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Second meal of the day. Homemade lentil and veggie soup. Let's keep it going... #motivation #goals YELIAB21 10 MICIKA64
3/25/17 8:42 A
I posted earlier of my 166 pound weight loss it's embarrassing but this is my before and after keep CTRENT2 173 CHRIS3874
3/21/17 9:55 P
Finally broke through about a month long plateau! Woo! And only 3lbs away from my GW! K34628 19 BTINCHER2001
2/9/17 9:45 P
I did it!!! I FINALLY did it!!! This week I reac BABYGURL45 1132 TB_SHUGAPIE
6/5/17 12:50 P
#firstpost hello! im new and hoping to lose some weight for the summer haha, what are your experienc ALFREDFABJONES 9 ND774748
1/31/17 11:39 P
I finally lost 2lbs!! It took a month of a terrible plateau but I finally got through it! LILWAKO478 33 IXFALLX2XPIECES
2/3/17 3:38 P
8/20/17 8:41 P
did you make 10,000 steps today KEESHA13 832 KEESHA13
8/22/17 2:28 A
What is the best way to keep up with this... I've done something like this before. I maybe lasted a ESOUCY96 21 EDDYDVM
1/8/17 12:11 A
Tried to drink diet soda today, couldn't do it. #healthy MISSCNJ 29 HOUDINISMOM
1/16/17 8:16 A
New mom weight 267lbs day 5 so far eating under 1200 calling low carb drinking 8 glasses of watm wat BEN250 15 SPARK_COACH_JEN
1/8/17 7:40 A
#coach What are thoughts on counting calories vs weight watchers points? IMNERDY2 12 IMNERDY2
1/8/17 7:58 A
I have a wedding this weekend that I so don't want to go. First time meeting the futures husbands sc A-ROSA80 14 PJACKSON86
1/7/17 10:16 P
I tried yoga today, man do I have 0 range of motio BECCAJ98 47 NCLARK27
1/16/17 10:02 P
First 2 days I tried to make my portions smaller,and from tommorow I am going to make my diet strict DZASMIN 7 ND774748
1/5/17 5:47 A
Gah!!! D: Don't you just hate that "in between" phase where one size is too tight, yet the size up i ADORKABLE-ME 24 NAOMI_ACOSTA
1/5/17 7:10 A
So im breastfeeding exclusively does that help in any way? Ive lost all my baby weight and have stay MELINDA1995 5 MELINDA1995
1/4/17 12:39 P
Everyone who is new to SP, this app saved my life and has helped me tremendously. I began 11/13/16 LEXIGENE 31 LISAMARIE2015
1/2/17 9:42 A
#newbie. Hi all! Just trying to get the hang of using the app. I make amour of my own foods. Any i KATLINDT 9 KATLINDT
1/2/17 1:16 P
#newyearnewme Determined to really lose the weight this year. 2017 is going to be my year! LISAMARIA2017 20 TACONIC1
1/2/17 9:34 A
Hi everyone! I used SP several years ago. I lost a little weight but didnt have my heart in it. Thi JUSTMEL57 25 PACHUCA1615
1/2/17 11:00 A
Just started today! Very LONG journey ahead of me, but Im choosing to believe this time, I can do it NEWCHAPTER411 6 ND774748
1/2/17 9:18 A
A craving usually lasts about 20 minutes, so distract yourself until you get through it . Me, I'm qu GETWELL2016 10 LYNETTET123
1/2/17 9:30 P
Does anyone out there eat all their meals at a table? Does this help you out? I'm thinking about it FUNNYFACE101002 5 TGRIMEY
1/2/17 9:17 A
I am curious who else struggles with #bingeating o LDITUCCI1106 86 MELITTA61
1/26/17 6:19 A
How in the world do you get 10,000 steps in a day? FITNFABBYMAY 21 MADCRUISER88
12/16/16 11:30 P
In the calorie differential what is a good number RERE825 12 RERE825
12/17/16 11:50 A
Is this crazy or true... I read that short women should avoid cardio machines because it makes them NADINEB4 20 NITWITTY11
12/19/16 7:50 P
I'm planning on going to this cardo dance class at SEC394 22 ERIKAWI
12/16/16 10:16 P
I realized as I was driving home that I now weigh OKGOATGAL 18 MADCRUISER88
12/16/16 11:27 P
Been sick the past few weeks. So this week today w C77538 8 JULIENSMITH
