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I am hoping 2018 is better. 2017 has been a rough year losing my mom and trying to find the motivati 42FIT4GOOD 8 42FIT4GOOD
12/17/17 6:43 A
Posted a goal EO4WELLNESS 16 LPORTER2015
12/16/17 7:43 P
Went home from work early yesterday. Thinking today I'm well enough to make it all the way through! NANCYANNE55 4 ROBINVOTAW
12/16/17 9:13 A
first time i'd ever done these--interesting... EO4WELLNESS 18 NANCYANNE55
12/15/17 7:57 A
The beauty of nature provides a calming feeling! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 64 COMEBACKKID12
12/15/17 1:42 P
Been out of the loop here on Spark and down with a flu virus. Still feeling a little puny, but back NANCYANNE55 4 EO4WELLNESS
12/15/17 4:35 P
Back and bi's this morning. Putting in pyramid sets to shake things up a bit. :-) NANCYANNE55 3 GRACED777
12/11/17 3:25 P
Came across this today... BERRY4 17 LIVEDAILY
12/9/17 6:43 P
Hi friends! Enjoy the season MARINEMAMA 19 CHEIVOUS
12/9/17 10:34 A
Enjoying my morning with a fire burning hot, cooking maple bacon on the wood cookstove. 19°F outside MRSMCSKINNY 25 KSTEVERSON
12/9/17 8:26 P
Made these last night for breakfast this morning....they are sooooo good...they have a different tex ST3PH 11 ST3PH
12/17/17 7:01 A
12/9/17 4:30 P
I do this too often. : ( BERRY4 14 LIVEDAILY
12/9/17 6:41 P
Salad and wine in front of a cozy fireplace! #hyggelig GRATTECIELLA 28 LIVEDAILY
12/8/17 3:33 P
12/8/17 5:15 P
The term "Functional Training" bugs me. You can't truly target "functional" moves, because ALL form NANCYANNE55 2 BERRY4
12/15/17 12:18 A
I ate the most delicious blackberries last night. REEDSKI 9 KATHYJO56
12/8/17 12:14 A
Enjoy your day ;) MARINEMAMA 15 REGILIEH
12/7/17 8:02 P
Not fitness related, but I'm a proud mama! My youngest daughter, a junior at IU, received a music a NANCYANNE55 12 EO4WELLNESS
12/8/17 1:51 A
Tonight I roasted brussel sprouts, cauliflower, asparagus, red onion, a jalapeño pepper, and zucchin REEDSKI 27 CANDYLIND
12/6/17 11:19 P
Coworkers invited me to go to Golden Corral at lunch for a little Christmas get-together. Eek! My SUGIRL06 6 NANCYANNE55
12/6/17 5:45 P
Needs to refocus on me and my health. RUTHSJOURNEY 14 JOCELYNH711
12/7/17 6:02 A
Just yoga and foam rolling this morning. Felt so good! NANCYANNE55 5 EO4WELLNESS
12/7/17 1:52 A
From "Surprisingly Unstuck" by Maria Brilaki: "...keep in mind that relying on willpower, just like BERRY4 9 LIVEDAILY
12/5/17 11:22 A
If we do try to form too many habits at the same time, we'll end up right back where we started: sha BERRY4 8 LIVEDAILY
12/5/17 11:20 A
Legs with focus on my bootie got hammered this morning. Now it's off to get ready for work! NANCYANNE55 2 EO4WELLNESS
12/5/17 12:49 P
Good Morning!!! Feeling Blessed! ESMITH731 40 MBLANKFORD
12/5/17 11:31 A
Rebounding-December Challenge EO4WELLNESS 12 NANCYANNE55
12/4/17 8:55 A
Posted a photo REEDSKI 26 MPLSKEN
12/4/17 1:31 P
Was worried about my back yesterday. A massage and muscle relaxants did the trick: Praise God I am NANCYANNE55 2 EO4WELLNESS
12/4/17 12:43 P
Day 6 of the Squat challenge I'm doing this month complete. EO4WELLNESS 9 NANCYANNE55
12/1/17 4:46 P
Shoulder Challenge complete EO4WELLNESS 4 NANCYANNE55
12/1/17 8:43 A
Sparkpeople TV videos I did this morning. Warm-Up 6-minute 9-Minute Seated Arm and Shoulder Workou REEDSKI 10 JAMER123
12/2/17 12:19 A
Is the holiday season kicking anyone else's butt? NANCYANNE55 5 BERRY4
12/2/17 2:16 A
SparkStretchers...😏What are some ways that yall get yourselves to take the time to stretch???!!! � JESSICA0431 3 NANCYANNE55
11/30/17 9:08 A
Posted a goal JESSICA0431 41 NANCYANNE55
11/30/17 9:07 A
Just got home from work & errands; just not hungry. Or more truthful: not enough energy to think abo BERRY4 6 BERRY4
12/6/17 8:52 P
Was going to work out this morning, but it got away from me. If I have time I'll hit it today, but NANCYANNE55 3 EO4WELLNESS
