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I want to hibernate. Is it spring yet? MELISSAD0721 5 NOMORECLOUDYDAY
2/8/18 7:00 A
Hi from New Zealand! MARIECLAIREB 12 MELISSAD0721
2/8/18 6:23 A
Mile time is really suffering this week. But I knew it would be difficult since I’m transitioning to JRKESTLER 9 _LINDA
2/8/18 7:50 A
4 am walk/run with C25K Week 4 Day 2 All night owls and early birds getting up in the am to exercise DANNY_LCF 22 BEACHCHICA08
2/8/18 11:48 A
Two weeks off caffeine and sugar. Eating better and counting calories but not yet working out. I hav MELISSAD0721 7 ALLYLIZZY
1/31/18 1:53 P
Ready for my day! Breakfast is usuall coffee and a banana. Today i decided to add some fun to breakf KARABELLA03 6 MELISSAD0721
1/31/18 10:46 A
I am hoping to hear about my mammogram soon. Tomorrow will be a week since I took it. I am between n AUNTRENEE 3 PICKIE98
1/31/18 4:33 P
Last night I decided that I am going to lose 40 lbs by my 40th Birthday! KHERMAN4820 22 MDOWER1
1/29/18 10:40 A
#BeforeAndAfter Rye bread, bacon, eggs, red pepper, green pepper, radishes and tomato 460 calories TIGERSEYEHEART 15 MELISSAD0721
1/27/18 9:03 P
Today is the last day of my work conference. Not so good habits this week....more sugar and food in CLCHASE123 6 REEDSKI
1/27/18 9:57 A
My daughter is looking at a house today! She might move back to NY! Yipee! So happy! ADIRONDACKMOM1 12 TIGERSEYEHEART
1/28/18 12:37 A
Down 9.2 pounds since dr appt on Monday FITBY2016 4 EO4WELLNESS
1/27/18 1:30 P
Hello Team, my name is Rhonda aka BoxerLover. Thank you Gia for inviting me !! If you can vision it BOXERLOVER77 5 ROBINVOTAW
1/27/18 9:11 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 14 1CRAZYDOG
1/26/18 12:45 P
Started tracking my food and cutting out sugar about 10 days ago and then o got the flu. All of that MELISSAD0721 4 JOCELYNH711
1/25/18 6:07 A
Dr just told me to go no carbs and high protien...anyone have meal plan for that? FITBY2016 9 FITBY2016
1/22/18 10:18 P
120 calorie bedtime snack TMP0418 25 DIALYSISCHIC1
1/23/18 9:28 P
How do I connect to friends? D52467 2 MELISSAD0721
1/21/18 4:35 P
I started Spark People today. I’m not sure what to expect. My goal is to lose 70lbs. I’ve failed mis MOMONVACATION 302 WAWPROPERTYMANA
1/22/18 9:30 P
Today will be day 5 of no sugar, no caffeine. Not getting that clear headed, energetic feeling yet b MELISSAD0721 3 JVANAM
1/21/18 1:57 A
My last weigh in here was in 2013... Crazy! I have gained some of the weight back and am ready to st MELISSAD0721 3 ROBINVOTAW
1/18/18 12:18 P
Trying to find ways to exercise every 30 minutes at my desk job. ELFMARSHA 3 ROBINVOTAW
1/18/18 12:34 P
hello my name is Patrisha, I signed up yesterday and started out great, but buy dinnertime thought I BROOKESNANNY3 8 ROBINVOTAW
1/18/18 12:28 P
Looking to lose 30 pounds - to feel healthier, fit my clothes better, and relieve pressure on my kne BOOKRAVEN7 7 MELISSAD0721
1/17/18 8:13 P
No caffeine, No sugar. Day 1. Not bad for a snow day. MELISSAD0721 6 JHADZHIA
1/17/18 7:44 P
How old are your children? LOUNMOUN 561 FIREBRTHR
2/7/18 4:53 P
Days 1-7: Discuss your goals and experiences here! COACH_NICOLE 4326 RKOTTEK
1/8/18 6:50 P
3/20/18 9:27 A
Finish this sentence...Today I'm Thankful For.... IWANNABEALOSER 27256 ZRIE014
3/20/18 1:41 A
What did you eat for lunch today? SLK347 47979 INSIGHT62
3/20/18 9:37 A
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 94584 BIGTOSS03
3/20/18 9:40 A
1/9/16 2:33 A
Word Association _CHUBBS 2806 TOUGHLIKEOX
3/20/18 4:50 A
Keep one word Drop one word IMALBY 56694 SPARKLED146
3/19/18 6:25 A
3/13/18 10:04 P
Two words - change one BOBBIEDAZZLER1 159899 MRS_TOAD
3/20/18 9:47 A
A - Z girl names JEZRAI 82438 NIGHTOWLKIM
3/20/18 7:10 A
Actor... Movie... actor... movie MYSTRAL_CERCE 34806 OOKLATHEMOK
3/20/18 3:14 A
A lot to loose SPARKLEKS1 39 SUGARSMOM2
5/4/10 3:01 P
The Spark People - Spark Site Word Scramble!!! FORMYGIRLS2008 48 KRISTINA_RIVERA
11/15/10 8:52 A
New to Zumba Lovers team! WEBSAM 1233 SPARKLINGME176
2/18/18 7:36 P
Introduce Yourself to theTeam MCDIDDLYD 902 MCDIDDLYD
10/15/17 5:51 P