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Many of you may remember the attack and death of my Sweet Lily. I have been depressed, devastated, ALABAMASUSAN17 36 1CRAZYDOG
12/11/17 4:10 P
Snow man advice Be a jolly, happy soul Spend time outdoors Stay cool It’s okay to be a little botto SPARKFRAN514 13 ILOVEROSES
12/8/17 9:05 A
Tomorrow is the anniversary of the passing of my beloved dog Missy 4 years ago. Still miss her terri WARRIORGIRL121 16 WARRIORGIRL121
12/7/17 8:37 P
12/7/17 3:34 A
Did you have a good Tuesday? My highlight was running sprints. How about you? SPARKGUY 73 _LINDA
12/7/17 9:04 P
putting on a push to get 5 lbs off by Xmas! LEANJEAN6 154 MCJULIEO
12/5/17 10:15 P
12/5/17 1:46 A
Chicken noodle soup in the crock pot. It will cook while I go to church and Christmas shopping πŸ’« MBLANKFORD 46 MDCALIFORNIA
12/3/17 10:06 P
Feeling good down 40 lbs since Aug love the eating plan I follow MSANITAL 27 LUCKYDOGFARM
12/3/17 7:41 P
Let's finish this year STRONG! NANHBH 8 ROCKYCPA
12/1/17 4:41 P
Got yellow roses from boyfriend delivered today AOKDIET21 10 NANHBH
11/30/17 6:30 A
World Radio Day Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 23 NELLJONES
12/10/17 7:32 A
I can't believe the outpouring of love, support and encouragement that I have received over the rece ALABAMASUSAN17 11 2BDYNAMIC
11/29/17 8:43 P
I had a busy day...not too shabby! DIROB57 11 YMWONG22
11/29/17 8:16 A
My sweet little Lily died! ALABAMASUSAN17 64 1CRAZYDOG
11/28/17 10:08 A
Went shopping with Mom today at TJMaxx. I was able to buy size 10 jeans..have not been that size for MBLANKFORD 64 333HONEYBABE333
11/26/17 7:48 P
I had a good day...lots of steps, tracked all my food and stayed under my calories! πŸ˜€ DIROB57 16 2BDYNAMIC
11/24/17 8:28 A
Wishing everyone a blessed Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for Spark People! NANHBH 10 DIROB57
11/23/17 10:30 P
Happy Thanksgiving to all in the U.S. LEANJEAN6 41 ZINGIE825
11/24/17 10:00 A
Walked the 1st time since May the route my beloved MBLANKFORD 28 DAKOPP
11/22/17 10:37 A
Happy Thanksgiving to Sparkly people in the US LEANJEAN6 40 EVILCECIL
11/22/17 7:29 A
I made my Christmas jam today. I give it out as gifts. Strawberry and cranberries.. pretty and yummy MBLANKFORD 22 SKMINNY
11/22/17 9:08 P
I started reading Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst. I struggle with emotional eating from time to tim MBLANKFORD 20 NANHBH
11/22/17 6:47 A
Overeating could be self dee feeting since you will not be able to see your feet if you continue to BILLDREW4 5 52BINCE
11/21/17 9:58 A
Happy Thanksgiving. BILLDREW4 11 MPLSKEN
11/20/17 12:43 A
How about an inspirational quote daily... BELLACUDDLES 143 SUNNY332
12/11/17 5:36 P
Went walking this morning all by myself but I always have Jesus walk with me burn calories exercise PAMSIMS20163 12 REYNAJUST4KIX
11/17/17 11:14 P
Mmm my favorite lunch .. teriyaki chicken breast, steamed veges and buttered rice.. and ONLY 173 cal B37307 11 TMP0418
11/17/17 2:05 P
11/18/17 12:41 A
Been waiting and working a long time to say this.. JHAACK39 170 HETZ51
12/10/17 11:05 A
Did you have a good Monday? Here's to a good start to your week! SPARKGUY 26 BLAULKEIM
11/28/17 10:13 A
Are you ready to have a great week? My highlight today was a short bike ride. How about you? You can SPARKGUY 35 BLAULKEIM
11/28/17 10:13 A
Weekends are so short! LEANJEAN6 127 MCJULIEO
11/14/17 3:33 P
#fitbit It's not even 1pm and I already set my fitbit on fire today😁 DIROB57 10 SONYA2575
11/27/17 2:25 A
Posted a photo NANHBH 6 ROCKYCPA
11/13/17 7:29 P
My handsome Dad on the right. Thank you for your service, Dad. Love you and miss you! NANHBH 7 JVANAM
11/11/17 7:11 P
Thank you, Vets. We owe a debt of gratitude to you for your sacrifice for our freedom. NANHBH 13 PWILLOW1
11/11/17 7:54 P
Eating healthy pays off! LEANJEAN6 37 RAINBOWMF
11/12/17 8:09 P
Posted a photo PDSLIM 23 KACEYSW
11/15/17 4:10 P
Thank a veteran. I am a Navy veteran. My father was a Army Air Force WW2 veteran. Several of my un BILLDREW4 37 NANHBH
11/10/17 6:31 A
45 minutes of legs with focus on glutes. Great way to start my 51st birthday! NANCYANNE55 10 LISALGB
11/12/17 6:37 P
Describe Your Mood in One Word! NIKKI_28 5449 KATIE3908
12/11/17 11:26 A
This sketch reflects how I feel today. Optimistic and Joyful. Nov. 8, 2017. Disney. Pluto. Fountain BILLDREW4 10 NANHBH
11/9/17 6:36 A
Today is my birthday πŸŽ‰I am 56 yrs old. I feel healthy and strong and would like to thank and praise MBLANKFORD 310 NEWME2BSKINNY
11/12/17 1:09 P
The whole family got a cold. I took yesterday to be a sloth, medicate, and let my body heal. So my NANCYANNE55 10 NANHBH
11/6/17 11:16 P
I was going to start the Fit-Fusion 28 day trial and challenge today. I decided not to do it after BILLDREW4 5 MPLSKEN
11/7/17 12:26 A
A new day--to get it right! LEANJEAN6 77 CANNINGNANNY
11/7/17 6:13 A
Traveling today & hubby stopped for an ice cream c DIROB57 13 NANHBH
11/6/17 11:14 P
I made a healthy choice at the restaurant tonight...grilled salmon and steamed broccoli 😊 DIROB57 16 CHERIRIDDELL
11/7/17 1:37 A
My husband & I took a beautiful sunset walk this evening. PAULAJEAN659 32 LINDA!
