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108 lbs down 40 to go. 14 months. I went to a information session on gastric bypass and decided it 52CHRIS 23 DIANALAZZELL
3/28/17 11:06 A
My thoughts on today. Thank you! Surgery went well... I don't have cancer. Exhausted because life STEFANIE979 51 NAOMI_ACOSTA
3/28/17 8:35 P
This is my husband, Don and I at Christmas. JANETTEDC 12 CHUBBYNOMORE3
3/28/17 8:26 A
Two miles on the treadmill and salmon and wild rice for dinner. Feeling good tonight! www.runningaz RUNNINGAZOO 12 J68941
3/28/17 3:55 A
Posted a goal TISEE814 3 PRAIRIECROCUS
3/28/17 1:30 A
The picture on the left I weighted 267 but with hard work, diet and exercise. I'm the current pictur M22136 26 DIANALAZZELL
3/28/17 11:13 A
Just got this today! JSCHICKADEE 12 GOIN4IT233
3/28/17 3:27 A
First day in this app and I was surprised! I ate like I normally do and was surprised by the result. TEXINJUN 10 TEXINJUN
3/28/17 1:00 P
3/28/17 11:09 A
Dijon chicken with roasted Brussel sprouts with garlic and red onions, topped with Parmesan cheese a MIZZSHELBYRAE 15 ACRAZYCRAFTER
3/28/17 12:38 P
Name a TV Show You Watch BEACHBRIDE09 13073 GERRTIE
3/28/17 9:34 P
A to Z word ending in ing AVROIEN 16358 PHILLIESFAN2
3/29/17 10:40 A
Just starting today! It is really hard for me to give up all my favorite foids but maybe with everyo NICKOLS33 20 I_ROBOT
3/26/17 11:40 P
Starting again. I lost over 40 lbs and have gained 20 back. I know I can do it but not without Spark AHURN79 31 WINTERFLOWER
3/26/17 9:58 P
Today's my birthday! I lost 16 lbs! Yay me! DEE1532 71 BROOKLYNBLONDIE
3/27/17 2:00 A
Hello everyone I am new and starting to try to loose weight I want to be at least 190 I am 272 now t JACQUEC2012 92 ALSGIRL4
3/27/17 11:28 A
I dont weigh in until tomorrow but today is an amazing milestone for me. Today I have hit 50lbs lost EMILYSNEWLIFE 164 MARCHAPRILEMAY
3/27/17 7:16 P
Hi everyone I'm just getting started today can't wait to see how much I'm going to loose each week.οΏ½ ME4RCY4ME3 116 ME4RCY4ME3
3/27/17 8:23 P
A-Z Famous people (past & present) SUNLIGHT11 2700 PHILLIESFAN2
3/29/17 10:35 A
Last Fruit Eaten? HPOWENS 68225 PMORENA
3/29/17 11:05 A
Little losing that 2 pounds in the first week. πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™ FORTYDOWN0831 2 MEWHENRYSMAMA
3/24/17 11:48 P
1) Zack brought me dinner 2) I got my mala beads in the mail 3) I got Aspen's toothpaste so myabe hi HFOTWTH 11 LAURENPAYNE1978
3/24/17 11:54 P
A little mental #motivation today ! INVISIBLEGIRL06 8 AOKDIET21
3/25/17 8:43 A
Down 23 lbs since January 1! Gotta love hip hop dance, zunba, kettlebell and pound fitness! NATTYGANN43 3 OTGIRLSARA
3/24/17 11:52 P
Day 2 and I am surviving with this whole eating healthy. I am a little hungry but will focus on drin STROSD5 5 LSTONESTREET1
3/25/17 12:32 A
Was given a new uniform shirt today. Happy to say that I gave it back. It hung like a tent. Goodbye ROLLIN76 17 DJ4HEALTH
3/25/17 2:03 A
When your son comes home with a box of donuts .. The agony​...πŸ˜₯ CARLAV07 14 TIBURONA
3/25/17 2:57 A
Same shirt, different day Two years and 90lbs difference #mobilechat MISSDORKNESS 129 HOTROD53
3/27/17 9:23 A
One more thing before I crash out. I've started something to help me hold myself accountable. Called ROLLIN76 2 MEWHENRYSMAMA
3/24/17 11:42 P
Coffee today? HAPPYWIFE 125125 ALFBUNDY
3/29/17 8:29 A
Last Vegetable(s) Eaten? GODSCHILD2_2011 138 RO2BENT
3/27/17 9:08 A
I Am (alphabetically) MYSTRAL_CERCE 53414 JANEYINMADTOWN
3/25/17 3:56 P
What a day. Went to my first yoga class today. It was a seniors and disabled yoga class. I chose th CHEFGELMAN 19 CMY1026
3/23/17 8:03 A
First day really need this change tired of being so insecure DEZZ0922 11 DEZZ0922
3/28/17 12:41 A
Good morning all! I hope everyone has a blessed day. ATPEACE2911 9 IVANHOE64
3/23/17 6:30 A
Goal is to lose 20 pounds before my birthday which is 4/22 im willing to do anything to reach that g PAINISGAIN22 10 PAINISGAIN22
3/23/17 4:33 P
