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Basically need to have nothing but protein for the rest of the day... Why does protein seem to be so MOMMACASSEY 6 SUMMARAH
5/28/17 5:12 P
It's been a day. MOMMACASSEY 12 OMAJ1953
5/28/17 1:15 A
I may be getting my system back in working order. Trying to keep my diet lower fat, which means I h MOMMACASSEY 2 -JAMES-
5/25/17 8:53 A
Don't get me wrong. I love my meal replacement shakes, which I started because healthy diet and exe MOMMACASSEY 12 MOMMACASSEY
5/23/17 9:36 A
"You have to get fit, Mommy, and to get fit, you need a lot of days. And even Daddy needs to get fit MOMMACASSEY 9 KATHYJO56
5/23/17 12:27 A
Sweat is the fat crying... It's a good saying, but implies that the winner of my last 5k finished dr MOMMACASSEY 1 MOMMACASSEY
5/16/17 3:12 P
Some mother's day fun... MOMMACASSEY 3 MHEDIN63
5/14/17 9:09 A
I want something sweet so badly right now! MOMMACASSEY 5 7STIGGYMT
5/13/17 3:40 P
A bit abysmal today. Well, tomorrow is a new beginning! MOMMACASSEY 6 SUCHADIVA215
5/9/17 10:41 P
Training for a 5k in June. I feel great right now, but i know tomorrow will take some motivation to MOMMACASSEY 7 _LINDA
5/1/17 9:42 A
It's another one of those days when I recognize that it's emotional eating, but I eat it anyway. MOMMACASSEY 6 LALABUMG
4/29/17 3:07 P
Today is so good! I have energy, at last. It's been raining, but I'm inside. We're having a great ti MOMMACASSEY 2 KATHYJO56
4/30/17 12:19 A
Having a rough day. All I want to do is eat, I'm talking anything and everything. I try to refocuse MOMMARACH 6 VIOLINCAT
4/29/17 4:17 A
If anyone is looking for a healthy drink or is tired of plain water, I am obsessed with these! This LOLLYB231 10 I_ROBOT
4/27/17 9:06 P
Keto grilled egg and cheese! Fantastically, deliciously possible and one of the best finds on this d MACARONMARTEN 5 MACARONMARTEN
4/27/17 4:06 P
On chilly days like today is turning into, these new soups are great! 2 servings in a can, but 110 c MBOETTGER 10 PASTORKRAFT
4/26/17 2:42 P
5k is coming up in 7 weeks. It's time to start training! Right after I get over feeling this terri MOMMACASSEY 2 GARDENSFORLIFE
4/24/17 10:23 P
Is their any other whole grain foods I could eat other than bread? (Nursing) I need a good list. Its MKSPENCER82992 7 CHKCHNC
4/10/17 3:07 P
Long day outdoors! So much fun learning about the wonders of nature! MOMMACASSEY 3 KATHYJO56
4/9/17 12:22 A
Not doing THE Whole 30, but getting into healthier, whole foods. The easy way. I order in a week's MOMMACASSEY 2 KATHYJO56
4/5/17 12:13 A
I turned to the box of Girl Scout cookies (aka deliciousness) twice this morning. No! Here's break MOMMACASSEY 14 JTHEALTHY1
4/3/17 10:31 A
Gonna do better today. Off to a good start with a good breakfast. MOMMACASSEY 7 DAWN1830
3/30/17 9:35 A
I had such good plans for the day, and then my son and I ate a whole bag of beanitoes and a whole ba MOMMACASSEY 2 HAPPIESTLADY
3/29/17 3:19 P
Every day I say this is the first day of the rest of my life, get to snack at 4pm, and pig out. Idk LR237787 6 JUDY1260
3/21/17 8:15 P
Been so exhausted the last couple of days... MOMMACASSEY 3 MARINEMAMA
3/23/17 4:40 A
Way overdid it at lunchtime, gotta regain some balance at dinner and do some extra exercise! MOMMACASSEY 1 MOMMACASSEY
3/14/17 7:51 P
It's so frustrating to know what I need to do, how to do it, etc., but not keep up the momentum from MOMMACASSEY 8 MELATREE45
2/26/17 9:54 P
Ugh I've been working out very consistently, sticking with my daily burn program. I've been eating w GROWINGSOUL 7 MRSBKM
2/7/17 10:43 P
Today was a rough day at work. I'm super tired. Didn't get my walk in because of the rain and no oth YSAVIZON 6 LMCBEE53081
2/7/17 10:23 P
A day filled with errands and a weather warning for freezing rain. If it's awful driving, I will wor GGRSPARK 3 MIMI
2/7/17 10:37 A
Hello spark family celebrate with me now the verdict is a loss did you hear that a loss of 1.8 yes a KIKIMARIA2014 6 MOMMACASSEY
2/7/17 10:35 A
I picked up a pair of size 12 jeans today during a thrift store shopping spree. Omg, they actually SSMITH762 438 KANHIOTE
