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Going for a run!!! Anyone??? Let go!! MANONAMISSION73 9 TIGERSEYEHEART
1/5/18 7:00 P
if i were to make this how much calories u think this would be RUSSELLASHLEY26 8 MOMMAGINI
1/4/18 10:57 P
#BeforeAndAfter Really dont see a difference😑😐 FAMILY_FIRST01 28 OPTICALXILLUSIO
1/10/18 6:12 A
Few yrs ago I was 220lbs now I am 175-160lbs. Just wondering is it possible to lose weight in 3 mont CLAROCKY 7 STAR135000
1/3/18 11:09 P
Today I didn't touch the chocolate chip cookies a co-worker brought to the office. NSV Woo-Hoo!! MOMMAGINI 7 STAR135000
1/3/18 11:07 P
Day 4 of #keto. Hit my macro targets at 80/15/5. Did 2 meals plus morning coffee today and it was a SADIEMYERS 18 COOKWITHME65
1/2/18 9:20 A
Overwhelmed by sadness and food is the only cure. FREE2LOSE 16 FREE2LOSE
11/30/17 8:26 P
Hi, I'm Annie and I'm seeking a circle of accountability friends within my age range, weight, and bo CANADIANNEE 13 CANADIANNEE
11/28/17 2:23 P
Inches matter! I weigh the same in both photos. #BeforeAndAfter GIVEIT20WKS 33 LORINTY
11/28/17 3:53 P
Has anyone seen my motivation? It has disappeared. NURSEMEL404 11 NURSEMEL404
11/28/17 8:36 P
Paying tribute to my baby Trouble. He was born April 17, 2002 and passed 1November 28, 2017. He was DGFOWLER 202 ROSEWCI
11/29/17 6:27 A
I weighed myself 5 times to be sure!! 😄 KMKGIRLIE0528 298 CAROLYNG144
11/1/17 9:35 P
#BeforeAndAfter 97lbs down. my weight goal has finally been reached!! So here is my very first side APALMER05 276 XXFINE01
11/7/17 7:18 P
What a stormy day we had here in Alnwick, Ontario. Omg. No cable or internet all day! Unfortunately DRINKALOTH2O 26 DRINKALOTH2O
10/16/17 4:24 P
Today is my brother's RE-birthday!! He's getting his stem cell transplant today from our other broth ODAT1117 131 FRAN641
10/12/17 9:35 A
I have to admit losing weight has a drawback. I'm 16 pounds from my goal and all of a sudden my bed ISABEAUSROSE 5 LEEWORD
10/5/17 11:02 A
Frozen lemon cubes. -PAULA 18 ALICIA214
10/5/17 11:53 A
So I just created this little thing to keep me on track! I'm only 22pounds away from my first goal s AMBERH16 78 RETAT60
10/5/17 3:25 P
I am so embarrassed to post this but i feel like i am not making progress!! Trying to be more positi CITRUSLOSER 302 KWYUNNY47
9/27/17 11:19 P
I told my husband I wanted a journal to write in to work on myself development. He surprised me with AWALKER83 10 LKMANNING7
8/15/17 10:19 P
So I'm sitting here watching the featured video from Eggland's Best. SOOOO not healthy. WAY too much PHOUSE99 6 PHOUSE99
8/2/17 2:19 P
Day 3: - I didn't buy lasagna for lunch. Instead I made a healthy salad! Who knew pumpkin in salad 21SPONGEBOB21 9 SPIEGY
7/31/17 8:23 A
Apparently I'm doing this 1 pound at a time. BABENPROGRESS 11 WALLAHALLA
7/31/17 10:00 P
Discouraging weigh-in this morning. I pledge to use it as a motivator - I will track everything and MOMMAGINI 2 TAYLORT323
7/31/17 8:14 A
SW: 223 CW: 194.2! (28.8 lbs gone... For now...) GW: 140 STARGAZ3R 91 COOP9002
6/20/17 1:40 P
How do you guys season your vegetables? What do you do to make them taste better? MISSQUINN21 30 SOPHIA1031
3/4/17 11:14 P
So today I found out my husband is using drugs and drinking again. I found him and approached him an TIFFANYGF 40 RUNNNERR
3/4/17 2:23 P
I did it!!! I FINALLY did it!!! This week I reac BABYGURL45 1132 TB_SHUGAPIE
6/5/17 12:50 P
Well, the more I tell myself to eat better the worse I do. I can do well a couple of days and when I WINWIN11 7 WINWIN11
3/1/17 9:47 P
Any one have ear ache remedies? Ive been loosing sleep with my ear hurting HUFFELPOWELL16 9 KIKIMARIA2014
3/1/17 9:34 P
What do you do when you want something chocolate I'm wanting chocolate so bad LOURIE1980 27 SHANDELG7
3/1/17 5:04 P
