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~*~ ROLL CALL 2017 ~*~ BEFIT017 966 YMI0625
12/12/17 8:53 A
Words ending in ER.... HOMEBODY4EVER 2660 7STIGGYMT
12/12/17 1:28 P
12/12/17 1:27 P
After an indulging weekend today was awesome!! Stayed within calories βœ… cardio βœ… Yay!! REEBOK87 14 REEBOK87
12/12/17 9:12 A
My walking buddies! BETHANYBOO 27 B_RAZORSHARP
12/12/17 11:25 A
Slowly but surely! Keep on, keeping on! TEXASHSMOMOF3 28 MDOWER1
12/11/17 6:58 P
Feeling great. 260 days of a lifestyle change down 70 pounds, 34 away from my goal! BMI is no longer AWPLEMMONSSR 9 LINDASOUTHER
12/11/17 6:08 P
45 pounds and feels so good. 55 to go. LLUCAS74 22 MDOWER1
12/11/17 6:57 P
I started my weight loss program on 11/13/17 at 251lbs. Today I weighed in at 236lbs. It has not bee AARONGABBY 90 CFITZ1
12/11/17 8:35 P
I am finally back in the the 100's club! It may not seem like a whole lot but it's BIG to me!!!! #mo BARISTAGIRL28 172 KATHIFAYE
12/12/17 6:51 A
Today i bought a pair of jeans in a size i havent been in for 20yrs! Unfortunately my husband was wa AQUAURA 8 NOCALORIES
12/9/17 5:08 P
12/9/17 5:00 P
Night out for me yay❀ SANTS77 6 SANTS77
12/9/17 5:01 P
I got into a size 18 today snug yes but I'm in and zipped. CARRIEMETODAY 73 BILLTHOMSON
12/9/17 9:11 P
First snow in Fort Wayne to stick this winter. A few slides but thankful for no falls :) GOODGETNBETR 15 COMEBACKKID12
12/10/17 9:36 P
You can't really tell but, here is 330/4x to 273/ 2x. F5-FURY 180 JAMER123
12/10/17 12:08 A
#BeforeAndAfterhit 50 lbs down this week- feeling great but nervous to let bad habits creep back in MICHW4 114 GRACEFULJOURNEY
12/9/17 8:08 P
A good attitude makes life much more enjoyable! JSTETSER 16 WOMANOFLOVE
12/11/17 9:38 P
So I have been feeling like a grouchy grizzley bear the last couple hours. I pay 25 bucks a month fo MRSMCSKINNY 6 RONFOXX58
12/9/17 5:43 P
Even though I didnt want to. I couldnt say anything. My aunt took me and my sister to this asian buf TIMESCAPEYT 4 MTN_KITTEN
12/8/17 9:11 P
You can look for and find a lesson attached within almost anything. ALLYLIZZY 6 GABIRUSZCZAK
12/8/17 9:38 P
Life is too short to be lived angry and bitter. And don't take life for granted. Every second, minut ALLYLIZZY 11 ALLENJOSEPH
12/8/17 8:23 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 13 MSLZZY
12/9/17 1:00 P
When life knocks you down, you can decide to let or not let it keep you down. We all have struggles ALLYLIZZY 11 MTN_KITTEN
12/8/17 9:11 P
Do you ever walk into a store where the Christmas trees are on display and you think.." Yeah, I'll t PRAIRIEOMA 15 SLYDE-GLYDER
12/8/17 8:19 P
Posted a photo CAROLINAGIRL69 16 LIZZIE138
12/8/17 11:14 P
I've lost 100lbs as of today. I have a lot to lose so sometimes I don't feel like much has changed u VLS_121 308 KOSHAUBREY8
12/12/17 10:59 A
Today I have lost 40 lbs!! So excited! 50 more lbs to go but i know i can do it! MKDREW38 14 NOCALORIES
12/7/17 3:46 P
First day of the BLC Winter challenge. Looking forward to crushing it! VELVETUNICORN 5 DAWNWATERWOMAN
12/8/17 7:52 A
I was told I needed new clothes, mine were too baggy. BIGD111966 11 1MORETRY_2015
12/7/17 8:38 P
15 months difference! 129lbs gone! Wonder woman πŸ˜†β€πŸ‘ DIANEPAG 7 NOCALORIES
12/7/17 3:30 P
SW 232, CW 190, GW 150 MARIAN326 26 GDILLINGH
12/7/17 4:40 P
By the way wearing my new shirt today to kick back in during treatment. I have a black kitty that kn DIALYSISCHIC1 19 MAIZIEPAIGE
12/8/17 1:02 P
341->300, and size 52->42 jeans, since mid-May. 24 days early to the 300lb. goal. Now I buy a bike DASH__LOM 111 CHRISTOPHER63
12/7/17 6:38 P
I know I just posted yesterday but I am OUT of the 300's!!!! So excited!!! I'm exercising or trying ANGELICMOMMA 94 GOODGETNBETR
12/8/17 1:58 A
This shirt used to be so tight on me that the spaces between the buttons would stretch and show the KBEGEY 62 NOCALORIES
12/6/17 10:34 P
Entered the 260s today. Its been 7 years since I was in the 260s. I'm excited. 😁 ELF41978 6 NOCALORIES
