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Practicing my toe stand!! I learned it’s all about perspective in life... I find my balance and slow JESSICA_G23 23 DAIZYSTARLITE
1/17/18 10:24 P
Im making dinner. I used instant potatoes (low on time so eh) and we had some left over after it wen BRENEW 9 BRENEW
1/17/18 8:50 P
Port St Lucie, Florida 2/8/2018 RHODEISLANDLADY 3 CHERYLHURT
1/17/18 8:05 P
1/17/18 8:06 P
Loaded salad with raspberry poppyseed dressing & spaghetti squash with ground chicken & tomato basil THATGIRL254 21 DAIZYSTARLITE
1/17/18 10:21 P
Just taking it one day at a time. MOMANDWIFE516 4 AMBER461
1/17/18 8:29 P
Posted a photo SPEDED2 6 AMBER461
1/17/18 8:27 P
1/17/18 10:23 P
My view this afternoon #mobilechat 7STIGGYMT 37 LAH1222
1/17/18 11:35 P
1/17/18 11:27 P
Be patient. It took time for you to get where you are. It will take time to see results from the cha LIVINGLOVINLIFE 28 NOCALORIES
1/17/18 10:51 P
Almost made it to 15,000 & I just might. SHANTRA7 17 DAWN1830
1/17/18 8:35 P
Started out 303 Friday today weight in at 293 100 more to go.. KOREANHOWARD18 160 ZANDERS12
1/18/18 1:18 A
A good reason the scale is not the dictator as to whether or not you’re losing weight is that these COURTNEYTITUS 17 PRAIRIEOMA
1/16/18 9:01 P
I can't win for losing!! I work out!! I weight train!! I walk around the world!! I weight train!! I GPALMER29 22 DIALYSISCHIC1
1/17/18 1:22 P
Posted a photo MARIAK88 11 BOLEBRON
1/16/18 7:54 P
Morning. I have had a good week so far. While the long work days continue, I have found a huge diff TOLOOSE40 7 NUMBER1PUMPKIN
1/16/18 8:37 P
On my 3 week back to this. Spent 1 hour working out at the y, spent 25 mins on the treadmill, 25 min MKPARKE77 5 ATHLETELORI
1/16/18 8:08 P
Truth! #motivate KATB86 10 LAH1222
1/16/18 9:11 P
209# zig zag down from #360. I am blitzed. Looking for #200 BLAFLEUR7 29 ELSCO55
1/16/18 10:17 P
45 pounds gone. And this shirt was NOT purchased from the plus size section!! I am closer to my goal WHUTTAQT 93 PATSYGO
1/17/18 3:52 A
I started this ride 2016. 354lbs as of today, I'm 288 lbs! 38lbs to go. LAKEMAN1 132 PATSYGO
1/17/18 3:48 A
Started at 289lbs woohoo down to 194lbs SORRELLCONNIE 160 MMMMD59
1/16/18 11:34 P
A beautiful day of trail walking!! Let's go outside... VTNDERHART12 6 CHERIB00
1/14/18 7:50 P
Working 3p-11p/ dinner for tonight... * MLOPEZ8912 16 MEEMERS2010
1/14/18 9:49 P
When the weather has been crappy and I can't get out of the driveway, I'm glad I subscribed to Beach JENNC1978 4 MEMKEEPR
1/14/18 6:55 P
Tomorrow is the first day of my journey, hopefully I can find some positive encouragement along the MORBID2NOURISH 34 POLAR63
1/14/18 7:48 P
I've got the day off tomorrow so I've decided to write some menu ideas and put them on the fridge. I BEVERLY1501 4 FRISKYCRITTER
1/15/18 2:40 A
Decided I am going to start taking these now and then since I'm making progress. In 13 weeks I'm abo HANNAHLEVBARG 11 NOCALORIES
1/14/18 8:54 P
Day 3 of 11 step goal reached. Was easier today because of the walking involved with the job I do on TAMSALIVE 4 NICEGIRL250
1/14/18 7:34 P
Our weekly Sunday late afternoon run/walk on the Robinette’s Apple Orchard trails. After 90 days on B_RAZORSHARP 33 MWARNER211
1/16/18 5:13 A
Long run today 12-13 miles #BeforeAndAfter from 250 to 123lbs HSARMYWF 288 PENNEY13
1/16/18 5:43 P
This morning my son (he's seven going on twenty-one) decided to sneak a picture of me... as I was ge JESSICA_G23 241 CONTENTE13
1/15/18 8:56 A
Despite the cold and flooding around my state, my dog and I had a good walk. Here are some beautiful KIMAC87 12 MJ7DM33
1/13/18 4:30 P
Yesterday wasn't the most successful day. Over 1000 cals too many. Low protein and high sugar and fa BEACHCHICA08 17 MJ7DM33
1/13/18 4:27 P
I am thinking spring and seeding indoors (non GMO seeds) for my outdoor salad bar. STEEPERSLOUNGE 12 STR458II
1/13/18 8:36 P
Oh my! Let's keep it off this time...shall we! RENZRYD 41 RENZRYD
1/14/18 1:31 A
