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At 5'2", this is totally me! MRSPOTATOHEAD83 8 YAYOZHIK
2/7/18 4:02 P
My lower back is killing me. Just sitting in the recliner hurts. Anyone know exercises that will eit MRSPOTATOHEAD83 5 DCT2018
2/6/18 3:30 P
2/5/18 7:21 P
2/5/18 6:44 P
2/5/18 5:37 P
2/1/18 11:02 A
10 minute bursts at a time.... MRSPOTATOHEAD83 1 MRSPOTATOHEAD83
2/1/18 10:39 A
Finally getting back into workouts after being sick. Feels good, but feels like starting over even t MRSPOTATOHEAD83 5 ZINGIE825
2/1/18 10:38 A
Good morning Sparkers, today I choose to have to have a Happy Healthy Weds and I wish you one too ! STEEPERSLOUNGE 10 ALEXTHEHUN
1/31/18 6:21 P
Well I made it into and out of the 230s. I hit 229.4 this morning. MRSPOTATOHEAD83 5 SASRA1
1/27/18 1:53 P
If I seem to be a little MIA lately, I'm just dealing with some gallbladder issues MRSPOTATOHEAD83 3 KIMLADYBUG
1/26/18 9:33 P
Do you know that if you eat a whole plate of onion rings and a cup of chili for lunch, then you are AUGUSTAGLOOP 7 ALATONA
1/25/18 10:51 P
In a slump? Consider getting rid of your microwave! It has been 2.5 years since we made the decisio KACKLEY5 13 GOODFELINE
1/25/18 5:45 P
Not a good day for me. I've had a whopping 500 calories today. That's all I could get down. Spent mo MRSPOTATOHEAD83 2 BERRY4
1/24/18 10:13 P
Averaged 11 glasses for the 7 days #h2whoa JAMER123 7 DAWNWATERWOMAN
1/24/18 10:04 P
I planned out my meals but starting with the leftovers I know I wanna eat then check the nutrition r MRSPOTATOHEAD83 8 MRSPOTATOHEAD83
1/23/18 2:13 P
Hat's off πŸ‘’ here's to another gr8 week another 2.4 loss woo hoo. This has been fun and hard I just TMP0418 158 B_RAZORSHARP
1/24/18 5:31 P
After bring really sick for a week my weight went from 160 to 155ish. Once eat and exercise returned FREEZE2B 58 LALATIDAH
1/23/18 1:25 P
It's like the reward for doing the workout MRSPOTATOHEAD83 3 _LINDA
1/23/18 6:57 P
Energizing my day MRSPOTATOHEAD83 5 _LINDA
1/23/18 6:59 P
I tried dragon fruit for the first time. Very expensive here on the Dakota prairie but pretty good. ROVONEYE 11 PAMMYLBEAR
1/23/18 10:53 A
Saw this and thought it was a great idea NIKKIGONZALEZ 180 CRYSFOOTE
1/23/18 9:08 A
Supper is prepped and ready to go. All I have to do after the game is pop it in the oven for 20 when MRSPOTATOHEAD83 6 CMG21414
1/22/18 5:26 P
LOL! My daughter is closet eating wrong. Caught her red handed hiding behind a chair in the livingro MRSPOTATOHEAD83 8 FIDDLISH
1/22/18 5:38 P
Fell off track this last week especially bad this weekend with the whole house feeling sick and run CYUZYK 6 ROBINVOTAW
1/22/18 1:57 P
My beautiful princess is finally feeling better it makes me so happy 😸 we love you sparkies TMP0418 18 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
1/22/18 8:43 P
Sometimes we move fast, sometimes slow, but we keep moving! JSTETSER 8 1958TMC
1/22/18 7:33 P
Got up, worked out, and made a delicious breakfast! Great way to start a new week and a new day! COOKIEHUNTER06 4 LINDASOUTHER
1/22/18 12:13 P
Looks like I'm gaining weight back to where I started. I don't eat a lot either! But I eat more fat SSTALBOERGER 6 AMARO_SIRENE
1/22/18 12:44 P
Since I only wear contacts for workouts and dates with my husband these days, I splurged on a new pa SGDISIS 305 SGDISIS
1/24/18 9:53 A
Love my new Cast Iron Teapot with infuser. Heading into my sixth week no "added sugar! " STEEPERSLOUNGE 6 MOOGIEBEE
1/22/18 12:56 P
#BeforeAndAfter I was just seeing the difference. Not goal weight, but getting closer. IBELIEVE712 10 IBELIEVE712
1/22/18 10:58 A
I have been over weight for about 4 years now.When BLANCHE3MCCARDE 164 GABIRUSZCZAK
1/22/18 9:49 A
I started Spark People today. I’m not sure what to expect. My goal is to lose 70lbs. I’ve failed mis MOMONVACATION 302 WAWPROPERTYMANA
1/22/18 9:30 P
Picked up fabric today to make this Spring Jacket in a smaller size. Off to enjoy an Art Show. Happ STEEPERSLOUNGE 5 DEE107
1/21/18 2:22 P
