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I am NOT going to let ________ get me down today! ANDREWMOM 9950 HAPPYCPA1965
6/27/17 5:41 P
What made you smile today? MARINERSFAN 64130 MCJULIEO
6/27/17 2:53 P
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 139665 HAPPYCPA1965
6/27/17 5:40 P
How did you start your day??? PUYALLUPSARAH 6142 EEJAA70
6/27/17 3:38 P
Did you walk today? RICK1947 116365 HAPPYCPA1965
6/27/17 5:41 P
Feeling Positive or Negative? BIGMAMA4U 137826 HAPPYCPA1965
6/27/17 5:41 P
Felt stressed out before bed. Instead of binging, I went for a walk! #managedstress GRATTECIELLA 15 MCJULIEO
6/27/17 2:47 P
This Week is my 1st full week I am on Summer Break..Let's Have a Successful Summer ahead in meeting JUDITH316 23 MCJULIEO
6/27/17 2:47 P
Going out for my run after I Spark JSTETSER 16 TAMSHAUMENO
6/27/17 3:47 P
3 Nights in a row of close to 6 hrs sleep, makes a difference, Feels Good! PYNETREE 5 MCJULIEO
6/27/17 2:45 P
Hydro One coming here to install unit--at 7am--and it's NOT raining! LEANJEAN6 12 MCJULIEO
6/27/17 2:45 P
10+ hours...felt great! WALLAHALLA 3 MCJULIEO
6/27/17 2:44 P
6/27/17 3:27 P
Tomorrow is fresh fruit and salad day! WALLAHALLA 5 WEIGHTDICIPLINE
6/27/17 3:55 P
Last Fruit Eaten? HPOWENS 69461 UMUCGRAD
6/27/17 4:51 P
TEA today? KAEDE... 25511 TEAGIRL49
6/27/17 4:15 P
What are you grateful for today? ALLEYCATTUS 551 EOWYN2424
6/27/17 4:49 A
6/26/17 6:21 P
One hundred and sexy lol I finally know my weight hehehe JANETTE90F1 11 YMWONG22
6/26/17 11:05 A
Posted a photo DIANBOYD 21 YMWONG22
6/26/17 11:04 A
Down 4 lbs working hard to get some weight off to go to see my granddaughter graduate from marine bo LSEARS01 14 YMWONG22
6/26/17 11:04 A
I'm 6 feet tall!!!! #amazonstatus MIRANDAMASON603 37 LADY_KATHY
6/27/17 1:09 P
My new travel mug...nobody in my house got it but I sure laughed enough for them ;) WINTERRAIN 126 SWEET0822
6/27/17 7:06 P
6/26/17 2:31 P
Last 2 weeks I was stuck at 220. This morning I get on scale and now I am 215. Woohoo! 200 I am comi YOGIBEAR43 101 FRENCHY73
6/26/17 6:12 P
July 2014 vs. March 2017 255 pounds to 195 pounds Thank you SparkPeople 1DAY-ATA-TIME 151 DEADCENTER
6/27/17 5:52 A
1st day of half marathon training done. 3 miles✔ H2JOURNEY 121 CJSTANBACK
6/26/17 12:55 P
6/26/17 9:57 P
Roll call... where is everyone from?? This pic is looking over the San tan mountains in Arizona TAMIAZ1 313 KRANCER1
6/26/17 6:23 P
Poll: Today I feel.. LIANNALIANNA 51531 OBIESMOM2
6/27/17 6:21 P
name one non weight related goal for today TRIBEKAH 17497 SUNSHINE99999
6/27/17 2:49 P
Ever purchased something you regretted buying? EOWYN2424 14 ETHELMERZ
6/27/17 2:46 A
About to start my first 5k! GRATTECIELLA 155 MCJULIEO
6/25/17 9:52 A
First 5k completed! 41:13.17. A personal record. The medal is a cookie! GRATTECIELLA 56 MCJULIEO
6/25/17 9:52 A
Anyone else here wired backwards, in that exercise acts as an appetite SUPPRESSANT, rather than maki HEALTHYWRITER 5 MCJULIEO
6/25/17 9:51 A
Well ... over calories today due to mismanaging food after the race. I was just so hungry! But LOTS GRATTECIELLA 13 NANCYANNE55
6/25/17 11:55 A
Yesterday I went to my first vintage baseball game. What a great time it was! The theme was from JSTETSER 31 CRYSALLIS1
6/26/17 11:09 P
Good morning Spark friends. Guess what? 6 months from today is Christmas day. Will you be ready f IRISHEI 3 GETITDONE79
6/25/17 9:55 A
Roasted vegetables I serve during the summer months. I use McCormick's Vegetable Perfect Pinch. Ther BDJOHNSON 25 WFTGATL
6/25/17 10:31 A
God's Blessings on your Day and Week ahead... JUDITH316 27 JOHNWBROCKSR777
6/26/17 1:31 P
