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ABCs of the Holidays KPACE7 398 WONDER--WOMAN
12/15/17 12:57 A
12/14/17 5:10 P
ABC'S of Reaching Our Goals KPACE7 733 MIMAWELIZABETH
12/14/17 5:09 P
I was out doing my (shortened, because I am still gimpy) pre-dawn walk, and the only other folks out LESLIELENORE 18 CHERIRIDDELL
12/15/17 1:05 A
A satellite photo showing smoke from the California fires blowing towards Hawaii. We live in a safe MIMAWELIZABETH 3 JEANNETTE59
12/14/17 6:10 P
One fire in Southern California continues to advance... this was taken on Main Street in Ventura. W MIMAWELIZABETH 45 DININA48MN
12/15/17 2:02 A
I’ve lost over 100 lbs while being on the 5% Challenge!! This is your invitation! Are you looking f DIANEDOESSMILES 11 ROCKYCATSMAMMA
12/12/17 10:41 A
Woohoo FINALLY Snow!! Normally you can see the city across the harbor. Snicker even the geese and DIANEDOESSMILES 13 MIMAWELIZABETH
12/11/17 5:39 A
The first Christmas without any of my grandparents or parents... my four girls and I are in the kitc SUSANSKI 9 MIMAWELIZABETH
12/9/17 6:58 A
Our Russian Blue Mom with Pasha, her last kitten. I held him back from adoption so Blue wouldn't lo MIMAWELIZABETH 20 PATRICIA-CR
12/4/17 8:42 P
Our latest foster, named Sardines for how we trapped her. Hopefully she'll be joined soon by her sib MIMAWELIZABETH 15 PATRICIA-CR
12/4/17 8:42 P
Wishing you all a Wonderful December! MIMAWELIZABETH 33 PATRICIA-CR
12/4/17 8:40 P
Lost 60-70 kg this week. Someone I thought was a friend, who to be honest treated me like crap, unfr RAWN13 10 HAWKTHREE
12/4/17 7:21 A
Today I wonder: Why Bother? No one notices or seems to care about all the hard work I do to keep mys SMITIM 12 HAWKTHREE
12/4/17 7:18 A
When he sits there staring holes through me with one ear up... I know it is time for a nice, long wa LESLIELENORE 38 MIMAWELIZABETH
12/4/17 5:46 A
12/15/17 6:39 A
Giving this a try. I want to make changes and what better way then keeping track of what you eat an BIKERGIRL94 15 ORTATK
11/30/17 7:17 A
I'm a Nigerian, 5"5 tall and 136lbs. Everyone says I'm slim except for me. I feel so fat. OMOKHAFE 28 JENNGROGAN
11/30/17 11:06 A
My morning win is my coffee, I was able to lower the calories from about 220 to 145 just by changing ARISA91 15 AIRYAUSTY
11/30/17 11:39 A
Posted a photo AUDREYGNSC 34 SCYANKEE46
11/30/17 1:06 P
This is it, people: the last day of November means tomorrow starts the last month of 2017... Make i MIMAWELIZABETH 8 AMYBRO1
11/30/17 9:33 A
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 18 SCYANKEE46
11/30/17 1:08 P
Got my wedding dress today! 😊 Tracking food and fitness helped me reach a healthy weight and boost ZJ_ZERO 132 SCYANKEE46
11/29/17 9:28 A
So HERE'S an eye-opener: I just found out that in order to burn off a can of pop, I need to walk 4 m SUSANSKI 20 1ZIPPYC
11/28/17 1:25 A
Don’t know when or if our Marine GS will be coming home for either the Thanksgiving or Christmas hol MIMAWELIZABETH 17 MIMAWELIZABETH
11/26/17 6:03 A
Posted a photo MIMAWELIZABETH 8 DEE107
11/26/17 9:06 P
WOOHOO My Lowest on many, many years!! From 288 to 173.6 is 114.4 GONE sp far! TY Sparks and All o DIANEDOESSMILES 183 TCDRAGON54
11/26/17 10:28 P
Just spent allllll day trying to log in to sparkpeople. Couldn't get in until 10:14. Did anyone els SUSANSKI 12 SUSANSKI
11/26/17 4:18 P
11/25/17 5:05 A
Make this a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. We have so much to be thankful for. Some years of have more SUSANSKI 8 MIMAWELIZABETH
11/25/17 5:02 A
So scared I'll fail HELPINGHANDS574 15 DIALYSISCHIC1
11/21/17 4:01 A
In just 2 more lbs I'll be my LOWEST in so many years I can't remember!! In just SIX more lbs, I'll DIANEDOESSMILES 16 MIMAWELIZABETH
11/21/17 1:02 A
11/19/17 11:51 P
Really, people? BOXED WATER??? Who is buying this stuff?! I’d like to meet the person who designe MIMAWELIZABETH 23 MIMAWELIZABETH
11/19/17 11:46 P
Today I worked so hard in the kitchen, scrubbing walls and floor. I was working for 8 hours today, w SUSANSKI 10 CINDY4JOY
11/18/17 10:44 P
11/14/17 5:27 P
I just started this week. My goal is to lose 10% of my body weight in 6 months. My weight will still SEEKHEALTHYLIFE 7 SEEKHEALTHYLIFE
