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In the spirit of keeping things real, I will admit that I had a moment of weakness last night and we FATGURL2LOSE68 5 NOVELAFAN
12/3/17 10:26 P
Nothing like spending the day with 2 handsome guys! 2.3 miles, just a short hike, while training my FITHIKER64 20 WARRIORGIRL121
12/9/17 11:54 P
Why do i get so hungry at night? Am i bored? I dont know but for whatever reason im the most hungry PUGHMOMMYX3 4 FRISKYCRITTER
12/4/17 6:01 A
I grew up eating puffed peanuts. This is a baked snack that tastes just like fresh peanuts and is wa DIALYSISCHIC1 14 TMP0418
12/4/17 6:25 A
Today marks a year I lost Dakota. I find myself weepy but also feeling fortunate to have had a being RACHIE810 12 ABUELAMEMA52
11/25/17 6:07 P
With just a little bite or two of each decadence, I stuck mostly to the cauliflower and Brussel spro LKMANNING7 23 SJLOWE43
11/24/17 9:02 P
Happy Thanksgiving From The Bunch Family!!! AMYMBUNCH 12 EO4WELLNESS
11/24/17 1:32 A
We had our Thanksgiving last night. We took a family picture. I was so disappointed in how big I loo MADDIEBSMAMA 8 CANDYLIND
11/24/17 11:37 A
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I am thankful for my SparkPeople! KATHIFAYE 5 ALALADY
11/23/17 6:45 P
My healthy contribution to the big turkey dinner tonight. Butternut squash, Brusselsprouts, pecan NCLARKSON03212 33 PWILLOW1
11/23/17 9:25 P
Iam 28 yrs old and want to lose 47 kg. I am fat throughout my whole life. Now i want to change the w DREAMSLESS90 6 SIRINAKRIS
12/29/17 6:43 P
Happy thanksgiving to my keto friends , I am going strong ,not cheating tomorrow I made keto friendl GINATRI1972 3 NOVELAFAN
11/22/17 11:22 P
Since my husband and I enjoy cooking and doing things a bit differently at the holidays, we decided RNBETTY5 19 NOVELAFAN
11/22/17 11:17 P
I know thats right! No shame in it either. I'm losing weight and I'm not going to buy pants every si TAMMIE_R 7 LINGOD2010
11/23/17 12:52 A
Took advantage of an early Black Friday sale today to get three new charms to commemorate milestones LKMANNING7 19 JULESBEARRIFIC
11/23/17 11:05 A
Last bike ride of the year. Hit my goal of 3,000 miles biked outdoors in 2017. MPLSKEN 18 KATONTHEMAT
11/21/17 7:07 P
Stop makin' excuses .... LGSCARRIE 15 NOVELAFAN
11/21/17 12:55 A
Let the healing begin... I can’t wait to get out and hike again. LAURENGRACE24 16 KYLIE
11/21/17 6:21 A
11/21/17 3:49 A
#BeforeAndAfter HENNYFLOW29 123 CATHERINE5300
11/28/17 12:38 A
Yoda getting some afternoon sun! #furbaby REBIRTHDIVA 6 PWILLOW1
11/20/17 6:37 P
11/27/17 12:10 P
""Blood tends to become "sticky" overnight, making it more prone to clots in the morning. According EO4WELLNESS 19 KALANTHA
11/17/17 9:20 A
It's been a year since I've seen my doctor until tomorrow. It will be interesting to see his face, w F5-FURY 17 TATTOOMOMMA1974
11/16/17 7:59 A
So in it and feeling amazing with no cravings or hunger. Eight (8!!!) NET CARBS day! Woot. #keto #k JACKIREI 9 ALOFA0509
11/18/17 9:33 A
Am I the only one who doesn't get a bonus spin after getting 30+ Spark Points in a day? It's happen NOVELAFAN 4 LIFE-TRANSFORM
11/16/17 2:05 A
So when you don't have many calories left for dinner you improvise! Winner winner chicken dinner! MILL0679 5 IRONADONIS
11/15/17 11:14 P
Note to self RHOOK20047 14 MBPP50
11/16/17 2:25 A
Hubby and I got rid of our old kitchen table and hauled up this table from the basement I got from m KENNYBARBIE12 12 -POOKIE-
11/16/17 2:51 A
Ready to kick this plateaus butt! Its been 5 weeks since I lost any weight and I know I need to get CPTNHOWDY4 8 IRONADONIS
11/15/17 11:15 P
I got a new Samsung gear 3, I worked today and did LIL1IAN 17 LIL1IAN
11/14/17 7:30 P
I got a package today from my Mom. She said she feels bad for not seeing me for such a long time tha ALLYLIZZY 15 ALALADY
11/14/17 5:22 P
I lost 2 pant sizes. I am now a size 24. SONYA2575 115 EMIG96
11/11/17 8:37 A
Exceeded my National Novel Writing Month word count for the day! BONNIEMARGAY 3 MBPP50
11/10/17 8:28 A
My goal is to remove the 65 pounds off of me, which I gained during working in a very toxic environm KM40368 30 KM40368
11/9/17 6:37 P
Big Day Today! Being interviewed for a new reality show. I have lost almost 200 lbs. If selected, I SONYAMARIEC 115 ZRIE014
