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There are certain challenges to losing weight, letting your children know, promoting health and heal MOMMACASSEY 16 ALALADY
9/21/17 9:35 P
Omad and keeping it keto! MOMMACASSEY 4 MOMMACASSEY
9/21/17 10:54 A
Our first official day of homeschool. MOMMACASSEY 11 MOMMACASSEY
9/21/17 10:53 A
Avocado and eggs fried in garlic ghee, topped with cheese and bacon... Only wish I had cilantro! MOMMACASSEY 13 LRJUSTUS1
9/21/17 1:13 P
1 month post partum today and I'm almost at my prepregnancy weight. Plus little man is 12 lbs! Over CKLINGSHI 2 MOMMACASSEY
9/20/17 7:28 P
Interesting perspective..never heard it put that way. Talked to my friend today about her weight los LRJUSTUS1 9 1CRAZYDOG
9/21/17 1:08 P
It's official! I love butternut squash noodles! MOMMACASSEY 2 NYLAURA1
9/20/17 8:52 P
Is it possible for me to lose weight by eating healthy and only working out 30 minutes a day. (not b MZALEXANDRIACOL 7 ELYSIAN_DREAMS
9/19/17 2:40 P
I am starting back spark today. Has anyone any tips on how to set goals etc? APPLEADAY2010 2 MOMMACASSEY
9/19/17 10:53 A
Last week was really bad on the emotional eating scale. I had all the feelings and ate all of them. MISSFRAU 4 ALESIATAYLOR
9/19/17 10:54 A
I found this to be a powerful visual. It shows me why a "balanced diet with reduced calories" doesn' ZLB0011 12 _RAMONA
9/19/17 2:08 P
Lost my first 20 pounds -YAHOO!!! Only 120 more to go. I can do this! KMB719 5 -POOKIE-
9/19/17 11:42 A
I have been craving sugar like crazy after overeating on vacation. A1DENSMOM 7 MOMMACASSEY
9/18/17 6:04 P
I'm thinking about it... Which would you pick? MOMMACASSEY 21 CHEFFALTA
9/17/17 11:19 P
I love my life. My family is awesome, and the profession is a bonus. (Had a great conference, than MOMMACASSEY 3 KSTEVERSON
9/17/17 5:07 P
Does anyone know a good app for daily devotions? CDS427 3 MOMMACASSEY
9/17/17 9:05 A
Conference over, back to reality. MOMMACASSEY 3 SUMMARAH
9/17/17 10:06 A
I stress-ate a half bag of granola last night. MOMMACASSEY 3 KMKGIRLIE0528
9/13/17 2:47 P
Our school district is being as helpful and understanding as possible, but we are probably starting MOMMACASSEY 3 CANDYLIND
9/13/17 9:29 P
Well, the kids may not be going to school this year... Flood damage. The school board is meeting ri MOMMACASSEY 7 CALICO441
9/12/17 9:48 P
Thanks to Harvey, school hasn't started yet. A date is set for next Tuesday, but there's a meeting MOMMACASSEY 1 MOMMACASSEY
9/12/17 12:43 P
My work situation is unclear and my worry about it has been effecting my weight loss goals. Today I IMSHINY 3 MOMMACASSEY
9/11/17 11:56 A
Got in a walk this afternoon with 2 kids and 2 dogs, plus a walk/jog with the dogs this evening. Sa MOMMACASSEY 3 -POOKIE-
9/11/17 3:56 A
Really? Your developers don't round? #techsuppor BJK1961 12 SRWYLIE
9/11/17 8:27 A
#keto getting there... I made bread today, but could eat only half a slice. Had to taste it, thoug MOMMACASSEY 9 KSTEVERSON
9/11/17 2:49 P
Dinner! PUFF2TUFF 22 OMAJ1953
9/10/17 10:30 P
