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~*~ ROLL CALL 2018 ~*~ BEFIT018 132 NOCALORIES
3/19/18 12:11 A
Words ending in ER.... HOMEBODY4EVER 3540 AMYSUZEQ
3/19/18 9:45 A
3/19/18 8:57 A
I was pretty proud when I finished in the top 15th percentile in my first ever 5k today. I was even COMMUTERRAIL 7 SHELLLEY2
3/19/18 8:01 A
Sunday's thought.... RHOOK20047 12 MBPP50
3/19/18 9:52 A
Tiptoe through the tulips with me!! I really needed a break this weekend, and here it is! Walking th JESSICA_G23 124 KMILLER31
3/19/18 12:04 A
I joined a YMCA 2 miles from my house Friday. Today I walked for 30 minutes (2.2 miles). My neurol LOKIRN 8 BOHEMIANCHICK7
3/19/18 6:42 A
My husband and I have been on this weightloss journey together for almost a year...I'm down 70 pound ABARTHEL07 63 STARRYEYES1985
3/19/18 7:46 A
Spent the weekend camping and hiking. It makes me want to get moving even more! 21 lbs down, 50 TEXASGIRL4LIFE 63 PATSYGO
3/19/18 3:53 A
I am down 19 lbs since November! It doesn’t feel like much, but it is a step in the right direction. MAKEITCOUNT87 131 LMAG3578
3/19/18 6:29 A
My son was here and I am sad now as he has gone home LEANJEAN6 22 DGRIFFITH51
3/18/18 9:12 P
Transformative moment for me, I'd like to share, please. I crossed over to straight size today, I a PELESJEWEL 217 PEPSAB
3/18/18 12:30 P
Hubs just gave me a HUGE reward for my efforts this week...two VIP tickets to see the Gala of the Ro TRYINGINTEXAS 6 TXCURIOUS
3/18/18 9:34 A
#BeforeAndAfter One year tracking on SparkPeople. (2 short lapses early on; haven't missed a day si FIDDLISH 124 DAWNWATERWOMAN
3/18/18 10:03 P
Here is my progress since last May. Going from left to right: starting weight, 20 pounds down, 40 PDLSTMPR1 103 MICHAELPACH
3/18/18 7:54 A
10 weeks photo! So far so good! I have a long way to go. CHIDIVAONADIME 65 TCANNO
3/18/18 4:41 A
3/18/18 12:22 A
3/17/18 4:53 A
Hit and surpassed my first major goal!!!! 53 pounds down since January 15. I picked up a 50 pound we LINZY7 203 PBVHCCVH
3/17/18 3:22 P
Down about 25 pounds and working to walk off more now that I've had my baby KAITYBRANNON 6 NOCALORIES
3/15/18 11:42 P
Posted a photo NOMI_822 12 NOCALORIES
3/15/18 11:40 P
3/15/18 11:38 P
3/16/18 12:17 A
Motivation moment.... RHOOK20047 13 MBPP50
3/16/18 8:48 A
Thursday's thought... RHOOK20047 19 MBPP50
3/16/18 8:48 A
My most personal share to date.... Transformation can happen, for me it's slow, steady, working at i PELESJEWEL 103 WANAKA
3/16/18 11:21 A
Posted a photo TORIGRAY2018 9 REDROBIN47
3/15/18 8:18 A
20 pounds lost today! Woohoo! I still have a ways to go, but feeling good about this weight loss jou FITPT4LIFE 5 RUSSELLFORD
3/14/18 11:44 P
Jump rope wounds from boot camp today! That means the workout was great! CARNEYGAMES 11 NOCALORIES
3/14/18 11:39 P
After losing 77 lbs I have been plateaued for 6 weeks. I am gaining muscle but it has been frustrati TXAGGIEARCHER18 61 JAY61
3/15/18 8:50 P
2014 was my highest weight. It’s been a roller coaster since then. I still weigh about 185, but I’m OVERDUECHANGE 144 OVERDUECHANGE
3/15/18 9:43 A
#BeforeAndAfter I still have a ways to go but when I look at the before and after pictures I fee CHERINICHOLE 166 LVMS61516
3/16/18 12:42 A
Posted a photo ECR2018 15 NOCALORIES
3/13/18 9:49 P
3/14/18 11:07 A
I am changing to be healthy for my kids. Most of all to never miss moments like this. My middle daug AJ_MOORE 8 ALLENJOSEPH
3/13/18 9:52 P
Who knew ? Hubby would actually use the treadmill 🤥 wow! He said, "I think I need to lose some we CINDY247 14 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/14/18 5:49 P
I'm telling you 💪💪💪💪 TABCOLEMAN 18 4CONNIESHEALTH
3/14/18 8:28 A
Woohoo! Two, 2 minute planks. The hard part is occupying the empty space in my head. SLYDE-GLYDER 16 ALOFA0509
