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Made it out of the 230s today. Yay!!! JULESANA8818 6 DEE107
5/13/17 12:34 A
It wasn't until recently that I realized that I won't lose weight magically. I often prided myself i JAIMEBRENNAN 4 GWAMMAOF5
5/13/17 1:46 A
This is what I need to do.... RHOOK20047 3 PICKIE98
5/13/17 9:33 A
Down 17lbs since 4/3! Yessssss! SARAOMG13 30 WHYTEBROWN
5/13/17 6:41 A
Finally hit 200 flat from 230, with 10 more to go! DBOEPPLE 21 CFITZ1
5/16/17 11:47 P
It was time for some self care that was pampering. I rewarded myself for all the hard work and commi NATIVEDESIRES 4 JANPER1
5/13/17 9:09 A
5/13/17 1:27 A
It's been 23 days on this app. Can you see much of a difference yet? GR03916 19 MDOWER1
5/13/17 8:16 A
5/13/17 1:30 A
5/13/17 5:50 A
My daughter was overjoyed to boss me around tonight in the backyard and pretend to be my personal tr NEVERQUITGETFIT 45 FUNNYFACE101002
5/13/17 10:49 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 16 OHMYGOD49
5/10/17 10:39 P
This is so bad I had to share it! SISSYFEB48 19 OHMYGOD49
5/8/17 5:38 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 3 OHMYGOD49
5/6/17 2:15 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 14 CASTALLCARES1
5/6/17 5:33 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 21 OHMYGOD49
5/6/17 2:12 P
Morning walk to start off the day. I hope you have a great day reaching goals! Here is today's qui SPARKGUY 18 EO4WELLNESS
5/8/17 1:34 A
I'm an honest to goodness fan of zoodles (zucchini noodles). This is no sacrifice for me. Also add d RIEFOR 21 INPRAYER
5/5/17 2:56 P
I know I post a lot of food.... I didn't get where I am by hating it. I love food 😍 My dinner #keto KSTEVERSON 27 MRSMCSKINNY
5/9/17 12:08 A
Did you have a good Thursday? My highlight was jump rope. How about you? Like my fireworks? Here is SPARKGUY 25 4CONNIESHEALTH
5/5/17 2:46 P
Egg salad for lunch today SISSYFEB48 3 OHMYGOD49
5/4/17 10:03 P
5/5/17 12:12 A
And sometimes we dance in our minds and hearts, and not with our bodies! SISSYFEB48 9 KATHYJO56
5/5/17 12:25 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 5 KATHYJO56
5/5/17 12:26 A
I went to the gym today and worked out for an hour and 45 minutes. I did the treadmill, elliptical, AJSNANA 116 CHUBBYNOMORE3
4/29/17 11:06 A
Heading to OBX in a few months. I am 17lbs down and hoping to wear a new swimsuit! Keep it up, guys THEODENNIAM 8 RUSSELLFORD
4/28/17 11:06 P
Minor miracle today: I bought a pint of chocolate ice cream before lent and ate 1/2 of a cup. Today BERYLCROPP 3 OHMYGOD49
4/28/17 10:18 P
Oh my I played with my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter today.. man I am tired.. but I have more energy J85412 2 OHMYGOD49
4/28/17 10:18 P
Still struggling to stick to healthy eating and exercise... I'm hoping I can come up with smaller go TANNBREEDEN 3 VIOLINCAT
4/29/17 3:28 A
Posted a goal JUDY1676 4 GABY1948
4/29/17 6:54 A
Just joined planet fitness in my town! FOXYNOODLESOUP 3 2DAWN4
4/28/17 10:24 P
I went over my calories today. I am not proud of it, and simply ate the wrong lunch, so that left me OHMYGOD49 2 RETAT60
4/28/17 11:28 P
Took my lil man to the circus and we both got food poisoning I want to lose weight but the last two SUITELADY69 14 SISTERPRETTY
4/27/17 10:33 P
Today I've eaten a lot compared to how I've been doing lately. I still feel a bit hungry. I walked f LADYSTEPI 7 LADYSTEPI
4/28/17 10:02 P
4/27/17 10:51 P
My before and Now pics I have come along was GLO4LIFE48 11 DJ4HEALTH
4/28/17 12:21 A
Posted a goal MDB5427 4 OHMYGOD49
4/27/17 10:27 P
Didn't make it to the gym today but I did walk around the mall for 2 hours trying to find a mother's LINDA33GB 2 OHMYGOD49
4/27/17 10:26 P
#yeswecan..😊 CELESTINA02 9 BARBIEE52
4/27/17 11:16 P
Went from 280 lbs to 160 lbs! Trying very hard to keep it off and lose 25 more. I've been stuck here KENZIE8438 122 A15591
