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Come And Chat With Us MEMORIES7 1 MEMORIES7
11/27/17 1:54 P
Welcome Friends, MEMORIES7 1 MEMORIES7
11/27/17 1:46 P
What Are You Canning And Preserving This Year MEMORIES7 1 MEMORIES7
11/20/17 3:16 P
Canning/Preser ing/Fermenting Recipes MEMORIES7 1 MEMORIES7
11/20/17 3:14 P
100+ Ways To Conserve MEMORIES7 1 MEMORIES7
11/20/17 3:11 P
What Does Sustainable Living Mean To You MEMORIES7 1 MEMORIES7
11/20/17 3:08 P
What's Growing In Your Garden MEMORIES7 1 MEMORIES7
11/20/17 3:05 P
Recipes Galore MEMORIES7 2 MEMORIES7
11/20/17 11:46 A
Welcome Friends, MEMORIES7 1 MEMORIES7
11/20/17 11:34 A
$1.00 A Day For The Cushion MEMORIES7 1 MEMORIES7
11/20/17 11:17 A
11/20/17 11:05 A
Welcome Friends MEMORIES7 1 MEMORIES7
7/4/17 1:08 P
7/4/17 1:06 P
6/28/17 6:24 P
Welcome! We are so glad you are here! MEMORIES7 1 MEMORIES7
6/27/17 7:53 P
6/27/17 7:49 P
Game: Pet Names A to Z HAPPYGIRL511 14 MEMORIES7
6/27/17 6:47 P
Welcome! We are so glad you are here! MEMORIES7 1 MEMORIES7
6/26/17 7:00 P
6/26/17 6:53 P
Daily Chat - Starting Dec 2016 LASSY319 84 ESMERELDA12
10/1/17 5:37 P
Take time to chat with us! MEMORIES7 1 MEMORIES7
6/26/17 3:29 P
6/26/17 3:24 P
Welcome! We are so glad you are here! MEMORIES7 1 MEMORIES7
6/26/17 2:26 P
Did You Use Coupons, Buy on Clearance or on Sale? ON_A_DIET 2 MEMORIES7
6/26/17 2:12 P
My Heroes! I honor you! SPOKENWORD 4 1CRAZYDOG
5/31/17 12:01 P
We remember! Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend! SPOKENWORD 4 BLACKCAT13C
5/31/17 12:05 P
Keep positive! MEMORIES7 14 MOMOF2B1G2
6/3/17 10:20 A
Down to 175 even this morning and my birthstone ring that hubby got me last Christmas finally fits! MHEDIN63 127 _LINDA
5/30/17 10:46 P
Diana Krall got me going this morning. I don't know if you would really consider it energizing... b LESLIELENORE 6 MBPP50
5/27/17 6:58 A
First green beans of the season from our garden! BETTYWEST824 74 ANDYLIN90
5/26/17 2:05 A
Wake up this morning feeling really good I made it out the 380s HENNYFLOW29 122 FITME2017
5/24/17 6:57 P
Mini goal reached. LAILA07 16 ILOVEROSES
5/24/17 9:13 A
Question: What are ways you've tried and found helpful in overcoming a sweet tooth craving? LANA_LEE 6 MICOLINA26
5/22/17 9:06 P
#motivated #iminspired DIVAGLOW 24 LIS193
5/23/17 12:39 P
Made it back to my Normal BMI Range! TWEETIEBIRDIE 5 SRIVERS1
5/22/17 6:57 P
I've done my weight loss in two big steps since 2005, from 245 lb to 165 lb. I'm done trying to los TIGERSEYEHEART 48 F5-FURY
11/14/17 5:01 A
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 8 REGILIEH
5/21/17 10:59 A
Life is full of up's and down's and winding roads MEMORIES7 16 MORTICIAADDAMS
5/22/17 8:52 A
Make your choice! LALAP1012 5 CATSTAR27
5/20/17 1:52 P
My daughter placed a bench at the halfway mark of walking our big circle driveway so I can rest ther DREAMERMS 8 BRENDA_77039
5/19/17 11:00 P
Getting so close to my goal!!!! SHALEESUN 238 DEECAFFEINATED
5/20/17 5:22 A
Hi my name is Monica and today is the first day to my new life I tend to lose weight then gain it ba MONICA728 304 ANGIEN9
5/20/17 1:03 P
Day 272 of daily walking. Each day is different distances based upon my super busy all over the plac LUCKYLISA12002 15 CFRY53
5/19/17 10:14 P
Posted a photo LANA_LEE 20 COMEBACKKID12
5/19/17 11:28 P
I find all of your posts so inspiring! It's a wonderful feeling to know that I don't have to be ash LOSINSUZYN14 6 WYQUEENBEE
5/19/17 2:31 P
Face to face friday. I am in an alternate world where i cannot believe the left used to be me and th LUCKYLISA12002 111 CHRISTINA332017
