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My sister died yesterday unexpectedly. Part of me is gone. NANCYPAT1 30 KALIGIRL
4/24/17 2:02 P
My almost twelve yr. old Springer Spaniel finally got taken from his cancer t his morning.His name i BENDER2016 9 MRSFANCYLADY
4/24/17 2:04 A
In case anyone missed it, the Rowdy Rebels won Second Place in Week 2 of the Spring 2017 Five-Percen BJK1961 3 MRSFANCYLADY
4/24/17 12:09 A
2 weeks ago I started counting calories. I know it's not much difference, but my face definitely loo SMU5020 22 NASFKAB
4/24/17 12:59 A
72lbs down! I still enjoy eating, I now love working out (through dancing mainly), and I'm more comf BORN2DANCE4GOD 103 LIVINGCREATIVE
4/24/17 5:14 A
Put on this outfit today after not wearing it for THEJACKIEDEAN12 215 MOUCHE
4/24/17 11:46 A
Me today at the gym. I actually went. I did the 12 minute ab workout and then did 10 minutes on the DCHAUDOIN 15 DJ4HEALTH
4/23/17 1:09 A
I fought REALLY hard this week - it paid off! Down 2 pounds! It has been a while since the scales MRSFANCYLADY 6 DENISE168
4/22/17 9:21 P
Posted a photo PAR1251 31 GABIRUSZCZAK
4/22/17 10:52 P
I kinda fell off the wagon this week . Not getting all my workouts in not eating as good as I should S70511 18 KIM0189
4/22/17 4:53 A
I've lost 75 pounds since I bought this dress new last October. NEVERQUITGETFIT 74 KEATON753
4/21/17 7:37 P
MY success will come! MRSFANCYLADY 5 BJK1961
4/21/17 4:42 P
4/20/17 4:26 A
I worked hard for this! MIZMEMPHIZ10 9 MERRYMARY42
4/20/17 12:55 A
Bonus Points....still miss them! SISSYFEB48 11 SABLENESS
4/19/17 11:29 A
I'd been really struggling but fighting so hard to at least eat right. Work outs were hit and miss. STRUGGLINGSAM 4 RETAT60
4/18/17 10:35 P
TAX DAY!! Ughhhhhhhh! MRSFANCYLADY 2 BJK1961
4/18/17 10:49 P
Great day for an 8 mile power walk along the lakefront! ROCKETQUEEN467 6 HENJEN4
4/18/17 7:19 P
Not a big change but it is to me , down 2 sizes ,Yay GINABLUEYEZ1 302 GRANDMATHOMPSON
4/18/17 10:04 P
OMG! I don't like to track my food or exercise! MRSFANCYLADY 5 BJK1961
4/18/17 7:37 A
Buzz Around the Airport - Discussion KALISWALKER 235 KURTZIE1998
4/23/17 5:32 P
Bummer, messed up my a 170 day login having too much fun yesterday with the Grandbabies SURVIVOR61 9 EJOY-EVELYN
4/18/17 12:23 A
Today is day one of my using this particular app, and recommitting to my weight loss goal. I lost al KANDERSON225 76 KANDERSON225
4/18/17 1:54 P
Well I need to lose ALOT of weight. I just found this app and hopefully with all your support I will S11740 235 CINDHOLM
4/18/17 4:57 A
Have a blessed and wonderful Spark filled day! LPORTER2015 15 MRSFANCYLADY
4/16/17 12:39 A
Why do you seek the living among the dead? He has RISEN just like He said! HAVE A HAPPY RESURRECTIO MRSFANCYLADY 4 PJPEGG
4/16/17 10:13 P
Why do you seek the living among the dead? He has RISEN just like He said! HAVE A HAPPY RESURRECTIO MRSFANCYLADY 4 HOLKAY2017
4/16/17 1:05 A
Why do you seek the living among the dead? He has RISEN just like He said! HAVE A HAPPY RESURRECTI MRSFANCYLADY 3 BRENNRENN
4/16/17 12:37 A
You got to push and then push again! Nothing is free..... I am so worth it! MRSFANCYLADY 11 MSMAKEOVER
4/11/17 7:38 P
Today is my first day. I am hoping to lose 120lbs by next fall. KITTSYNA 166 WOMANWITHGRIT
4/12/17 10:50 P
Just a thought... LPORTER2015 17 LAPPEROO
4/11/17 10:55 P
Hello i am new today. I had lost 80 lbs but now i want to lose more so i am trying this app. Nice to MARYNEWSTART14 57 BOHEMIANCHICK7
4/9/17 9:58 A
How many of you wear these tracking bracelets? Does it really motivate you more? JUSTSTICKWITHIT 32 CINDY247
4/9/17 3:30 P
4/4/17 5:09 P
I made my menu and workout schedule for today through the 8th. I also made my goals for the month. H MSMAKEOVER 9 MSMAKEOVER
