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Words ending in ER.... HOMEBODY4EVER 1266 7STIGGYMT
6/29/17 11:15 A
6/29/17 10:46 A
~*~ ROLL CALL 2017 ~*~ BEFIT017 566 YMI0625
6/29/17 7:10 A
Gratitude Journal and sharing of positive things OLDEROWL 226 NOCALORIES
6/29/17 12:37 A
Played in the sun for over 4 hours with hubby and the kiddos!🌞🌑! NICOLE543PINK 12 NOCALORIES
6/25/17 11:30 P
Second day with this app. I pushed myself to get those steps!! Shocked myself by having the urge to CYNDI2017 13 TCANNO
6/26/17 4:12 A
I was tired when I got home, almost falling asleep on the drive home. But even after family movie n JESSWAHOO99 12 DLD2DLD
6/24/17 8:52 A
I LOVE seeing the pictures of everyone who has made it to ONEerland!!! It is so awesome! I did the m LISA0801 5 BECKY_US
6/24/17 12:06 A
Started on the 3rd of June I'm down 10lbs. I couldn't feel better about myself! HALKHOSIEB91 30 SPARKPAN
6/24/17 12:44 A
6/22/17 5:30 P
The workout is real... my shirt is soaked. 5 pounds down, 23 to go... C95261 4 DESERTGOLDFISH
6/22/17 6:34 P
so sad to think 2 years ago i felt ugly in this picture but looking at it now i think i looked beaut KALIEMCINTYRE24 10 KK691322
6/22/17 5:43 P
Today I made it out of the "obese" BMI category into the just "overweight" BMI category. It's been GREEN-EYED-LADY 207 GREEN-EYED-LADY
6/28/17 1:43 P
I'm gonna start once again, for the tenth time. STAYSTRICK 31 RUCKINREDHEAD
6/22/17 1:41 A
Just rejoined tonight. I need more support than what I was getting elsewhere. It would be nice to kn DIESELBUG 10 BAZINGABROOKE
6/25/17 11:02 A
I've lost 107lbs. and have maintained for a year. Now saving and planning for a tummy tuck, 😁. THUTCH65 87 MADEINBRITAIN
6/21/17 3:02 A
356-260 Currently 247 JENNIANN625 210 VIV1914
6/20/17 1:31 P
While at work today I was a little stressed, took a walk with one of the sweet dogs at work, look wh IAMJUSTME79 10 CTYONIT
6/19/17 1:56 A
Today is weigh in day and I am down 6lbs!! At first I thought only 6lbs but that's huge and I've lea LOUISE8333 11 BOLEBRON
6/18/17 5:48 P
Posted a goal SARIC3 12 CIERAPOET
6/18/17 6:27 P
Last Sunday I decided I was fed up with how I was feeling and how I wasn't taking care of myself so LUNAMCMOLLY 16 ZELDA13
6/18/17 12:24 A
Tomorrow is the day I start my new life. I'm SO ready for this journey! Bring it on! EVERS717 11 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
6/17/17 11:49 P
Today, I saw my sister off at the airport, outside of town. It took longer than i thought, even thou COMEBACKKID12 11 JOANNEJI
6/18/17 9:05 A
Sigh. Dr appt yesterday. Weight: 410.8 Getting back on the πŸ‡ ACTIVEMJC2016 5 NOCALORIES
6/17/17 4:39 P
Woohoo I fell off the wagon, tumbled through a macaroni field, and landed in a pie farm. I'm taking CHRISTAH79 21 CINDA11
6/17/17 6:50 P
I am so glad I have the support of my sparkpeople. I have a small 7 person community on our property KMBRBN68 6 KMBRBN68
6/17/17 7:44 P
Back again trying to get back on track. I've lost 100 pounds and have another 100 to go. HWELSH74 17 SPURTLE1
6/17/17 5:45 P
Heres my progress. Me in the wheel chair at 446. Pic where im standing at 354.. S02526 258 HOTPINKCAMARO49
6/17/17 9:02 P
As to strive to achieve your goals, remember... GETTINFITASTIC 3 NOCALORIES
6/16/17 11:06 P
I'm so tired and I really want to loose weight 😭😭 Any motivations or advice? so I won't quit😭 LNESCAMILLA 37 DLD2DLD
6/15/17 8:08 A
I FIT INTO SIZE 16 PANTS TODAY!!! Sure it's a squeeze... but I haven't been able to even THINK about DREAMERSPIRITT 203 RYCGIRL
6/15/17 7:41 A
~*~ May - July Chat ~*~ BEFIT017 14 TRACEE5
6/29/17 9:46 A
First day on spark looking to lose 25 pounds, I have to start somewhere SHARONGREGG73 17 NOCALORIES
6/13/17 4:08 P
Purple shirt 258lbs and wolves shirt 237lbs. Before and after. First 20lbs. Only 105lbs to go. BRIANNADUNN 12 FLOWERSOBLUE
6/13/17 5:05 P
Good Afternoon Everyone. πŸ˜€ Weigh in day!! 😲 I th DOLLIPS 9 DEEBREF52
6/13/17 4:10 P
fairly new to the site (12 days). this is my before, after, and before pic. went from 292 - 09/201 RAVENJAE 247 WENDYM29
6/14/17 1:54 A
My first day with spark.I have tried dieting so many times so I found this and hope I can do with th JULIE9741 299 SRILEY6324