There's me holding my 5 day old nephew. A picture that shook me awake to do something. I never thoug ALBIZU55 24 JEMMSIE
3/23/17 9:19 A
Small progress, still progress. ROBILEN 9 BIKE4HEALTH
3/23/17 6:31 A
I need advise. This is embarrassing:( What would you do if after you lost weight you lost your breas ANGELAJANEDOE 44 BIKE4HEALTH
3/23/17 6:27 A
My iris are almost fully opened. They make me smile every time I go out in the front yard NETTIE722 19 CONNIETEA88
3/23/17 8:05 A
Well today is my 27th birthday, I haven't done much as far as changing my habits yet. Tho I am proud MRSPIXIE23 21 JOANNEJI
3/23/17 9:57 A
I've been eating meals that are too large lately, fasting today and tomorrow to compensate. Back on IONA72 5 MEWHENRYSMAMA
3/23/17 5:04 A
3/23/17 8:08 A
Have ya ever seen such cuter Toes!! My 2 month old Grandson's!!! FLASUN 21 MILLER-S
3/23/17 6:14 P
Morning walk. Tides in and the sun is peeking out! Music on and off I go. -POOKIE- 25 JOYINKY
3/23/17 9:18 A
I really love this app my second day in and I enjoy everyone here everyone Is very motivational and NIKKI_NICHOLE22 10 ANNDANDY
3/23/17 5:49 A
Name an old television show SWEETSILVER 73268 ALFBUNDY
3/29/17 8:42 A
Stay positive today! #motivation GLAMNGLOWDIVA 16 LIS193
3/22/17 12:13 P
Trying this out again. My BMI is 45 and as a result, cannot donate to get my husband a kidney :( LEAKIE77 12 SPARK_COACH_JEN
3/22/17 6:33 A
Ive lost 30 lbs and counting. Love my smaller body but my face looks older anyone else notice this? MISSJAKE 4 MEWHENRYSMAMA
3/21/17 2:06 A
I first joined Spark about 10 years ago and have used it on and off. Two years ago, during an "on" p GTAMBONE 6 GTAMBONE
3/21/17 8:50 P
As many of you guys know, I have been going throug HOKIENCLT 6 FUZZIEBEAR3
3/23/17 8:00 A
Day 1 (again) on SparkPeople. The beginning of the best days of my life. TRINELLE2 22 TRINELLE2
3/21/17 4:06 P
My legs and feet hurt so bad! Its been non stop knee bends, walking, stand up, sit down, bend, twist MICKEYCLAUS 3 MEWHENRYSMAMA
3/21/17 1:58 A
I started my healthy eating lifestyle On Feb.22,2016 as of Feb. 22,2017 I have lost a total of 92lbs PATRIC10669 188 MRODRIGUE11
3/27/17 10:04 P
1 week in: lost 7 pounds! KRISTYV123 2 MEWHENRYSMAMA
3/21/17 1:53 A
My blood work is on all my numbers are great WOO HOO even the sugar regular numbers woo ho DEE107 16 WALLAHALLA
3/21/17 1:55 P
What are some of your favorite low cal but filling meals and snacks? BUTTERFLY55102 4 MEWHENRYSMAMA
3/21/17 1:51 A
Not ready to post a picture just yet. But started my journey 2 weeks ago and I have lost 4 and a hal SYLVIA436 5 MEWHENRYSMAMA
3/21/17 1:45 A
Hey im new here and i am traying to loss weigh 20 pound any tips C26132 3 MEWHENRYSMAMA
3/21/17 12:52 A
Ok it is 2017 and I am here to lose my 30 pounds I have gained over the past 3 yrs ZEN_WOMAN 15 LIS193
3/21/17 12:29 P
3/21/17 12:48 A
I fell down yesterday. I'm standing up today! PJPEGG 4 FOXBAY99
3/21/17 4:34 P
Add a word to ruin the song title or lyric... CILLALILLY 581 TOJOHO2005
3/28/17 8:36 P
Got my water in today! All 64 oz since around 2 pm. VKAHN7 5 MEWHENRYSMAMA
3/19/17 1:18 A
Since I started working out four days a week I've gotten a lot of energy for the next morning. I act _CASRH_ 7 MEWHENRYSMAMA
3/19/17 1:17 A
I need to back up on the wagon. Anyone have a step JET444 4 JET444
3/19/17 9:50 A
Made it through the Birthday today eating great food and more importantly sticking to my calories an ALICIAMAG 4 MEWHENRYSMAMA
3/19/17 1:15 A
My first weight loss running shoes! BARBARAMJ 43 DIVINAMAMA
3/19/17 3:10 A
Excited and nervous for the months that lay ahead! 30kg to lose, just have to stay motivated and on BANDR27 6 7STIGGYMT
3/21/17 12:37 P
Hey guys. I always said if my weight started affecting my health I'd start healthy eating. Well the PSDUNFORD 7 PSDUNFORD
3/19/17 12:12 P
No sugar added dinner. Mmmmm!! AMBULINCKX 10 CTYONIT
3/19/17 4:14 A
Bands or Singers A-Z JENJEN1004 48136 LIZZIE138
3/29/17 9:57 A
NEW!! Last names A to Z WOLFSPIRITS 16107 PMORENA
3/29/17 11:02 A
3/18/17 6:20 P

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