Keep in mind I'm not feeling to good today but that's me in the first photo right now...the last ph LLR630 15 REBECCAM17
9/10/17 10:25 P
Ready for school to start back up so I can get the dogs and start running again. I've got the turke MOMMACASSEY 3 DINZEL
9/10/17 2:00 P
Ugh quitting carbs is still hard... Even knowing what I'll feel better. MOMMACASSEY 5 MOMMACASSEY
9/10/17 1:42 P
Setting a goal...10 weeks...drop 10 pounds...a pound a week is attainable:). November 19 = -10 poun MARINEMAMA 19 JENNIFERBR51
9/17/17 7:01 P
I usally make myself a skinny version of a chai tea and was not able to this morning so I went to th CDS427 3 MOMMACASSEY
9/10/17 1:39 P
#mobilechat How's your day going? Mine so far..put on white blouse, spill coffee down the front of m LRJUSTUS1 16 1DAY-ATA-TIME
9/10/17 8:20 A
I have a new running buddy! Every time I try to take a picture, she turns her head. But she is bea MOMMACASSEY 9 -POOKIE-
9/8/17 2:43 A
Happy happy Pac-Man... MOMMACASSEY 6 -POOKIE-
9/7/17 1:58 A
I just joined spark people. But I'm thrilled to say that after removing the heavy asthma medication KARENWHO 5 ALALADY
9/6/17 12:26 P
Started out great this morning with eggs yogurt and mixed fruit little over on that fat but i was sh HEIDIA89 3 MOMMACASSEY
9/6/17 11:43 A
Whew. I honestly couldn't take much more. 3.4-3.8 mph intervals. Taking a well deserved break! Had t RACHELLENH 19 DIGIT00
9/6/17 1:28 P
All is well. Coffee made without needing to get charcoal burning. MOMMACASSEY 5 MOMMACASSEY
9/5/17 9:39 A
Ready to go off carbs again. I have a stomach ache perpetually, my head is foggy, I can't seem to g MOMMACASSEY 2 -POOKIE-
9/5/17 12:46 P
#gotin3fullpullupstoday! #win MARINEMAMA 9 NANCYANNE55
9/4/17 10:46 A
This weeks low carb fat bombs: coconut orange creamsicle JANDASMOM1 6 JANDASMOM1
9/3/17 7:54 A
Broke my keto diet, too. When you have to live on whatever is available, you eat what you're given. MOMMACASSEY 9 -POOKIE-
9/3/17 11:40 A
Awesome went to walk in and I have a bladder and kidney infection with possible stones. CDS427 6 MOMMACASSEY
9/2/17 6:55 P
Well, Harvey didn't take a lot from me, but because the flooding took out an electric substation, an MOMMACASSEY 7 -POOKIE-
9/3/17 11:39 A
#mobilechat Today is an inside day. We have about a mile of visibility. The forest fires here in Sou LRJUSTUS1 14 KSTEVERSON
8/31/17 1:42 P
Guiltless grilled cheese... Well, semi -guiltless, I don't usually eat so much cheese. But it is #ke KSTEVERSON 14 DEEO12
9/2/17 8:41 P
Pray for Texas and Louisiana! It's been a rough few days, and the end is still a long way off. Pic MOMMACASSEY 27 MOMMACASSEY
8/30/17 10:53 P
Life is finally on the way toward back to normal! What an insane week! My girls are Texas strong a MOMMACASSEY 10 KSTEVERSON
8/31/17 1:38 P
I'm going to be stress eating soon. Decision is to cook the zoodles I have or just eat the spaghett MOMMACASSEY 5 SLVRMANE
8/29/17 6:22 P
We're still here. MOMMACASSEY 16 ALALADY
8/29/17 8:35 P
Rising and receding, rising and... Oh wait. It's not receding anymore. Still expecting a lot more! MOMMACASSEY 17 LRJUSTUS1
8/28/17 10:18 P
