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New Binge-Free 21 Days Streak! Join us! MARYONE 39386 LYLAGARRITY
12/12/17 12:56 A
How are you doing on No S? HISLOVEENDURES 1827 RAWCOOKIE
12/11/17 4:03 P
21 day streak JOYCE2U 1056 JOYCE2U
12/10/17 8:39 A
12/5/17 10:27 P
Stretching a Dollar CAROLINIA 2 OOLALA53
12/1/17 11:55 P
binger of many years in therapy for the first time ONEAGLESWINGS19 2 OOLALA53
11/27/17 11:15 A
Daily reminder RHOOK20047 6 MBPP50
11/8/17 5:26 A
I started to have cravings for something this afternoon, and I wasn't hungry. I think I was just bor MSCAPI2017 6 OOLALA53
11/8/17 12:38 A
Day 1, time to reach my goal ❤️ gotta stick to this! MARIPOSA3494 14 TMP0418
11/8/17 6:57 A
November Check-in RAWCOOKIE 2 OOLALA53
11/6/17 12:36 A
11/1/17 8:08 A
10/29/17 3:22 P
Loosing more weight NIKKINIKKI136 5 OOLALA53
10/26/17 10:56 P
Why do the keto diet?? KRZYAMYG 5 OOLALA53
10/21/17 7:24 P
Yep lol #mobilechat SUMMERFODRIE 8 OOLALA53
10/21/17 3:47 P
Happy Saturday! Enjoying another “summer” day in October! Time for more 💦 RRUSSELL46 5 CAMPING0178
10/21/17 4:39 P
Tough week.... I gained two pounds. But I a.m. back taking things and watching what I eat. SBLACKWELL93 3 ANNIESADVENTURE
10/21/17 5:41 P
Lost 2 pounds in 2 days. Most of that is just detoxing. I started with a light 2 Mile walk today. To NIAMLORE 2 OOLALA53
10/21/17 3:45 P
It's not much but it's a start. :) BLUECAFE 5 DURANGOREDDOG
10/21/17 6:31 P
Yes I’m ready to continue to lose weight. I’m having a real problem, I’m eating a PB & Jelly Sandwic LINDAGRIMM6840 3 SHOAPIE
10/21/17 3:56 P
I guess you can tell my stomach bug is gone, I've gained. Lol TBOYD5000 12 STAR135000
10/22/17 9:00 P
I am back to Spark after 5 years. I got a part time job that I love. But I have not been taking care SANDYCRANE 23 BESSHAILE
10/23/17 8:06 A
Ended up walking over 11,000 steps twice this week just doing errands to delay eating dinner before OOLALA53 3 RAWCOOKIE
10/21/17 4:37 P
Happy Birthday to me. NO party, NO cake, nothing special at all. RD03875 309 LOPEYP
10/22/17 6:23 P
Daily Check In VICKI-B--56 4552 BOHOCHICDEBBIE
11/25/17 5:48 A
Posted a photo PHOUSE99 12 BUMMBJ72
10/19/17 10:39 A
I seen @Chamarter post this and thought..Hm..wonder what my side-by-side would look like. Well, now PHOUSE99 7 MAMAE
10/19/17 1:49 P
Hi everyone! I'm a newbie here. ROCKETDOG13 4 OOLALA53
10/12/17 9:01 P
Success? Heck YES! DEJU_DIKE 3 OOLALA53
10/12/17 8:30 P
10/10/17 9:14 A
Im new to this , but im looking to change the way CARTENIAREYES79 6 CARTENIAREYES79
10/26/17 7:27 A
I have a question. I haven't changed my diet just THELMAJO6430 15 THELMAJO6430
10/9/17 9:17 A
Saw that my sister was ahead of me for once, had to fix that! Got in a 40 minute walk at 10:30 pm. D TARAZED 12 ZRIE014
10/9/17 1:29 A
#BeforeAndAfter This is truly a before & During. The work is unfinished, and once I hit the goal I STARGAZERLILIEZ 68 I_GET_BY
10/10/17 9:55 P
Everyday Binges KELLYBOBELLY24 36 OOLALA53
10/3/17 9:03 P
Just did 45 minutes on the treadmill! If only I can keep the momentum going. It's a HUGE struggle fo NOLE0105 7 OOLALA53
10/3/17 8:50 P
Having a great time in Washington can’t wait to move here the lake is beautiful and I can’t believe CTCOLL41 19 ILARIAMARCUCCI
10/3/17 9:54 P
Resisted the bake sale today! Not even a thought of getting something...but they did have white choc LIFEISGOODONCC 6 OOLALA53
10/3/17 8:47 P
