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This morning i came back from work and i didn't go to bed. I cooked some veggie and quinoa, lentil GIGIUS 18 DREA4119
8/18/17 1:58 P
What is the point of the spark points? MINDYMCR 3 PIXIEDUST22
8/18/17 12:20 P
Love the app. But every time I try to add my food/ activities pop up ads keep interfering with me. E DENISEHUBBS 4 7STIGGYMT
8/18/17 12:28 P
Anniversary bride MARIE_MCINTOSH 3 PIXIEDUST22
8/18/17 11:59 A
When will people notice the loss? JEF19541 16 PIXIEDUST22
8/18/17 11:44 A
Good news from the doctor CHERYLE51 2 PIXIEDUST22
8/18/17 11:24 A
Knees very sore SKMMOM16 9 SLIMMERKIWI
8/19/17 12:28 A
Good morning or afternoon everyone!!!! So today is THEJACKIEDEAN12 307 1DAY-ATA-TIME
8/19/17 11:25 A
As I was taking my bonus spin, an advertisement for Cold Stone came up showing a picture of a delici MAIZIEPAIGE 3 JUSTAMOUSE
8/18/17 11:45 A
fitness tracker LINDALECTIE1 4 PIXIEDUST22
8/18/17 11:10 A
Just tracking food for the day.i was adding broccoli for the dinner part, it says for one stalk cook CHERISHED14 8 ZORO22
8/18/17 12:02 P
I know this is silly but last night was the first time in ages that I got a full eight hours sleep. ROSEANN17 9 JOYCEHARRIS3
8/18/17 7:37 P
Need to do something about these constant body aches - WHAT is causing it? This can't be a "normal PROVING_IT 10 PROVING_IT
8/18/17 1:37 P
Posted a photo ALMALIBRE93 14 4METHISTYME
8/18/17 1:31 P
Cannot lose weight no matter what I do NKUSHNER1 7 -JAMES-
8/19/17 11:41 A
Everyday Binges KELLYBOBELLY24 7 MARTHA324
8/18/17 7:52 A
Weight Training and calories burned AEGDEN 3 SPARK_COACH_JEN
8/17/17 3:30 P
So my fiancee has Elhers-Danlos Syndrome and she has been trying to lose weight for 5 months. We ha JUSTIN_AND_MEGA 11 PIXIEDUST22
8/17/17 12:58 P
I am restarting my fitness quest at Red Mountain Resort in Utah. 4 days and I feel totally renewed. ACTIVELYRETIRED 14 FISHGUT3
8/17/17 3:39 P
It's the 17th of August. By 17th September I will lose 3kg. By 17th October I will lose another 3k RUBYREDIVY1 3 GRALAN
8/17/17 6:59 P
Ok all, I have a question. We are going on a family camping trip this weekend with my side of the fa KAYLAHEACOCK89 6 KAYLAHEACOCK89
8/17/17 12:55 P
So I have been working out every other day. And staying in my zone of calories except for 1 day. Why LITTLEBIT7583 6 PIXIEDUST22
8/17/17 12:27 P
I have to's 11:20 AM and I'm already over my calorie allotment for the day. I had a binge DEDICATED2HIM 6 PIXIEDUST22
8/17/17 12:25 P
Anybody know any helpful stretching exercises for the back? Been deadlifting lately and my back gets B88895 3 PIXIEDUST22
8/16/17 5:32 P
Question for those that work out in the do you get motivated to get up early to work out? BIGAPPLEJENN 10 AULAURUS
8/16/17 6:30 P
This dress is 2 sizes smaller than what I thought I could wear JAGUILAR88 174 DIALYSISCHIC1
8/16/17 4:24 P
No exercising for me this week....I might do some LIGHT walking, but not my normal walking. I am so MRSTRUCKER58 5 GETITDONE79
8/16/17 5:55 P
Good Morning folks...its going to be a great day :) 5X5 13 PIXIEDUST22
8/16/17 9:29 A
Last night I struggled with being tempted to cheat and have some extra calories. I work until 1am an KAYLAHEACOCK89 9 KAYLAHEACOCK89
8/16/17 10:29 A
8/16/17 4:55 P
8/16/17 12:59 A
8/15/17 10:17 A
Good morning Community! Stop hating yourself for what you aren't! Start loving yourself for who you LOVELY1978 114 SUGARSMOM2
8/15/17 4:06 P
new here..want to support my DW GBPFS0905 6 PIXIEDUST22
8/15/17 7:20 A
This is my first week back. I am still having trouble getting back into my workout routine. My goal WALKIN4JEANIE 14 ROCKYCPA
8/15/17 1:56 P
Upset because I have an all day sitting meeting for work..because it throws me off my routine..but m BARBIE66 6 HAWKTHREE
8/15/17 7:16 A
So, I'm officially making this my Day 1. I got on the scale after avoiding it for 3 months. Starting DOCTOR-D 11 SOUTHTXXRNNR
8/15/17 8:18 A
Is it true that I have to upside down on my calories to lose weight. So more calories burned then co TEIARABLA1 5 KKRAVIG1975
8/14/17 8:38 P
