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Woohoo...20 bonus spin points today. :) Just day four of my challenge too. Hey y'all, challenges SANDSLIB 3 PRAIRIECROCUS
3/27/17 12:48 A
Hello everyone I am new and starting to try to loose weight I want to be at least 190 I am 272 now t JACQUEC2012 92 ALSGIRL4
3/27/17 11:28 A
Trying to lose some weight DRUSSELL176 7 BONNIESABLES2
3/27/17 2:45 A
Weighing 158. My goal now is to maintain between 155 and 160. Started at 202lbs in Feb of 2016. Have 0123SANDY 27 TSHAWGER
3/27/17 7:04 A
Healthy snacks all prepped for the week!! ❤️❤️ Ready for some success. BEXTERMINATOR 28 BONNIESABLES2
3/27/17 2:42 A
6 weeks makes a huge difference!! Still have a ways to go but I'm happy with the improvement! LAURENPAYNE1978 12 MWARNER211
3/27/17 5:54 A
Hi everyone I'm just getting started today can't wait to see how much I'm going to loose each week.� ME4RCY4ME3 115 TMYERS2016
3/27/17 7:12 P
Proud of myself. 9 pounds gone since March 1st of this year. I have tracked my food almost every d KIKOBLUE 15 BONNIESABLES2
3/27/17 2:36 A
Trivia Questions...How Did You Do? RORYLYONS 8790 WONDERGALE
3/27/17 2:59 P
3/26/17 12:20 A
HOUSEHOLD TIPS ..... Bedroom (Mar. 19-25th ) HOMEBODY4EVER 38 BEVIEG41
3/26/17 2:56 P
Question of the Day..... .??????? HOMEBODY4EVER 623 BJAEGER307
3/27/17 8:04 P
Almost all my life iv been made fun of cause of my weight. But today I finally decided I can do this FOREVERPISCES 10 CHERIRIDDELL
3/26/17 12:47 A
Thought I was doing good, eating smaller portions, exercising daily (which I haven't done since I go SDAVID1114 18 CLEUTHAUS
3/26/17 12:44 A
Pre-cooked my proteins for the next 4 days. BLUECAFE 5 KITT52
3/26/17 10:34 A
Sorry for comming so late, but I had a really tuogh day with lots of errands, activities and to top LADYANDREA2012 8 MIMAWELIZABETH
3/27/17 3:53 A
Posted a photo EASYQI68 9 MERRYMARY42
3/25/17 11:15 P
Finally got the 25 pounds lost badge. GOLDENYEAR66 27 QSHEPP
3/26/17 9:33 A
Fire 40 .... hiit 20... doubling up is no fun! Urg! Recommend not doubling up the 40! 🔥🔥🔥 SISNEROSMD 6 MERRYMARY42
3/25/17 11:14 P
So proud of my son who just turned 23 on Tuesday and graduated from Basic Training as the Soldier of MSLZZY 22 YELLOW09RED
3/26/17 8:01 P
I just started my weight loss journey about a week ago. it's been really hard adjusting to the healt B44582 18 QSHEPP
3/26/17 9:31 A
One of my old friends started cutting weight last year. Doing his weekly meal prep every Sunday aft ROLLIN76 31 MALISSAPOLK
3/25/17 11:45 P
Dinner, Day 1: Homemade curry dinner (roti, yellow curried potatoes/carrots, spicy masala veggies, m SERENE-AGAIN 7 MERRYMARY42
3/25/17 11:11 P
Been sick with a cold/flu all week. It was tough. I took 2 days off completely, did yoga twice and f BARBARAMJ 4 JUDY1260
3/25/17 11:37 P
3/25/17 11:43 P
Wish I could walk alot more. Its a little hard with a new born but I think im doing pretty good ! 😊 DENISE2399 8 REBBUL67
3/26/17 12:47 A
3/26/17 4:34 A
By walking daily at work, I have 3 other folks that are walking regularly! RHOOK20047 5 GRACED777
3/25/17 9:52 A
Had a delicious salad for dinner ; interestingly enough I didn't feel like making one but it was wor SUCHADIVA215 5 LPORTER2015
3/25/17 8:50 A
I love green beans. GARDENSFORLIFE 31 MEXGAL1
3/25/17 4:49 P
I've lost the first 2lbs and my body fat has dropp FATGURL2LOSE68 5 FATGURL2LOSE68
3/25/17 7:09 A
Feeling pretty good today. I ate pretty bad today but hoping these stats can make up for it. Tomorro JOSH3434 9 LAURENPAYNE1978
3/24/17 11:58 P
Went out to dinner had a small steak and a salad, I took my own yogurt dressing too! LILA-JADE 5 TIBURONA
3/25/17 3:12 A
I think this is the best I've ever done. A little bit over on cholesterol (but that was from the egg HIGHWAYGIRL2004 12 AUSHAMARIE