3/14/18 1:28 P
40 pounds down and a lot to go. I'm choosing to focus on my accomplishment at the moment, though! TLA0623 302 INCHINGALONG
3/13/18 10:41 P
Me today... I think I might get a job offer from the meeting. It's not weekend shift, but it's for a LINZHORN 15 ELSCO55
3/12/18 10:40 P
#BeforeAndAfter Fixed the photo weights! MEL51871 15 WENDERFUL35
3/13/18 10:33 A
Look much better now wear a 16 BURGEESTHER 15 NOCALORIES
3/12/18 8:53 P
My daughther trying on her mascarade prom dress, she feels fat in, shes 120lbs! It occurred to me I ANGELAM124 27 IRONADONIS
3/13/18 2:01 A
My goal is 165. When I start dieting I was 197 this app an waking an eating right I'm down. Just got TRUGGS315 15 CHERYLHURT
3/12/18 9:05 P
My new motto. ARNINE 15 L_DROUIN
3/12/18 9:19 P
Down to 272! Only 8 pounds until I’ve reached my first goal of 20 pounds! JLEFEVERS24 143 RBVRE565
3/13/18 5:20 A
Here is my other sweet boy Anakin. I love my furbabies so wanted to share with all of you. VULCAN0619 24 NOCALORIES
3/11/18 11:18 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 10 NOCALORIES
3/11/18 11:17 P
I am not going to be a slave to the scale. I am just weighing in on Sunday morning. I have lost 36 p CHANGING-TURTLE 117 DJ4HEALTH
3/13/18 10:45 P
6 weeks FUN-SIZED 54 -POOKIE-
3/12/18 4:19 A
Posted a photo CYNDI2017 8 GOODGETNBETR
3/12/18 11:03 A
Motivation moment.... RHOOK20047 12 NOCALORIES
3/11/18 11:05 P
Oh my gosh!! I added jogging to my daily walk. How do you guys do it??!! I only jogged about 20-25% LUNABELLE18 17 NOCALORIES
3/11/18 12:03 A
A sunny day in the yard but lets go for walk instead of working in the yard off we go the w SPARKFRAN514 26 NANHBH
3/11/18 10:40 A
Sometimes getting started is the hardest thing to do....totally wasn’t feeling it today...but I got SUMWITCH 16 MIRAGE727
3/11/18 5:45 P
Flying kites today...Fun, Fun!!! AMYMBUNCH 9 NOCALORIES
3/10/18 11:57 P
Saturday morning hike because of Friday night drinks/eats! 820 calories burned and I feel less guilt AELICIAJEAN 9 NOCALORIES
3/10/18 11:57 P
Right now I'm restarting. Counting every calorie and remembering why I wanted to start eating health LIL1IAN 86 GOINGFORSKINNY
3/11/18 10:04 P
Officially down 20lbs since starting my journey with sparkpeople on January 10th! Before picture is SARAHEPOTTER 15 GOINGFORSKINNY
3/11/18 10:01 P
Hard work really pays off!!! AMYMBUNCH 158 EO4WELLNESS
3/11/18 7:50 P
3/9/18 11:38 P
Made a boxed Devil's Food Cake with chocolate fros MCOOPERMOM 10 MCOOPERMOM
3/10/18 12:35 A
My first attempt at a modified plank!! Did hold it for 30 seconds!! I have scoliosis quite badly DIANEDOESSMILES 38 SKCASON
3/10/18 11:53 A
Almost 7 years ALCOHOL FREE!!!!! I Used To Have A Pretty BIG THIRST Though!!!!! F5-FURY 87 CHEIVOUS
3/10/18 10:48 A
From 22W to 14 regular jeans... gotta keep Sparking LINZHORN 99 LINZHORN
3/11/18 8:18 A
55 lbs ago - seems like a lifetime ago. 20 more to go also seems like it will take a lifetime. But o BEVERLY1501 123 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/10/18 9:54 A
Today was a real challenge for me. I have been on such a streak feeling good at the gym and today I JMLISZK4 5 NOCALORIES
3/8/18 11:05 P
Advice from a friend RHOOK20047 8 MBPP50
3/9/18 8:36 A
3/8/18 11:02 P
This quote reminds me of the first time I said, "No," to my greatest cream. Never kn COCOAGOAL 10 NOCALORIES
3/8/18 11:00 P
Note to self.... RHOOK20047 14 KENTTUPPENCE
3/9/18 6:31 P
Thursday's thought! RHOOK20047 19 ALEXTHEHUN
3/9/18 9:59 P
130 lb loss 1 year LSHAMRICK 87 IRENESHOCKLEY
3/9/18 6:36 A
#BeforeAndAfter I'm a very slow loser but never gave up. Some pounds I lost more than a few times. SADIEMYERS 233 GOINGFORSKINNY
3/12/18 11:28 A
Average will never live in us. We will fight. We will win. You will see. BOOHOOBEAR 8 LINZHORN
3/9/18 3:23 P