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10/18/17 6:12 A
10/18/17 5:24 A
#transformationtuesday She believed she could so she did... #startedfromthebottom #nowimhere #onmywa GIZZY78 26 MRSMOMMAGRAY
10/18/17 9:42 A
10/18/17 5:23 A
10/18/17 5:53 A
This is totally me! ; ) BERRY4 14 YANKEEINENGLAND
10/18/17 5:42 A
#BeforeAndAfter I couldn't really tell a difference until I looked at pictures a few months apart.😁 ASHLEYBAILEY091 181 NVRAGAINAGAIN
10/18/17 10:37 A
Might be time to up my step goal I went over by 3,000+ on the 16th and today I'm 5,339 over. Getting COUNTRYMAMA8210 18 SMORSEBVR
10/18/17 6:24 A
Has anyone else set goals and then came out of the gate struggling? Most people get excited and go, IWILLRISEUP86 13 TAMMYLEEYATES
10/18/17 6:09 A
#NSV I'm really happy to be wearing this sweatshirt which used to be too tight for me - yay! #feel RAWCOOKIE 111 DAWNWATERWOMAN
10/17/17 10:21 P
10/17/17 3:21 P
Taking care of ME! JSTETSER 26 BLUEROSE73
10/18/17 2:29 P
Took my lunch break and went for a run along our beautiful downtown bike /walking path. It was wonde LYONSFARM 17 KELLIEBEAN
10/17/17 10:29 P
Posted a photo LHOOPSTER 4 ZRIE014
10/17/17 7:39 P
Me. Want. Chocolate. Lol. Any favorite healthy sweet treats out there?? MELANIELOVE4 8 ZRIE014
10/17/17 7:37 P
Started a new functional fitness program... ready for the next phase of my success! JKAE568 9 ZRIE014
10/17/17 7:36 P
I went to put on a runner's belt I haven't worn in years. I was genuinely shocked to find it was way BUNNY_SHAWE 16 ZRIE014
10/17/17 7:34 P
Tortellini with chicken, peas, and pesto sauce. The pasta may be high in carbs but the chicken and p ALLYLIZZY 10 ZRIE014
10/17/17 7:34 P
300 calories of deliciousness LAURENPAYNE1978 8 ZRIE014
10/17/17 7:33 P
Two years ago at Disney World and in June at The Guthrie Center. 100 pound difference. My secret? A MARKKNETZER 53 SMSUZIEQ36
10/17/17 9:11 P
Plateaued a bit lately -- keeping up exercise, but lots of stress is making it hard to keep motivate MAGLITE7 110 HEALTH_NOW
10/18/17 1:27 P
This girl just ran a full mile in 13.51 minutes! ASHLEYAMOORE 175 ZRIE014
10/17/17 7:17 P
SparkWheel GOLF-BOWL Round 253 10/12 - 10/20/2017 MIRAGE727 8 GEMLADYONE
10/17/17 11:57 P
SparkWheel GOLF-BOWL Round 254 10/21 - 10/29/2017 MIRAGE727 1 MIRAGE727
10/16/17 4:41 P
I'm thankful for my mom JSTETSER 16 ROCKS8ROX
10/17/17 8:14 P
Feliz Lunes a todos Happy Monday to all MEXYULIZEA 7 GRACIE6121
10/16/17 11:15 A
After reaching my goal I decided to lose a few mor MEXYULIZEA 29 MIRAGE727
10/16/17 9:53 A
I'm the worst selfie taker but so excited today. From a size 20 to a size 14 jean... can not wait to BEVERLY1501 36 DAKOPP
10/16/17 11:28 A
May the week ahead be filled with..... Love, Joy, Peace and Blessings. God bless you all on your wei TMP0418 67 RAUNESCA
10/16/17 10:35 A
Posted a photo HIPPICHICK1 14 JACEYLEE
10/16/17 11:33 A
I’ve been needing much motivation recently. I’m just very tired all the time and some days I would r THEJACKIEDEAN12 225 ENGELKUH89
10/17/17 7:19 A
ONE-DERLAND...I have Arrived!! Can't stop me now! πŸŽ‰ POGIRL17 303 POGIRL17
10/16/17 9:21 P
Time to wake up that mojo!! RACING4ME 389 DOITNOW2018
10/18/17 1:26 P
"Going Out for My Final 8 Mile "Long" Run Before Next Sunday's Marine Corps Marathon! This will be m MIRAGE727 12 MADEINBRITAIN
10/15/17 9:54 A
How my graduation day ended. I passed out. MISSCNJ 33 QSHEPP
10/15/17 6:41 P
Walked up (and then down) 9 flights of stairs to go see my B-I-L tonight at the hospital. My son po MRSTRUCKER58 6 MIRAGE727
10/15/17 7:00 A
I just opened my email to find this..... 8,851 kilometers!? This means you've officially walked the WALKN4WARD 14 MIRAGE727
10/15/17 6:59 A
The view across Kin Coulee towards Saamis Teepee where my car was parked. I had just finished one hi WALKN4WARD 12 WALKN4WARD
10/18/17 1:52 A