What do you do when you want something chocolate I'm wanting chocolate so bad LOURIE1980 17 T64376
2/27/17 8:32 P
Ok I need some ideas on how to lower my carb intake. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks HCOTTON623 16 V72392
2/21/17 10:01 P
Had lunch at Red Lobster today and totally blew it big time .. Back on track tomorrow. .. JANEYDZJOURNEY 6 MOMMAGINI
2/21/17 9:29 P
Ate alot today almost 2800 calories I just felt the need to eat no im regretting it G23447 11 CAZADORES
2/19/17 10:32 P
Well, I just blew my diet!!!! Duplin wine and chocolate!!! Ugh....... Tomorrow is a new day!!!!! #da BLUEEYEZ1980 12 SPARTANJAI
2/19/17 3:47 P
Goodmorning everyone today is weigh in day. I weighed in at 277.4 lbs that means i am finally down 5 THEJACKIEDEAN12 79 MONTROSE28
2/19/17 1:31 A
I followed my medifast plan as I have been for a I was shocked to see that I had lost zero lbs! I am NSCHAJ 3 NSCHAJ
2/18/17 11:01 P
Told my husband not to buy me any treats (candy is my weakness) anymore. If it's not in the house i LINDSAYN1430 66 CBULLIS1
2/10/17 3:22 P
Had a ba-a-a-ad week. Chocolate, chips, ice cream... I could feel the spiral pulling me in. TODAY MOMMAGINI 8 CHEF1789
2/9/17 3:36 P
Am I able to connect this app with my Fitbit? ANGIEDONJON 5 71PAMMY
2/8/17 11:00 P
Weighed in this morning and for the first time in SGARLETTS 1316 TACONIC1
7/16/17 8:21 P
Started Friday. Does anyone follow the okl chart and calories fat protein carbs. Or just carb? So ma MONICASUE79 10 GAY_LOPES
2/5/17 10:02 A
Totally frustrated. I do cardio and strength training 5x a week, yoga one day and I eat well. Whole MASHAUNDAB 17 MASHAUNDAB
2/5/17 10:10 A
How can i change my weight infos coz i wrote it wrong? ROCHELLECO 3 MOMMAGINI
2/5/17 9:18 A
I have acid reflux pretty bad and end up throwing up from certain food more so certain meat and i kn FREESPITITHIPPI 40 SHIRLEYF49
2/5/17 3:50 P
I didn't make 300 calories yesterday and I burned 900. I don't know how much more if this I can take RAYEJ53 10 RAYEJ53
2/5/17 9:13 A
My biggest problem is I don't know what to eat an what not to eat I really need a meal plan an I'm d TENEAKAP 14 LISAMARIE2015
2/5/17 10:02 A
#motivation need to lose 30 lbs for weight loss surgery Nothing ventured Nothing gained! Keep positi RDJJR4480 16 CHUBBAGRRL
2/6/17 4:17 P
Good morning all. I am down 11lbs after 4 weeks of eating healthy! Yay JENFOW47 8 LUNA
2/5/17 8:54 A
What to do if you can't tolerate drinking water? Water, is just..yuck. I will drink 100% juices, mil GREENBAYCRAZY 44 SWILKINS8
2/5/17 2:13 P
6/8/17 9:32 P
What's Your 6-Word Story? BARBARA_BOO 288 MOMMAGINI
2/4/17 12:09 P
how do you feel today, use an emoticon!!!! AUNTRENEE 1248 CAPTAINMORGAN2
12/25/17 1:29 P
What do you spread on your toast? RAKOUZID 47 CHICADEBELLA21
10/11/16 12:51 P
Long-Term PPI usage SOCCER123456789 12 PATIENTSAM
2/2/17 9:47 P
How am I doing on my Streak? DIANEDOESSMILES 79 NANCYPAT1
10/19/14 4:33 P
Come On In & Emoticon "Hello"! RUBYCLAIRE 313 MOMMAGINI
8/21/14 12:41 P
7/16/15 10:24 A
trying to do this again CHUBBYGAMER 5 CHUBBYGAMER
4/17/13 7:04 A
Fell Down, Getting Back Up PATRICIAEL 7 GNTEE235
8/17/15 10:09 P
4/15/13 8:31 P
Leaving the challenge... MOMMAGINI 9 LESLOVELY
4/16/13 2:15 P
Starting all over again SILVERSTASH 8 JMORRIS85
4/9/13 11:12 P
Discuss Week 1 and your challenge goals here! SP_MELINDA 4095 IMEMINE1
1/7/18 2:48 P
Here I go! SKATIE_78 6 MARGIEB221
4/8/13 7:20 P
4/7/13 3:30 P
4/7/13 3:22 P
Diagnosed Diabetic KSCHOWS 5 MARGIEB221
4/8/13 7:46 P
I am the "Craft Lady". I signed up tonight. WANDAJENKINS1 4 NANCYPAT1
4/7/13 7:57 A
8/6/13 9:37 A
So many reasons... A_FRYER 4 MOMMAGINI
4/4/13 7:44 P
Oh, dang AROONI 13 2009GETINLINE
5/12/14 6:15 P
Diabetic with Hypo Thyroid CERE1964 6 MARGIEB221
4/4/13 7:50 P
I need more protein A_NEW_CHAPTER 11 A_NEW_CHAPTER
4/5/13 6:57 P