4/7/17 3:52 A
Remember this, and remember this, and remember this. (Yes, I put it in there 3xs for a purpose.) WHA BLAZINGSWORD 7 MRSFANCYLADY
4/4/17 5:04 P
I've gained 4pounds. Ah, why is it so much easier to gain than to lose weight? CRAFTYRU 5 CRAFTYRU
4/4/17 5:22 P
I'm feeling some kinda way today. I'm not ..... just blah like.... hard to explain. MRSFANCYLADY 7 BJK1961
4/4/17 10:28 P
Be on guard against junk food! MSROZZIE 4 MRSFANCYLADY
3/28/17 1:27 P
Super proud of myself. 15lbs lost already... I got to keep the momentum going I can do this.... IESHIADB 5 IESHIADB
3/28/17 1:27 P
They have giant sugar cookies, and soft pretzels in the cafe for lunch today... I love giant sugar c HANNAHMO3 7 PEASWEET60
3/28/17 2:06 P
I WAS going for a walk... but it is entirely too windy! (gusting around 30-35 mph!!) MRSFANCYLADY 2 FITFORME1988
3/28/17 2:18 P
Good morning is weigh in day and I weighed in at 261.8 lbs, which means I lost 8.8 THEJACKIEDEAN12 302 TFORD999
3/24/17 7:46 P
Getting there 5 more lbs to my goal weight TYMTYM85 11 MRSFANCYLADY
3/17/17 12:21 A
3/30/17 7:26 A
Still lobbying to bring back the Team Bonus Points!!!! SISSYFEB48 16 DS9KIE
3/12/17 7:48 P
Here's my latest portion control effort. God help me, but I made a 13x9 sheet of scratch brownies la UNKYNDENESSE 30 UNKYNDENESSE
3/14/17 11:03 A
Discovered a COOL new recipe on Spark yesterday and tried it. Black bean brownies... AWESOME! TAMIP62 19 MRSFANCYLADY
3/10/17 5:01 P
I'm confused. So now, the "chats" on the app have MSMAKEOVER 6 MSMAKEOVER
3/13/17 4:12 P
Still want those team bonus points back SISSYFEB48 7 BANANASLOUIE7
3/10/17 10:26 P
To remind me of how far I've come. LIZSPRINGSTEEN 102 SHEENADEE
3/11/17 11:45 A
I just celebrated a year of changes on March 6th. I started out at 363 pounds last year and am curre NEVERQUITGETFIT 337 FUNNYFACE101002
3/13/17 9:48 A
280lbs down!! Thank You Jesus!!! God Bless!!! GPALMER29 205 JBCTRUCKER68
3/12/17 9:44 A
Making progress! Stepped 14,750 steps yesterday! Not bad for someone who weighs 389 lbs and I've lo HIS_SWEETHEART 28 HIS_SWEETHEART
3/10/17 7:25 A
Got my booty into a size 14W pant today. Last pant size on the "women's" side of the store! #goals # AIMEEZ21 38 HLANIER4
3/3/17 5:46 A
My wife wants to keep using her French Vanilla Coffemate creamer. Anyone know of something better? BABYBOATS 39 KENDILYNN
2/28/17 12:29 P
Hi all, has anyone else taken phentermine and had trouble reaching the 1200 kcal goal? I've had to f SLEEPYBEARY 14 CURVACEOUS-DESI
2/22/17 1:16 A
As of today i am officially down 40 lbs in 4 months and 10 inches down in my waist. #weighloss #heal THEJACKIEDEAN12 44 NOODLEZ26
1/27/17 9:52 A
What's everyone having on Christmas day PLANANAN 63 MRSFANCYLADY
1/14/17 12:17 A
Buzz Around the Airport - Discussion KALISWALKER 528 -SPIRITSEEKER2-
12/4/16 7:30 A
3/10/17 1:26 P
The Cheering Squad CERIUSLY 146 -SPIRITSEEKER2-
11/19/16 8:27 A
4/24/17 3:06 P
4/23/17 11:20 A
A to Z Names of Cities. REDGINGER1 832 BOREDA
4/22/17 4:49 P
A to Z Men's Names REDGINGER1 521 EAYW47
4/22/17 6:53 A
A to Z Women name's REDGINGER1 749 REDGINGER1
4/24/17 6:48 A
Word Association Game SHARON632 7752 BERINABOB
4/24/17 1:55 P
Spotlighting Coach Jen's Blog KALISWALKER 15 MAWMAW101
10/11/16 8:27 P
Top 3 To Do KALISWALKER 287 LIN1263
11/23/16 10:42 P
3 Things to Be Happy Today KALISWALKER 307 DEBTEVELDAHL
11/27/16 9:11 A
Show how you feel today with an emotican ---- MSTEETEE 15757 MSROZZIE
4/22/17 6:52 P
Which Would You Rather? -RUBIES- 1116 BTDACHIE
2/6/17 3:00 A
Words that start and end with same letter. REDGINGER1 357 REDGINGER1
4/17/17 11:54 P
What Are You Struggling With Today? -WRKNG2ABTTRME- 207 JMAHNKEN
12/3/16 4:50 P

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