10/12/2017. Post yoga. Day 25 of 40 days of yoga. Sore hamstrings from so much stretching but feelin STINAPAG 18 TMP0418
10/15/17 8:25 A
Sunset adventure with the Labracadabrador. BONNIEMARGAY 16 GARDENCHRIS
10/15/17 10:19 A
NSVs 1. I used to were a pouch at work. I have not worn it for over 6 months. I had to tighten the DEBYDOINGIT 11 MLR_00
10/15/17 8:21 A
At least my steps are getting higher in number RAWN13 14 FISHGUT3
10/15/17 10:24 A
GOOD MORNING!! πŸ‚πŸβ˜€οΈ β˜•οΈ πŸ˜„πŸ’—πŸπŸ‚ #thislittlelight tofmineimgoingtoletitshine SARASMILING 13 50YEARSAWIFE
10/15/17 7:13 A
Have a goal reaching day! LITTLEREDHEN8 11 FLASUN
10/15/17 9:29 A
My legs are killing me this morning, but I'm not sorry. I worked hard yesterday and it felt great! 3 MINATHERED 12 DARKMORNING
10/17/17 3:27 P
Take time to breathe! JSTETSER 17 SPEDED2
10/15/17 7:50 P
2015 vs. 2017 I was so big and uncomfortable. I’m KEENA47 52 KEENA47
10/17/17 1:07 P
Today, I have a new accomplishment! I have limited mobility due to having both my knees replaced wit MARILYNMURRAY 195 MARILYNMURRAY
10/15/17 12:09 P
Not bad if I do say so myself. JPELCHAT 29 _LINDA
10/14/17 11:15 P
Walking treadmill for 1hour let’s see how it goes! POTATOEFRIES 8 UMUCGRAD
10/14/17 9:10 P
I've been a cleaning cooking fool today. Rain all day so staying busy so not sitting in front of TV JPSCOV66 11 _LINDA
10/14/17 11:14 P
I don't know when the first pic is from, but it's got to be from when I was 270-280. The second pic M86265 83 TMP0418
10/15/17 8:30 A
My husband and I having fun at the pumpkin patch :-) LLR630 20 CHERIRIDDELL
10/15/17 1:37 A
Inspired by MISTRESSOHORROR, I made a seasonal meme. And should I be concerned that my Granddaughter MIRAGE727 4 KC2ED
10/13/17 12:33 P
Happy Friday the 13th! MISTRESSOHORROR 8 MIRAGE727
10/13/17 10:02 A
10/13/17 10:10 A
"Me & My Sis!" She is leading "The Full Monty Krewe," supporting me during the Marine Corps Marathon MIRAGE727 5 REGILIEH
10/13/17 8:44 P
Gm at the Dr for my wellness visit have a absolutely wonderful Friday and awesome weekend πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜ KEENA47 26 QSHEPP
10/13/17 2:42 P
Good morning Sparklers...the picture is of Cloudland Canyon in Georgia...I've hiked it many times ov MEROBERTS21 109 EO4WELLNESS
10/13/17 8:01 P
I am trying harder! LEANJEAN6 36 MBPP50
10/14/17 8:36 A
It's Friday the 13th! Always been my lucky day. Actually, in medieval times, 13 was considered a luc LYONSFARM 155 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
10/14/17 9:34 A
This says it all!! Have a great day :)!! CASTAN07 6 CURLYLADEE
10/12/17 11:42 A
It sure doesn't feel like October here! MISTRESSOHORROR 11 MIAMI_LILLY
10/12/17 1:03 P
It's never too late to start being all that God wants you to be! JSTETSER 14 ROCKYCPA
10/12/17 11:23 P
Posted a photo DINKER0798 5 CHRISTISEO
10/12/17 11:31 A
I am new to spark and looking for support to lose AJARRY07 27 SARAKATHRYN76
10/12/17 3:30 P
The day had finally arrived! I am officially in the 180s!!!!!! Down 25 lbs since my start in April! KAYBRITMOODY 41 TIGERSEYEHEART
10/12/17 2:45 P
I have been at this since March 25th 2017 I'm down 43 pounds and I feel so much better... but this w JOHUMMEL1305 107 KITT2531
10/12/17 8:23 P
I was going to skip my run today, but then I remembered how far I've come and where I'm going! 33 go LKMANNING7 89 CONSTANCE067
10/12/17 10:39 P
Had a 10K for breakfast TANYRE 11 MYTIMEOK
10/12/17 1:23 P
Down 50lbs! MANDI2181 169 MANDI2181
10/13/17 10:11 A
Good morning β˜€οΈπŸ˜ƒπŸŒž KEENA47 165 KEENA47
10/12/17 4:26 P
I've come a long way. Teen mom at only 16 years old, divorced and single mom of 4 children at 26 ye LALAP1012 302 LALAP1012
10/14/17 3:37 P
SparkWheel GOLF-BOWL Round 252 10/03 - 10/11/2017 MIRAGE727 6 MIRAGE727
10/11/17 9:29 P
Autumn collage (made by me). ALLYLIZZY 14 DLJONES50
10/11/17 6:14 P