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Well here it goes, after deciding I need to lose weight about 5 times, I've decided to start for rea CHRISTOPHERNALL 195 KATHIFAYE
11/8/17 5:21 A
Getting married in 5 months!! It's time to try to slim down! GARDENINGIRL 18 ZRIE014
11/6/17 1:34 A
Start KMARITZ 17 ZRIE014
11/6/17 1:53 A
#BeforeAndAfter I have reached my goal weight!!! Huge day for me. Yahoo!!!! MIZ-FENTON 313 HOPEANN327
11/7/17 9:08 P
11/3/17 10:28 P
Cucumber lemon water helps increase you’re metabolism. I’m 24 years old and used to drink a lot of a COOLEY135 178 MOGLO
11/4/17 10:29 A
I may be ugly to the world, but I just have to remind myself that I am beautiful in God's image. AMYMBUNCH 124 GIANTOCR1
10/24/17 9:41 A
Omg!!!!!!!! I did it!!!!! Today marks a record for me. I lost a 100lbs!!!!! Time to Celebrate!!!! πŸ… MIZ-FENTON 257 DRBARNETT
11/13/17 4:06 P
I’m not one to post pictures but I feel brave today. had my daughter-in-law and granddaughter help m TBRYAN-LU 250 PEGGY-BEE
11/17/17 12:02 P
Look who just received her M.Ed in Leadership 33 pounds lighter! MISSCNJ 64 HIKINGSD
10/15/17 3:35 A
My view almost every morning KEELY128 20 MOGLO
10/14/17 4:32 A
#BeforeAndAfter #SameShirt Still a ways to go, but I was feeling down and I couldn't notice much o MONICACONQUERS 220 MONICACONQUERS
10/17/17 1:38 A
10/13/17 12:32 A
Got married to the man of my dreams! 10|7|2017. I feel super blessed ❀ DSA7259 221 MAO-MIAOWS
11/14/17 1:20 P
#BeforeAndAfter This is truly a before & During. The work is unfinished, and once I hit the goal I STARGAZERLILIEZ 68 I_GET_BY
10/10/17 9:55 P
July 24th I started my healthy life. Weighing in at 260lbs was the heaviest I've ever been. As of to VIRIGINIAIKA4 80 TMP0418
10/9/17 5:35 A
Hi everyone. I'm new to the party. 30 years old, 400 lbs, ready to change. BLAKE87 236 SARAHNRICKY1
10/9/17 9:27 A
This speaks to me! MICHARM 28 INSPIRED26
10/6/17 3:37 P
Starting my journey at 222lbs S21754 66 TMP0418
10/5/17 6:25 A
Wow! Never thought I could do a Before and After pic! 52lbs down.. JHENYARD 206 INSPIRED26
10/5/17 9:31 A
Making the decision to turn your life around is a THEJACKIEDEAN12 146 CONNIET88
10/2/17 8:13 A
205 pounds to 135 #BeforeAndAfter BECCANNE911 168 PBVHCCVH
9/30/17 3:06 P
So good Sunday to all......316.6 is the weigh in today. Since I can aboard the first week in Septemb HISGRACE4METS 123 HISGRACE4METS
9/25/17 10:48 P
I did a thing today... joined PF! On Weds I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I plan on kicking ERICKAS72 43 REBECCAM17
9/24/17 2:29 A
Today marks the 3 month mark that I decided to change my life around. That I got sick and tired of b MANONAMISSION73 40 TMP0418
10/9/17 5:35 P
This is my first time posting a side by side picture. I have always (and still do) hate having my pi TIME4ME2017 215 MDOWER1
9/16/17 8:24 P
93 pounds gone forever. Love this Healthy new lifestyle! It was hard work. Now to maintain. I have m MISAIS 231 TRANSPO12345
9/14/17 11:37 A
Pic on the left is today. Pic on the right is 1 year ago. Progress is slow and not easy. But I will SINGLEMOMKS 119 YAHUBAM
9/14/17 7:15 A
I not officially finished yet but I started off at 291 with no hope in my self but I officially hit MOISTNUGGET 306 ABELSYAYA2013
9/14/17 1:46 P
Guys!! So far I've lost 45 pounds and have a brand new reason to keep going and stay motivated! I go MIKAILA86 258 REBECCAM17
9/11/17 12:26 A
Tomorrow I'm going to the doctor for a physical. I THEJACKIEDEAN12 307 NOCALORIES
8/24/17 12:47 A
30 lbs down! 20 more to go! It took me a year but that's because I LOVE food, Lol! But consistent ex MGRANATO 238 PLCHAPPELL
8/18/17 5:26 A
Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would be down 90lbs. I am literally 10lbs from MIZ-FENTON 309 SPARTANJAI
8/15/17 10:28 P
Those who follow me have seen this before pic of me but I know somebody out there could use a little FITSISTA79 207 WOMANOFLOVE
8/12/17 12:39 A
Wow it feels good down from 16 to 8 MYJERR4ME 144 GOIN4IT233
8/7/17 3:27 A
I needed this so bad! I was getting hangry! #mobilechat SUMMERFODRIE 27 RAERAERAE62
8/6/17 10:54 P
Please say "I can!" Today! These were size 22 sho A04867 290 SCYANKEE46
8/4/17 8:35 A
Off topic, but going to a wedding solo next week. First dressy event since I lost the weight. I boug FIBROMITE87 266 DSJB9999
