for low calorie filling snacks. I was doing grapes and almonds. Grapes for the sweet and alm STEPHHIXSON 5 PIXIEDUST22
10/20/17 9:54 A
Must have healthy staple foods for a newbie? DEANNAHARDY831 10 JANEYBEE
10/20/17 1:46 A
It’s my birthday! MISTRESSOHORROR 305 JOEU_56
10/12/17 7:54 P
Calorie struggles MISS_ROBOT 9 PIXIEDUST22
10/6/17 10:50 A
Run out of breath so easily when running! -BOOKSANDCOFFEE 26 ZRIE014
10/19/17 12:46 A
Today is day one tracking my food in sparkpeople. i have heard good things aboit this tracker. i am PRINVAL2000 6 INSPIRED26
10/6/17 2:08 P
This is gonna sound nuts...anyone do any sneaky cardio in their office? I don't have extended period HPOFBC 5 GOODFELINE
10/6/17 11:31 A
Hitting a snag when you get so sick, no energy to workout with, when 15 mins feels like an hour. My WITTYLISA14 4 INSPIRED26
10/6/17 2:08 P
Have a beautiful night! GARDENSFORLIFE 17 CANNINGNANNY
10/6/17 6:30 A
Dinner is tofu mushroom kung pao, with a salad with no dressing and some grapes:D I love home cookin GHOSTILYUSHA 7 TENACIOUS10
10/17/17 5:50 P
Finding it harder to get outside and walk in the much cooler mornings. Wondering what to wear in my GRAMMICHELLE 3 LRJUSTUS1
10/5/17 10:57 A
After being down for the count with a migraine yesterday I am so glad to be feeling better and able DRKUHL2017 9 PENDILA
10/5/17 9:55 A
So how do you do the keto diet . I wanna try it bu SWIFT6913221 7 KATHYMAINE58
10/5/17 11:44 A
favorite "swap" foods? HAPPYERIN 22 PAMBROWN62
10/18/17 3:40 A
I will be so glad when this weekend when the time changes!!! This morning view is getting old! SOFLOKITTY 21 CANDYLIND
10/5/17 10:29 P
Can't enter vitamin and mineral info FITGIGI0102 4 SPARK_MERLE
10/12/17 10:51 A
I bought new digital bathroom scale and was looking forward to what it would read. It disappointed m CARLOSLAKELAND 9 SPEDED2
10/4/17 3:51 P
How long can u keep them? JOLIEN999 9 JUSTEATREALFOOD
10/4/17 8:13 A
10/3/17 9:45 A
Healthy dinner! JANELLESMOM1 11 CFITZ1
10/2/17 8:31 P
OMG why am I not loosing weight JONINA 6 WINACHST
10/13/17 8:14 A
10/15/17 10:07 A
made some awesome chicken spicy soup with multigrain bread SHERRYS2015 28 PIXIEDUST22
9/30/17 10:47 P
So I'm home with my baby and decides to watch Cake Boss... now I'm craving cake. Like seriously crav AALWAYS034 8 ANGELA249
10/1/17 4:33 A
Greek salad pita pockets GREENSUBMARINE 11 PIXIEDUST22
9/30/17 10:44 P
I love to bake so I decided to bake a puppy cake. This got my baking itch out and... I stayed on tra RHETTDOG 9 KATRINAHAY
10/2/17 7:30 P
After laundry and groceries and a cyclocross race (watched, not rode but walked 5K steps) and housew LKMANNING7 73 FITULOUS
10/1/17 2:12 A
Dinner tonight: Turquía con calabasa! Toss sliced turkey breast in fajita seasoning, brown in a dry FINESMALLSTORM2 15 PIXIEDUST22
9/30/17 10:43 P
Does anyone know how to get this to go horizontal instead of vertical on an iPad? BEACHYCONDO 4 LIVETOEAT70
9/30/17 11:27 P
Spread for sammies/wraps LARGEMARGE5150 10 ANARIE
10/2/17 11:48 A
Ok, I'd like to know how people find time to exercise who work full time and have to be on the road WEIGHTTOGO35 10 PIXIEDUST22
9/29/17 1:41 P
Planned to have tea from Tim Horton's this morning and made the choice to skip the sugar in it this CYUZYK 3 PIXIEDUST22
9/29/17 1:36 P
I have a date tonight! But it’s at this nice steak house, so much for my calories today. 😐 umm long KARASHANE 9 PIXIEDUST22
9/29/17 1:33 P
Have you ever used Diet Coke in your diet and still lose weight? ROSES4BEAUTY 4 ALLYLIZZY
9/29/17 6:45 P
9/29/17 2:06 P
Down from size 22 jeans to size 16 jeans. Only 6 lbs to go to my next goal - to get below 200. LISABERT 111 PBVHCCVH
9/29/17 8:58 A
What are some meals ? JOLIEN999 9 MICHELLEXXXX
9/29/17 2:13 A
50 pounds lost, I can bend down again, my feet don't hurt anymore, and I actually need a belt for pa DARRINISM 8 JFAIT3
10/8/17 7:30 P
I could really use some advice. I have no problem getting cardio in, however I need to start resist MOEWITHE69 8 MOEWITHE69
9/28/17 1:47 P