12/16/16 10:39 P
Burned 900+ calories during an hour of Brazilian j COREYBAKER 8 DAWNIEHEATHER78
12/16/16 11:04 P
My local rec center has a track...16 laps = 1 mile DAWN1830 19 OLIVEU4EVER
12/17/16 12:54 A
I thoroughly enjoy spark people more than facebook GABYMORRIS 29 MISELIE
12/14/16 10:41 A
Good Morning my spark friends BIGRENTMAN 24 BOOTYLICIOUS83
12/14/16 12:13 P
Good morning, up earlier and feeling good had nice ARTH3736 11 TSHAWGER
12/14/16 9:05 A
Weighed in this morning and for the first time in SGARLETTS 1316 TACONIC1
7/16/17 8:21 P
I want to roast every veggie I find. My friend tri SOLARIKLEES 28 INAMINIT
12/14/16 10:05 A
Any recommendations for breakfasts? CASCHWARZ 11 7STIGGYMT
12/14/16 9:41 A
Had a doctors appt yesterday and my bp was pretty STACBU29 7 S_MHANCOCK
12/14/16 8:29 A
What's that 1 thing you save calories for everyday APRIL003 12 ND774748
12/13/16 1:47 P
First day how exciting. 341 going to 200. Can't wait for the results. Wish me luck fellow losers. JOSEFLORESCAN 45 RITA1956
12/13/16 4:00 P
Is big boned a myth? My mom says i will never be 1 WILLPOWER1991 25 WANNACANHAVEIT
12/13/16 5:39 P
I have lost a little more weight but cant find the J65764 4 DIZZYBRITCHES
12/13/16 2:31 P
One day at a time I'm down to 245 yesssss! I was 2 OLGAGONZALEZ715 32 SPARKLE1908
12/6/16 8:48 P
This is first day of new life going to be 57 in Ja BBRO2856 4 ND774748
12/6/16 2:50 P
I feel so positive and full of life OLGAGONZALEZ715 7 OLGAGONZALEZ715
12/6/16 4:35 P
Looking for a good coffee creamer. My go to is ID KELLYBELLCONLEY 25 XENARYA
12/8/16 1:19 P
I love Christmas shopping. I hate Christmas shoppi IAMHOLDINGON 19 KENDILYNN
12/6/16 11:06 A
Well,morning started off with a tumble down the st KLAYTON7 7 J38850
12/6/16 10:31 A
Done a bad thing Ate a whole big bar of galaxy. S MABR82 8 MABR82
12/6/16 12:56 P
Hello everyone, I just downloaded this app over th HLAMPO 11 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
12/2/16 9:40 P
Car was out of commission so I haven't been to the THESKINNYFOX 13 BYGEM68
12/2/16 9:22 P
A little stressed out today... Making a huge effor JOURNEYTO185 9 SMILESRCATCHY2
12/3/16 11:23 A
Been stuck at 70 pound loss anyone have ideas how CSMITH698 4 CLARADAY
12/2/16 9:01 P
Hi everyone i was wondering if anyone knew any goo PATTONTIFFANY03 5 CLARADAY
12/2/16 8:59 P
If U R reading this, I dare U to drink a cup of water. SOOKIE 4303 SOOKIE
7/4/17 3:09 P
I started at 256 pounds, and I now weigh 138. I am KITTIE1919 557 GLIDINGIN
2/25/17 8:15 P
Tiny #NSV tonight! When I get Subway I ALWAYS get DIVERGENTSUMMER 27 7STIGGYMT
12/12/16 3:46 P
How much do you weigh and what size do you wear? MOMOF2GIRLSLV 1236 GERRTIE
8/20/17 11:45 A
Hi! TATT2LUVR 3 ND774748
6/25/12 11:02 P
Brand new here REBZ_BABYGIRL 2 ND774748
6/25/12 10:58 P
What's for dinner? CALLIOPEDAK 172 LIONESS627
3/16/16 5:24 P
What have you done to lower monthly expenses? LOTUSFLOWER 1312 RESERVED1948
4/21/17 10:43 P
What's On Friday's Menu WHOAMOMMA 5 ND774748
6/8/12 11:31 P
Workout suggestions KAYELYN32669 11 DDOORN
6/11/12 2:14 P
6/9/12 2:00 A
2/13/17 11:22 A
Login sparkpoints today AUALIBRA 20340 ARTJAC
8/23/17 1:03 A
Favorite Website BODYNSOIL 137 I_WANT_TO_RUN
10/20/15 11:08 A
What was your Cardio of the Day? RAJOLYRISHI 34667 ZRIE014
8/23/17 12:45 A
How many minutes exercise have you done today? SUZ4NNE 78806 ZRIE014
8/23/17 12:43 A
Are You Happy Right Now? SMYLEERED 35892 SISTERPRETTY
8/22/17 10:48 P
today i feel... RAJ8406 9615 HEALTHYANDFIT27
8/22/17 9:20 A
Are you feeling Positive or Negative today? BIGMAMA4U 53978 SISTERPRETTY
8/22/17 10:46 P