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Vegan turkey sandwich carrots and blueberries lunchtime DOINITNOTGONNAS 15 SASHASMOM1122
8/16/17 3:44 P
"If you are trying to push a rock down a path, the hardest part is getting it to move. After it star BLESSED2BEME 10 REGILIEH
8/16/17 9:21 P
32 pounds gone and feeling more motivated than ever to keep it up and reach my next goal! PINKMUSTARD21 55 MIGHTYMAGSTER1
8/16/17 1:38 P
I got this for my office door. A few times a day I DANICONNOLLY 19 I-AM-TITANIUM
8/16/17 8:54 P
#bestmedicine CAROLINAGIRL69 7 MIRAGE727
8/16/17 1:12 P
Daily reminder ... to stretch and get out in the fresh Air .... have a good day all ...:) 2BDYNAMIC 26 EMMACORY
8/16/17 10:11 P
Phew! What a day I've had. My community center is now giving the pickleballers 3 hours in the gymnas DRINKALOTH2O 14 MIRAGE727
8/16/17 1:11 P
Swimming early at the beach #deliciousdailymoment JSTETSER 18 REDROBIN47
8/16/17 10:08 P
Ready for my swim! #deliciousdailymoment JSTETSER 24 REDROBIN47
8/16/17 10:07 P
This photo is from last year when I was at my lowest weight since 1980 (high school). Over the past DRAGYN5 20 JTHEALTHY1
8/16/17 7:41 P
Posted a photo CAROLINAGIRL69 5 MIRAGE727
8/15/17 9:49 A
8/16/17 5:31 A
My breakfast this morning consists of a mug of hot tea and a peanut butter sandwich on white bread. AUNTRENEE 3 MIRAGE727
8/15/17 9:40 A
Got up early This morning went to the gym, did cardio and leg day. Did calf raises for 2 min straig TAMARAOGINA 6 MIRAGE727
8/15/17 9:34 A
So what caloric burning is 3 hours walking around the fair? NEEDBU66 11 MIRAGE727
8/15/17 9:33 A
#deliciousdailymoment My weight never changed thanks to the long walk that I had yesterday. 65 minut AUNTRENEE 2 MIRAGE727
8/15/17 9:32 A
I am feeling positive today! Been walking and making better choices on food. You can't lose weight o TIME2LOSE41 4 MIRAGE727
8/15/17 9:27 A
Wake up and there's nothing stopping me! First day of half marathon training. Sorry jellyfish of SONNY636 11 VICKYLYLES
8/15/17 9:30 A
Posted a photo TIPTOETO50 9 MIRAGE727
8/15/17 9:24 A
8/15/17 9:38 A
My goal was to walk 90,000 steps when I finished calculating my steps I exceeded them and finished w MILKATRENA 7 BETRHO48
8/15/17 6:18 P
My breakfast was almost spot on ~ woohoo AKELLY45 12 AKELLY45
8/15/17 9:48 A
Always be the BEST version of yourself - no comparing, no scales - measure your health by how you FE BEFITSPIRITED 27 REGILIEH
8/15/17 10:06 P
Awesome, awesome, sweaty interval run this morning!! RUNDARCYRUN 5 ROBINFITZWATER_
8/15/17 9:48 A
Massive amount of food- 243 calories! I broke out one of grandma's egg cups and bought the adorable AUGUSTAGLOOP 113 MCJULIEO
8/15/17 6:47 P
Good morning lovelies! Saw this quote at the end o SUCHADIVA215 67 SUCHADIVA215
8/15/17 11:12 P
Haven't seen the 160s in at least 5 years! 💪👏👏😀😎 NONANATOR 197 DLJONES50
8/15/17 6:11 P
FIRST weigh-in....woo hoo!!!! 28 days in and 14 lbs down!!! Upping my cardio for the next 4 weeks AULAURUS 192 RAINBOWMF
8/15/17 8:10 P
Posted a photo NISSANGIRL 18 MIRAGE727
8/14/17 8:53 A
I do it for the grandkids! #deliciousdailymoment JSTETSER 28 1958TMC
8/15/17 11:04 P
I was able to resist german chocolate cheesecake. It was replaced with red cheeries, red grapes, spi DANIELEMANUE1 4 AUNTRENEE
8/14/17 9:52 A
Started out today with a run in the rain. Still averaging about 14 min/mile and doing 1.6 miles. I'l MWARNER211 7 MWARNER211
8/14/17 12:39 P
Good morning spark family ❤️❤️ KEENA47 20 KEENA47
8/14/17 9:12 A
Day One! Feeling amazing, positive, and powerful. Just got back from AZ and my house building adve SONNY636 11 GETULLY
8/14/17 8:59 A
Good morning....Got my walk on! MEROBERTS21 40 _LINDA
8/14/17 1:01 P
Make sure you drink your water. 👍 JSABINSKE2017 13 _LINDA
8/14/17 1:01 P
Two eggs to whole wheat pieces of toast in 4 slices of turkey DOINITNOTGONNAS 7 _LINDA
8/14/17 1:02 P
Posted a photo KINDGIRL56 19 SCYANKEE46
8/14/17 9:38 A