12/6/17 10:32 P
340 pounds to 260 MONIQUE402012 10 NOCALORIES
12/6/17 10:29 P
Keep going no matter what. You might trip from time to time but as long as you start again you are a KILTORE 25 STARFISH1961
12/8/17 6:27 P
Hit my goal today!! 68 lbs! Dropped my last rock i MOMS3KIDS 287 NOCALORIES
12/6/17 10:21 P
Motivation moment.... RHOOK20047 9 MBPP50
12/7/17 6:29 A
Wednesday wonders.... RHOOK20047 22 MBPP50
12/7/17 6:29 A
100 pounds gone! I am inspired by you and hope to return the favor. #BeforeAndAfter FIDDLISH 141 LORINTY
12/6/17 3:27 P
#BeforeAndAfter Still working on my goal and counting my calories. A complete lifestyle change has MCLOPEZ54 43 ALOFA0509
12/5/17 8:54 P
Dinner πŸ˜‹ 420 calories I know your all probably say wow lots of potatoes but they are parsnips 1 cup TMP0418 26 DIALYSISCHIC1
12/6/17 9:20 A
On track! Dinner by light of the tree. 2 egg omlet with chives, tiny bit of bacon and cheese. I nee MAMABEAR372 14 PICKIE98
12/6/17 6:58 A
Monday, Monday! MSROZZIE 10 MSROZZIE
12/5/17 5:56 P
#BeforeAndAfter MLI000420 15 GRETAILES
12/8/17 5:08 P
Day 229 of 1600 calorie living. From 312(left pic) size 26 pants 3x/4x shirts in March 2017 to 223 TRINA 169 OLIE07
12/5/17 7:56 A
Lost 17 pounds since August INDYA89 11 NOCALORIES
12/4/17 6:33 P
I love to craft. Decided to do something else I enjoy and last night I made this wreath for my paren CHUNKYCHACHI 16 CHUNKYCHACHI
12/7/17 8:39 A
From 160 to 129 today😊 110 here i come FAMILY_FIRST01 21 FAMILY_FIRST01
12/4/17 9:19 P
Hello everyone went from 215 to 185 And I'm here TIFFANII587 140 FLUTTERFLI
12/4/17 7:02 P
6 months later and I’m down to 170 lbs. Here is the current me. HEALTHYME1961 30 MJ7DM33
12/4/17 8:05 P
#BeforeAndAfter Its been a year now. Some ups and downs but well worth the ride. Anyone struggling VANSMANPA 145 LVMS61516
12/6/17 1:48 A
Gratitude Journal and sharing of positive things OLDEROWL 326 MOMMY445
12/12/17 2:20 P
I didn’t realize the difference until I did this post. I still have a way to go but I love how I fee MBW822 142 MRSJEFFL
12/8/17 9:55 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 16 KATHYJO56
12/4/17 12:41 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 16 CANDYLIND
12/4/17 9:24 A
Definitely progress NEKOMINI 17 ALLENJOSEPH
12/3/17 10:19 P
Nothing like spending the day with 2 handsome guys! 2.3 miles, just a short hike, while training my FITHIKER64 20 WARRIORGIRL121
12/9/17 11:54 P
Making progress... can't wait to shed some more fat. My muscles are dying to show!! 😊 FIERCEFIREFLI 58 FIERCEFIREFLI
12/4/17 4:56 A
Burned some calories shoveling snow today πŸ˜€ SADIEMYERS 28 MDCALIFORNIA
12/9/17 12:55 P
After an almost 20 mile (accidental) run yesterday....a hike seemed like just what the doctor ordere B_RAZORSHARP 29 TMP0418
12/4/17 6:47 A
My hubby and I will be going out on our 21st date-iversary tomorrow. I'm a jeans and boots kind of g LYONSFARM 18 F5-FURY
12/3/17 1:26 P
Lost a total of 20 pounds since July. 10 more to go till my goal!! #BeforeAndAfter AMYMBUNCH 60 NOCALORIES
12/2/17 8:13 P
Posted a photo TXSUNSHINE512 12 NOCALORIES
12/2/17 8:12 P
Doing a happy dance this morning!!! I’m in One-derland!!! 31 pounds gone forever. DRAMAQUEEN926 220 JAZZEJR
12/3/17 5:32 A
Today, Mom, my friend Nat and I, went to see the Holiday Train. It stopped in our town. :) TESTYCATLADYP 13 GRALAN
12/7/17 11:18 P
Feeling great today. My fitness buddy and I walked 8 miles today, which was a new record for us. W CHERIB00 17 BEACHCHICA08
12/4/17 2:02 P
digging out jeans for my new job since i live in yoga/workout pants.....i was shocked!! guess these LOVINSHERRY7 17 CSROBERTSON621
12/2/17 10:39 P
Feeling good down 40 lbs since Aug love the eating plan I follow MSANITAL 27 LUCKYDOGFARM
12/3/17 7:41 P
Have a great day. KURTZIE1998 20 CHERIRIDDELL
12/3/17 1:49 A
207lbs with 29 days to go I WILL BE 200LBS BIGFLABEAR 31 HOUSTONTEXASGIR
12/3/17 1:46 A
Beautiful night for a Christmas Parade.πŸ’ž AMYMBUNCH 16 EO4WELLNESS
12/3/17 2:16 A