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I took advantage of getting out of work early and took a 30-min walk. I saw four families of ducks a KELLIEBEAN 5 SCOTTDEAN
5/26/17 6:05 P
I'm epileptic (seizure disorder). Today been a hard day cause I had a bad one this morning. Couldn't DMS1006 2 NANCYPAT1
5/26/17 5:51 P
Posted a photo WBERRY57 5 SCOTTDEAN
5/26/17 6:05 P
Does anyone follow the menu that is on here? I am starting on Sunday. Anyone made the bran muffins? AIMEEINTX 3 TIBURONA
5/26/17 5:54 P
I'm feeling fruity today. At least one piece, already had blueberries for brekkie! Am having a banan WBERRY57 6 MOTIVATED36732
5/26/17 6:10 P
The stress has been slipping away all week as the year wound down. I feel tired but happy. NANCYPAT1 2 TIBURONA
5/26/17 5:53 P
Said goodbye to my students with hugs and even a few tears, but my smile was wide as the buses pulle NANCYPAT1 2 CHIRPGIRL
5/26/17 5:47 P
Kids' last day was today and officially my last day is Tuesday. I'll probably work on sorting, shred NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
5/26/17 5:40 P
I went 200 calories over my limit today. My exercise compensated for some of it but I'm still in th CAJUNGAL328 7 CAJUNGAL328
5/25/17 9:15 P
Hoping that tomorrow I will feel better than today. I have less that 3000 steps. Darn strep. ANNKRAN 4 OUTSIDEJOJO
5/25/17 9:16 P
I'm having anxiety...I plan to have a few drinks with my girl friends this weekend, but I'm afraid t RAYMOSSISTER 6 JROSADO1982
5/25/17 9:55 P
Losing weight is hard at times but I am trying and W8LOSSMOMMY 4 NANCYPAT1
5/25/17 9:07 P
5/25/17 9:23 P
Finding "me" time in the week really helps how I feel about work. -- Mental health is one of those BERRY4 5 LIVEDAILY
5/26/17 1:11 P
I did Happiness walk from Jessica Smith from you tube. She talks about this vs being so busy. Rounde JANPER1 6 MADEINBRITAIN
5/26/17 3:18 A
Started a little over a month ago at 225 I about MARYMOSHIER 54 ANDYLIN90
5/26/17 2:06 A
Accomplished before I even start my 12 hour shift. Great Chest/Abs day with a good cardio session t VALIMAAR 3 WANNABZEN
5/26/17 12:32 A
Happy Rec Nose Day POSEY440 2 NANCYPAT1
5/25/17 9:04 P
#mobilechat Today was quite productive. Got the rest of the garage cleaned out, 2 of 5 lilac bushes LRJUSTUS1 11 SANDEN2006
5/26/17 11:27 A
I like this one!! CELENER 10 MSGO72
5/24/17 11:26 P
Goodnight Spark friends STARFISH1961 12 GZELLEFRO
5/25/17 12:37 A
Did my personal best today.Been awhile since I did this. SFULLER65 14 VAMPIRESBITING
5/24/17 11:49 P
Was unfortunately unable to work out today. I did something to my foot which was causing it pain and NEW_ME_IN_2017 4 NANCYPAT1
5/24/17 9:44 P
Day 2 ... BEFORE PHOTOS (cringe) Ive gained alot o BEXXYLEE30 28 BEXXYLEE30
5/24/17 11:26 P
I wish i had some kind of support right now...i get lonely to....but what can you do😪 ALICIADAVIS17 9 JEANKNEE
5/24/17 11:13 P
5 days into my new lifestyle and I am ready to post my "before" photo. Hello spark people! STACIT0571 48 DEE107
5/25/17 12:37 A
3.5 running miles in for the day! Working toward that 10k. KBEGEY 4 SPARTANJAI
5/24/17 9:44 P
Posted a goal WALLAHALLA 3 LIS193
5/25/17 12:22 P
Posted a goal WALLAHALLA 5 LIS193
5/25/17 12:20 P
3lbs gone this past week for a total of 90lbs down! These kitty leggings were my prize. GOODFELINE 51 KILTORE
5/25/17 12:37 P
Posted a goal WALLAHALLA 3 LIS193
5/25/17 12:20 P
Tomorrow I will find out what the doctor thinks of me and my work on what he asked of me. EMTMOM2129 3 TIBURONA
5/24/17 10:50 P
I've been tracking carbs with my 16year old daughter and unfortunately she has gained #sneekingsnack SARAHLILBIT1 10 SARAHLILBIT1
5/25/17 2:12 P
So didn't manage to fit any time on the treadmill this morning but had plans on doing some major hou CMARTIN5383 6 FEARLESSBLISS
5/25/17 12:13 P
Summer Melt Down Challenge: May 29 - July 31 MASTERPIECE8 12 DARLENECASEY
5/26/17 12:25 P
5/26/17 11:09 A
TLL - Teacher Appreciation game KRYS210 28 NANCYPAT1
5/24/17 9:04 P
4th day in a row surpassing my daily goals in steps. Today was a slower day as I had to work. But I SOULOFFIRE15 24 TANYA168
5/23/17 9:36 P