Goodmorning friends, hope you had a great weekend, had a heart to heart talk w Mom yesterday, we bot JUSTSTICKWITHIT 249 EVILCECIL
8/15/17 6:48 A
When's Your Next Triathlon... MIRAGE727 207 MIRAGE727
8/13/17 10:47 A
Change is needed! #deliciousdailymoment JSTETSER 17 LIVEDAILY
8/13/17 4:12 P
Oh, yes, I did! Age Group Nationals. Slower than last year, to be expected. But not THAT much slow ONEKIDSMOM 25 1CRAZYDOG
8/13/17 3:22 P
4 days of camping with family and friends has been amazing! I've stayed on track for the most part SUMWITCH 13 MIRAGE727
8/13/17 10:34 A
Stay focused! #deliciousdailymoment JSTETSER 20 EJOY-EVELYN
8/13/17 9:55 P
I would love to be lazy today and do nothing... BUT LIVINGLOVINLIFE 14 IAMAGEMLOVER
8/13/17 6:10 P
I love walking in the morning ad the sun comes up... ANNKRAN 15 LEEWORD
8/13/17 11:10 A
Posted a photo BBBONNIE1 9 SILLYFILLY7
8/13/17 11:05 A
My scale is on the fritz. I have to weigh myself twice, getting the same number both times, before I WIZARDPIMP 28 CUIS1NE
8/13/17 3:52 P
Thought for the week! Let's do this! LELKINS71 12 LEEWORD
8/13/17 11:09 A
My walking partner does quite a bit more than my 2 miles......back and forth and back and forth.... TTBUTTS 30 ALICIA214
8/13/17 11:55 A
I consider Sunday the start of my week. So this week I will be stronger!!!!! Happy Sunday everyone! RAINYN2004 35 MISSA526
8/13/17 11:47 A
My hubby is getting my walking/running lanes cleared in our little neck of the woods LUCKYCRIM1231 84 CANNINGNANNY
8/14/17 7:33 A
Whoohoo. Finally made it to the 60's. Hello my friend. Haven't seen you in a while. Let's have a nic DPGUIDRY 163 FISHGUT3
8/13/17 4:13 P
Help! Good Morning... I am afraid i might quit. I am scared. This weekend is my first anniversary we MSUNEK 307 SPARKLE1908
8/13/17 3:49 P
Posted a photo NISSANGIRL 15 MIRAGE727
8/12/17 4:14 P
Posted a photo MADEINBRITAIN 9 MIRAGE727
8/12/17 4:13 P
a little slower than before i got sick but the time is good PLAINJANEDOE 4 PLAINJANEDOE
8/12/17 10:39 P
I couldn't run a mile back in February. This morning I did this: JASONZ 12 WISECHOOSER
8/12/17 4:11 P
almost back to normal this week #post-runselfie PLAINJANEDOE 5 ADRIENALINE
8/12/17 4:52 P
Decided to make today a pajama morning and pushed my run to the evening. Worth it and happy to say I LSTASZ 5 MEFATAGAIN
8/12/17 6:30 P
This morning I'm at my goal weight. When I checked the emoticon I was so shocked at the number I go KRAZZYLEGGS 304 CHEERLEADER23
8/13/17 4:06 P
Let yourself out of true prison one step at a time MYSTIKALSHARYL 11 IGOT2START
8/11/17 11:09 A
Love u all ❤️❤️ KEENA47 16 KEENA47
8/11/17 12:46 P
I woke up in a bit of a funk today- thinking nothing was working- I decided to take a look at a rece THE_SHREW74 60 SUSIEMT
8/11/17 6:13 P
Posted a photo RNJEN1974 11 ORTATK
8/11/17 11:30 A
Posted a photo DERRICK1971 55 TCRANE522
8/11/17 12:25 P
4 weeks of hard work paying off! I am so excited MEGANLVERA 77 SASHASMOM1122
8/11/17 4:56 P
Good morning Sparkers! Feeling motivated today ! Got rid of 2 more lbs. 22 since mid March....and t STARFISH1961 49 NANCYANND55
8/11/17 9:22 P
Slowly But Surely!!!! 💪 F5FURY 117 SUSIEMT
8/11/17 6:11 P
First time in probably 20 years that I have been under 300 lbs! 10 more to go to my 100 lbs lost! #I TIPHI1228 198 TIPHI1228
8/14/17 10:32 A
22lbs down and I can put on my jeans I haven't been able to wear since my pregnancy over 2 years ago POSTBABY4102015 177 SASHASMOM1122
8/11/17 4:31 P
Small goals today: Dental checkup done. Taking a break from 30 minute walk today. Over did it yest BILLDREW4 10 MIRAGE727
8/10/17 1:33 P
Picked up another packet today. 10K race tomorrow evening. #running MOBYCARP 8 MIRAGE727
8/10/17 1:31 P
What is your weight loss secret? Mine? Counting Calories. It is a major chore sometimes, but it DO CAROLINAGIRL69 8 MIRAGE727
8/10/17 1:28 P
Phew. Day 3 completed of KETO. Yesterday and today were tough. Headaches. Worked through it! I start DRINKALOTH2O 13 MIRAGE727
8/10/17 1:26 P