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6/25/17 10:34 P
Posted a photo MIVARELA80 7 KBOUGHE1
6/25/17 7:37 P
Handmade spinach pasta, fresh spinach, scallions, tomatoes from neighborhood farmer's market yesterd ASF220 21 DARTHVADERSMOM4
6/25/17 9:32 P
I got a tattoo today (my first) of a vegan heart to represent making permanent changes and getting o MISSHARTUNG1 15 MYTIMEOK
6/25/17 7:31 P
Have a great week! These are flowers from my garden. RUTHSJOURNEY 34 GRACED777
6/26/17 10:44 A
I've seen other people on here do this so I decided to try it too! The visual representation is help WHITTY_ONE 97 KWOOD1955
6/25/17 7:52 P
6/26/17 7:43 A
The struggle is real, lol! MIRANDAMASON603 12 IMAWRKNPROGRESS
6/24/17 6:34 P
Posted a photo BEILAND91 11 MDOWER1
6/24/17 6:47 P
6/24/17 7:59 P
6/24/17 6:35 P
6/24/17 6:36 P
My first day on SparkPeople! I currently weigh 133 BDIMAIO23 38 REAREAMOYA
6/25/17 1:08 A
About to start my first 5k! GRATTECIELLA 155 MCJULIEO
6/25/17 9:52 A
Getting there... KJKELLEY920 24 CANDY_ANNE
6/23/17 10:53 P
I did it! I went for an entire hour on my gazelle in addition to the walking I did at work! Most I'v TAMSHAUMENO 12 BJK1961
6/24/17 5:40 P
Started on the 3rd of June I'm down 10lbs. I couldn't feel better about myself! HALKHOSIEB91 30 SPARKPAN
6/24/17 12:44 A
6/23/17 10:32 P
my great country 150 years young -- the east coast off of Newfoundland TRAILWALKERJO54 41 RAINBOWMF
6/24/17 5:45 P
Fresh from the garden! CWFORLIFE 27 CHERIRIDDELL
6/24/17 1:04 A
I finally made it to ONEderland! Yaaaay me! AURORA91 259 SAN47BEE
6/24/17 2:10 A
How many cups of water today (or yesterday)? SNARDEESNIFF 13342 NYARAMULA
6/26/17 3:49 A
Dinner tonight ! Salad with chicken and veggies. Low fat french dressing. CHRISTLYN1 11 JENICA2BFIT
6/22/17 7:22 P
6/23/17 7:55 A
Afternoon sparkies.... Just watching my 3 year old devour his vegetables. He is a great boy!! MICHELLEFOUND 13 JAJABEE1717
6/22/17 7:47 P
Tonight's supper! Healthy beef and broccoli, made with green peppers, onions, baby corn, and broccol SOULOFFIRE15 14 SOULOFFIRE15
6/22/17 7:44 P
One whole avacodo, 2 small sock eye salmon pieces (fresh and wild caught), stir fried shiaake mushro JMASSEY5 6 HDENNIES5
6/22/17 8:00 P
The only reason I exercise is my dog. Other than that I hate exercising as much as a I hate people. MISTYLISOUS01 22 NANCYANND55
6/22/17 8:52 P
Did you overeat at your last meal? IAMJOYFUL2 12409 HEALTHYANDFIT27
6/26/17 5:52 P
I won the ticket lottery for Hamilton today! Oh, and impressed my doctor at my 40+ lb weight loss si *GINA* 20 *GINA*
6/22/17 8:56 P
6/22/17 1:48 A
This is replacing alot of my traditional exercising along with weights. Just get it done! God bless! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 13 EVILCECIL
6/22/17 7:12 A
I'm finally down to 80.9 this is the lowest I have ever weighted and I'm so proud of myself. I never BIANCAC2020 25 123LORETTA1
6/21/17 11:40 P
I reached my goal today. 40 lbs gone since the start of the year. I was 205 now I'm 165. Never give DAVIDPROPHET 213 IMRAN99
6/22/17 2:46 A
This is just what we picked tonight from our garden! All the tomatoes went into homemade salsa. LORBAN8 102 _RAMONA
6/22/17 5:01 A
I was getting a little discouraged by my current plateau so I decided to look through some old pics. SBABEYTA1 135 YMWONG22
6/22/17 4:14 A
Are you feeling Positive or Negative today? BIGMAMA4U 53477 HEALTHYANDFIT27
6/26/17 5:47 P
Made Zuchinni for the first time and I did a great job. It was soooo good. Had it with some boneless MRSHURST88 11 AGNES_
6/21/17 12:04 A
I survived the Grouse Grind in Vancouver today. HARD but so glad I did it! MUFFIY831 10 MIRAGE727
6/21/17 4:55 P
Dinner tonight. Chicken taco salad without taco shells. Only 265 calories. SHANAHALL82 17 ANGIELO24
