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I'm really sad about my health 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 Please pray so I can be strong and have a good attit NICKI1213 6 JAYCEE1969
10/14/17 8:15 P
I'm trying to find my way around as a newbie and logging food is not so 1/2 cups , tables KCSGUYS 10 MOTHERBEAR4
10/12/17 2:06 P
Has anyone tried agave sweetner? Looking for suggestions for my coffee. I'm off creamer, but went to JAYCEE1969 11 JAYCEE1969
10/17/17 6:50 A
I am new to spark and looking for support to lose AJARRY07 27 SARAKATHRYN76
10/12/17 3:30 P
I'm struggling to keep from eating disorders and d HEPBURNATHEART1 9 HEPBURNATHEART1
10/14/17 11:45 P
9/28/17 2:04 P
New here! MARISAG5 13 _RAMONA
9/27/17 8:43 P
This is my testimony. I am 45 years old and I weig DEVONSCOTT3525 170 BOOKNUT52
9/27/17 4:25 A
CHEW the FAT (September) _RAMONA 145 _RAMONA
9/29/17 10:19 A
September Re-NEW YOU Challenge! (Paleo/Whole30) _RAMONA 142 SERENEGRACE
10/2/17 7:03 P
9/17/17 9:15 P
The Role Enviornment Plays JEANKNEE 5 BERRY4
9/17/17 11:04 P
Kindle books RISNGSUN24 19 RISNGSUN24
9/15/17 3:23 P
Anyone else reacted negatively to Miracle Noodles? JEANKNEE 17 LLR630
9/29/17 7:56 P
CBD (Cannabis) Oil (autoimmunity related) _RAMONA 40 _RAMONA
9/29/17 10:22 A
I need some advice how can I cut my carbs down?? CHICK29 8 CHICK29
9/11/17 12:07 A
Just made and tried homemade protein powder. Here's to hoping it doesn't wreak havoc on my stomach l ALILANC 6 MOTHERBEAR4
9/10/17 6:34 P
I'm a bit depressed this morning... maybe that's the wrong word... disappointed.... disappointed is TNBEACHMOM 13 DIVINAMAMA
9/30/17 12:38 A
Anyone who is losing weight how do you get your arms to tone it down? I have lost 31lbs I know I hav LISA0801 26 MOTHERBEAR4
9/9/17 2:05 P
I see I'm the only one not doing well...but when I return home I'll be more able to track CATSTAR27 4 MOTHERBEAR4
9/9/17 1:55 P
~ Low-Carb High-Fat, Ketogenic & IF Eating Plans _RAMONA 192 _RAMONA
10/7/17 11:24 A
You Can't Have That! _RAMONA 25 _RAMONA
9/10/17 7:08 P
Hi everyone , I've been tracking for a few days and I feel really good.,about myself. Does anyone wa KIM54 13 LRJUSTUS1
9/6/17 4:41 P
#keto recipe request. I made a keto "pizza crust" from cheese and eggs, baked and then topped and ba PIPPAMOUSE 6 TNBEACHMOM
9/9/17 12:15 P
Quick question here if I join a challenge how do I find it again? I'm looking all over on my app and WHITMI 4 CHERRYZMB60
9/4/17 4:26 P
The 2-edged sword of low carb becoming well known HAWKTHREE 8 MOTHERBEAR4
9/3/17 9:23 P
The Great Things About Low Carb Eating THUNDERTHIGHS83 665 APPLEVEE
9/5/17 1:34 P
10/1/17 3:21 P
What made you smile today? CHATELAINE19 241 MNABOY
10/18/17 2:12 P
9/3/17 8:42 P
~ Paleo/Keto Meal Challenge: Picture Posts _RAMONA 153 _RAMONA
9/19/17 6:13 P
Daily Chat JOYCE2U 1250 RKOTTEK
10/18/17 8:44 P
Only in Canada, Eh? (Fat Study) _RAMONA 23 _RAMONA
9/17/17 9:31 P
Small Changes MCK2017 43 MCK2017
9/29/17 7:57 A
Important news! Read immediately! KOSHIE1 9 MOTHERBEAR4
9/1/17 11:09 A
Monthly Team Challenge: Sociable September! WOUBBIE 158 NAYPOOIE
10/2/17 11:12 P
Just figured out how to put in my own recipes on spark recipes and it calculates the nutrition value SHAUNALVAUGHN 21 NOT2CREATIVE
8/31/17 2:24 P
Hey everyone! I just had a question. How do you weigh yourself? Clothes on? Clothes off? In the mor SNAKEYJUNEBUG 11 REDYNSE
8/25/17 2:49 P
My breakfest 376 calories 😁 sweet potatos, scrambled eggs, and sasauge with a splash of tapitio 😁� JESSICASUE15 12 LUANN_IN_PA
8/23/17 2:10 P
