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Managed to track all that I've ate for today! BEEFREE38 5 ZRIE014
10/22/17 1:40 A
So far Iโ€™ve stayed on track this weekend with the eating. Thatโ€™s the goal! ANNDIEDR 8 ANNDIEDR
10/22/17 9:09 A
My breakfast loves me... KS50N90 26 -POOKIE-
10/22/17 3:53 A
Before the my race last Saturday BOLEBRON 13 1CRAZYDOG
10/22/17 3:49 P
10/22/17 8:24 A
10/22/17 3:45 A
#fitbit So I joined a Fitbit Challenge this weekend because I haven't been as active all week ๐Ÿ˜‘I th COMEBACKKID12 28 1DAY-ATA-TIME
10/22/17 9:00 A
Pic on left was 2 years ago, when I realized it was time...pic on the right is today...37 lbs gone. MARIAN326 59 TMP0418
10/22/17 6:43 A
I have to pick up my son from work at McDonaldโ€™s. I was hungry when I was getting ready to leave, so AIMLESS549151 16 EEJAA70
10/20/17 8:28 P
The time when you turn your head and you can see your internal jugular on your neck. No more visible ARRON_OHAT 17 TOMMYSON23
10/20/17 8:49 P
Another lunch time run to practice for my race in February. Did it without the backpack today and us LYONSFARM 20 BRIANSCHARP
10/20/17 10:01 P
@CONSTANCE067 This is the piece of furniture I was telling you about. While I didn't do any house DIALYSISCHIC1 12 CONSTANCE067
10/20/17 8:30 P
Daily Step Goal Surpassed...feeling good ! SHANTRA7 14 LOVELY*LADY
10/22/17 11:41 A
i will probably add a few steps thru the rest of the evening, but the exercise portion of the day is SOFT_VAL67 9 DARRINISM
10/20/17 8:34 P
50 pounds gone! ๐Ÿ˜ You canโ€™t really see much of a difference but I can sure feel it! ๐Ÿ˜ CHRISSYTINAR 264 CRAZYRED4U
10/21/17 8:57 A
159!!! This is the smallest I have been in about 5 years!! My goal of 130 is getting so close!! JDBUSTILLOSJB 110 VAMPIRESBITING
10/18/17 11:41 P
I am down 44lbs!!!!!!!! NIKKIE430 299 GABIRUSZCZAK
10/18/17 11:50 P
A good reminder, even on the days when you only exercise a little still beats sitting on the couch.. J_WIGINGTON 8 ZRIE014
10/17/17 7:51 P
10/18/17 11:32 A
39.7 lbs down, 114.4 to go LINZHORN 81 FITWITHIN
10/18/17 7:56 A
Even though I have a long way to go here's me and my son when I weighed 319 3 years ago. Here's me n KINYA4571 14 JULIENSMITH
10/17/17 8:54 P
I went to put on a runner's belt I haven't worn in years. I was genuinely shocked to find it was way BUNNY_SHAWE 16 ZRIE014
10/17/17 7:34 P
This girl just ran a full mile in 13.51 minutes! ASHLEYAMOORE 175 ZRIE014
10/17/17 7:17 P
Plateaued a bit lately -- keeping up exercise, but lots of stress is making it hard to keep motivate MAGLITE7 111 CANDYLIND
10/20/17 11:11 A
Age 71......50 pounds down in 9 months. No white f SHIHTZUSMOM 204 DJ4HEALTH
10/18/17 1:11 A
I did the bike for 15mins and the stair master for 10mim and 10 skate squats. Light workout day but MOUSE 7 PLCHAPPELL
10/17/17 5:17 A
17,000 steps...I'll keep at it while keeping it up. That's how I went from 270+ pounds to 1nderland. SHANTRA7 22 DIROB57
10/17/17 12:21 P
Trying to get in shape lose weight eat better control my diabetes. DEBRAKC18 22 ACOYNE728
10/17/17 7:16 A
Aug2015 to today - Down 40 pounds! I have a long way to go and some chronic issues to fight along t WILDFLOWERSGROW 26 WILDFLOWERSGROW
10/17/17 5:27 P
Still not were i want to be, but really happy with how far I have come. MBLACK2085 254 TENACIOUS10
10/17/17 8:50 A
10/20/17 8:37 A
Finally ready to change and really get focused. I need to be down 53 lbs by April. Doing it for my h CUTIESWEETBRAT 35 CUTIESWEETBRAT
10/17/17 8:06 P
#BeforeAndAfter CORYSWIFEY4915 89 KANDICANE11
10/17/17 1:12 P
A week off of fast food has made so much difference in the swelling in my ankles. #BeforeAndAfter SPARKELLY20103 136 CFITZ1
10/17/17 11:31 P
I don't know when the first pic is from, but it's got to be from when I was 270-280. The second pic M86265 83 TMP0418
10/15/17 8:30 A
What a day! I am really tired. CGARR442 31 COMEBACKKID12
10/15/17 9:00 P
My friend took her life. Please tell someone that you love them very much. That they are not alone. SONFLOWER_TX 14 TMP0418
