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This is a reminder that living a heathy lifestyle can work for everyone no matter how much you have 2BFREE2LIVE 24 CFITZ1
6/27/17 8:15 P
I finally made it to ONEderland! Yaaaay me! AURORA91 259 SAN47BEE
6/24/17 2:10 A
198 6-20-17 Today is breaking a heat record for the first time EVER recorded! 118. I was as SPARKLINGME176 10 JEANKNEE
6/22/17 3:50 P
My best time ever! 14:17 per mile for 5 miles! BJK1961 18 MRSFANCYLADY
6/21/17 12:56 P
So I know the last time I went to the doctor I was ALANAMARIE78 10 ALANAMARIE78
6/21/17 1:12 P
Well, hello "1" -- it's been two years since I've seen you. LKMANNING7 134 FISHGUT3
6/21/17 5:11 P
Tempted not to walk. Tempted to cut my walk in half. Tempted to skip the cove that rounds the route LKMANNING7 194 FISHGUT3
6/21/17 5:09 P
Todays pic 352 pounds down from 446 S02526 303 SOLOMUA
6/21/17 7:09 P
It's sad when your coach gets old and infirm...Daisy is my personal trainer. Over the 13 years we've ANITAJJ 15 MORTICIAADDAMS
6/20/17 11:36 A
Lost 10 pounds to get in this dress DIVAWOG 21 CIERAPOET
6/20/17 8:17 A
This journey is major stuff! Don't quit! Stay in the race! MRSFANCYLADY 5 LIVEDAILY
6/20/17 10:25 P
Hi!! I've been working out and eating better for a week now, and I feel GREAT!! My goal is to lose 6 TINAWHITE99 15 TINAWHITE99
6/20/17 11:43 A
Couldn't button this blouse on mother's day! JMASSEY4 28 KAMAHULME
6/20/17 3:51 A
I've lost 107lbs. and have maintained for a year. Now saving and planning for a tummy tuck, 😁. THUTCH65 87 MADEINBRITAIN
6/21/17 3:02 A
356-260 Currently 247 JENNIANN625 210 VIV1914
6/20/17 1:31 P
3 – Update Your Page KALISWALKER 62 BARBIE176
6/26/17 10:56 P
10 - Are You Prepared to Reach Your Goals? HICIM705 46 MYSONG_MYDANCE
6/26/17 6:30 P
11 - Tracking Your Progress With Measuring HICIM705 29 MYSONG_MYDANCE
6/26/17 6:38 P
Question & Answer - Ask & Answer? KALISWALKER 118 KHITEY
6/28/17 1:27 A
Top 3 To Do List KALISWALKER 139 LIN1263
6/28/17 3:01 A
3 Things to Be Happy About Today KALISWALKER 150 CLARE1952
6/28/17 4:24 A
My 1st 10 mile day. I'm ready to rest now. 😁 PAMBROWN62 9 MRSFANCYLADY
6/19/17 7:43 P
Awesome walk today. I'm beginning to be able to make 5 miles without dying. BJK1961 11 LIVEDAILY
6/20/17 10:26 P
Make your health a priority! MSROZZIE 5 MRSFANCYLADY
6/19/17 7:40 P
My first day here I'm ready to become a better and healthier me I've struggled over the years with f TBECKER10 29 KBOUGHE1
6/19/17 9:02 P
So I started on March 20th (pic on left) and pic on right is Father's day. Lost total of 55 lbs...n LOOSE1303 178 KAMAHULME
6/20/17 3:56 A
well this is my first day at a new life/ I am so tired of feeling bad about myself and not wanting DEBI4151 179 VIV1914
6/20/17 1:33 P
Today, I saw my sister off at the airport, outside of town. It took longer than i thought, even thou COMEBACKKID12 11 JOANNEJI
6/18/17 9:05 A
My peaceful place. REEDSKI 18 MPLSKEN
6/18/17 11:01 P
"Just have to learn portion control and drink, your water everyday that is what has helped, me to ge BHOLT_61 19 BHOLT_61
6/18/17 1:53 P
I will WIN ......I will! MRSFANCYLADY 8 LPORTER2015
6/17/17 1:42 P
6/19/17 2:03 P
I completed 4 Miracle Miles this morning. MSMAKEOVER 4 MRSFANCYLADY
6/16/17 3:52 P
Sigh...I can't seem to put the photo the right way!! I rode for 60+ minutes and almost 13 miles yes LIVEDAILY 8 CBASS30
6/18/17 5:50 P
I really wanted to cheat today and eat ice cream and drink a soda....but I didnt...yet. (one mountai DPROCTOR4444 5 RAERAERAE62
6/16/17 6:00 P
Bought a dress for the first time in over 10 years!!! Lost 55lbs so far and now I FINALLY feel good HMARIE1983 47 39JEANNIE
6/16/17 8:05 P
Started at 260. As of today...I'm down to 257!!!! So happy!!! BARBARAANNE11 20 ALSGIRL4
6/16/17 7:24 P
I met the homeless man last night. He didn't need food, but he did accept the use of the shower. H BJK1961 22 CBASS30
6/18/17 5:43 P
Never thought I would have this figure. A year ago today I was still in the 300's. Crazy. NEVERQUITGETFIT 174 KEATON753
