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Over 10k steps already today. So this is a well-earned snack! And a table decorated with beautiful f GRATTECIELLA 20 SPARKLINGME176
8/23/17 2:40 P
45 minutes aerobics done. Tthat's 2 down, 2 to go! NANCYANNE55 1 NANCYANNE55
8/23/17 10:58 A
In addition to lifting and walking my sweet dog, I want to get four 45-minute cardio sessions in thi NANCYANNE55 3 CURLYLADEE
8/22/17 12:17 P
First run back after vacation! GRATTECIELLA 7 NANCYANNE55
8/21/17 8:44 A
Overnight oats prepped! Tomorrow is going to be a good day. #dailydeliciousmoment GRATTECIELLA 12 WHYTEBROWN
8/21/17 10:33 P
Today I want to track everything I eat. Day 1 04GRAMMY 13 NANCYANNE55
8/21/17 8:44 A
Back to heavy lifting! Yay! NANCYANNE55 2 7STIGGYMT
8/21/17 8:47 A
Excited! So close to a full pull up today! Definitely got up 3/4 of the way several times! Woot! S MARINEMAMA 11 MEMEQ2
8/21/17 12:23 P
Back from a really great vacation – away from home and away from Spark too! I didn't track my food, GRATTECIELLA 18 LIVEDAILY
8/20/17 8:58 P
I completed Coach Nicole's 28 Day Bootcamp with great results. I am now doing the Sweatsuit to Swim REEDSKI 11 MEROBERTS21
8/21/17 8:08 A
Well, I certainly went haywire yesterday! After 4 weeks of no sugar and no bread, crackers etc I pra METCHOSINITE 8 SUNSHINE65
8/20/17 1:05 P
40 DOWN! I'm going strong 5 months in! I've had lots of food battles this month, but I'm not ready t TML267 164 MIRAGE727
8/20/17 9:57 P
Noticed my clothes are fitting a little loosely today. I'll take that as a plus! JBUHAY3 4 RETAT60
8/20/17 12:26 P
Today I'm having some problems with soreness on the bottom of my feet. Staying off them all I can. NANCYANNE55 2 LUCKYCRIM1231
8/20/17 2:17 P
Sad to be saying goodbye to beautiful Sunriver, Oregon. See you next year! GRATTECIELLA 11 LAPPEROO
8/20/17 12:20 A
Still did my push-ups, even on vacation - my husband was impressed! GRATTECIELLA 19 NANCYANNE55
8/19/17 12:00 P
Had a chance to try rowing (in a rowboat, not a rowing machine) on this beautifully serene lake. Gre GRATTECIELLA 22 LAPPEROO
8/20/17 12:19 A
My oldest son, who has Down's, is here for the weekend. He lives in an excellent group home and eve NANCYANNE55 35 GRACED777
8/20/17 6:00 A
Not everyone is inherently optimistic. For those of us who are NOT... I found this supportive help: BERRY4 5 _RAMONA
8/18/17 3:51 P
Finished a treadmill workout and strength session despite being sleepy and I'm proud! DRGONABFIT 9 NANCYANNE55
8/18/17 8:43 A
Mowed the lawn the other day for exercise. Now my shoes are green 😄 RUTHSJOURNEY 16 GRACED777
8/18/17 10:06 A
Was going to go for a walk with my dog yesterday and had a visitor trying to get to my bird feeder � NISSANGIRL 118 MARINEMAMA
8/19/17 6:34 P
Loving my new lifting routine! NANCYANNE55 2 GRACED777
8/18/17 10:04 A
When in doubt about what to say, take advice from Thumper: "If you can't say somethin' nice, don't NANCYANNE55 8 CONNIET88
8/18/17 6:50 A
8/17/17 10:52 A
After 8 weeks of intense training, this week I'm taking it easy getting to know my new lifting routi NANCYANNE55 4 GRACED777
8/17/17 5:04 A
Time for a short workout :) smiles MARINEMAMA 13 NANCYANNE55
8/16/17 2:46 P
The dreaded bathroom selfie! #Accountabili ity Maintained 50 lb loss for 3+ yrs now, would like to lo PROVING_IT 10 I-AM-TITANIUM
8/16/17 8:52 P
2nd day of no coffee, I have a very mild headache. But I save 160 calories everyday. I don't like bl SUMMERFODRIE 19 JOCELYNH711
8/18/17 6:53 A
Is there a bonus points wheel on the phone app? I can't find it. NANCYANNE55 2 REDYNSE
8/14/17 4:32 P
I have went back to my old eatting habits and stopped exercising for several months. I decided to st MISSLADYT33 40 JTHEALTHY1
8/13/17 9:03 P
Out of town and not eating the best, but have managed to get in a long, fast walk each morning. NANCYANNE55 3 GRACED777
8/14/17 6:04 A
Will have to find a before full length, lol. Anyway I have been working my butt off at the gym for FERGUSONP53 8 FERGUSONP53
8/11/17 9:50 P
My present for reaching a 10lb goal! Marie is my spirit guide. GOODFELINE 25 GEORGE815
8/10/17 8:58 P
Last day of my 8-week trainer-created program. I finished strong. So nice to get through it injury NANCYANNE55 6 BERRY4
8/13/17 10:23 P
My favorite kind of weight lifting today- Strait sets! NANCYANNE55 2 CHKCHNC
8/9/17 5:19 P
Farmers market is my happy place! The kids love all the produce, especially using the cucumbers as t GRATTECIELLA 16 LIVEDAILY
8/9/17 3:41 P
Mmm... chicken and provolone. FITMAMA_ 10 MDCALIFORNIA
