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56lb gone since August 15. KIRKYM 35 MOTIVATED36732
7/25/17 4:19 A
Team Goodie Game RORYLYONS 732 MISSY455
7/25/17 12:58 A
7/25/17 5:19 A
Trivia Questions...How Did You Do? RORYLYONS 9060 BUTEAFULL
7/25/17 3:17 A
What's Your Last Fruit or Veggie That You Ate... RORYLYONS 11347 BUTEAFULL
7/25/17 5:08 A
Spark Wheel-Daily Points COACHGIA 25234 RUNNINGWATER
7/25/17 6:24 A
7/24/17 5:45 A
Word Association Game SHARON632 8182 MOLUX252627
7/24/17 11:16 A
Posted a goal SAMMEB17 10 TCANNO
7/24/17 4:33 A
Finished cake. Santa Fey Super Cheif. My father loves trains. It even has his Fighter Interceptor S LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 75 TEAGIRL49
7/25/17 1:29 A
I've lost 30 lbs since March!! Never would I have JJ47135 132 UMUCGRAD
7/24/17 3:35 A
Went past my goal of 7500, time to adjust my step goal!! JWIEST1 8 TCANNO
7/22/17 3:16 A
When you slay the snack game.👊 FITSISTA79 163 ZIGGY7611
7/24/17 11:43 A
30 pounds gone 😊😅😅 still way to go YACKYURIAS 31 YACKYURIAS
7/22/17 11:21 A
65lbs lost! #keto KITKATPOUNCE 71 QSHEPP
7/23/17 11:37 P
I have lost my first 5 pound in only 3 days using the calorie counter and 30 day workout challenge a HJONES16 134 HJONES16
7/23/17 12:21 A
Salad prepped for a long day tomorrow! Greens, tomatoes, black beans, leftover salmon, and leftover GRATTECIELLA 38 LIVEDAILY
7/20/17 5:06 P
Bought a Fitbit Flex and have been working up to meeting my overall goals by end of week. Today I ma HSINGER 8 TIBURONA
7/19/17 1:04 A
In my engagement pants from 5 years ago. SCHNOOKIEPIE 84 L_DROUIN
7/19/17 3:44 A
So a little over a month ago I was unhealthy, not sleeping well, and felt exhausted all the time. I MKC2792 112 LITTLEREDHEN8
7/19/17 4:44 A
27 pounds down in 2 months. Went to try on clothes in the dressing room and everything fit. I didn CGILGER1 143 MATTHEWP14
7/19/17 1:35 P
Since weighing in on 7/7/17 I've lost another 9lbs. This brings my total weightloss 45 lbs since Jun AWALKER83 216 BURNINGTHYME101
7/18/17 9:45 A
Another Returning Newbie OCEANBELLE717 7 1DAY-ATA-TIME
7/17/17 11:42 A
From couch potato to triathlete in 7 months! Raced MAGLITE7 168 INCH_BY_INCH
7/17/17 7:20 P
Phew! Awesome day of swimming in a friend's pool ( GRATTECIELLA 20 BJK1961
7/17/17 9:27 P
Cause sometimes you need to sit on a rock bluff high above the inlet. TIKITAMI 39 A-NEW-OLD-LAURA
7/18/17 11:30 A
As of this morning I have officially lost 71 pounds! If you told me at the beginning of January 201 WORKIN2017 105 WORKIN2017
7/17/17 1:15 P
After weeks of working one day at a time I took the weekend off 😀 Went through the closet and got r MICHELLEFOUND 209 SOUTHBAYRED
7/18/17 6:43 A
I've lost 48 lbs. LOULOU1709 117 LOULOU1709
7/18/17 5:05 P
Ok kinda proud of myself tonight. Keto tacos! SARAH_ARAUJO 13 -POOKIE-
7/14/17 6:14 A
Day 4 of hitting all my goals PINKMUSTARD21 6 TCANNO
7/14/17 5:54 A
2 years ago this week I started my journey. It wasn't easy but I've lost 110 lbs - while I still hav GAILIEBEE69 84 1CRAZYDOG
7/14/17 12:52 P
So let's talk about today lol 11,644 steps 4.91 miles 1053 calories burned Don't mind my son he's LEALONIE19 14 LEALONIE19
7/14/17 6:26 A
I decided i wanted to live!! So i took control of what the devil was doing to me and told the Lord i GPALMER29 93 FIT_VERVE
7/22/17 7:18 P
Yahoo broke my stall, loss , 8 pounds since my stall. Total weight loss 100 pounds. S02526 302 INPRAYER
7/12/17 11:38 P
Maybe not the right place for this but this community is like family. My sweet girl Spawt passed awa LADYTARLTON 216 KSTEVERSON
7/13/17 8:53 P
Not a diet... it's a lifestyle Not for him.. for ME Not for a day...Everyday Not to feel good in a CHRISTINAV7 79 GIANTOCR1
7/11/17 6:30 P
7/11/17 8:54 P
This was on my Timehop and I'm just shocked! Had to share so I can keep it on my memories! Keep tr PHOXYM 154 AMYBRO1
7/12/17 11:15 A
I lost three pounds so far and I just started a week ago. I'm proud of myself JRUMM1 5 JRUMM1
7/10/17 6:00 P
I can't believe it. I lost some more weight. Started at 384, down to 370 and now the scale went down MKPARKE77 70 UPONATIME