I have't seen the scale move yet. My pants aren't getting loose. My friends and family haven't notic LANNWLSN 139 SEXESHARONJONES
1/21/18 7:01 P
This right here is why I LOVE sparkpeople! My hubby has this tradition of making a big unhealthy bre MRSPOTATOHEAD83 8 CMG21414
1/21/18 1:50 P
1/21/18 9:26 A
Not difficult to drink lots when flavored. #h2whoa JAMER123 5 HOLDINGMYOWN
1/21/18 10:00 A
1/20/18 7:33 P
First time since surgery one month ago that I've run. I walked a good bit because I couldn't go very LKMANNING7 34 DIALYSISCHIC1
2/4/18 8:19 A
Posted a photo KATBRUNNER 13 TMP0418
1/21/18 11:13 A
I'm officially down 10.8 lbs! When you have 100 lbs to loose. It can be bitter sweet. It's a bit abo MRSPOTATOHEAD83 7 FIDDLISH
1/20/18 9:49 P
Posted a photo 2FAT2FISH 3 RAZZOOZLE
1/20/18 7:35 P
1/20/18 2:21 P
Does work with the new firestick but the voice control doesn't work? Or do they not w MRSPOTATOHEAD83 4 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/20/18 10:33 P
Posted a photo SANDYGG75 11 LAH1222
1/19/18 11:52 P
I've come to the realization that when you finally put your mind to do something & put in the work, DEVANNAO 8 SADIEMYERS
1/19/18 9:24 P
I really didn't want to workout today. My two little ones have the stomach flu and being up all nigh MRSPOTATOHEAD83 6 NANCYPAT1
1/19/18 9:09 P
I seriously LOVE quinoa. I mean seriously where have you been all my life! MRSPOTATOHEAD83 2 LUANN_IN_PA
1/18/18 3:11 P
You know a funny thing about having your tongue numb from the dentist? Food doesn't taste right MRSPOTATOHEAD83 1 MRSPOTATOHEAD83
1/18/18 2:50 P
Almost feel euphoric after my work out MRSPOTATOHEAD83 1 MRSPOTATOHEAD83
1/18/18 9:07 A
Feels so good to have this done because my day is about to get hectic. MRSPOTATOHEAD83 2 SONIAHUTCHINS63
1/18/18 12:10 P
My baby kitten is growing and he is telling me to leave him alone so he can eat! ROVONEYE 13 JASONSAIN247
1/18/18 9:23 A
You can do this! ❀ SANAABUBACKER 19 GOIN4IT233
1/18/18 12:35 A
I'm pregnant CJONES779 3 MSBOOTCAMP
1/17/18 11:16 P
Rough day when the pulmonologist says they want to see me drop 20% of my weight before they will do MEKALD 4 FBEEZY
1/17/18 11:43 P
Just gonna leave this right here MYDREAMSIN2018 8 JAYLANJACKIE
2/4/18 12:15 P
Wish I ate like my 2 year old daughter. I let her pick out what she wanted for lunch and she wanted MRSPOTATOHEAD83 1 MRSPOTATOHEAD83
1/17/18 1:41 P
I had a stressful morning and wanted to stop and get a donut on my way to work...BUT I didn't. That' JENNIFERBR51 179 SONIAHUTCHINS63
1/18/18 12:04 P
Feels sooooo good after the workout. I don't know why anyone would skip it. MRSPOTATOHEAD83 2 RYCGIRL
1/17/18 11:51 A
1/17/18 11:51 A
My happy place is on my farm with my dog and kittens. ROVONEYE 14 MRSPOTATOHEAD83
1/16/18 10:19 P
Just in case anyone needs a little extra push today! Remember, you have all you need to succeed! MYDREAMSIN2018 7 JAYLANJACKIE
1/20/18 1:44 P
I wish you could β€œlike” comments on here because I love some of these IAN2409 7 CGARR442
1/17/18 9:14 P
Got lost in Ikea ! Best was all I bought was coffee. GGRSPARK 11 1CRAZYDOG
1/17/18 4:54 P
2/11/18 3:18 P
Did you have a good Tuesday? My highlight was exercise bike. How about you? SPARKGUY 39 SPDOINGIT
1/20/18 7:38 P
45 pounds gone. And this shirt was NOT purchased from the plus size section!! I am closer to my goal WHUTTAQT 93 PATSYGO
1/17/18 3:52 A
I started this ride 2016. 354lbs as of today, I'm 288 lbs! 38lbs to go. LAKEMAN1 132 PATSYGO
1/17/18 3:48 A
Okay, spark friends, I need a push. It's 8 pm and I haven't gotten in my 30 minutes. It's very tempt MRSPOTATOHEAD83 6 MYDREAMSIN2018
1/15/18 10:39 P
43 years old and 246 pounds. I eat my emotions and am starting to have health issues. I struggle w JOANNA0874 82 MCJULIEO
1/15/18 7:03 P
Down another 3.4 lbs for a total loss of 7.6 lbs since January 1. Feels amazing. MRSPOTATOHEAD83 6 STAR135000
1/15/18 4:38 P
1/15/18 4:59 P
What an amazing ending! #Skol Vikings! MRSPOTATOHEAD83 8 ELYSIAN_DREAMS
1/15/18 12:42 A