6/13/17 7:32 P
Today is God's Day Let Us Rejoice in It! NOCALORIES 1020 ON_A_DIET
6/26/17 10:45 P
Good reminder why 8 glass of water is so important! FRENCHY73 3 NOCALORIES
6/11/17 5:57 P
YESSS!!! Finally got to my original goal of 140! It took me 14 weeks to lose 23 pounds. That last JJ47135 257 B77421
6/13/17 12:08 A
i started out at 420 pounds lost 178 pounds now i weigh 242. My goal is to way 150 so i have 92 more EPEOPLES3 167 MAMIEKINS484
6/11/17 9:36 P
I did really well today and definitely went above and beyond my goal. Also accomplished my first 10 DANIFURLONG93 6 RHVICK
6/11/17 12:28 A
Just started using this app a couple weeks ago and I like it! I started my weight loss battle a few KEITHAVM 177 STRONGERLEANER
6/11/17 12:40 A
Today marks day 1. I have 90 lbs to lose. Already finished my workout today. Just gotta stay focused COUNTRYANGEL5 162 LITENLIVELY135
6/8/17 9:44 P
6/7/17 6:22 A
Hello everyone Finally today I was able to get myself out of the 200 club 😍 When I last weighted my GULSHAFAQ 10 NOCALORIES
6/6/17 5:00 P
I'm on my second week of my 12 weeks goals to a healthy living hoping to loose 10 lbs and another 10 EMELYDR 3 NOCALORIES
6/6/17 4:53 P
Posted a photo ADUKE6 6 INPRAYER
6/5/17 3:16 P
Started this journey Feb 23rd weighing in at I'm at 219 :) CINJADE28 118 CINJADE28
6/5/17 9:18 P
Still got 50 more lbs to lose. But I feel so nice these days. Went out and bought me two new dresses STUFFY864 303 FLASUN
6/6/17 4:13 A
Went out with some friends last night, decided to wear a shirt that was to tight on my arms last tim CHELSEA369 10 CHELSEA369
6/4/17 10:55 P
Its 80 degrees inside our house. I need to buy plexi glass to put up the wall units so in the meanti TOMBENAVIDEZ 71 AGEE1944
6/4/17 10:06 P
Tried on pants and found out I fit in a size 8! So excited I haven't been in single digits since hig JROSS375 20 JROSS375
6/5/17 1:34 A
6/4/17 12:05 A
I'm in Onederland!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜πŸŽ† Heaviest: 230 SW: 223 CW: 199 GW: 140 STARGAZ3R 233 GORDONED
6/3/17 8:14 P
6/29/17 8:59 A
Well tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary since I started this journey. 35 pounds later and still got WILLOWSMOM14 32 TEAGIRL49
6/2/17 10:37 P
5/31/17 11:41 P
I always tell myself that I should stop giving up because I'm so tired of starting over. As always, THE-NEW-START 5 NANCYANNE55
6/1/17 1:35 P
I burned over 1,000 calories today! Go me! *pats self on back* GR03916 3 NOCALORIES
5/31/17 10:33 P
15 years ago me and my ole yellow lab buddy he pas PARSONS5656 9 GOIN4IT233
6/1/17 12:30 A
Two runs today. Evening run with Shadow on the trail. Going to sleep well tonight! Happy girl! DEBRAHLYNN 5 DEBRAHLYNN
6/1/17 9:55 P
Good night. I hope you sleep well tonight. GARDENSFORLIFE 10 IAMAGEMLOVER
6/1/17 10:09 A
Ok, I'm ready to restart this journey. Lost 43 lbs in 2012 on SP so I know I can do it. Gained it al JANELLESMOM1 98 ENVY45
6/1/17 3:57 A
I have only had this app for a few days, but the more I explore and try it, the more I love it ! BONNIETTA 6 BONNIETTA
5/30/17 9:59 P
So, i haven't been eating right or exercising and it shows. Ugh! How did i let this happen? Im only MRSFITPANDA 7 MZB2U190
5/30/17 9:58 P
I'm tired of starting over! I never post on any of these sites because I don't want to be judged. Yo AMYJO2486 326 MONANISA
5/30/17 10:44 P
Despite a cold and damp day, I was pretty productive. Yoga, retail therapy (aka shopping) and then a OUTSIDEJOJO 5 LARENTA
5/29/17 8:44 P
Here goes nothing! Start weight, 315. Goal 200. MTOOLEY2 159 ROBYNSMILES
5/30/17 9:45 A
6/24/17 11:10 P
Posted a photo MRSTHOMAS8314 11 GAYLEP1957
5/28/17 12:21 A
Tracking has been surprisingly easy to start up again! Somehow taking pictures of what I'm eating h EBEAMS 33 PRYTANIAS
5/28/17 8:41 P
It's been a day. MOMMACASSEY 12 OMAJ1953
5/28/17 1:15 A
I've been off of this app for a long time. However I have to do something. My daughter graduated fro TWOROSETATTOO 20 LASTDIET2017
5/28/17 1:51 A
This is my motivational pic to lose this weight. I'm miserable and I look it. Time to smile again. TERESAF982 21 NOCALORIES
5/26/17 10:24 P

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