8/8/17 3:57 P
Comparison shot! After dropping 130 lbs! QUEENJOAN124 230 SASYPHRAS
8/4/17 7:20 P
Got my workout in and its my birthday πŸ’•πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ CHRISTINA332017 306 PAMMIPOO
7/30/17 4:32 P
My name is Eddie. Went to the doctor for the first time in 9 years. I'm 35, 350lbz. My blood sugar a EDDIECR 301 _LINDA
7/24/17 11:42 P
Down 76lbs since October 2nd!! Size 22 to size 8/10 and the best part by far is how I feel! Never sa A04867 207 CHERRYZMB60
7/23/17 9:35 P
I started at 325lbs I am down to 280. I want to get to 200lbs. Wish me luck. BYRONLEONARD 127 MOTIVATED36732
7/23/17 5:46 A
Today marks four months of my commitment to eating healthy and exercising daily. I have been feeling NATIVEDESIRES 21 KBOUGHE1
7/16/17 9:22 P
Day 1, my heaviest @368 lbs. Long journey ahead. Watch out world, here I come! BCOMINGPIGLET 204 TTUCKERMCGILL
7/14/17 6:26 A
Yahoo broke my stall, loss , 8 pounds since my stall. Total weight loss 100 pounds. S02526 302 INPRAYER
7/12/17 11:38 P
Turns out Luna has advanced cancer. Currently at the vet while they perform the necessary procedure SSMITH762 293 MARINEMAMA
7/12/17 7:53 A
This is me last summer in green shirt with my oldest who is forward, this summer, 110lbs DIANEPAG 305 NVRGIVINGUP
7/13/17 11:12 A
58 pounds gone!!!! I now weigh just one pound more than my hubby, never in a million years did I e PHOXYM 161 CHER1GMA
7/3/17 8:32 P
2017 on the left, 2013 on the right NEVERQUITGETFIT 305 DEBWALKER60
7/15/17 11:05 A
On my wall.....I fill it in each time I reach a target 🎯. TIGERLADY77 139 ADRIENALINE
7/2/17 3:12 P
Size 20 I haven't been this size in almost 10yrs still not were I want to be but very proud of mysel KRISSIE096 135 SUCHADIVA215
6/26/17 7:55 P
Went to my 35 year class reunion this weekend feeling so much healthier ... 80 pounds lighter .. 3 y DCOX12 180 ELENASU_
6/27/17 11:36 A
6/26/17 9:41 A
6/26/17 7:43 A
Lol I won. Technically I was in last place for the DEBYDOINGIT 192 FITWITHIN
6/25/17 5:45 A
I finally made it to ONEderland! Yaaaay me! AURORA91 258 SAN47BEE
6/24/17 2:10 A
356-260 Currently 247 JENNIANN625 210 VIV1914
6/20/17 1:31 P
Posted a photo WAISTNAWAY 192 DLD2DLD
6/15/17 8:12 A
fairly new to the site (12 days). this is my before, after, and before pic. went from 292 - 09/201 RAVENJAE 247 WENDYM29
6/14/17 1:54 A
I had not seen my ex in about 2 years and 105lbs. I saw him today. ... he actually stuttered. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌ OVERDUECHANGE 279 LITTLEMIRACLES
6/23/17 11:33 A
Today I am starting over I've tried so many times in the past and have given up so many times more. BRIAMIDDLETON 306 GOODGETNBETR
7/19/17 9:05 P
This is my first time trying this program. I'm happy to be here :) CCRAIG1771 190 MDOWER1
6/13/17 5:17 A
Woooooo hooooo!!!!!!! BETTYWEST824 125 FITWITHIN
6/12/17 5:55 A
Dedication is definitely the key guysπŸ’ͺ🏾 Hopes this motivate someone todayπŸ’‹ 2016FITQUEEN 37 CHERIRIDDELL
6/8/17 12:52 A
I am 353 lbs beginning my journey to 150 lbs! I am going to do this! CHRISSIANN 305 MERRYJO1
6/5/17 8:18 P
Still got 50 more lbs to lose. But I feel so nice these days. Went out and bought me two new dresses STUFFY864 303 FLASUN
6/6/17 4:13 A
Looks like my 8 week Fitplan just turned into a 40 week Fit Pregnancy! Yaaayyy for baby! πŸ˜πŸ’– CHASINGFREEDOM 300 STAN_ORLOWSKI
6/3/17 3:33 A
I bought these dresses (with pockets!!!) on a Black Friday deal (about 41lbs ago), and though they'r OVERDUECHANGE 293 TRINIDARE
6/15/17 7:22 P
ZOMG! Fun surprise of the day, I found two dresses in the back of my closet that I'd forgotten about OVERDUECHANGE 142 HEALTH_NOW
5/31/17 11:27 P
I'm tired of starting over! I never post on any of these sites because I don't want to be judged. Yo AMYJO2486 326 MONANISA
5/30/17 10:44 P
Has anyone else ever tried eating off a kid's plate to help with portion control? JB65773 203 COOKWITHME65
10/1/17 4:09 A
Im new i just started so here i go DPEREZ874 304 DARLAE1
5/29/17 11:30 P
Yes. Was not sure I was losing until I found this old picture. Getting there MRSHURST88 189 MRSHURST88
6/3/17 12:22 A
87 lbs. down.... tracking everything truly helps a ton!! S85244 303 ANDYLIN90
5/26/17 2:04 A