11/30/17 11:38 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 24 KILTORE
11/29/17 6:23 P
Just yoga today. Makes for a more relaxing morning! NANCYANNE55 3 ALLENJOSEPH
11/29/17 9:41 A
Back, bi's, delts, and calves done. Now to get beautified for work! NANCYANNE55 3 EO4WELLNESS
11/28/17 1:25 P
Lost 3 so excited🙀 KATHIFAYE 5 HAWKTHREE
11/25/17 8:46 A
Been feeling better little by little, I think because I'm trying to increase my water intake! KINYA4571 5 JULIENSMITH
11/26/17 3:17 P
Have a great Saturday NEPTUNE1939 3 PATRICIA-CR
11/25/17 9:50 A
Don't text while driving today NEPTUNE1939 5 HAWKTHREE
11/25/17 8:45 A
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 29 WHYTEBROWN
11/25/17 10:19 A
WOOHOO My Lowest on many, many years!! From 288 to 173.6 is 114.4 GONE sp far! TY Sparks and All o DIANEDOESSMILES 183 TCDRAGON54
11/26/17 10:28 P
I've been a slacker- Thanksgiving and yesterday I didn't work out. But we had a relaxing Thanksgivi NANCYANNE55 4 L_DROUIN
11/25/17 8:47 A
Happy Thanksgiving friends!!!! Enjoy :) MARINEMAMA 24 NANCYANNE55
11/24/17 8:30 A
The scale thrilled me this morning. 165.5 After a week of gaining due to little exercise and sodiu REEDSKI 13 MPLSKEN
11/24/17 11:44 P
Day 2 completed! Actually did 15 minutes cardio plus the weight workout MICHARM 16 MICHARM
11/24/17 10:44 A
Overall, did good on my Thanksgiving eating. No sugar, one serving of everything but the one thing NANCYANNE55 5 AUNTRENEE
11/24/17 8:32 A
Happy Thanksgiving, Sparkfriends! NANCYANNE55 7 EO4WELLNESS
11/24/17 1:32 A
Running late! NANCYANNE55 5 BERRY4
11/23/17 2:29 A
Someone asked me on my status yesterday how my new curl bar and assistance band set have expanded my NANCYANNE55 2 EO4WELLNESS
11/16/17 11:43 A
The new curl bar and assistance bands are a game changer in my home gym. So many new exercises are NANCYANNE55 5 GYMRAT54
11/16/17 9:03 A
I didn’t start my journey until July but here is a picture from last Christmas and a picture from to JMSKREDE 252 PWILLOW1
11/13/17 8:44 P
Week #1 down 3 lbs. #progressmade BRITTNY818HAIR 101 AMING4ACES
11/13/17 2:34 P
Pulled a little muscle in my inner thigh during my leg workout this morning. A few modifications we NANCYANNE55 4 EO4WELLNESS
11/13/17 2:57 P
11/10/17 9:37 A
GREAT birthday yesterday- Hit the gym hard with an upper body workout this morning to undo some of t NANCYANNE55 3 EO4WELLNESS
11/10/17 1:50 P
Posted a photo KPROULX1 218 LOSER05
11/9/17 8:34 P
45 minutes of legs with focus on glutes. Great way to start my 51st birthday! NANCYANNE55 10 LISALGB
11/12/17 6:37 P
35 lbs in 8 weeks is losing 4 lbs a week correct? SAMMEB17 22 LKBRIDGE
11/7/17 1:45 P
Feels so amazing to be running again! Embracing my pace... moving is moving. 😀👍🏻 RUDITUDI2000 10 NANCYANNE55
11/7/17 8:28 A
Skull crushers are so much easier with my new curl bar. Just sayin'....... NANCYANNE55 6 WANNATHIN
11/8/17 2:20 A
Have a great week! REEDSKI 14 4CONNIESHEALTH
11/8/17 12:59 P
Waking up to daylight was great! But not looking forward to the early dusk. NANHBH 18 NANCYANNE55
11/6/17 8:23 A
15 min. warm up, weights, and stretch. I usually have time for more in the morning. Hopefully I'll REEDSKI 4 MPLSKEN
11/7/17 12:25 A
The whole family got a cold. I took yesterday to be a sloth, medicate, and let my body heal. So my NANCYANNE55 10 NANHBH
11/6/17 11:16 P
Sugar is a killer. And the sugar industry and quite a few nutrition and medical researchers have kno MSBOOTCAMP 7 MSBOOTCAMP
12/9/17 7:13 P
Some days it just helps! that is! ; ) BERRY4 13 NANCYANNE55
11/4/17 8:18 A
Eating really well today!!!! That is my biggest challenge. Cardio and legs tonight at the gym MICHARM 11 NANCYANNE55
11/4/17 8:17 A
Posted a photo BERRY4 12 NIGHTGLOW
11/5/17 2:14 A
Well it has been along week.from a write up at work. The 6th grade Church Class Be CRAZY And UNRULEY REDDYOUNG 5 GARDENCHRIS
11/4/17 12:58 P