6/20/17 11:23 P
Did you have a good Tuesday? My highlight was basketball with my son. How about you? Today's blog SPARKGUY 70 SHOAPIE
6/21/17 9:28 P
32 pounds gone :) many more to go but I can see and feel a difference in my clothes now! BECKY_US 111 MARINEMAMA
6/21/17 7:15 A
I did it!! 2 years straight (365+365=730days) of walking at least 10,000 steps a day!! WILEYTJ 166 MARINEMAMA
6/21/17 7:14 A
6/19/17 9:59 P
I've lost 107lbs. and have maintained for a year. Now saving and planning for a tummy tuck, 😁. THUTCH65 87 MADEINBRITAIN
6/21/17 3:02 A
Intervals! (Surges workout on Runkeeper): 5.5 mph GRATTECIELLA 10 LADYSUISEI
6/20/17 1:11 P
So I started on March 20th (pic on left) and pic on right is Father's day. Lost total of 55 lbs...n LOOSE1303 178 KAMAHULME
6/20/17 3:56 A
well this is my first day at a new life/ I am so tired of feeling bad about myself and not wanting DEBI4151 179 VIV1914
6/20/17 1:33 P
I am a new member and my goal weight is 175lbs. My current weight is 280lbs. I am ready for this jou 4YOLUNDA1 147 VIV1914
6/20/17 1:32 P
356-260 Currently 247 JENNIANN625 210 VIV1914
6/20/17 1:31 P
Did you take your vitamins today? HARLEYANGELONE 52573 MISSDAISY23
6/26/17 2:51 P
Are You Walking and/or Running Today? MJRVIC2000 28006 ROCKRS
6/26/17 4:22 P
Still going at it!!! ☺ FELICIA2017 8 KJWITT
6/18/17 10:15 P
I decided to replicate at home a salad that I've only had in a restaurant. It was sooo good! Proud o LITTLEGOGO 43 BIKE4HEALTH
6/19/17 2:19 A
Way to go, but every single change makes me happy . 5 more pounds to go to reach my first goal ( 150 YACKYURIAS 18 SONYA2575
6/19/17 1:53 A
Did you have a good Sunday? My highlight was a long walk with my wife and dog. How about you? SPARKGUY 58 APACHESTEVE
6/19/17 12:02 P
The pants I couldn't even get on 11 months ago and a pair that I wear now. 124# really makes a diffe CARTAY25 111 LWLAR7
6/19/17 4:13 A
Whoo Hoo. TINYDOG58 120 KERENSA9697
6/19/17 1:12 A
Tomorrow is the day I start my new life. I'm SO ready for this journey! Bring it on! EVERS717 11 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
6/17/17 11:49 P
"Just have to learn portion control and drink, your water everyday that is what has helped, me to ge BHOLT_61 19 BHOLT_61
6/18/17 1:53 P
This is me May 2027, 20 plus pounds down HORACEM 30 HORACEM
6/18/17 4:44 P
Post dinner walk...I feel so fortunate to live in a beautiful place. ROCKLAND2010 30 ROCKLAND2010
6/18/17 8:26 A
Another run on the beach. 5k in just 7 days! (My phone died partway through, so I took this photo af GRATTECIELLA 13 IAMAGEMLOVER
6/18/17 9:43 A
My body transformation SOUHAILFIT 68 DLD2DLD
6/18/17 10:18 A
Posted a photo SMARTPOET06 77 TIME4ME2017
6/18/17 8:30 A
Enjoying some lemon water. I'm enjoying exploring the different ways to spice water up ! SUCHADIVA215 24 TANYA168
6/17/17 5:29 P
Well i check my calories im to be around 2000 to 2250 and i have inly been doing a 1000 calorie die PARSONS5656 9 HOTPINKCAMARO49
6/16/17 10:58 P
I will be going on a trip soon and tested out my skills because I know we will stop at fast food res GLOMEKAAL 22 GLOMEKAAL
6/17/17 9:33 A
Posted a goal EMILY052627 12 AGEE1944
6/16/17 11:13 P
6/17/17 1:42 A
Today was a good day to run! :) MSKIZ69 8 HOTPINKCAMARO49
6/16/17 10:57 P
Inches starting to show. Had been very hard to reduce the waist line IMRAN99 105 CIERAPOET
6/17/17 2:06 P
How motivated are you today? Scale from 1-10 OODELETEDOO 44631 HEALTHYANDFIT27
6/26/17 5:47 P
#yogitea Kombuca with stevia DESERTGOLDFISH 8 ELSCO55
6/15/17 11:21 P
If one thing doesn't work then try a different strategy but never give up on yourself! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 25 ALICIAMAG
6/18/17 7:52 A

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