To-day I SHALL spark a great day---I HOPE! LEANJEAN6 35 BABY_GIRL69
6/26/17 1:16 P
Chicken breast, asparagus, radishes, and tangerines...yum. STACIT0571 14 MCJULIEO
6/24/17 9:32 A
Thanks all for your support especially since I have been dealing with an Arthritic and Psoriasis out JUDITH316 16 SILVAS7
6/24/17 9:04 P
This day is going to be a good Spark Day--Positive thoughts here! --WE CAN do this! LEANJEAN6 14 CATS_MEOW_0911
6/24/17 1:21 P
Thank God for Little Boys! JSTETSER 25 MCJULIEO
6/24/17 9:30 A
Getting ready to take a teenage girl shopping. A new experience for me. Hope lots of walking is in WALLAHALLA 8 LIS193
6/24/17 12:02 P
Posted a photo LEANJEAN6 13 MCJULIEO
6/24/17 9:29 A
Beautiful views but I need to ramp up my exercise. I'm going to get my bike at the lake house out of REEDSKI 10 TIGERSEYEHEART
6/24/17 6:52 P
6/24/17 9:45 P
Tomorrow is race day! Up at 5:30 to be there at 6:30 for a 7:30 start time for the Manhattan Beach 5 GRATTECIELLA 27 BJK1961
6/24/17 5:38 P
Happy Saturday everyone! Let's make this a beautiful day making one positive choice at a time. SPARKGUY 37 HICKOK-HALEY
6/26/17 3:16 A
It's a lovely sunny day here!--- LEANJEAN6 36 CANNINGNANNY
6/25/17 9:04 A
Mixers/blenders for smoothies suggestions OREGONGAL7 8 BRIDGETHAYNES1
6/23/17 11:56 P
Wanted ice cream (again,) but chose to make myself an all-natural smoothie with fresh summer produce COCOAGOAL 7 WHYTEBROWN
6/24/17 6:06 A
Posted a goal WALLAHALLA 5 LIS193
6/24/17 12:01 P
Can't eat them if I don't buy them. WALLAHALLA 10 LIS193
6/24/17 12:00 P
Chopped veggies for lentil soup, a SP recipe, low in calories and sodium. I'm using no salt added c REEDSKI 8 TIGERSEYEHEART
6/24/17 6:47 P
Over 10,000 steps, and found three geocaches with my son while on vacation. A great day! And if you GRATTECIELLA 18 BJK1961
6/24/17 5:40 P
6/24/17 6:45 P
This is a reminder that living a heathy lifestyle can work for everyone no matter how much you have 2BFREE2LIVE 23 SILVAS7
6/25/17 8:55 P
6/24/17 3:35 A
I finally made it to ONEderland! Yaaaay me! AURORA91 259 SAN47BEE
6/24/17 2:10 A
And one more for today....... Have a healthy day.... love yourself.... you're worth it! MATTSLADY 8 KASLANE
6/22/17 6:51 P
Water PT but feels like water aerobics! Working out again feels great.... loving the watery exercise SMPGALV 7 SMPGALV
6/22/17 4:14 P
Workout complete! Hip hop dance (50 min, fun but not as good of a workout as I'd hoped), 20 min runn GRATTECIELLA 12 PATRICIA-CR
6/23/17 10:16 A
Morning hike! Maine is absolutely beautiful. RYSMOMMY2005 13 SNYPAZTEE
6/22/17 4:32 P
It tastes better than it looks! 😅 My big meal of the day, 2 ounces steak, brown rice and quinoa, an GYPSY-SOUL1 8 GYPSY-SOUL1
6/22/17 10:20 P
Half of a chicken breast, sweet potatoes with cinnamon (NO BUTTER!), and brown rice for lunch ❤ PODO82 15 MADDIEBSMAMA
6/22/17 5:01 P
Posted a goal HNKLINGER 9 FRENCHY73
6/22/17 5:24 P
Hit 85 lbs lost today. I didn't think I would cry until my goal of 299 but I looked at the nurse who TIPHI1228 182 EDLEAR
6/23/17 3:38 A
Today I made it out of the "obese" BMI category into the just "overweight" BMI category. It's been GREEN-EYED-LADY 207 MARYJOANNA
6/23/17 5:34 A
Netflix series JAVNMICH1969 11 JAVNMICH1969
6/25/17 12:34 A
Rabbits in my garden GIZMO2WICKED 3 MCJULIEO
6/22/17 12:24 P
Anyone have a healthy food so far today? Peas for me :). Have a Sparktacular day! SPARKGUY 37 SHOAPIE
6/21/17 9:26 P
Farmers' market day! The best day of the week! (And we walk there = over 10k steps and it's only 3pm GRATTECIELLA 16 1CRAZYDOG
6/21/17 12:59 P

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