4/28/17 3:42 A
I always hate the before photo...but I think it's important to keep showing myself how far I've come MOMOF3PPK 186 TIME4ME2017
4/28/17 8:04 A
Took the advice from you Sparks. At our office party I ordered sensibly, and brought half back in a DEBSPAG 15 MDOWER1
4/26/17 7:02 P
I've been working on my arms. I'm unhappy at how large my upper arms are so I'm on week 2 of these a TLC0169 11 LRJUSTUS1
4/26/17 5:10 P
Healthy and fresh lunch in the spring sunshine! GRATTECIELLA 16 IAMAGEMLOVER
4/27/17 10:20 A
Small daily changes add up in the big scheme of things...keep moving forward on your journey one sma BLESSED2BEME 13 PUCCASHELL
5/4/17 3:44 P
So Ive been on and off but I can not get over my progress guys!! Also add me I need more friends ❤❤� ROSE_DE_VILE 153 MDOWER1
4/26/17 6:56 P
Wishing those under the moon a restful nights sleep. 🌜 PUCCASHELL 5 OHMYGOD49
4/25/17 11:20 P
Here is my comparison picture. August 2016, Feb. 2017 and today can you guys tell a difference? I ca MRSCHUNKYNOMORE 41 QSHEPP
4/26/17 7:50 P
Picture on left....March 2015 I started my life ch MRSANGEL2016 10 DEE107
4/26/17 12:37 A
Who's ready for dinner? I know I am. I had a mango for lunch just so I can enjoy this cornbread stuf LUVCONQUERSFEAR 15 OHMYGOD49
4/25/17 11:18 P
Advise of the day.... RHOOK20047 9 MBPP50
4/26/17 6:11 A
Started developing a healthier lifestyle exactly 4 weeks ago. Down eight pounds so far so I'm feelin ZARIAH327 40 OTEN36
4/26/17 1:28 A
Wearing this dress was a reward to myself for getting into the 170's! NANCYANNE55 134 GYMRAT54
4/26/17 4:48 P
Motivation Moment RHOOK20047 23 MBPP50
4/26/17 6:11 A
5 more lbs down thats a total of 295lbs since Jan 2015!! I used to see all the commercials, lose 20l GPALMER29 276 SMOORE146
5/18/17 2:49 P
My lunch was... Instead of two eggs I made one... Instead of two pieces of bacon I cooked one... Ins F39834 21 NANCYANND55
4/24/17 6:19 P
I wanna make eggplant parm for the first time , anyone have any tips of making it? DAIZY91 5 COOKIEHUNTER06
4/24/17 5:10 P
Just started this plan a few days ago and just got the hang of tracking what I eat. But after a long LUQUEMARIA33 12 KITTYF54
4/24/17 5:13 P
Hit my daily goal with a beautiful hike yesterday. Now to keep it up all week long! Added bonus: pan NAVI_MOM 6 MOTIVATED36732
4/24/17 5:17 P
Lost 18 pounds in 6 weeks feel good. Yes we can!!! AMP102104 179 BURNETTERULES
5/6/17 9:32 A
Yay!! First time in years sub-200 JASFOOTE 138 PAMLARAE
4/25/17 1:51 A
Just got done at the gym!! Haven't been in a month, did 1.5 miles on treadmill and .5 on elliptical, WORKOUTGIRL58 11 GTPPIRES1
4/25/17 8:04 A
I have been ALCOHOL FREE for 12 days and I feel amazing! I find that alcohol hinders my weight loss SOKOLUVTRAV 244 MISSDAISY23
4/24/17 8:45 P
Posted a photo PAR1251 31 GABIRUSZCZAK
4/22/17 10:52 P
5/12/17 8:54 P
Here's the second pictures MIOZP 8 JUDITH316
4/23/17 3:54 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 22 GABY1948
4/23/17 8:00 A
Since I changed my way of thinking about food, this is so tue now. RUTHIE0609 24 YMWONG22
4/22/17 11:53 P
One year ago today I started my weight loss journe MOM3GRAN654 52 TGAIL62
4/23/17 6:28 P
28 months and 58 pounds! CHOLA82 226 _LINDA
4/23/17 12:59 A
Weighting at 230. My goal is 160😊 MOMMYYOF2BOYSS 16 HOLKAY2017
4/18/17 1:04 P
My goal was to be below 194lbs; preferably at 192lbs. This morning, I officially weighed in at 191. MCASKEY6 104 GRANDMATHOMPSON
4/18/17 10:04 P
OMG! I deadlifted 200lbs last night! I never thought I could get this strong! (P.S. I have worked SKEMERICH 115 MSLZZY
4/18/17 10:41 P
Not a big change but it is to me , down 2 sizes ,Yay GINABLUEYEZ1 302 GRANDMATHOMPSON
4/18/17 10:04 P
This morning's walk up Mt Rubidoux #motivation JESSYKAT236 14 LINDZZ3
4/21/17 8:30 A

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