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Healthy breakfast, dressed to shoes. Now on to "ge MAPGEEK 2 PEANUTSMOM96
1/23/16 10:40 A
Oops forgot to weigh in today so will have to wait SHAPEUPCHELLE 5 CHRISCANN
1/22/16 11:06 A
Another concern of mine is my water intake! Althou LEANNAJEN 24 KTWEB37
1/22/16 4:58 P
Day 10 ....last night my fiancÚ touched my belly a MISSNICKIE32 15 MLIEN913
1/21/16 12:15 P
I have been trying to do daily updates labeling th PEANUTSMOM96 2 KEERAKYRAM
1/21/16 11:54 A
2/7/16 8:04 P
Emoticon your day here! XNANNY 753 SUCCESSFULRED
1/23/16 2:47 P
So if you have 'friends', and you go to friend fee SNOWWOLFMOON 2 PEANUTSMOM96
1/19/16 4:33 A
Got the family head cold, pumping fluids JODIRICHARDS 8 LCJEMS
1/19/16 7:27 A
Just had some blueberries, pomegranate seeds and a RABEH86 20 CEEMEE11
1/19/16 7:49 A
It's soooo oo cold here right now. Expecting ice i BALANCE15 4 1BOOMBALATTY
1/19/16 4:37 A
How do I set up spark people for my time zone, the BROWNROSEKNOWS 8 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
1/19/16 11:15 P
It's 1am here and some people are out walking beca BROWNROSEKNOWS 4 CDETEC
1/19/16 4:16 A
Anyone use probiotics? Have you found they help wi SOUTHERNSMILES 12 BLESSINGS2016
1/18/16 10:29 P
So I've been doing this sparkpeople thing for abou MARIAWETZEL 5 MARIAWETZEL
1/18/16 10:29 P
I've slipped on Listening to YouTube's FREE WEIGHT SPARKELSTAR 8 MISS1528
1/19/16 7:30 A
Can you count iced tea or coffee as water DOODLE1946 9 GSABASS
1/19/16 8:36 A
Pizza???? My hubby got pizza from costco for the k DANIELA303 5 PPALM2015
1/18/16 10:18 P
I just tried to scan my cough medicine! Didn't wo KDOGGIE30 4 BLESSINGS2016
1/18/16 10:40 P
Odd question. But how old is everybody? I feel lik CIROSEOXO 1968 TYSLOVEBUG03
2/9/16 2:09 P
Anyone heard of ? It is an PEANUTSMOM96 11 PEANUTSMOM96
1/18/16 10:10 P
What is the one thing you did today that you are p DEBORAHLEE82 549 DIZZYBRITCHES
2/7/16 9:07 P
I'm having trouble with the drinking 8 glasses of REESE1982 103 MANTEROLA5
1/17/16 3:47 P
Some breakfast ideas? Anyone any good healthy brea JIGOKU123 13 AMANDAJOYCES
1/17/16 2:45 P
If you read this, drink a glass of water :9) glug PEANUTSMOM96 4 WILLEYDEBORAH
1/17/16 2:28 P
Have a happy day :0) stay positive and love yourse PEANUTSMOM96 2 YULEROSA
1/17/16 2:24 P
Any advice about gym music. I sometimes get tired PEANUTSMOM96 7 PEANUTSMOM96
1/17/16 3:12 A
Anyone focused on a particular event to get health PEANUTSMOM96 8 CPHILLIPS64
1/17/16 2:35 A
Feeling much better this evening, had a walk with SQUIGGMOOCOW 4 SQUIGGMOOCOW
1/16/16 10:31 P
Oh, the saboteurs! Why did this bleep bring home D SUPERFIT4LIFE 14 BPOPULO
1/16/16 11:34 P
Create recipes JANELLE1974 7 PEANUTSMOM96
1/16/16 10:27 P
I'm out with the girls and the temptations are rea WOMANOFWISDOM 5 DIZZYBRITCHES
1/16/16 10:17 P
Anyone focusing on something besides weight? I'm f PEANUTSMOM96 30 KGON612
1/15/16 11:38 P
Anyone else make something to eat, track it then s PEANUTSMOM96 2 DIZZYBRITCHES
1/15/16 10:28 A
Forgive my ignorance but what is up with all the o PEANUTSMOM96 6 PEANUTSMOM96
1/13/16 1:58 A
Thanks to all my friends who sent me their positive vibes & loves during such difficult days in my c MSFIGGY 18 MSFIGGY
1/13/16 10:49 A
Kept to my 20 minutes per day rule even though I l MIXEDGIRLIE 16 AVON12
