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10-hour work-day. Mowed .75 acres (riding, of course, who wants to walk that much grass). Washed my JDCRAWFORD73 38 TAYLORT323
7/25/17 6:49 A
60 lbs Down ! 6 months till physique contest ! Starting to prep today ! RICHARDSCHNEE12 26 MICHELECARLYON
7/23/17 11:28 P
Snacking at night is always hard for me. Last night, nothing passed my lips after dinner except wat PARISGRL7 150 RAYMOSSISTER
7/15/17 4:16 P
Ran about 2.8 mi (4.2 mph, sprint at end) without stopping. I'm ready for my next 5k! Faster, strong GRATTECIELLA 16 LAPPEROO
7/15/17 11:56 P
Healthy lunch. Tuna with light mayo and dill pickle relish. Spinach, tomatos and small flour torti MIDGIEDAWN2 10 PATRICIA-CR
7/14/17 6:13 P
I am attending a dinner club tonight and the theme is red, white and blue. Wanted something healthy LLOWE30 3 BRENDA_77039
7/14/17 12:03 A
Day 1, my heaviest @368 lbs. Long journey ahead. Watch out world, here I come! BCOMINGPIGLET 204 TTUCKERMCGILL
7/14/17 6:26 A
I don't mean to be glum but my husband of 26 years is dying from cancer. He's my entire life. I don' VARIEL1998 303 STRONGERLEANER
7/10/17 4:44 P
In June I did the beginners 30 day squat challenge. I think I might have discovered the key to battl MYTIMEOK 9 -POOKIE-
7/6/17 2:33 A
what are you GO TO spices BLINDS50 110 POPSECRET
7/25/17 8:36 A
Okay, SparkPeople this is why the latest update pu PRETTYGIRLBLU 7 PRETTYGIRLBLU
6/17/17 1:43 A
Harder to Control Cravings When Stressed? STUDENT_NURSE18 40 HAWKTHREE
7/25/17 8:57 A
6/11/17 12:26 A
Yesterday's steps. I'm sore this morning, but have more moving today, so lots more steps plus lifti MIDGIEDAWN2 12 APPLEVEE
6/10/17 11:06 A
You can reach your goals, whatever they are!! Have a enjoyable Sunday. (Not my creation.) LITTLEREDHEN8 18 MIDGIEDAWN2
6/4/17 11:51 A
I just started need to lose 30 Lbs make a good 200 to start i need to lose in my arms an in my stoma RENE8869 6 MIDGIEDAWN2
6/4/17 11:43 A
I've hiked 2433 virtual miles of the Pacific Crest Trail since 3/8/16. Only 256.5 miles to go! This NHEMBERGER 12 BJK1961
6/4/17 9:28 P
6/16/17 1:08 P
I think I worked my arms too much. My muscles are bunched up at my elbow, which is making my wrist h JMARISK 12 HIKINGSD
6/4/17 3:33 A
Post-run selfie. Sunny, hot, and humid. I Love it. PLAINJANEDOE 11 PLAINJANEDOE
6/3/17 9:36 P
What do others who like dresses do who are size 12 on top and size 18 on the bottom? Is it just me BKWERM 5 STARFISH1961
6/3/17 9:35 P
Well I'm back after injury Monday I will weight in and start working out, time to get back to me... GUZMAN10 4 MIDGIEDAWN2
6/3/17 7:24 P
Curious about protein meal replacements. Has anyone tried them and if so, how did it go. I'm not lo THISISFORME143 5 THISISFORME143
6/2/17 8:09 P
I can't seem to get motivated to exercise. What does everyone do? I've had a gym membership for four ANNESTONSKI 36 MIDGIEDAWN2
6/2/17 6:08 P
Walked around the zoo....that counts as exercise, right?!? 😄 PIBBLEPINMAMA5 18 MIDGIEDAWN2
6/2/17 6:00 P
6/2/17 8:38 P
comparing between garmin n fitbit .. both were put on the same time this morning SPORTY_1 15 SPORTY_1
6/1/17 4:33 A
Im this pic im 230 lbs. Starting June 1st im hitting the gym again. Im 6ft tall so I'd like to go ba MARITZA25 7 MIDGIEDAWN2
5/30/17 8:09 P
Hi all! I'm new here and just wanted some advice.the end of January I weighed in at 289 pounds. I in EDDIEGVERSION2 6 LUANN_IN_PA
5/31/17 10:36 A
Health tip. When dieting stay away from processed foods. It may be the easy route but nothing worth CHRISHOLLIDAY 7 DAIZYSTARLITE
5/30/17 9:05 P
Has anyone else ever tried eating off a kid's plate to help with portion control? JB65773 202 LIVEDAILY
5/31/17 10:30 P
What are your "must have" grocery items! PDLSTMPR1 115 KRYS210
6/1/17 3:16 P
Starting my weight loss journey in the morning. This is the heaviest I've been, and after seeing pic BRITTANYKAEX 123 ORTATK
5/30/17 7:22 A
So this my first time using this app. I am weighin MAKAYLA934 19 BECKY_US
5/29/17 11:11 P
5/29/17 8:16 A
Posted a photo LINDA! 48 SUSANSKI
6/5/17 12:36 P
Is spark the same as it was? How do I find the daily menus? HPOULSON 4 HPOULSON