6/19/17 2:13 P
99 lbs down wow this is truly amazing. I was hopin THEJACKIEDEAN12 216 M02453
6/22/17 8:11 A
Good morning everyone...happy Friday. Down 52 pounds now...have a great weekend CHERYL4846 266 RETAT60
6/16/17 7:47 P
Posted a photo JBUHAY3 5 KESTRYLL
6/15/17 1:25 A
I had a great workout yesterday with the suspensions straps & weights at my chiropractor's office fo BLAZINGSWORD 4 MRSFANCYLADY
6/15/17 12:04 A
New blog today! Check it out! From my newest blog, today 6-13-17: 195 A GREAT article:' SP SPARKLINGME176 4 MRSFANCYLADY
6/15/17 12:03 A
So, I never truly posted a "before" picture becaus SOUTHTXXRNNR 182 HAPPY92003
6/16/17 4:25 P
Air-conditioner fixed! Do these frozen coils look like powdered donuts, or have I been dieting too BJK1961 19 CBASS30
6/18/17 5:45 P
That's what I'm talking about! Even though the humidity has reached Jurassic levels, I did it! BJK1961 25 CBASS30
6/18/17 5:45 P
Not feeling well emotionally, weigh in today and I IAMJUSTME79 11 LASTDIET2017
6/15/17 1:12 A
First picture August 2016 Second picture June 11, 2017 Counting calories has been my answer. ALLBEARS2 44 VOODALI
6/15/17 1:35 A
As much as I'm not satisfied where I'm at weight wise,I'm happy that this shirt fits..6 months ago i JUSTSTICKWITHIT 54 TIGERSEYEHEART
6/16/17 4:33 P
Posted a photo WAISTNAWAY 192 DLD2DLD
6/15/17 8:12 A
I fit into this dress that was collecting dust in the back of the closet! I zipped it up myself and MSMOSTIMPROVED 117 GONNAWORKIT
6/15/17 8:37 A
I FIT INTO SIZE 16 PANTS TODAY!!! Sure it's a squeeze... but I haven't been able to even THINK about DREAMERSPIRITT 203 RYCGIRL
6/15/17 7:41 A
6/11/17 6:19 P
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your patience as I tried to send my blog link to ya'l CTYONIT 8 WALLAHALLA
6/10/17 10:09 P
I went from 212, my highest in late last summer to 183 today. But actually started logging in my wei BLAZINGSWORD 7 PICKIE98
6/11/17 12:48 P
Forty down! Still a lot to go, slow and steady. CARRIEMETODAY 40 CARRIEMETODAY
6/10/17 10:56 P
Down 34lbs since 3/2/17 NADIA2389 18 MOLUX252627
6/10/17 8:09 P
Just started using this app a couple weeks ago and I like it! I started my weight loss battle a few KEITHAVM 177 STRONGERLEANER
6/11/17 12:40 A
I'd like to share my arm picture after 56 lbs weight loss in just 15 weeks. I think I did good! It's ISNESS 5 LORI-K
6/10/17 10:31 P
Awesome job today!!👍 LOLLYRED 4 NICKY6MOM
6/10/17 1:01 A
Proof that tracking dedication works. I have been struggling lately, but rededicated myself to track SOUTHTXXRNNR 7 MRSFANCYLADY
6/9/17 11:15 P
Six months ago, I considered 2.5K steps a good day. Today. Thanks Fitbit. I will never be a 'couc PAMBROWN62 8 MRSFANCYLADY
6/9/17 11:13 P
Starting weight, 239.8. Today's weight, 197 and, guess what, I am no longer obese. I am overweight! PAMBROWN62 14 MRSFANCYLADY
6/9/17 11:13 P
When you stumble, don't crumble! MSROZZIE 8 1DAY-ATA-TIME
6/10/17 10:31 A
I've packed on so many pounds again! I'm now at my all time highest weight. I'm tired of losing and SWALLIS7 23 SCARLETFERN
6/10/17 1:45 A
6/10/17 9:34 A
This is my story... When i was 14 i started eating a lot of junk food to make me feel better..i was REYNA1995 7 9CRYSTALEE21
6/9/17 10:28 P
I had a great week, this was from today which was about my average each day since Sunday. I love wal MLSSA33 10 MRSFANCYLADY
6/9/17 9:58 P
Posted a photo HORHAYZ13 24 CLMEEDER
6/9/17 10:48 P
This is the area of Tennessee where I live. It is a beautiful site to see while on the streets of my SINGINGLADY_JLN 12 SILVAS7
6/12/17 9:03 A
Hello people. I am new here. Im a big girl and want to lose about 208 lbs. So i can have kids right REYNA1995 136 IMRAN99
6/10/17 6:08 A
Almost to my goal for the year of 165 down from 205. Sooo close. DAVIDPROPHET 151 SANAABUBACKER
6/10/17 4:00 A
I completed 5 Miracle Miles this morning. MSMAKEOVER 5 MSMAKEOVER
6/7/17 1:32 P
Have a healthy Monday! LPORTER2015 13 KOHINOOR2
6/5/17 11:57 P

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