8/8/17 8:30 P
Made it through 4 rounds of my circuit in 40 minutes this morning. Last week to do it, and this was NANCYANNE55 5 GRACED777
8/9/17 1:22 A
I'm a big olive oil and balsamic vinegar person but sometimes you see something in the store you got REEDSKI 12 GLORYB83
8/8/17 8:34 P
Had to work today but got up super early to lift. NANCYANNE55 2 GRACED777
8/8/17 1:06 A
Found a really pretty walking trail near my in-laws' house! GRATTECIELLA 31 WHYTEBROWN
8/6/17 11:09 P
Thinking about doing whole30 again.....need to get eats in control. MARINEMAMA 15 NANCYANNE55
8/6/17 1:59 P
I've always like mine with raisins. CHKCHNC 8 CHERRYZMB60
8/6/17 2:28 P
#keto lunch: hard boiled eggs, roasted garlic mayo, smoked salmon and olives on top. Too lazy to mak PIPPAMOUSE 9 LRJUSTUS1
8/7/17 4:36 P
Welp. If i am good at math(im not..thanks brain injury) anyways, about 81 days until my one and only MISSA 5 ALICIA214
8/6/17 2:18 P
Okay everybody I did my calf raises!! This is on the bottom step at the house!! I did 4 sets of 20 s GPALMER29 9 SHANTRA7
8/6/17 2:12 P
It's a day for worship and rest. I'm about to go examine the back of my eyelids! NANCYANNE55 6 KOHLRABIGIRL
8/6/17 3:09 P
Good morning :). I have been struggling with my motivation lately. Making bad food choices. I took MARINEMAMA 64 NANCYANNE55
8/5/17 4:37 P
It has been a very long week. Hot over 100. Did national night out for work had over 100 people. Did REDDYOUNG 15 NANCYANNE55
8/5/17 4:36 P
Good morning sparklers :). Let's make today great. It's leg day for me :) MARINEMAMA 13 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
8/6/17 8:08 A
Really great upper body and abs workout today! (I had been planning to go biking, but bikes were all GRATTECIELLA 14 WHYTEBROWN
8/6/17 11:10 P
Squats done! Every morning. GRATTECIELLA 12 SOFLOKITTY
8/6/17 8:29 A
BFL: breakfast for lunch! #deliciousdailymoment GRATTECIELLA 11 WHYTEBROWN
8/6/17 11:09 P
I honestly don't know where I would be if it weren't for weight lifting. I'm no athlete- Never had NANCYANNE55 6 GPALMER29
8/6/17 8:58 P
5 days later and my vacation weight is 1 pound fro MICHAYLAERS 2 NANCYANNE55
8/3/17 10:53 A
After a long night if very little sleep due to thunder storms, I was not wanting to go on my morning LINDZZ3 11 M46074
8/3/17 5:52 P
Figured I'd ask everyone... this bug landed out of nowhere today on top of my pancake bottle at brea WARRIORGIRL121 15 WARRIORGIRL121
8/5/17 11:06 P
New Goal: Get body fat down low enough that I can run outside without worrying about my backside jig NANCYANNE55 3 BERRY4
8/4/17 11:09 P
Well, the good news about clearing up a horrible misunderstanding about something I posted is that I NANCYANNE55 5 BERRY4
8/4/17 11:09 P
I got a new planner and it has this handy dandy sheet at the beginning of every month. Perfect spot SUGIRL06 12 GINGERB13
8/3/17 11:59 A
In case you needed more evidence that weight loss doesn't go in a straight line ... but the general GRATTECIELLA 11 SPARKARINA
8/3/17 10:19 A
Had to do cardio in-between lifting today because I didn't have time for both! NANCYANNE55 4 GRATTECIELLA
8/2/17 1:30 P
Lunch al fresco! Black beans and turkey avocado wraps, accompanied by fresh veggies and fruit. GRATTECIELLA 15 -POOKIE-
8/2/17 6:27 A
46 days without rain in the Pacific North"wet". (No rain in forecast for at least another 7-10 days. BERRY4 15 _RAMONA
8/16/17 1:21 A
Had to skip stretching this morning to get to work in time. VERY unusual! Should have saved the ro NANCYANNE55 4 GRACED777
8/3/17 1:18 A
Hurting from the couple of days I spent working. Standing on those concrete floors with nothing but NANCYANNE55 5 NANCYANNE55
7/31/17 8:59 A
Along with Day 9 of the Coach Nicole 28 Day Bootcamp I did a short Mind Body Meditation. I clicked REEDSKI 10 NANCYANNE55
7/30/17 12:33 P
My sidekick and I are cleaning out the refrigerator. Makes it so much easier to prepare meals when y GRATTECIELLA 17 LAPPEROO
7/30/17 11:12 P
Posted a goal REEDSKI 5 NANCYANNE55
7/29/17 8:48 A
12469 steps at work in jeans and,work boots wonder how many extra calories that burns LOL DRBARNETT 4 NANCYANNE55
7/29/17 8:47 A
I went over approx. 230 calories. I burned approx. 125 calories exercising. 🤔 I think I better do REEDSKI 6 NANCYANNE55
7/29/17 8:47 A
Woke up a ram with bad cramp in calf DRBARNETT 7 NANCYANNE55
7/29/17 8:46 A
Why, in the fitness tracker, is the only option for heavy lifting with no rest between sets? It's a NANCYANNE55 4 GYMRAT54
7/30/17 1:26 P
7/27/17 8:58 P