3/8/17 1:40 P
Ok got in to see my Dr yesterday and I'm down 7 pounds since I started 2weeks ago, I love this app VANESSAADAMS120 36 SISSY2979
2/7/17 11:09 A
Did an 8 minute cardio workout and I'm wiped out! Lol but I burned 176 calories and still plan on hi STEFANIE979 13 STEFANIE979
2/8/17 10:35 A
Are there any ways to help ur body from not hurting so bad after a workout from the day b4 MOOT91 15 AMANDACROCKER
1/19/17 2:21 P
Hi everyone I'm new here hoping this will help me lose the weight I need to SOUTGERNBELLE 28 RUSSELLFORD
1/4/17 9:13 P
Hey everybody! I'm back! Haven't been on here since November ish...still at 189# (not bad) been exer TORRIESJOURNEY 7 SCOTTDEAN
12/31/16 10:13 A
Need help i weight 380 pounds and I'm only 28 years old I'm starting to feel depressed over my weigh SOME1LIKEME 30 JANEOWENSBY
11/13/16 8:05 P
I've been on spark for 5 weeks and have lost 4 lbs WJONES5101 14 CJS1MOMMY
11/12/16 10:55 P
Need advice! Promotion - if I apply & succeed, wil SHAPEUPCHELLE 13 SHAPEUPCHELLE
11/8/16 12:45 P
I work and go to school, I don't know how people d KAYLAMONTIEL 5 MOMMACASSEY
11/7/16 10:54 P
Fatigued from working out any tips? AMROOT 4 JUSCUZ82
11/7/16 10:55 P
Hey everyone I'm new and wanting to know what ever MEYER67701 11 SHAGLANDIS83
11/8/16 12:07 A
I'm always hungry... I have tried snacking on the RMM1984 8 LADYREDCOMET
10/13/16 1:51 P
What is classed at 1 serving?? LISAFELL14 6 ADORKABLE-ME
10/3/16 8:52 A
Tried kale salad today for the first time. It must JUSTSIMPLYQ 16 MISSSVJS
10/24/16 11:42 A
First couple of days into my diet and I'm not doing to we'll. But I'm going to try not to quit on my AMANDATIND 9 VANILLASKY15
9/24/16 5:39 P
I work in an office setting. I work 8 to 9 hours w CBROWN592 5 SOULFISH80
9/2/16 3:11 P
So exhausted today. Did 25 minutes of cardio dance ZOEYBRATZ 2 MOMMACASSEY
8/23/16 2:12 P
Not reaching the 1200 calories daily! Would like s SNIDLEYWHIPLASH 16 SNIDLEYWHIPLASH
8/23/16 2:48 P
Trying to make the best food choices I can but man MDURAWA-U 14 CHRISTYR62
8/23/16 2:36 P
Day 1, Delta Life burn & brunch. I've been before, MOMMACASSEY 6 CKLINGSHI
8/23/16 10:38 A
Should I wait till I lose most of the weight I wan DEE253 4 LISAW/3
8/22/16 5:59 P
8/18/16 8:31 P
Excited to try this app #firstpost DAWTRGRL4LIFE 5 M58048
8/18/16 10:51 P
I am officially signed up for a 3k in September (C MOMMACASSEY 8 LITTLECR
8/16/16 9:37 P
if i have a recipe and i want to add it, how do i KEASTON7 6 NSHEAR
8/15/16 10:20 P
Hydroxycut, then xenadrine, then atrafen. I've los MOMMACASSEY 4 SISNEROSMD
8/7/16 8:42 P
When you spin for your sparkpoints...see those dou THELADYMOON 23 LRJUSTUS1
7/21/16 1:45 P
Eating today for high iron... want to donate blood MOMMACASSEY 6 B-LESS-ED
7/5/16 10:55 A
It's been a good day. Started off lazy but got a MOMMACASSEY 1 MOMMACASSEY
7/4/16 10:55 P
So Guys, I have a horrible sweet tooth. How can I KERAQ122884 34 HORSEYPLAY1
6/27/16 1:42 P
Is it bad that dinner is usually my heaviest meal CAITIEHALL94 7 CINDY4JOY
6/20/16 6:08 P
Need to get motivated to consistently exercise eve MIWOLFF 5 WHYTEBROWN
6/12/16 6:50 P
Hi all! I'm new to spark. I'm a big girl. I need t AIMEEYANCY 25 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
6/8/16 8:10 P
6/3/16 5:31 P
Upcoming Local Events - 5K's & Charity walks HEATHER409 26 MOMMACASSEY
6/3/16 5:28 P
HEY! Someone already did this but I would like to TAMZY14 36 FELICIA_DD2
6/3/16 3:39 P
Girl Scout Cookies season. SLEITTER 34 DIZZYBRITCHES
7/17/16 9:59 P
Don't forget to remember WHY you are doing this MPETERSON2311 61 2HAMSDIET
5/20/17 9:09 P
Virtual Walk Across California MWWENSIN 8 MWWENSIN
9/24/15 1:26 P
Share your challenge goals here! COACH_NICOLE 11616 CUGINA51
5/26/17 1:49 P
Virtual Walk Across Arizona MOMMACASSEY 59 MWWENSIN
8/31/14 10:09 P
Coffee Shop -Stop by for a Chat... SAMI199 3373 2HAMSDIET
4/23/17 6:18 P
Any other sleep deprived Mom's out there? JENS1974 15 AMANDASLATHAM
5/22/15 1:43 P

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