I am back at it.....hopefully with more success! Here is my before....311 lbs😒 HCASARES 32 KJACKSN1
8/23/17 5:51 P
My sweet hubby passed 8-19-17. We had been together 41 yrs; married 40. I took off work this week an VHAYES04 306 JTHEALTHY1
8/23/17 6:57 P
My first day woohoo LLR630 4 MOTHERBEAR4
8/22/17 6:42 P
My favorite dishes for snacks are my measuring cups. I have quite a collection of them. People ask ANNSPHOENIX1 4 _LINDA
8/18/17 2:19 P
The Magic Pill - trailers INIT2LIVEIT 9 _RAMONA
8/17/17 10:34 A
There's more to Sparkpeople (than access thru the app) Those just using the APP are missing out on a MOTHERBEAR4 6 MOTHERBEAR4
8/15/17 8:16 P
September Re-NEW YOU Challenge! Interested? _RAMONA 81 _RAMONA
9/1/17 2:47 A
I'm not feeling well at all and can't even eat 1/2 of what on my plate. Every bit hurts, verve water TBOYD5000 12 VALERYEE
8/9/17 6:42 A
I'm wondering what the carb difference is from keto to just low carb? What qualifies as Keto? Thanks LESTEA_05 5 MOTHERBEAR4
7/18/17 7:37 P
7/17/17 12:50 P
Need some encouragement this morning. Our 10 year old Corgi mix passed away last night. LJBOWSER1 303 OVERWEIGHT
7/15/17 3:05 P
I can't stop sabotaging myself as soon as I exercise I eat something horrible JMASSEY4 9 PIXIEDUST22
7/14/17 3:28 P
Day 3: I bought those reli-on keto strips and tes JESI521 7 MOTHERBEAR4
7/5/17 2:53 P
Heres my progress. Me in the wheel chair at 446. Pic where im standing at 354.. S02526 258 HOTPINKCAMARO49
6/17/17 9:02 P
I had not seen my ex in about 2 years and 105lbs. I saw him today. ... he actually stuttered. 😏👍🏼 OVERDUECHANGE 279 SUPERWOMANSUE17
6/23/17 11:33 A
fairly new to the site (12 days). this is my before, after, and before pic. went from 292 - 09/201 RAVENJAE 247 WENDYM29
6/14/17 1:54 A
As of Thursday June 1st I am down 108 lbs and it HOLLYWOODCORKER 303 I-AM-TITANIUM
6/9/17 12:36 A
Good Even can I fix squash? Us southern always do fried? Help please thanks in Advance MELISSAT12 8 MARZBARZ1
6/1/17 7:46 P
Low Carb America Group Forum MISSANAHEIM 7242 FANCYQTR
10/3/17 11:13 P
I'm tired of starting over! I never post on any of these sites because I don't want to be judged. Yo AMYJO2486 326 MONANISA
5/30/17 10:44 P
1st day of summer and I just spent 3hrs bathing suit shopping. I realized anything bigger than a siz BEAUTIFULLYME99 5 BEAUTIFULLYME99
5/29/17 7:08 P
I'm seeing a problem for those of us on the keto diet. My food tracker is not counting net carbs, bu SUZIWOLLMAN 4 SUZIWOLLMAN
5/27/17 4:16 P
Primer: Ancestral Nutrition (Shades of Paleo) _RAMONA 12 MOTHERBEAR4
5/21/17 10:10 P
10 Actions for an Anti-Stress Protocol _RAMONA 3 MOTHERBEAR4
5/21/17 9:58 P
Another new to Paleo MATILDA41 6 MOTHERBEAR4
5/21/17 9:53 P
5/21/17 9:50 P
What vegetable did you eat a serving of today? MNABOY 831 KATIE3908
9/11/17 11:37 A
10/18/17 11:23 A
5/21/17 6:42 P
Can't wait for them to ripen ! GREEN-EYED-LADY 10 MARYJOANNA
5/19/17 5:45 P
It drives me nuts when someone asks if I work...And when I say no...They do the look (I'm sure some DADDYSLILMONSTR 17 RONNEZ45
5/14/17 1:57 P
Down a pound yesterday, but back up a pound today. I keep loosing and gaining the same 2 pounds. Dis PINKPIXY22 17 PINKPIXY22
5/11/17 8:39 P
I haven't lost anything in a week of strict low carbing, any ideas? ANGIERN44 4 MOTHERBEAR4
5/10/17 10:06 P
Hey everyone! 👋🏻 My name is Joey and I live in New York. I'm here to lose some weight and gain so JOEYCOFFEE 88 RUNNERNO5
5/28/17 6:02 P
Lunch time fir me. I was close to having something really bad... pretzels and chocolate icing- opted KIERAM 4 BIGBOB1946
5/1/17 2:46 P
May Team Challenge: Spirit! WOUBBIE 192 NAYPOOIE
6/1/17 1:03 P