11/14/17 5:53 P
I'm looking at old photos, feeling the happy memories, as a way to stave off the waves of emotions t MIMAWELIZABETH 23 PATRICIA-CR
11/15/17 10:53 A
... and her protector Belle with the same! MIMAWELIZABETH 6 PATRICIA-CR
11/15/17 10:54 A
WONDERFUL MEMORIES! This is my amazing GD Sierra at a few months old, loving her new pink teddy bear MIMAWELIZABETH 14 PATRICIA-CR
11/15/17 10:53 A
My granddaughter is going to think your supposed to dance while cleaning! STEPHHIXSON 11 SCYANKEE46
11/15/17 9:33 A
Nine more days until the Thanksgiving holiday (US) presents multiple temptations and hidden emotions MIMAWELIZABETH 10 PATRICIA-CR
11/15/17 10:54 A
Weigh in day tomorrow! MIMAWELIZABETH 17 PATRICIA-CR
11/15/17 10:54 A
So imagine this, just one week from the Texas Church Shooting: My minister was in the middle of h SUSANSKI 8 MIMAWELIZABETH
11/14/17 3:28 P
I've at last done 3 things that I'd been putting off for days, if not weeks. Feels great! LIZALOT 4 MIMAWELIZABETH
11/14/17 3:25 P
Please pray for a doctor in my town who was shot today in the hospital parking lot. Gunman then kill SUSANSKI 4 SUSANSKI
11/14/17 3:34 P
posting new topic just to test email notifications GREBJACK 3 GREBJACK
11/10/17 4:52 P
Insomnia is no fun that's for sure! I don't think I'm into the 8000 sheep category like the guy belo JUSTSTICKWITHIT 23 NANCYANND55
11/9/17 10:52 A
With a heavy heart and many tears, last week we laid to rest our beautiful Siamese foster kitten. Th MIMAWELIZABETH 20 PATRICIA-CR
11/7/17 9:19 A
Wind power turbines near Palm Springs, CA. MIMAWELIZABETH 18 PATRICIA-CR
11/7/17 9:19 A
Another shooting in Walmart. This time it was in our state to an area I visit. SCARY now a days to DIANEDOESSMILES 8 MIMAWELIZABETH
11/7/17 5:00 A
I am up... but my dog is curled up with one of his stuffed animals in bed... snoring. He has much b LESLIELENORE 23 BONNIEMARGAY
11/7/17 7:19 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 5 INPRAYER
11/6/17 8:20 P
11/6/17 7:34 P
DH cuddling a then two-week-old orphan kitty someone had found late one night by a Main Street, wet MIMAWELIZABETH 23 MIMAWELIZABETH
11/6/17 7:30 P
11/22/17 9:26 A
Had a very 'not in the mood' kind of day. Swam a mile, but my heart wasn't in it. But: "I did not fe SUSANSKI 11 MIMAWELIZABETH
11/6/17 6:05 A
SUPER EXCITED. After wanting this for more than 12 years, I was finally able to purchase myself a bi SUSANSKI 8 SUSANSKI
11/6/17 1:18 P
Emoticon....Say Hi to Your Team Mates HOMEBODY67 4942 BONNIEMARGAY
12/15/17 1:57 A
Spin the Wheel... How Many Did You Get... HOMEBODY67 3165 CHIPPEE
12/15/17 6:36 A
Halloween is nearly here! Is this you today? #halloween2017 #monday SPARKPEOPLE 31 MBPP50
10/31/17 4:04 A
GD Sierra enjoying Autumn in Colorado! MIMAWELIZABETH 7 PATRICIA-CR
10/30/17 11:12 A
My spunky GD Sierra (age 2-1/2) out trick-or-treating at a mall event. She had a blast!!! MIMAWELIZABETH 13 FRANKLY5
11/30/17 10:09 P
A great way to relax! KILTORE 37 MIMAWELIZABETH
10/30/17 4:39 A
10/30/17 4:37 A
Now this I believe!! KILTORE 27 MIMAWELIZABETH
10/30/17 4:36 A
In 8 MONTHS DOWN 8 and 1/4 inches overall!! WOOHOOO!!! Also a question for you all. I did this by DIANEDOESSMILES 24 LISA1065
11/2/17 9:54 A
Been making some good choices this week. Adding some more fruit here and there, adding more movement SUSANSKI 9 SUSANSKI
10/30/17 3:10 P
Me this past week with the Halloween candy Hubby brought into this house when he wasn't supposed to! KILTORE 9 ABUELAMEMA52
10/30/17 11:15 A
I cannot stand avocado. What can I substitute for use on toast, eat with an egg, or use in a smoothi KILTORE 10 7STIGGYMT
10/30/17 11:14 A
FINALLY compression socks are NOT BORING!! I DO NOT like wearing these, but when my weight QUICKLY DIANEDOESSMILES 23 LISA1065
11/2/17 9:56 A
Celebrating our recent 5 year row renewal (we got SANDRABUSH24 32 MOGLO
10/28/17 4:30 P
Posted a photo STAN_EASTVALE 18 MOGLO
10/28/17 4:32 P
You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dream JVANAM 5 MIMAWELIZABETH
10/28/17 3:36 A
Mom Blue with four of her five kittens, plus a tiny new foster baby (the black spot in between the g MIMAWELIZABETH 6 PATRICIA-CR
10/28/17 2:43 P