3/24/17 11:07 P
Posted a photo RHOOK20047 17 SCHNOOTIE
3/26/17 11:22 A
After 1 hour of my spinning class. YACKYURIAS 9 YACKYURIAS
3/24/17 11:37 P
I can't stop walking! CINDY247 22 STROSD5
3/24/17 11:41 P
I messed up and put everything today under breakfast. I've gotta get my carbs knocked down. ROLLIN76 11 MERRYMARY42
3/24/17 10:52 P
Posted a photo GODDREAMDIVA1 8 DEBBIESUE1959
3/24/17 11:39 P
3/25/17 1:50 P
Just thought I'd share a little something my husband got me to brighten my day. Have a great weekend LADYTARLTON 33 DEBBIESUE1959
3/24/17 11:39 P
1) Zack brought me dinner 2) I got my mala beads in the mail 3) I got Aspen's toothpaste so myabe hi HFOTWTH 11 LAURENPAYNE1978
3/24/17 11:54 P
3/27/17 7:55 P
Did You Huddle Today! RORYLYONS 6263 RORYLYONS
3/27/17 8:09 P
3/27/17 8:07 P
3/24/17 10:09 P
Maintaining a 20% weight loss for over 4 years. #maintaining VTRICIA 14 GABY1948
3/24/17 6:39 A
Not really sure how to read this and or if its good or bad MCHOLDEMAN 3 NOMESAILI
3/24/17 1:05 A
Not bad for first time being at the gym. EXERCISEMOM15 16 MEXGAL1
3/24/17 1:22 A
3/24/17 2:28 A
This day last year vs this year KATIEPROULX8 199 WORKOUTWITHPAM
3/24/17 3:46 A
Down 125 lbs since January 2016. I still struggle everyday, but I'm thankful to SparkPeople for all CMURPHY121 237 CMURPHY121
3/24/17 4:12 P
Last week. Down 10 lbs and a jean size. Ive been walking every day around five miles and cleaning up SUNNYGAYLE 10 R62682
3/23/17 12:57 A
Never before weighed this much in my life -not even pregnant! Very depressed and ashamed. Need to ge LADYTEACHER1 16 BETTSILEDESMA
3/23/17 1:26 A
Used to weighing myself daily...I've decided every Sunday is my new time to check's like wa FREESTONETR 6 BETTSILEDESMA
3/23/17 1:27 A
Posted a photo GODDREAMDIVA1 17 JUDITH316
3/23/17 4:04 A
3/23/17 1:56 A
Started at 379 a month ago down to 357 now. Working on being more active and setting a better exampl SPARKE77 86 KAHANGI
3/23/17 1:57 A
I like this quote, it helps me to get myself up off the couch on my lazy days. RICKI157 14 YMWONG22
3/23/17 4:22 A
Today is day one. So far 910 calories.. I worry about of I can do fiance and I are in this ALISONNY 233 NELLJONES
3/23/17 7:47 A
Posted a photo RICKI3B 12 LISE_MARIE
3/23/17 6:44 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 12 YMWONG22
3/23/17 10:06 A
Just starting today. Learning to navigate the site. Really need help to resume exercises and lose po MARCIAASHLEY 5 TIBURONA
3/22/17 1:14 A
Changing my habits means changing my routine. Afte ALAURAT 4 ANGELAJANEDOE
3/22/17 1:44 A
I'm Vanessa, I've downloaded about 10 weight loss apps since I've gained weight and never went throu NESSLXO 13 GOODGETNBETR
3/23/17 3:28 P
It was Murphy's law Tuesday. Hoping Wednesday will be much better HEALTHYNEWPAIGE 7 ISNESS
3/22/17 9:04 P
Something I really need to remember because it's harder to work off all the extra food that I eat th HEALTHYNEWPAIGE 9 ISNESS
3/22/17 9:03 P
Feeling pretty confident with my progress since starting December 12, 2016 at 263 lbs. Gotta make so KHERRMANN2 6 ANNDANDY
3/22/17 3:38 A
We walked together love it!!! VMEZA1 7 3RIN84
3/22/17 6:24 A
okay I just started this site today. my weight is currently 274 lbs. I need to lose 124 lbs by may 2 COOPER2323 267 BROOKLYNBLONDIE
3/22/17 5:53 A
3/20/17 9:23 P
3/20/17 - Multiple Muscle Monday KELLIEBEAN 7 MERRYMARY42
3/20/17 9:22 P
My dinner. 2 oz. Barilla spaghetti, grape tomatoes, onion, zucchini and seasonings, with Kraft parme TWEDEE777 12 MNABOY
3/21/17 10:55 A
Rocking my scar...surviving necrosis fasciitis PLANTPOWERGIRL 11 CHRIS3874
3/20/17 8:23 P
Spark ... you did good! Love all the inspirational stories on the community feed! My Spark world h MYBESTLIFEISNOW 5 KATHYJO56
3/21/17 12:30 A

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