5/28/17 7:16 P
I just bought my first bicycle! 🚲🚲🚲 Weeee! #mobilechat SUMMERFODRIE 8 JEANKNEE
5/29/17 3:26 P
I've been off of this app for a long time. However I have to do something. My daughter graduated fro TWOROSETATTOO 20 LASTDIET2017
5/28/17 1:51 A
Me after losing 160 lbs. No bariatric surgery. TCRANE522 161 FLOUNDER1323
5/28/17 7:53 A
Sunshine raspberries! PLAINJANEDOE 10 THEURERBGT
5/27/17 9:13 P
Need motivation. Ate nearly whole days worth of calories just for breakfast. Tried harder exercised JONIBUSHELL 3 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
5/27/17 10:44 P
Had a mild stroke on Monday. Finally made me realize that at 53 I can't eat, drink and act like I d MDAGNEY 25 NANCYANND55
5/27/17 7:11 P
Lunch today: Cucumber, Tomato, and Onion Salad with Asian Dressing GREEN-EYED-LADY 14 MSNOVADAWN
5/27/17 12:31 P
Can anyone recommend the best Fitbit to get? There are so many types, I'm not sure which one to choo DIANNE1755 7 CLPT1969
5/23/17 7:24 A
A good Sunday's steps and I didn't even leave my house. MIDGIEDAWN2 10 YMWONG22
5/22/17 6:05 A
Going out to play with my friends. #ChromeDivasofTampaBay #braap KKRAVIG1975 8 KKRAVIG1975
5/22/17 3:33 P
As of today Down 42lbs in 4 months!! Can everybody say U go Girl lol!!! Stay grinding and don't st FEALSTON 7 MIDGIEDAWN2
5/21/17 2:06 P
Breakfast of eggwhite crustless quiche with mustard. 195 calorie start to the day! Easy Egg White Br METAGODDESS 4 IMRAN99
5/21/17 2:09 P
Does anyone follow a cheat day diet, where you allow yourself a day or meal to eat whatever you want TIGERSEYEHEART 13 KAYBRITMOODY
5/22/17 2:28 P
On way to do a couple laps at park before stormy weather. 204 pounds at 5'6". I'm big-boned apparent CORALDREAMS71 9 MIDGIEDAWN2
5/21/17 1:48 P
Feeling very down today. I've lost 25 lbs since the end of January. Was pretty happy about that, b KAE0430 66 KB214R3
5/21/17 4:10 P
Great. Tripped and fell today. Did something to my big toe/foot. Hurts so bad. Iced it, taped it, to STARRYEYES1985 3 STARRYEYES1985
5/29/17 8:25 P
Down 10 lbs so I rewarded myself with a new hair color! KAYBRITMOODY 45 DEEREID2015
5/20/17 5:51 P
I might need to up my goals on fitbit. 😜 MOM0F2_DANNIE 10 STAN_ORLOWSKI
5/13/17 12:45 A
Question.... which is actually better? My morning coffee at almost 100 calories. (1 cup only) or a MISHKA1212 15 MISHKA1212
4/29/17 11:42 A
Gotta love Colorado and its ever chsnging weather. It has been in the 60 and 70s for the last month LINDZZ3 10 MTN_KITTEN
4/29/17 2:43 P
Letter from the DMV says I can renew my license by mail if my stats haven't changed. Last time I to SAFTANOMI 4 MIDGIEDAWN2
4/23/17 7:41 P
4/23/17 12:35 P
Never give up on YOU! MIRANDAMASON603 7 LPORTER2015
4/23/17 7:30 P
My work week may be complete but my weekend workout has just begun. SUMWITCH 4 GEORGE815
4/21/17 7:17 P
I wrote a post a couple days ago asking how soon to start strength training since I have a significa BLAP33 11 LEVISGIRL4EVER
4/14/17 6:17 P
Has anyone quit drinking soda if so how did you overcome the headaches from withdrawal and what did A50555 8 SARAKATHRYN76
4/14/17 5:39 P
How Did You Decide Your Goal Weight? MARCHAPRILEMAY 100 PUNKMUMMY
5/17/17 7:58 A
Don't underestimate us big girls! We have more in us than you think! And yes, we run too! PSALMISTLD 37 PROVERBS3128
4/6/17 8:08 P
Is one soda a week okay? I know soda isn't good for you at all but I thought 1 soda every 7 days was SARAHANGELS 12 MIDGIEDAWN2
4/6/17 11:57 A
Woke up this morning totally unmotivated...but when this is your walking circuit the inspiration com CARIDIVA 94 FISHGUT3
4/6/17 2:50 P
Just out of curiosity, does anyone use the "add calories"? I used to use that when I used my fitbit HMS2270 7 AKROXIE
3/29/17 10:11 P
3/26/17 9:08 A
3 Things to Be Happy Today KALISWALKER 414 MULTIMOM
3/19/17 12:40 P
1/13/17 11:23 P
2 - Nutrition Plan KALISWALKER 78 TUKARAMA
1/25/17 3:07 A
1 - Information & Exercise Plan KALISWALKER 88 TUKARAMA
1/25/17 3:14 A
2/27/17 6:58 A
3 Things to Be Happy Today KALISWALKER 307 DEBTEVELDAHL
11/27/16 9:11 A

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