7/17/17 11:47 P
Down 1.6 this week! Only 5 more lbs to my goal of 130 by August! TECHERNO 171 MCFITZ2
7/10/17 2:26 P
Can't stop won't stop! 56 lbs difference between these pictures (left is November 2016, right is tod WHOVIANGIRL23 103 MOUNTAINGIRL15
7/10/17 6:30 P
When I started a month ago, I struggled to walk two miles. Today, 10 pounds lighter, I briskly walke LKMANNING7 111 JOEBIRD01
7/10/17 7:27 P
Humbled by these pictures! The left is Easter 2017 (down 20lbs) and just a few short months later th PHOXYM 288 KARENWILL2
7/11/17 1:13 A
115 minutes on my treadmill today. Just too darn hot and humid to be outdoors ! NETTIE722 11 MARINEMAMA
7/10/17 7:44 A
When I started my weight loss journey back in January I was wearing size 4x workout pants and tops. SHANAHALL82 131 MDOWER1
7/10/17 6:48 A
I'm planning on exercise at the beach this week. Have a great week Sparkers! CGEM61 12 JULIENSMITH
7/10/17 11:27 A
Amazing what one can achieve in a year! Motivational story you can check out on Youtube: 70 lbs of GOODGETNBETR 305 JEANKNEE
7/10/17 4:24 P
Finally made over 10,000 steps. So excited! KAREN_EDMONDS 11 YMWONG22
7/8/17 2:31 A
So excited at the moment! I'm really happy with how far I've come. The pictures on the left are from LADYSOTH24 86 QSHEPP
7/8/17 7:21 P
I joined SparkPeople on April 22 of this year. Here is my first "then and now" share. PDLSTMPR1 133 PDLSTMPR1
7/8/17 1:02 P
5 miles beach walking today, so good for the soul. 😁 TINYDOG58 21 CHERIRIDDELL
7/7/17 1:26 A
My running shoe company endorsed me as an athlete! (OK, it's a gimmick, but a fun one. I love seeing GRATTECIELLA 23 IAMAGEMLOVER
7/7/17 5:53 P
Instead of going to Happy Hour after work I opted for a nice hour long walk at my favorite park with ASHLEYB30 20 PAMBROWN62
7/7/17 3:17 A
From a size 22 to size 14. But I still need to lose at least 31 lbs. STEPHANIE0071 22 COUPONMOMMA7719
7/7/17 6:18 A
Cholesterol is down, A1c is down. Working progress. 66 pounds less CECE 127 1DAY-ATA-TIME
7/7/17 8:45 A
6/16/17 1:08 P
47lb down since January!!! Now to stay motivated for the other 47. CNHUNT89 102 MDOWER1
6/9/17 7:57 A
45 lbs gone Started at an embarrassing 225 I have 63lbs to go to my happy weight DEVILDOG4EVER 51 TANGOJAVA43068
6/19/17 6:34 P
Couch to 5k Week 3 day 3. This was hard - I think I didn't eat enough beforehand and bonked during m GRATTECIELLA 13 CTYONIT
6/3/17 6:29 P
So starting yesterday I set a goal of 20k steps a day for a week! Here's today's steps SARAH_ARAUJO 7 MISSY455
6/2/17 12:51 A
6/2/17 4:56 A
I'm still hungry after a small dinner, so I'm having a healthy protein packed dessert: Greek yogurt GRATTECIELLA 29 TAMSHAUMENO
6/2/17 1:22 P
Starting back out after another fair period away, at least I'm back I suppose! J_WISNOWSKI 12 DRBARNETT
6/1/17 6:54 A
Hi! I'm Nicole! It's been a long time since I've given SP a go, and I think it will be the boost I n BEANFAMILY 17 KARENWILL2
6/1/17 12:24 A
I know it's not a huge victory for most but since I have been struggling so much I'm happy with it. MUMMAJESSY87 11 VIV1914
6/7/17 9:58 P
Walk today and work with my husband 😬 YULEIMAMALONE 6 LADYSUISEI
6/1/17 3:57 P
I'm feeling very tired and sore after completing the Manitou Incline. Two hours to the top, and an h FITVENTI 81 CIERAPOET
6/1/17 2:32 A
Ok, I'm ready to restart this journey. Lost 43 lbs in 2012 on SP so I know I can do it. Gained it al JANELLESMOM1 98 ENVY45
6/1/17 3:57 A
First 20 pounds down! DAISY*CHICK 51 STRNGNGRNDED
6/4/17 12:44 P
A beautiful day for a walk. This is my personal best since tracking steps with Fitbit. RIDEN55 5 LYDIAHESER
5/30/17 12:23 A
Im down to 279 (pic on left) from 312 since november. (Pic on right) 20 of those pounds have been th TRINA 170 ROBYNSMILES
5/30/17 9:43 A
Well to date from Jan 31 when I found out I was pre diabetic I have lost 30lbs! Pretty proud of myse BOBBIDOLLZ71 81 STARRYEYES1985
6/2/17 10:45 A
Another good day. Made it over 11,000 steps. Yay!! LINDA33GB 9 PRAIRIECROCUS
5/27/17 2:56 A

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