Bahahaha!😂😂😂 ADUKE6 11 SCYANKEE46
10/3/17 10:10 P
Been doing yoga at home for 6 weeks and finally mustered up the courage to go to a 60 min class with NMEFFAH 4 CDS427
10/3/17 9:35 P
Canadian thanksgiving is next Monday. How does everyone deal with staying within their calories arou KATONTHEMAT 26 CONNIET88
10/4/17 6:20 A
Daily Chat... TAMMAE 1230 NIKKINIKKI136
12/7/17 10:55 A
10/30/17 6:04 P
Daily chat OOLALA53 37 JMAHNKEN
10/7/17 1:51 P
Just for kicks ~ DGFOWLER 10 SUSANSKI
10/7/17 9:30 P
I'm getting there. Slow but surely #BeforeAndAfter BOBBIEJO1017 20 KAYTEE916
10/2/17 8:49 A
Health is more important to me days JOHN_EXON323 3 OOLALA53
10/1/17 1:39 P
I relapsed, it sucks. Km back at my original weight of 178 after a streak of eating out with friends TYLERDMATL 6 OOLALA53
10/1/17 1:39 P
10/1/17 6:02 P
Okay Spark friends, I think I am going to try intermittent fasting. I have done my research using re ADUKE6 3 OOLALA53
10/1/17 1:32 P
I look so happy here. Lol. Despite what I look like on the treadmill this morning, I woke up ready t ROBINLABELLE 8 MPLSKEN
10/1/17 11:24 P
It's Internation Music Day and International Day of Older Persons. Oldies but goodies! NANASUEH 2 OOLALA53
10/1/17 1:20 P
Family Sunday walk 2mi. I've only been walking 1mi a day an today was easy! JUJULEMKE 9 JUJULEMKE
10/1/17 3:10 P
Which little black dress do you like more? 1, 2, 3, or 4? ALLYLIZZY 304 POLARPAW
11/8/17 7:54 A
First week without a loss since I started back. Discouraging, but my hands are puffy, so I might be ONEWEIGH 7 SCARLETTPEONY1
10/1/17 2:41 P
Did a 3km charity paint run through the woods and mud HELEN9268 4 OOLALA53
10/1/17 1:08 P
Have not been on here for a while, but so many people on Spark cheered me on along the way, I wanted ALICIAMAG 12 ALICIAMAG
10/2/17 9:15 P
This is what I'm searching for. WOUBBIE 8 WOUBBIE
10/1/17 1:33 P
This happens after a fun day at Disneyland! LAFRENAIS5 13 KCCAMERONCAM1
10/1/17 2:29 P
This made me laugh because it's so true SADIEMYERS 14 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
10/1/17 10:05 P
I can't begin to tell everyone how much I LOVE Autumn. Then I thought.. this month is the month of c AUTUMNMOMMA 17 ISABEAUSROSE
10/1/17 1:40 P
"member" suspected of being a drug company OOLALA53 3 SP_COACH_DENISE
10/1/17 1:15 P
September check-in RAWCOOKIE 6 OOLALA53
9/29/17 8:19 A
DAILY CHECK-IN: A New Part of the To-Do List EASBOOKGIRL 17547 UPTOIT59
12/10/17 11:41 A
Daily calories AMYLYES 9 MOOMSHINE
9/29/17 5:06 P
9/30/17 12:31 P
53 Minutes till my lunch break (but whose counting?) and my stomach sounds like the intro to a death HPOFBC 4 HPOFBC
9/27/17 3:25 P
Posted a goal PRAIRIEGIRL17 2 OOLALA53
9/27/17 12:43 P
#BeforeAndAfter Crazy to see this, especially the body language in my first pic. I was lacking conf NONANATOR 15 YAYOZHIK
9/27/17 3:25 P
Posted a photo BUMMBJ72 8 OOLALA53
9/27/17 12:41 P
How do you guys eat vegan or vegatarin at family gathering or holidays when the food that is prepare FREESPITITHIPPI 5 HAWKTHREE
9/27/17 12:49 P
Has any of you used diet comes in your diet and still lost weight? Please let me know!!! Thank you ROSES4BEAUTY 7 ROSES4BEAUTY
11/11/17 4:46 P
Have been a little naughty in the morning, trying PATILY 7 OOLALA53
9/27/17 12:37 P
Trying to stay on track by packing lunch at work instead of eating whatever is in the break-room. NATIXII 12 NATIXII
9/27/17 2:13 P
Posted a photo TIFFY30 9 NERDMUFFIN
9/27/17 1:55 P