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I think I suffer from PeopleStaringAtMeAtTheGymAPhobia IAN2409 11 NDCAROL
8/14/17 1:22 P
8/17/17 11:24 P
8/18/17 9:58 P
Smartwatch feedback ERICADURR 7 NDCAROL
8/10/17 12:01 P
New week, new chances! IAN2409 6 NDCAROL
8/8/17 2:38 P
Good morning everyone! Wanted to share the good news that God is amazing! After 6 months of being o DAWNDMOORE40 5 NDCAROL
8/3/17 12:11 P
You know I work out at home, I have my own gym, it's a Weider machine and I have dumbbells and free GPALMER29 13 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
8/3/17 4:42 P
This is my before pic. I am really struggling right now. I'm not trying to sound like "poor me", but ROSIEPOSIE19 24 PWILLOW1
8/3/17 1:40 P
Still no weight-bearing on right foot. Can start weight bearing in boot on Saturday. Where are my cr NDCAROL 5 SHARONSPARKLE
8/4/17 9:07 A
My sister bought me a medium shirt for my half birthday so I tried it on at work and wowowoow a litt PHOXYM 276 TCANNO
8/2/17 4:26 A
120 walking lunges yesterday and I can barely walk today IAN2409 15 NDCAROL
8/1/17 12:01 P
Today I am celebrating 7 years with my wonderful husband! We will be going out tonight so I plan on DAWNDMOORE40 6 NDCAROL
8/1/17 12:01 P
Got trapped in a bank's ATM tonight. Lady cop who rescued me said, "always glad to help a dude in di IAN2409 17 IAN2409
8/1/17 1:34 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was a sunny bike ride. How about you? SPARKGUY 43 DAWNDMOORE40
7/27/17 8:29 A
Posted a photo IAN2409 38 NDCAROL
7/25/17 11:00 A
Oh, blast. I missed checking in yesterday and broke my streak. I blame my surgical boot. NDCAROL 6 HOLDINGMYOWN
7/27/17 8:33 A
Ugh ha IAN2409 5 NDCAROL
7/7/17 2:08 P
got fancy new sneakers today; my feet will appreciate longer walks now. NDCAROL 3 IAN2409
6/30/17 10:33 P
Better go to the casino... just won 500 spark goodie points...LOL !! Thanks spark ! GRLTAZ 8 NIGHTGLOW
7/6/17 4:10 A
Going to the gym today after laundry. I finally found some adjustable headbands, needed as I have to NDCAROL 2 GRLTAZ
6/19/17 12:47 P
Bad enough that my Start Page on Sparks has LOADS of pictures and Ads to load the video th HOLDINGMYOWN 6 JAMER123
6/20/17 12:29 A
Getting back up to speed after an emotionally draining week last week. Death in family. NDCAROL 11 HOLDINGMYOWN
6/17/17 9:08 A
I stopped after 10 minutes and then started up again. And for the first time in my life it felt awes IAN2409 10 NDCAROL
6/15/17 10:53 A
If it stays this hot, I might (gasp) dare to wear a tanktop IAN2409 11 BURBANOVSKY
6/16/17 12:52 P
My mom has a friend who calls speedos "bikinis". Guess she was right..? IAN2409 17 DESERTDREAMERS
6/15/17 1:49 A
Gym Newbie - Your Best Tips? SEAGLASS1215 24 GWYNLEE2
6/24/17 7:36 A
Did you have a good Saturday? My highlight was doing 1,000 calf raises! How about you? Here is to SPARKGUY 27 DESERTDREAMERS
5/29/17 12:29 P
Does anyone have any thoughts on pushing your body versus listening to your body? This is in regard KELLMUKE 4 MOJAVEHIKER
5/28/17 1:46 P
Okay, on your suggestions, I put my FitBit HR in my pocket when I rode the recumbent exercise bike a NDCAROL 2 GRLTAZ
5/29/17 8:31 A
I'm in a distance challenge in one of my teams. I do more stationary biking than I do walking. The b NDCAROL 4 NDCAROL
5/25/17 11:59 A
Time for a great run and then some ab exercises! Have a great day! DAWNDMOORE40 3 NDCAROL
5/25/17 10:32 A
Watched a NatGeo or Science Channel program last night on food and the ways we eat/digest/perceive i NDCAROL 2 TZIP91
5/25/17 10:49 A
I turned down beer tonight (!) IAN2409 8 MORTICIAADDAMS
5/26/17 11:18 A
It's a rainy day here in Illinois! DAWNDMOORE40 6 NDCAROL
5/24/17 9:01 A
New suit! IAN2409 7 NDCAROL
5/23/17 1:02 P
I bought almond milk, thinking it would be like, milky?? It's water; any ideas as to what I can do w NDCAROL 9 GRLTAZ
5/23/17 9:48 A
What do you do when you just don't feel like it? EOWYN2424 61 SKFEREBEE
6/20/17 8:19 P
protein salads MISSMOE67 20 KATELYNNANN
6/7/17 1:52 P