I have splurged a bit today. My son turned 3. I made fat bombs so I wouldn't want cake, but I trie MOMMACASSEY 5 MOMMACASSEY
8/28/17 4:54 P
Trying out a new fat bomb recipe! Combined coconut almond Vega One protein with mocha ideal shake t MOMMACASSEY 8 MOMMACASSEY
8/27/17 6:33 P
I lost 9 pounds this month, that makes 37 total lost. Im only 13 away from onederland. LILACLICIOUS 3 CHRISTOPHER63
8/26/17 7:35 P
Second tornado warning of the day. It could be worse. MOMMACASSEY 4 LRJUSTUS1
8/27/17 4:19 A
I completely went off #keto track yesterday. But I don't feel bad about it. My carbs were healthie MOMMACASSEY 4 PIPPAMOUSE
8/28/17 12:47 A
What in the world is in this Fuji apple? We usually just bite into them, but thank goodness my husba SUMMARAH 6 -RUBIES-
8/26/17 9:02 P
When your daughter complains that you don't get enough exercise, you get her up off the couch to do MOMMACASSEY 5 KOHLRABIGIRL
8/26/17 12:24 P
Couple,of my kids won't eat cod but its my husbands favorite. So #keto "fried" fish two ways. Flound KSTEVERSON 13 MOMMACASSEY
8/23/17 8:59 P
Hi all I am new here. I had to step on scale yesterday and I wanted to cry. So I am looking for some TXMOMOF_4 40 CDB366
9/12/17 10:13 P
8/23/17 10:04 P
APPLE ALMOND BUTTER SMOOTHIE ❤️ 1 scoop 310 Vegan Vanilla 1 cup unsweetened almond milk 1small app VEGANGIRL27 17 VEGANGIRL27
8/23/17 11:15 A
Anyone love fathead bread? I'm making a version of it so I can have a hot dog later. (Cupcakes tur MOMMACASSEY 5 MOMMACASSEY
8/22/17 10:20 P
They didn't turn out very bun-ish, but I think they'll do. Smells awesome! #keto #lowcarbbread MOMMACASSEY 9 KSTEVERSON
8/23/17 8:41 P
First time ever! I'm so excited. This is 3x better than I ever thought I could do. #lovemysparkpeo MOMMACASSEY 16 MOMMACASSEY
8/22/17 10:14 P
Dinner #keto #lowcarb #IF mini sweet bell peppers stuffed with goat cheese taste like candy when you KSTEVERSON 16 DEEO12
8/25/17 3:02 P
Day 2 of my Beast mode week. Going to do a different CrossFit WOD(Workout Of the Day) from yesterda METALMOMMA25 5 MOMMACASSEY
8/22/17 1:00 P
This is what I come home to every day: my "scary, vicious" pit bull mix has taken over the couch! ALUKOWSKY 4 SADIEMYERS
8/22/17 1:33 P
We got to see a little more of it than this, but this was the main feature of the eclipse for us tod MOMMACASSEY 5 CBELLE02
8/21/17 7:39 P
Having a geek moment about the eclipse in Texas BRENDA196122 2 MOMMACASSEY
8/21/17 4:17 P
Getting some baking done for a meeting tomorrow. Cupcakes for kids... I'd make some keto, but nut a MOMMACASSEY 1 MOMMACASSEY
8/21/17 2:41 P
Happy Monday everyone! After 2 1/2 months of lifting weights, I am finally seeing results. It is n METALMOMMA25 8 MOMMACASSEY
8/21/17 2:35 P
It probably helped that I slept in, but fasting today was easier than yesterday. What's amazing wit MOMMACASSEY 8 MOMMACASSEY
8/20/17 9:37 P
Thank you to all you lovely keto sparkers who gave me the fabulous idea of fried avocado!! They ar MBF0620 8 MAKINGMELODY79
8/21/17 7:21 P
I made my girl order a hot dog so she'd have protein, too. All she wanted was chips. But then she MOMMACASSEY 4 ALALADY
8/20/17 4:34 P