5/19/17 5:40 P
Good morning and happy Friday to all of you! Not sure what to do for a workout today because of my s DAWNDMOORE40 3 KRISZTA11
5/19/17 1:49 P
Life is all about choices. It does not care what you have or where you were born. It cares who you a BOOHOOBEAR 9 MAZUR157
5/19/17 11:44 A
Get out and walk today and don't forget your water! Have a healthy day! Hugs, Rose:) MEMORIES7 10 GLORYB83
5/20/17 9:06 A
I am happy to celebrate today my 30 pound weight loss. I am about 10 pounds from my goal and it has JENNIE_LEIGH 217 JENNIE_LEIGH
5/20/17 8:16 A
Dinner at work this evening. Whole what pasta with veggies and shrimp and a refugee fat cream chees MHEDIN63 5 EOWYN2424
5/18/17 10:20 P
Tonight's dinner is chicken and waffle salad and yes there are pieces of dried waffle in it they are AUBREYLYNN1313 11 -POOKIE-
5/19/17 5:05 A
Happy 65th birthday to my mom! This is the first birthday cake I ever made myself. It's a sugar-free CORALDREAMS71 17 BRENDA_77039
5/18/17 10:26 P
Does anyone want to be a weight loss "acountabilibuddy" with me? To check in daily ( or as close to FEARLESSBLISS 17 FEARLESSBLISS
5/20/17 7:26 P
Feeling beautiful today. Determined to keep my health goals in the front. MKELLY72 15 CMALTZAN
5/18/17 12:49 P
Said no to office donuts this morning! Feeling proud! 👍🏻🍎 JAMIES 207 ELLEYANNA
5/19/17 1:08 A
I'm so happy today. Finally down to 180. I started at 194. 14 lbs down. 30+ lbs more to go for my go ERIKAM1027 158 BREEZE70
5/29/17 10:10 A
5/18/17 12:12 P
Posted a photo TRAILWALKERJO54 12 MSLZZY
5/18/17 8:09 P
Just for kicks ~ DGFOWLER 31 PINKPIXY22
5/18/17 12:13 P
Whether rain, snow, sleet, hail or sunshine, YOU are worth all it takes to get healthy and fit! So n MEMORIES7 12 POSEY440
5/19/17 9:47 A
Vail, CO..... Snowing very lightly. DETERMINEDJANET 22 POSEY440
5/18/17 7:40 A
Eating right to keep my glucose levels at 100-110. JSTETSER 11 LIS193
5/18/17 12:36 P
Ships don’t sink because of the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets in them MEMORIES7 15 JANCARD
4/30/17 11:58 A
It is a beautiful day to get outdoors and walk, run, or bike so get out of the house and do somethin MEMORIES7 9 JAMER123
4/10/17 11:55 P
I believe the single most significant decision I can make on a day-to-day basis is my choice of atti MEMORIES7 11 DAWNDMOORE40
4/7/17 12:16 P
If you can’t do anything about it then let it go. Don’t be a prisoner to things you can’t change! Ha MEMORIES7 13 DAWNDMOORE40
4/3/17 12:35 P
You are not a failure. A failure is someone who does not try. When you try, you may not hit the targ MEMORIES7 7 DAWNDMOORE40
3/31/17 1:01 P
Love lights more fires than hate extinguishes! Have a healthy day! Hugs, Rose:) MEMORIES7 5 JAMER123
3/29/17 10:56 P
Who told you it couldn't be done? And what great achievement has he to his credit that entitles him MEMORIES7 7 POSEY440
3/27/17 8:03 P
Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater th MEMORIES7 5 JAMER123
3/26/17 11:37 P
A smart person knows what to say. A wise person knows whether or not to say it. Have a healthy day! MEMORIES7 10 CANNINGNANNY
3/26/17 8:42 A
Beginning today, I will improve myself. I will encourage and teach myself the importance of self-res MEMORIES7 12 J38850
3/25/17 11:57 A
You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing there will be no results MEMORIES7 7 ADRIENALINE
3/23/17 7:24 P
When life knocks you down, roll over and look at the stars then pull your boot straps up and reach f MEMORIES7 10 CHRIS3874
3/23/17 7:19 P