11/9/17 8:45 P
Good morning everyone and Happy Friday Jr. Today is a new day with new goals. Everyone saying “I’ll THEJACKIEDEAN12 107 JVANAM
11/9/17 2:08 P
One Happy Camper Only 10 lbs to reach my goal. KEN1237 169 ZRIE014
11/9/17 8:53 P
I have never posted anything before but here I go. I started in April at 247. Now I am at 195! NIXONANG25 161 LOSER05
11/9/17 8:36 P
I am so proud of how far I have come. 101lbs lost and not looking back. I am now back to the gym too MIZ-FENTON 187 LOSER05
11/9/17 8:35 P
Posted a photo KPROULX1 218 LOSER05
11/9/17 8:34 P
I'm determined to keep at it and get my 20k steps tomorrow but it is SO cold tonight and 6am tomorro WALKN4WARD 11 WALKN4WARD
11/9/17 8:19 A
Today is my birthday. 🙂 My husband got me these headphones as a gift. I listen to music while exerc FILMINGLIFE 160 TASHA147
11/9/17 5:20 A
Posted a photo DIANEPAG 6 BEVERLY1501
11/8/17 3:07 P
Down 20.5 lbs SUELLEN1232 54 COURTENAYE
11/8/17 12:55 P
My toddler was doing his own workout....Lol!!! AMYMBUNCH 26 STAMPERCYNDI3
11/8/17 6:25 P
Today is my birthday 🎉I am 56 yrs old. I feel healthy and strong and would like to thank and praise MBLANKFORD 310 NEWME2BSKINNY
11/12/17 1:09 P
So is it better to go to bed without dinner if you get home from work really late or is it better to JAZZPUPPY 6 FRISKYCRITTER
11/8/17 5:50 A
11/8/17 11:38 A
Oh, y'all! I had the best experience today! I went to the Doctor today, and they made me weigh twice GERRTIE 202 MDOWER1
11/8/17 8:31 A
I found that I lost weight first and then after I lost 25 pounds i began exercising which was easier KATHY550 15 ZRIE014
11/5/17 1:54 A
When you try to take a selfie with a pup who just wants to kiss you 😂 JULESBEARRIFIC 43 JULESBEARRIFIC
11/5/17 7:36 A
Posted a photo JENNIFERBR51 5 REEDSKI
11/5/17 1:51 A
My daughter sent me the picture on the right today. The picture she sent me is from June. The pictur HDMARTIN88 17 ZRIE014
11/5/17 1:55 A
It Doesn't Matter Where We Start-It's How We FINISH That Counts!! BOOHOOBEAR 68 LOSER05
12/18/17 12:31 A
Just started yesterday, I've got a 2 month old, a 2 year old & an 8 year oldu. I'm getting married S CELAINEA3 20 ZRIE014
11/5/17 1:55 A
I hope I'm doing this #keto thing right... this is my #keto lunch... ST3PH 8 PIPPAMOUSE
11/4/17 5:54 P
Y'all THIS is what I was so excited to show you. Inspired by Pinterest, this #keto deli box was AH- LEAHDEL16 13 ZRIE014
11/3/17 10:23 P
Saw this on my morning walk, love it! BELLSH1BELL 12 ZRIE014
11/3/17 5:12 P
Starting on Day one again. Today will be my last day one! #thistimesforreal #keto #ithinkican #healt BECKYNORTH 9 ZRIE014
11/3/17 5:11 P
1 hour on the elliptical! I watched #Outlander & it was the perfect distraction! Today is only day LYNPHOENYX 6 ZRIE014
11/3/17 5:11 P
Day 18 of this new exercise commitment- so far so good MISHL2012 16 CHRISTOPHER63
11/3/17 5:01 P
Meal Number 1 SKY70740 10 ZRIE014
11/3/17 4:46 P
Feeling very encouraged. I normally am so busy that time set aside to exercise is usually not a pri ELEE76 18 CONSISTENTFAITH
11/3/17 5:42 P
The infamous Landmine Exercise. This is a Double Arm Press I'm doing here. I've done, using this pie BOOHOOBEAR 94 MILLER-S
11/4/17 11:16 A
#BeforeAndAfter Because sometimes a side by side h DPV3411 193 BRICK152
11/17/17 11:59 A
3/9/18 6:33 P
Went to Walmart this morning, and they had all the candy leftover from Halloween up front marked dow ST3PH 4 TUM2YUM
11/1/17 2:12 P
Pool again this am.... SISSYFEB48 9 KATHYJO56
11/2/17 12:14 A
Halloween was a bit disappointing this year. We had way less than half our usual visitors. We usuall TESTYCATLADYP 14 CANNINGNANNY
11/2/17 7:30 A
All this junk was at work yesterday and did I touch it??? No I didn’t, I didn’t even want to. BOBYN33 144 PAMBROWN62
11/1/17 2:13 P
10 lbs gone so far! 🎉 you can’t really see it yet, but getting out of the 200’s and down to 194 was AGZIETLOW1 66 CHRISTOPHER63
11/1/17 5:21 P
Boiled cassava, cabbage, carrot and sweet potatoe. Healthy eating! Delicious! My lunch! ANOJAG 19 --CHERYL--
11/2/17 1:53 P
November 1, 2017 KAYTEE916 7 NOMASHOTCHEETOS
11/1/17 2:40 P
Day 1 of being back on track and my husband is joining me this time! Had a great workout, a healthy DRKUHL2017 14 KHSAMFLUTE
11/1/17 2:38 P