10/15/17 8:27 A
I just opened my email to find this..... 8,851 kilometers!? This means you've officially walked the WALKN4WARD 14 MIRAGE727
10/15/17 6:59 A
The view across Kin Coulee towards Saamis Teepee where my car was parked. I had just finished one hi WALKN4WARD 12 WALKN4WARD
10/18/17 1:52 A
Today, I have a new accomplishment! I have limited mobility due to having both my knees replaced wit MARILYNMURRAY 195 MARILYNMURRAY
10/15/17 12:09 P
Posted a photo TEAGIRL49 17 PATRICIA-CR
10/9/17 11:09 A
#BeforeAndAfter Can't believe how far I have come. MIZ-FENTON 136 CORYSWIFEY4915
10/16/17 9:18 P
what's one way you plan to reduce sugar intake? JBUHAY3 35 TOOBAT
10/22/17 11:10 A
10/7/17 7:04 P
Ok maybe now I see a difference JENNAE93 144 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
10/7/17 10:18 P
Grateful for my SparkFamily, friends who inspire and encourage me. I don't think I'd have run last n LKMANNING7 157 EO4WELLNESS
10/7/17 5:06 P
#BeforeAndAfter everyday, i am making my dreams become a reality. SUNGIRL822 70 MITOONAMISSION
10/15/17 9:16 A
As of today I am officially down 20 pounds since I started this journey, and 10 pounds since I poste ASHWOO32 61 INSPIRED26
10/6/17 3:11 P
#BeforeAndalittleoverhalfway ASHB88 135 INSPIRED26
10/6/17 3:05 P
Yup I did that today. I'm glad I got that far today KHSAMFLUTE 17 YMWONG22
10/6/17 2:45 A
I'm finally passed my 1st goal. I have lossed 70 lb. Since last year of June. Now, I working on the MCLOPEZ54 31 MILLJE02
10/4/17 10:35 P
40 pounds down! ALBERTSMOM 76 PBVHCCVH
10/2/17 3:05 A
Making the decision to turn your life around is a THEJACKIEDEAN12 146 CONNIET88
10/2/17 8:13 A
It's Homecoming week, so I've been required to supervise kids almost 14 hrs a day this week. Other t LKMANNING7 111 CONNIET88
9/22/17 1:31 P
Just had lunch and had to stop and look at my fridge. I don't think it's ever looked this healthy! I CANN43 13 MEANTTOTHRIVE
9/21/17 4:45 P
My visual motivator and tracker! I keep it on my desk and color a petal in for each pound lost. PINKMUSTARD21 166 IAN2409
9/21/17 10:33 P
Started at 310 in July. Hope you all have a great day. ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ˜Š IGOT2START 250 IAN2409
9/21/17 10:34 P
From 380 in February to 307 today at the Drs off SPARKE77 303 ALALADY
9/21/17 9:30 P
My co worker is always baking really feelibg this after the cheesecake she made. Im pretty proud o BOBBYJBUMM 3 TBRYAN-LU
9/20/17 3:42 P
I love that the hubby makes delicious yet healthy MEXYULIZEA 10 LAURAB_143
9/20/17 3:29 P
Photos talking by themselves!!! I have been mainta VSOLIS73 95 ROCKS8ROX
10/6/17 4:20 P
So proud of myself DIANAGARAY 160 BIKE4HEALTH
9/20/17 5:30 P
This is my before and after.. -96lbs ๐Ÿ˜€ SABRENA1232009 151 SABRENA1232009
9/20/17 9:58 P
New sign in my cube to keep me motivated. RHOOK20047 17 STAMPERCYNDI3
9/20/17 7:10 A
Was down about 2500 steps so went out for a little walk. Crushed it. Did an extra 2000 steps. KATRINAHAY 12 HOTPINKCAMARO49
9/19/17 11:26 P
9/20/17 7:32 A
Delicious dinner at 420 calories... Yum. STAGEHAND1634 11 SUNQUEE
9/16/17 8:10 P
Here's hoping these work out! SISSYFEB48 14 MOTIVATED36732
9/16/17 8:52 P
264 is my weight now MYKESBOO 20 JEANJEANIE1946
9/16/17 8:59 P
Oops I did it again lol couldn't help myself ๐Ÿ˜ SMWATRMLON 5 MEMKEEPR
9/14/17 7:35 P
Down 43 pounds today!!! LMURPHY88 156 LMURPHY88
9/15/17 5:20 P
A little motivation for us all ๐Ÿ’ช JEMMSIE 24 STARFISH1961
9/15/17 9:49 A
I not officially finished yet but I started off at 291 with no hope in my self but I officially hit MOISTNUGGET 306 ABELSYAYA2013
9/14/17 1:46 P
Two and a half years ago I lost 50 lbs and felt amazing. Then I gained everything back and then some KARMALEETA 101 HIPPER502
9/13/17 2:41 P
I had my week one weigh in this morning and am down 4.5lbs this first week! WooHoo! #mylossismygain C-PFARR 62 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
9/13/17 2:33 P