1/13/16 9:03 P
1/13/16 11:06 P
I'm feeling a bit disappointed in the work out tra FOXYWINNK 15 FOXYWINNK
1/13/16 5:06 P
I've seen a few posts about rewarding yourself. I PEANUTSMOM96 1 PEANUTSMOM96
1/13/16 1:23 A
I was a SUPER fat girl today. I need to go grocery TMRUPERT75 19 ELLE60104
1/13/16 9:04 P the ex boyfriends crap out of my house RLZIEL78 13 KMTDRESSAGE
1/13/16 10:14 A
Can someone help me loose weight LIGHTINGROSE45 6 CKCFIT
1/15/16 11:54 P
Having a lot of pain in my foot that was broken la BHARDMAN35822 2 PEANUTSMOM96
1/12/16 11:53 A
Anyone work night shift? How do you keep on track? JLSMTHRN 5 PEANUTSMOM96
1/12/16 11:51 A
I need to relearn and reteach my body when its hun ABERNAL6 3 BETH4SUCCESS
1/12/16 12:21 P
Tough morning, need encouragement!!! MOORE4LIFE 6 PEANUTSMOM96
1/12/16 11:46 A
College days. Finding it hard to meet my minimum c LARBERRY 7 GSABASS
1/12/16 5:24 P
Taking the extra three minutes to scramble some eg KIERNAN19 11 GSABASS
1/12/16 1:07 P
I started working out and eating really healthy to IKKIN5113 2 PEANUTSMOM96
1/12/16 11:38 A
I got 3 adult colouring books for Christmas. I'm l SPARKYCARLEY 9 ATHOMAS1128
1/12/16 12:47 P
Daily Stretching: Anyone have some good stretches BRADSETZ 2 PEANUTSMOM96
1/12/16 11:36 A
Does anyone reward themselves after losing weight? REDSOXGIRL337 48 CRAZYDIAMOND39
1/12/16 9:44 P
This will be my fourth day on spark and I feel lik SBRAY4 11 SBRAY4
1/12/16 11:56 A
I am in need of a support buddy! I'm in high schoo SMURFYROSE2426 18 PEANUTSMOM96
1/11/16 8:35 A
Has anyone tried garcinia? Its natural so it shoul ERANGEL73 60 MTTRAVELS
1/10/16 9:49 P
What ingredient is used to substitute salt PETO713 33 CONSTANCE2016
1/10/16 3:32 P
Let us know more about you! YICHE12 105 SIERRAGOLD
1/12/16 6:11 P
Woke up nice and early to help someone out at work EMMAYBEE 14 ALICIALYNNE
1/7/16 7:49 A
Two days without insulin in the morning Thank you ILYVAZ19811 9 BUBBA365
1/7/16 10:32 P
Have a happy day! PEANUTSMOM96 3 LEEFJL
1/7/16 6:37 A
Day 1 of using this app. Lost track of my diet so JEREMYXTRISTAN 15 TORRIESJOURNEY
1/7/16 9:05 A
Any hair care tips to get sweat off but not destro PEANUTSMOM96 3 BABYJAE712
1/7/16 6:29 A
regular member or a black card member? JDMAKEIT2HOT 48 STARFRAPPE
1/20/16 6:29 P
Day 5 feeling good going to hit planet fitness tod ZUMBAWOMAN31 6 PURPLEGIRL22
1/6/16 11:15 A
Say Hello! What state are you from? SHARONGD 184 STARFRAPPE
1/20/16 6:25 P
I am challenging everyone who reads this..... to d SQUIGGMOOCOW 6 CHRISCANN
1/6/16 10:46 A
So far so good, I think it's been almost a week si QUENTISHA79 2 PEANUTSMOM96
1/6/16 10:24 A
My husband goes grocery shopping and he always buy LAINEAGARD 7 LAINEAGARD
1/7/16 2:11 P
Smile :0) have a happy day! PEANUTSMOM96 1 PEANUTSMOM96
1/6/16 10:19 A
If you had one day in Toronto what would you do? PEANUTSMOM96 1 PEANUTSMOM96
1/6/16 10:18 A
Managed to get down half a grilled cheese and a bi NEONLIGER9999 2 PEANUTSMOM96
1/5/16 9:30 P
Started this app today. Does this really work. ONIONBUTT51 14 DUMBZETA
1/5/16 9:32 P
If you had one day in Toronto what would you do? PEANUTSMOM96 3 GSABASS
1/5/16 5:33 P
Still been going over my daily cal. Need to get di JESSICAGRAHAM81 7 JESSICAGRAHAM81
1/5/16 2:33 P

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