Meatless meatballs with pasta sauce and leeks over shirataki noodles. Super yum. DANCINGOTTER89 12 NDCAROL
5/22/17 10:13 A
Just water for the rest of the night... IAN2409 6 NDCAROL
5/22/17 10:12 A
Changed from a desk job to working at Starbucks, o DANCINGOTTER89 15 NDCAROL
5/22/17 10:10 A
Oh how beautiful the weather is! I can finally go out for a run again today! DAWNDMOORE40 2 NDCAROL
5/22/17 10:10 A
Good morning everyone. ☕🤗 SCANDEE 19 NDCAROL
5/22/17 10:09 A
remember to sync your FitBit before 11:58 p.m. - the sync takes a couple of minutes to load, and whe NDCAROL 5 GRLTAZ
5/23/17 9:49 A
5/22/17 11:25 A
Ok. So I have gotten too close to rock bottom once again. As the scale tips at 190. Today is the day HAPPYTOBEME79 7 SBURNEY789
5/22/17 10:20 A
Happy Monday! Determined to refocus on my quest amid gale force drama. Positive energy to you all! WISDOWIFE1 3 NETSUE64
5/22/17 10:07 A
Ok this is a little mean 😉, but whatever gets you motivated, right. Happy Monday. LMS050902 25 TIME4ME2017
5/22/17 2:47 P
I have a hard time remembering what weight I use in my workout routines from a previous week. Decid VALIMAAR 8 VALIMAAR
5/22/17 10:11 A
you know you live in the country when... you see deer and bunnies or the occasional snake on your TXCURIOUS 2 NDCAROL
5/22/17 10:01 A
5/22/17 1:18 P
Posted a photo WBERRY57 11 REDROBIN47
5/22/17 7:11 P
I'm ready for the day. It rained all day yesterday so I was able to get some much needed rest. LOVECAROL 5 MADEINBRITAIN
5/23/17 3:22 A
Damn it. I relapsed this weekend. I was doing so good as far as food goes. Then I had pizza and donu REMRA4209 8 NDCAROL
5/22/17 9:55 A
It's going to be a hot day, in the 80's! TOSTAYHEALTHY 6 JEANKNEE
5/22/17 6:14 P
Rain, rain, go away! Working out at home. Bought a cushiony seat for my stationary bike.....I'm in h AMBEREYES_1913 4 NDCAROL
5/22/17 9:52 A
For Neptune1939, your bacon seed. Isn't he the cutest?! 💋 MARZBARZ1 13 GZELLEFRO
5/22/17 9:57 A
And so another day begins ... be good to yourself! MYBESTLIFEISNOW 6 BABY_GIRL69
5/22/17 4:15 P
Got up at 6am to start T25...hate my life, I am NO SITOWERY 6 SITOWERY
5/22/17 5:08 P
Is it just me or why does everyone have to add a picture? Don't they think we'll believe them if th KITTYHAWK1949 6 BECKY_US
5/22/17 11:45 A
Posted a photo MISHKA1212 4 MDCALIFORNIA
5/22/17 11:51 A
Here is an updated picture of me and my daughter after losing 29 lbs I was 247 and today I weighed i MILKATRENA 20 KILTORE
5/22/17 2:18 P
Happy Monday Sparks!!! I have a question for you guys, is it possible to lose weight in every sectio MEANDGOD82 6 LUANN_IN_PA
5/22/17 10:32 A
My​ goal today was to walk up this big hill in the neighborhood. I did make it had to stop a couple SUNWARDWINE 7 LANA_LEE
5/22/17 9:48 A
Down 30 pounds and feeling so much better!! I am starting to see a difference. :) DFORD305 18 KINDGIRL56
5/22/17 3:04 P
Headed out for a long weekend of camping. Now we just need some nice weather to go with it. DAMICHAL 4 NDCAROL
5/20/17 1:35 P
Did you have a good Tuesday? My highlight was mini-trampoline. How about you? Here is today's blog SPARKGUY 70 NDCAROL
5/18/17 11:42 A
Did you have a Woohoo Wednesday? My highlight was basketball with my son. How about you? -- chris/sp SPARKGUY 81 LESSOFMOORE
5/21/17 9:23 P
Had a great day with my mom and brother. The picture is depressing me a bit because it shows how fa OGGIEBOOGIEGIRL 12 APPLEVEE
5/15/17 11:28 A
Very upset and defeated that I gained 2 pounds after following diet and everyday exercise. I am thin BMILLER4540 6 RAERAERAE62
5/15/17 11:53 A
10 weeks, 30 lbs. best decision of my life! JENNAE93 3 NDCAROL
5/15/17 10:42 A
OOoooo.......a little recognition ceremony tonight for my 30 years at MSU, along with all the other ODAT1117 7 ODAT1117
5/16/17 7:16 A
Posted a photo REDGINGER1 2 NDCAROL
5/15/17 10:40 A
Im feeling pretty desperate lately. I can't get control of my eating. I'm on clomipramine and it i JPATENAUDE1215 5 KHADIJA11
5/15/17 1:59 P
Read the Spark blog about visualizing my weight loss. There were some very clever ideas. The one I'm NDCAROL 1 NDCAROL
5/15/17 10:34 A