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#BeforeAndAfter. This before picture is after one TXSUNSHINE512 253 TENISWHIZ
1/22/18 9:11 A
Good morning. I just felt like announcing that today is my birthday πŸ€“πŸŽ‚. I am bouncing around all h BUNNY_SHAWE 263 SCYANKEE46
12/2/17 9:49 P
It's my birthday today! I want thank God for life! 14lbs lost - closer to my goal! RAUNESCA 304 SMYLES5376
9/28/17 12:39 P
When I was heavier nobody ever told me to stop eating, they thought my weight and my eating habits w THEJACKIEDEAN12 306 COURTENAYE
9/28/17 9:45 P
My daily motivation for everything I do. During this walk, he decided he didn't want to ride in the BOBCATGIRL76 73 IDICEM
8/23/17 8:57 A
On 6/10/16 I was at my all- time high. I stuck this photo on my fridge thinking it would motivate me KRSCHUSTER54 19 LRYAN0696
8/14/17 3:37 P
Officially 100 lbs off this morning. I couldn't fi PAMS3DDESIGNS2 55 TEDDERS_TEDDY_B
8/3/17 3:07 P
July 2017. 156 lbs. Nearly 50 lbs down, 5 from my first goal. KRH522 13 START331GOAL231
7/22/17 3:42 A
8/18/17 4:50 P
Good morning day four for me going throu some emotional changes body really sore but Im still pushin STACEYDME36 90 SASHASMOM1122
7/20/17 2:37 P
Goodbye 6X shirts and hello 4X shirts...this shirt is from 2014 when I did a heart walk...never did CHERYL4846 302 _LINDA
7/19/17 8:14 P
Posted a photo ANGIECUE42 10 C38622
7/16/17 1:30 P
Lost 50lbs, but have 50+ to go, but I've hit a mental wall. The last 2 weeks I've been stuck in my TAMI-AKA-RED 284 PAMBROWN62
7/7/17 3:14 A
Cholesterol is down, A1c is down. Working progress. 66 pounds less VOAGOLD 128 ETERNALOVE1111
7/29/17 9:49 P
So my husband and my mother supposed to leave this morning to go to the state of Washington to get m CMARTIN5383 6 KBOUGHE1
7/6/17 9:23 A
DAY 1 challenges no sweets ,no soda,no quitting SSITTIME 5 KBOUGHE1
7/6/17 9:18 A
On Monday I was at work and I received a call from my cousin, she left a voicemail (which I normally THEJACKIEDEAN12 201 KARENWILL2
7/11/17 1:22 A
7/1/17 12:34 P
Back at it #182lbs... 17lbs until my goal weight 165lbsπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ only got one back rollπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ journ TYMTYM85 101 TRIPLEF12
6/29/17 5:24 P
Roll call... where is everyone from?? This pic is looking over the San tan mountains in Arizona TAMIAZ1 315 BNANCIB
7/1/17 9:23 P
Hello everyone this is also my first day at spark. My name is Shirlene and although this is my first SHIRLSWORLD7 13 STARRA5
6/13/17 2:22 P
My first day with spark.I have tried dieting so many times so I found this and hope I can do with th JULIE9741 299 SRILEY6324
6/13/17 7:32 P
Good Morning! Breakfast is the most important meal of the dayπŸ˜€ FINDINGWENDY914 18 MARYLOTUS
6/12/17 10:55 A
Using this app to track my pregnancy weight and what I eat! I'm 15 weeks today! First baby! πŸ‘Ά CHELSKING92 190 PWILLOW1
6/7/17 6:51 P
Let's just say this shirt no longer fits me lol. I love seeing this type of progress with clothes. H THEJACKIEDEAN12 90 CONNIET88
6/8/17 4:32 A
This scale and I have not been friends! I always weighed too much to use it. Well, I finally lost en A36488 19 SHARON97124
6/3/17 3:54 P
Exactly 9 months ago today September 2, 2016 I embarked on this amazing life journey, with a startin THEJACKIEDEAN12 315 KLIPSE
6/8/17 11:28 A
18.8 pounds gone since April 1, 2017, 35-40 more pounds to go.πŸ˜€ MOUCHE 61 MOUCHE
6/1/17 3:57 P
I was at a clothing store yesterday and I was nervous because to be honest I've hardly gone clothe s MRSMARSH12 205 CANDJMUNOZ
5/28/17 5:00 P
As of today I am down 40 lbs. for the year!!! JULESANA8818 115 FOCUSEDSAM
5/27/17 3:49 P
Hello, I'm a newbie, joined to meet people in same boat I'm in over 50 with over 100 lbs to lose. Ne LBYRD26 9 TPANANCY
5/24/17 11:26 A
241.6 lbs feel good...I don't remember the last ti THEJACKIEDEAN12 172 PREJEANR13
5/20/17 12:05 P
Hello I'm beginning my diet plan today New Beginnings on a lot of things my goal is to lose 30 pound W13268 84 APACHESTEVE