11/6/17 2:38 P
Praying for those that were killed hurt and involved in Sutherland Texas Baptist Church in the San A AOKDIET21 13 1CRAZYDOG
11/6/17 5:14 P
I earned a few fitness minutes on snow removal SPARKFRAN514 26 LINDA!
11/6/17 2:40 P
Waking up to daylight was great! But not looking forward to the early dusk. NANHBH 18 NANCYANNE55
11/6/17 8:23 A
The clocks went back LEANJEAN6 37 MBPP50
11/6/17 8:03 A
Had an 18 week weight loss challenge with some friends that ended with today's weigh in...I lost exa DIROB57 113 NANHBH
11/5/17 1:04 A
My bath towel fit completely around me today! ALABAMASUSAN17 12 --GWENDOLYN--
11/5/17 9:29 A
Before and After BILLDREW4 22 ARMY_MOM17
11/5/17 5:28 A
Did you have a Woohoo Wednesday? My highlight was exercise bike and weights. How about you? SPARKGUY 32 BLAULKEIM
11/28/17 10:16 A
Oct 30 Fitbit stats - Calories in 2,221 vs calories spent 3,041 (includes basal metabolic calories). NANHBH 6 DIROB57
11/1/17 4:53 P
Oct 31 Fitbit stats - Calories in 1,788 vs calories spent 2,454 (includes basal metabolic calories). NANHBH 5 ZRIE014
11/1/17 7:25 P
Got lots of steps today & also had 10 servings of fruit & veggies....a healthy day! 😊 DIROB57 17 BEACHCHICA08
11/1/17 9:44 A
Himself took a tumble--was in Emerg last nite--is better this AM--with stitches LEANJEAN6 36 KMC7313
10/31/17 12:01 P
Oct 29 Fitbit stats - Calories in 1,806 vs calories spent 2,435 (includes basal metabolic calories). NANHBH 3 ZRIE014
10/31/17 1:08 A
Oct 28 Fitbit stats - Calories in 2,121 vs calories spent 3,016 (includes basal metabolic calories). NANHBH 4 ALRICHIE
10/31/17 1:21 A
Oct 27 Fitbit stats - Calories in 2,007 vs calories spent 2,279 (includes basal metabolic calories). NANHBH 6 ZRIE014
10/31/17 1:10 A
It's a misty Autumn Sunday on my mountain backyard. Breathtakingly-beautiful today accompanied by t WARRIORGIRL121 42 LUCYCAN7
10/30/17 6:41 P
Hello Sparkly People--really trying hard today-- LEANJEAN6 58 MBPP50
10/30/17 7:34 A
October 28th marked 4 months of staying with in a SUCHADIVA215 9 SUCHADIVA215
11/1/17 11:14 A
Posted a photo RKT1965 8 NANHBH
10/29/17 9:22 A
Lets enjoy the last days of Oct and enjoy the colors of fall. have a great week end and Happ SPARKFRAN514 15 ILOVEROSES
10/30/17 9:20 A
Oct 26 Fitbit stats - Calories in 2,022 vs calories spent 2,265 (includes basal metabolic calories). NANHBH 4 ZOOMTHOM
10/27/17 12:06 P
Racey and i out for our morning walk in the sun shine. he is showing off his Halloween sweater . SPARKFRAN514 14 CHRISTINEBWD
10/29/17 10:51 P
I'm praying God blesses you in a mighty way today! NANCYANNE55 10 EO4WELLNESS
10/26/17 11:27 A
Self - Loan paid in full after borrowing from my Emergency Fund to make house - mainly bathroom and AOKDIET21 8 QSHEPP
10/26/17 3:44 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 9 RAGNAR359
10/26/17 10:54 A