I'm 150 calories over my target range today, I think my food choices were good, but my portions were WITCHYALISHA 5 KKRAVIG1975
8/14/17 8:29 P
Good morning folks. I am considering getting a fitness tracker. Do you all believe it helps your w SASHASMOM1969 8 TCRANE522
8/14/17 10:34 A
ran just under 50 miles last week, today I rest like a boss. ZORBS13 2 PIXIEDUST22
8/14/17 9:52 A
Healthy Meatballs 4LMHJCR 8 MAMA-DE-8
8/17/17 4:53 P
Worked chest and triceps this morning and followed it up with 3 easy miles on the treadmill. Not fe MARATHON_MOM 25 PIXIEDUST22
8/14/17 9:25 A
Good morning....Got my walk on! MEROBERTS21 40 _LINDA
8/14/17 1:01 P
Pizza on mushroom caps and salad is what's for dinner... So delicous!! Yummy 😋 CONSTANCE067 18 EDWIDTH
8/14/17 10:42 A
We went to Los Angeles Dodger Stadium this summer for a two day concert. The highlight of the bands TEESEEBUG 8 PIXIEDUST22
8/12/17 2:03 P
I work at a gym and have been using the elliptical trainers there. I have lost 16 lbs., but have gai PHOENIX1496 6 PHOENIX1496
8/12/17 6:44 P
How do you handle potlucks? I have a meeting to attend tonight and everyone is bringing finger foods WHATSASIZE8 7 SASHASMOM1122
8/11/17 4:49 P
After two days of my husband's birthday cake calling my name, I finally threw it in the trash, but n CARRIEMETODAY 8 AUNTRENEE
8/11/17 4:24 P
Hi! Favorite at home yoga videos? PIXIEDUST22 5 MCCALI59
8/15/17 5:09 P
How to Handle Pizza Addiction? BOBVILL5 17 MERLINANDME
8/12/17 11:57 P
Feels like it's going to be a great day!!! Hope you all stay on track and feel as amazing as I do! : KIMBERLYASHLYN 14 KIMBERLYASHLYN
8/11/17 12:07 P
Week 6 Day 3 of 100 Push-up Challenge is DONE!!! Monday we'll see if I can get 100 in a row out. DAWNFIRE72 3 PIXIEDUST22
8/11/17 10:09 A
Well since i had a csection and havent been cleared yet for exercise i went walked yesterday and it LSUGRL04 3 LSUGRL04
8/11/17 10:10 A
Posted a photo JSABINSKE2017 8 PIXIEDUST22
8/11/17 10:07 A
I know that eating better will make this process easier, I am going slow and steady. I am eating les MADILYNEVE 5 GOODFELINE
8/11/17 10:46 A
Anyone vegan or vegetarian here? DENISEDIAZ88 2 PIXIEDUST22
8/11/17 10:03 A
How do I see the community's I joined on my home page? I only see in my email and having trouble wit AUT121 4 PIXIEDUST22
8/11/17 9:54 A
I really did not want to go to the gym this morning. I was feeling very low on energy. But I did! PIXIEDUST22 4 HEALTHYHEARTZ
8/12/17 3:14 A
Well it is hard to eat healthy on the run. Any suggestions??? CRAZIEGUR1 8 CRAZIEGUR1
8/10/17 10:50 A
Every time I try to eat my 2 year old daughter takes the food out of my hand and tells me NO- this i KOBRIEN13 2 PIXIEDUST22
8/10/17 10:26 A
Only a stone to go, 14lbs. Does anyone know whether slimfast shakes work and taste okay?? JSWANNY81 8 JSWANNY81
8/10/17 11:19 A
Week 9 - 3 more pounds and 3 more swirls, probably mostly due to anxiety about my medical procedure WINDSINGER89 20 MARYLOTUS
8/10/17 12:19 P
8/10/17 10:21 A
Weekends are Rough DFLINN68 11 AIYANASMAMA
8/10/17 10:27 A
8/20/17 11:19 P
My boys went to practice with a local ukulele flash mob and eat BBQ, so I'm on my own tonight: catfi LKMANNING7 7 PIXIEDUST22
8/10/17 9:51 A
Not feeling great today so I'm not sure if I should exercise. Low-grade fever, Lots of bathroom trip ANTHROPOLOGY1 7 PIXIEDUST22
8/10/17 9:46 A
Song Rec to get the blood pumping: Power by Little Mix featuring Stormzy. SILVERSPARROW04 2 PIXIEDUST22
8/9/17 3:23 P
My gift to myself for losing over 40-lbs. #newclothes #reward #stitchfix ARHUNT71 48 QSHEPP
8/9/17 8:33 P
Its hard to go through this because of all the people that i live with and how much they eat its so AMARIE349 8 FRISKYCRITTER
8/9/17 1:23 P
8/11/17 9:21 P
Intimidation during exercise- feedback needed! SPARK_COACH_JEN 4 PIXIEDUST22
8/9/17 11:59 A
Incorporated spark into my life and im finally feeling like i can do this. I work out every morning JENERGY85 5 PIXIEDUST22
8/9/17 11:47 A
Well..hello again.. I was on a very good plan but I lost my that was 2 months ago.. now I WERITO 2 PIXIEDUST22
8/9/17 11:45 A