5/19/17 4:33 P
Shrinking little by little 263 down to 188 DBUCKNER4 302 KITTYF54
5/19/17 11:24 A
First day,,,,, LESLEYANN71 4 NEWMOM20121
5/17/17 10:05 A
good morning guys..... I am very new at this whole on line thing and did not realize that when I joi MOHNEY2 8 NICKI1213
5/16/17 8:50 A
Good morning is weigh in day and THEJACKIEDEAN12 226 BOBGEO57
5/26/17 10:43 P
It's been 3 years since this day...I use to feel v THEJACKIEDEAN12 305 DEBERAH
5/19/17 12:42 P
I finally figured it out. I have to eat less than I expend in order to lose weight. Duh! Now that I GRETA242 8 LMCBEE61
5/11/17 11:04 A
# first post hey everyone I'm new to this app. I've struggled with weight my whole adult live. Due t LAURADELLEA78 5 LAURADELLEA78
5/10/17 12:42 P
Hi I just started determined to shed some weight BKCOLLUM 29 KIRK-0517
5/9/17 10:34 A
down a total of 90 pounds... took a little over a year to get here and still trying to lose more. 14 JCHRISSY92 198 KAHANGI
5/9/17 8:04 A
Good morning everyone!!!! I have exciting news, I THEJACKIEDEAN12 324 STUPIDHURT
6/8/17 10:17 A
Just joined! Turned 30 April 25th and weighed in at 345 lbs. I need to turn my life around! I'm not NEWELLML 4 STRONGERLEANER
5/4/17 4:12 P
I set out to walk my normal 2.5 miles after my lifting workout but today I felt like walking more! I FITSISTA79 20 BJK1961
5/5/17 6:20 P
Been here for 3 weeks and have lost 17 lbs. In just 3 lbs shy of being under 300! Thanks for all of TABTAYLOR1186 7 SUEMARIE513
5/3/17 9:51 A
Discovered the best workout at work...the stairs. Every 2-3 hours I will walk 5 flights of stairs tw FATNFURIOUS2017 19 DIANALAZZELL
5/3/17 10:18 A
Woke up this morning and decided enough was enough! Pushing the reset button, I can do this. HEAVYSUGARDROPS 237 SQUEEGEE
5/1/17 11:28 A
Oh yea buddy! Made it to onderland 2 days ahead of schedule and I didnt think I was gonna make it. I MASHAUNDAB 5 COMEBACKKID12
4/28/17 7:04 P
Had a great Apt with my Dr and nutritionist !!! Plus had a huge joyful tear filled small breakdown. BECCAN45 249 HOOSIERMOM33
4/28/17 7:52 P
Just starting on here. This was this morning first pic! KAYELEESMOMMY 14 KAYELEESMOMMY
4/27/17 4:02 P
So Ive been on and off but I can not get over my progress guys!! Also add me I need more friends ❀❀� ROSE_DE_VILE 153 MDOWER1
4/26/17 6:56 P
Switching out bad for healthy πŸ€— SANTANA0827 7 NEWMOM20121
4/25/17 2:34 P
When I started my weight lost on 4/9 I weighed 273 pounds I weigh myself today and I weigh 260 pound NESSA2017 17 NESSA2017
4/24/17 12:51 P
Job interview today. Finally feel healthy enough to make my own money again #icandothis P.S. excuse RIVERRATMOMMA 15 RAWCOOKIE
4/8/17 10:14 A
Are You Happy Right Now? SMYLEERED 37446 MISSDAISY23
3/24/18 4:01 P
Spin? What is did get today? MSTIGGERFAN 9034 MARJORIEWRIGHT
1/4/17 9:21 A
What Emoticon Are You Today? FIT4BRIT 39445 WINNER61
3/24/18 7:20 P
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 94615 SHOAPIE
3/24/18 10:02 P
log in points CRYSTAL1123 24384 MUSICNUT
3/24/18 12:14 P
Use emoticon to show how you feel today SYEATS618 26965 SPANKIE3
3/24/18 7:10 P
What exercise did you do today? SANDY92308 2453 A_LIL_BLUE_ROSE
1/17/15 9:16 A
What did you eat for lunch today? SLK347 48003 LOTUS737
3/24/18 8:38 P
Use emoticon to show how you feel today LIZZIEGIRL42 201 LUNA2010
11/1/13 10:58 P
How many points on the Wheel today? KALYN40 27530 MICHELERENA
3/19/18 11:07 A
How many minutes exercise have you done today? SUZ4NNE 80800 SPANKIE3
3/24/18 10:22 P
How far did you run today? COOP9002 32498 COOP9002
3/24/18 5:18 P
3/12/13 11:39 A
Today I'm thankful for... DEBBIEANNE1124 1002 CHARMIN944
9/16/13 3:46 P
Not new to the program, but new to blogging CCARLL 3 KJACOBS1111
3/12/13 11:40 A
3/9/13 10:16 A
Hope grandmas are welcome MARYALICE411 4 1FEISTYMAMA
2/13/13 4:43 P
Back again DALISMUM1 3 NEWMOM20121
2/2/13 11:21 A
second round PHONEBUG 4 NEWMOM20121
2/2/13 11:16 A
1/10/13 1:41 P