Hello everyone. Today is my first day on here. I am starting 3rd semester of nursing school Tuesda SKORNTHEUER 85 ZZSUSAN
1/13/18 5:42 P
Well this will be my diet for the next few days ugh 😣 feel free to sing soft kitty 😹 TMP0418 101 -POOKIE-
1/14/18 2:50 A
June 2016 when I didn't care Started July 1, 2017 ST3PH 136 DEEO12
1/14/18 10:37 P
Yum! I haven't made Caramelized Onions in years! Delicious...Red onions, cilantro, Spicy Hungarian P TMZ777 9 TMZ777
1/15/18 12:22 A
Hello everyone!! Well I been at my dietitian yesterday on month progress i lost other 14 lb in one m MARIAGCOSTILLA1 148 DAVENSHERI
1/13/18 3:46 P
Got my exercise today- 30 minutes of shoveling snow!! AUGUSTAGLOOP 100 I-AM-TITANIUM
1/14/18 2:59 A
1/14/18 7:24 A
When you’re in a group photo and you’re the fattes MISSAMY426 37 MISSAMY426
1/16/18 7:18 P
Happy Friday and Week-end KURTZIE1998 21 JUDY1676
1/13/18 10:34 P
Homemade chicken piccata! I went easy on the carbs today so I could have this. I couldn't wait for a STEPHI85 13 SADIEMYERS
1/12/18 9:05 P
homemade ww pork potstickers, asian salad & broccoli...and some wonton-less potstickers. STEPHW927 6 SADIEMYERS
1/12/18 9:06 P
No walking for the next 6 weeks 😥😔 LALAP1012 31 TIGERSEYEHEART
1/13/18 7:09 A
Posted a photo JOZELYNN 28 MOGLO61
1/12/18 11:39 P
It's my 26th birthday today!!! Goodbye 25! I have 4 years left until I am in my 30's, and I will try ALLYLIZZY 301 CHEIVOUS
1/13/18 10:21 A
1/13/18 11:33 P
Daily Practice - Be Non-Judgmental Judgement limits your potential and binds your Energy and Power. PELESJEWEL 8 NANHBH
1/12/18 6:21 A
Working hard pays off in the end started lifestyle change weighing 348 down to 296. My goal is down JAYLANJACKIE 9 WONDERCUTIE
1/11/18 4:23 P
Weighed today and I am down 2 lbs. I think I have finally busted through this stupid plateau I have DEBRACHAMBERLAI 4 LJC10PERCENT
1/11/18 5:36 P
I started this journey to lose weight on Dec 31st, 2017 at 235lbs, originally inspired by the surpri MLOPEZ8912 119 JENGLAND09
1/11/18 4:38 P
I did it, went for a 30 minute walk for my lunch. I picked up a friend along the way, which made it EPSTAR2016 15 BOB5148
1/11/18 4:10 P
1/12/18 6:58 P
The before and after of getting destroyed by a treadmill. (45 min, 4 miles) I am tracking good this POKEY4321 7 SPARTANJAI
1/11/18 4:58 P
Chicken, it's what's for dinner. LUCKYYOUFETISH 14 LUCKYYOUFETISH
1/12/18 5:16 P
This just came up on my FB feed...AMAZING! And to think, i was a soda JUNKIE! MLOPEZ8912 27 MLOPEZ8912
1/11/18 4:20 P
I really miss ice cream so I made a frozen banana chocolate "ice cream". It actually looks like the LADYNERIEDA 9 LADYNERIEDA
1/12/18 2:39 P
#BeforeAndAfter I hit halfway today! 44 down and 43 to go!! AIMZY72 226 ELSCO55
1/11/18 5:17 P
I started this journey with my best friend one year ago today. I managed to lose 70 lbs last year, t HOL1218 306 EO4WELLNESS
1/12/18 1:34 P
Trying to stay positive and tell myself I can do this! I realized because of my history I have a har LADYNERIEDA 4 LADYNERIEDA
1/11/18 10:15 A
OH MY GOSH! I lost weight. Unexpected but ill take it. I started using Sparkpeople for tracking almo CDC7000 8 7STIGGYMT
1/10/18 2:08 P
Hey everyone! I have fibromyalgia and it really threw me to the ground and then the meds made me ga MOMHUBBARD 5 MEMKEEPR
1/10/18 1:49 P
Good walk today! 65 degree weather meant a nice stroll around the park today. Nice to get some fresh JULIAMONGOLIA 5 MERLECHRIS
1/10/18 5:31 P
Does this mean my 30ish minute walk was worth it!! Walked all the way to my mom's house which is abo JOZELYNN 9 MERLECHRIS
1/10/18 5:30 P
1/10/18 5:30 P
This week I make 7 months that I got tired of being overweight, unhealthy, and depress. One morning MANONAMISSION73 31 SONDRAHARRIS
1/17/18 10:16 P
Happy Wednesday! MSROZZIE 9 MSROZZIE
1/10/18 8:53 P
1/10/18 2:15 P
Redirected my stress eating from chocolate to salad today! ROCKYCATSMAMMA 30 BILLTHOMSON
1/10/18 9:43 P
I joined Gold’s Gym yesterday and today was Day 1 of my 90 days to #MyBestSelf! I’ve been able to lo KERIN51 169 KSTEVERSON
1/10/18 8:16 P