Skipped lunch and made this green smoothie today. I usually hate smoothies but this one was deliciou QUEENV38 10 KAYTEE916
9/27/17 10:18 P
For anyone like me that cant give up coffee!!! This is what i order from Starbucks and it is amazing HEATHERANN90 20 ALLYLIZZY
9/27/17 1:29 P
Roasted broccoli with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese 💗 had CAITIEHALL94 12 LINDASOUTHER
9/27/17 11:01 A
Does anyone else find that by linking your Fitbit to sync with the SparkPeople app it adds an insane JADIEGIRL1974 7 JADIEGIRL1974
9/27/17 1:30 P
GOOD morning! This morning I am officially back at a NORMAL BMI! That feels sooo good! I've been con SILENTCRANBERRY 21 SILENTCRANBERRY
9/28/17 9:05 A
Good morning! Breakfast made, time to start the day! "Cheers!" MIKIEMANNEQUIN 65 MIKIEMANNEQUIN
10/6/17 11:44 P
I had a great workout today!! I used the rowing machine for 20 minutes today and it was a great low ASPARKER01 6 RAYMOSSISTER
9/26/17 8:45 P
My neighbor had extra apples from the tree in his yard and gave me ten (along with a ton of asian pe BIKEORAMA 12 MPLSKEN
9/27/17 12:46 A
Had such a good day today! Only 6 lbs away from my 1st goal! 😄 KMKGIRLIE0528 5 PIXIEDUST22
9/26/17 8:37 P
Tonight's dinner is taco salad made with ground tu LAURENN1994 24 CINJADE28
9/26/17 10:30 P
Is there a place on this app to put my before photos or do I put them on the feed? JTKTBROWN 2 PIXIEDUST22
9/26/17 9:29 A
help! work will not let me take breaks ECREECH9 11 NIRERIN
9/25/17 9:56 P
Flexibility NNAPWRCAT 27 ZRIE014
10/19/17 12:47 A
Okay question , if I'm 5"0 and weigh 149 and my bmr says 1295. How many calories must I actually eat KAR1983 11 PIXIEDUST22
9/25/17 9:30 A
A little confused about the keto diet... I'm following it but still feel weird about eating so much SARAGORHAM8188 6 SARAGORHAM8188
9/21/17 5:34 P
Wanted ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Low calorie /high protein food ideas BRASHONG 2 PIXIEDUST22
9/21/17 10:14 A
Still stuck at 195 pounds. I am hoping that one of these days I can go for my long walks but we are AUNTRENEE 3 PIXIEDUST22
9/21/17 10:13 A
Insomnia visited, decided to head to the Y since it was open and I was up. Got in a two hour workout LADYRHEES 2 PIXIEDUST22
9/21/17 10:11 A
By the end of the month I'm going to make it to 80lbs down. I'm setting that goal. So, that's FIVE AROMERO77 4 PIXIEDUST22
9/21/17 10:08 A
Hello everyone! I'm new here, and was wondering if MAURAFUREY2 7 LAURENN1994
9/29/17 11:21 P
How can I add fiber to my diet? COMPUTERTEACHER 24 PERSERVERANCE71
9/26/17 1:19 P
I can't enjoy my food, because I am constantly trying to keep a balance and keep saturated fat and s MEROBERTS21 6 REEDSKI
9/21/17 10:33 P
Down 30 pounds from 185. 😀 Twenty Two more pounds until my weight goal. Feeling great! SHELLTON7 2 PIXIEDUST22
9/20/17 2:06 P
I have been having a rough couple of days and so I have been craving comfort food. I didn't binge ea AYENAA 16 LESSOFMOORE
9/20/17 9:35 P
#coach I see a lot of people who burn more calories than they eat in a day. Is that ok to do on a r MSWITZER 4 PIXIEDUST22
9/19/17 3:07 P
I'm planning on a week vacation to a cottage. My usual workouts are in DVD form at home. This cottag SKHS78 7 SKHS78
9/19/17 4:24 P
Fitbit? Pedometer? PS 45 MICHELE142
10/20/17 12:44 P
Has anyone tried the KETO diet? MARGIE246 5 NIRERIN
9/19/17 9:11 P
Starbucks is trying to redefine whole milk HAWKTHREE 8 MISSLORI5
9/22/17 12:15 P
Losing weight vs feeding a distance runner CKMOM14 12 U30MIN
10/13/17 7:43 A
9/19/17 6:53 P
While I have yumminess to eat today for breakfast & lunch (lunch meats of ham & chicken, banana, gra FL_SUNSHINE 12 FL_SUNSHINE
9/19/17 6:51 P
Hello everyone kinda new to this, not sure where to start. Or what to put. Lol So here goes, I am a TINANELSON15 14 HEATHERPOLSKY
9/21/17 2:37 P
Baked Sausage, Spinach & Egg Breakfast Taquitos! From! I used to skip breakfast TANDY1965 8 TANDY1965
9/19/17 2:05 P
The second morning in a row, waking up with a massive sinus headache. MCASKEY6 7 RAERAERAE62
9/19/17 11:56 A