Beautiful evening walk w my guy down to the bay. W OUTSIDEJOJO 13 KJWITT
5/23/17 10:39 P
Didnt think that id hit my 8k goal today. But sucked it up and worked my plan. SRV103115 7 EOWYN2424
5/23/17 9:37 P
I think I just overdid myself. I cleaned and vacuumed the living room. Still have some stuff to do, KRYSSIENESS 2 NANCYPAT1
5/23/17 9:28 P
First time using this kind of app. Excited to see where this will take me! QUII22 6 NANCYPAT1
5/23/17 9:27 P
Still struggling. Stress is getting the best of me. I have to fine a way to cope with MY everyday li DISCOVERING_ME 5 SKANTRA
5/23/17 10:08 P
Just came back from a great outside workout!! Tomorrows goal to workout before work and maybe make t SBURNEY789 2 NANCYPAT1
5/23/17 9:26 P
Canteloupe snack with the pup! BMCC488 8 MAURAJEAN13
5/23/17 9:45 P
Holy! I've walked over 80,000 steps in the last 4 days alone. Wow. Let's see if I can break 130,000 SOULOFFIRE15 2 NANCYPAT1
5/23/17 9:25 P
40 mins flat abs walk js on you tube...2944 steps 228 cals burned... Total for today 10287 steps 763 MIMIGEE2 23 GAYLEP1957
5/23/17 11:56 P
Dammit, I let people derail me this week. I did not lose on the scale and it's my own fault for not NEDDYJELLYBUTT 5 NEDDYJELLYBUTT
5/23/17 9:48 P
Crazy day! MONICA1259 9 RIVERRAT79
5/23/17 10:14 P
A new journey starts today! Starting Weight 235 HARLEYSAM2017 81 ANNDANDY
5/24/17 2:02 A
I am in the market for a Fitbit or something similar. I would like one that is waterproof or water r JOYANNMADD 4 ANGIEBRENNER
5/23/17 9:34 P
Happy Birthday to Me! DEMONA 10 1CRAZYDOG
5/23/17 12:25 P
Posted a photo GYPSY-SOUL1 78 PURPLEHONU
5/23/17 2:53 A
Cardio Drumming here I come. I love this class. If you have one around you. Check it out.. SISMAC 3 KOFFEENUT
5/22/17 9:17 P
This is a really good day for me. For the first time in my life, I have the confidence to wear a one SDAVID1114 13 CHRISTINEBWD
5/22/17 8:59 P
I baked a cake with the frosting made from scratch. I will not be saying "No" to this one. I usually FITWITITALREADY 8 RAYMOSSISTER
5/22/17 8:14 P
Thinking i might need to join a gym cause working out at home is not going so well.... W8LOSSMOMMY 4 FITWITITALREADY
5/22/17 8:01 P
Cod, Green beans, corn and tarter souce. Only 314 calories! MBLACK2085 13 BOB5148
5/22/17 8:36 P
I rewarded myself with a new pair of comfy Lalarue Leggings 😍. Lost 4.8 lbs this first week. TERESAF982 4 RAYMOSSISTER
5/22/17 8:09 P
Question? What do you all think about Plant Based Diet? I was told to do this for my weight. :) MERCY1161 11 MYTIMEOK
5/22/17 10:46 P
Day 3. Down 4 lbs. I know the beginning is water but still makes me happy. It's a challenge to find CMAY1966 12 CMAY1966
5/22/17 8:37 P
Couch to 5k week 2 day 3 repeat. Phew! #gymhairdontcare #sweatyselfie GRATTECIELLA 7 1CRAZYDOG
5/23/17 12:25 P
Wow after what I will be eating for dinner and tallying up my total exercise today I will be at a 13 MOJAVEHIKER 3 MOJAVEHIKER
5/22/17 8:00 P
Today's the perfect day to be outside N70091 6 N70091
5/23/17 1:48 A
Just read the Spark article "How to stop binging". So well done. Lots of great tips, many of which I MATILDA41 2 NANCYPAT1
5/21/17 5:11 P
Posted a photo MRSTHOMAS8314 7 MICOLINA26
5/21/17 5:43 P
Started today it is going to be quite the challenge... PRETTYFLOWER4 8 PRETTYFLOWER4
5/21/17 5:34 P
And my "double the time" exercise BJK1961 8 LIVEDAILY
5/22/17 7:56 P
Chip came to watch me walk today! BJK1961 7 CLEAN17
5/21/17 9:21 P
Commitment is an act, not a word. Jean-Paul Sartre AZMOMXTWO 3 JONIBUSHELL
5/21/17 5:10 P
Kayaked for over 4 hours today. Over 3200 calories burned. I am SORE! It was so much fun though GYPSY-SOUL1 14 KYMCHIESMOM1
5/21/17 6:01 P
So I've been going to the gym 7 weeks now . I'm down 5lbs on my journey. I have a set schedule but S86773 3 NANCYPAT1
5/21/17 5:10 P
Commitment is an act, not a word. Jean-Paul Sartre AZMOMXTWO 2 NANCYPAT1
5/21/17 5:08 P
Day by Day keep sparkling PDXGIRL571 2 NANCYPAT1
5/21/17 5:08 P
Sandhill Cranes came to my yard to eat old bread today. That made me "happy". I look at moments li GREEN-EYED-LADY 11 GREYTDOLPHIN
5/21/17 6:03 P

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