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post a fitness icon LINDABENEDICT 708 CHRISTOPHER63
8/16/17 3:48 P
Name a spice or herb? KAEDE... 13065 _RAMONA
8/17/17 1:46 A
Last Vegetable(s) Eaten? GODSCHILD2_2011 423 1TERRY7
8/16/17 3:16 P
Coffee today? HAPPYWIFE 126661 LOISLEL
8/16/17 6:05 P
Show How You Feel Today With an Emoticon CAMILLE1952 71964 SOOZIEQUE55
8/17/17 2:40 A
Heroic Women RENATA144 50 MCFITZ2
8/16/17 3:04 P
Name an old television show SWEETSILVER 73794 1RETSGM
8/16/17 7:27 P
any food , or fitness emoticon SKEETER45 1106 CHRISTOPHER63
8/17/17 2:34 A
8/16/17 7:55 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 12 MARYJOANNA
8/15/17 5:20 A
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was a quick hike after dropping off my youngest at 1st day SPARKGUY 105 SHOAPIE
8/15/17 10:33 P
9 hours last night! JUDY1676 5 GABY1948
8/12/17 8:20 A
Don't overlook giving yourself credit for the the small stuff, too. It all adds up! NEENERS815 8 NOCALORIES
8/11/17 9:15 P
Loving me!!! HIZHOAB 4 BENICIA
8/11/17 7:46 P
From fat to fit, or at least fitter!! I don't have a clue who that is on the left hand side lol!! I GPALMER29 14 CAMPING0178
8/11/17 9:41 P
Yeah!!! The gym is done with the new carpet, my daughter and I can workout again!! BRIANNADUNN 14 LYNMEINDERS
8/11/17 8:12 P
On the way from oral surgeon back home... He didn't like how I heal, today it's the 8th day after su ISNESS 6 ISNESS
8/12/17 9:00 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 16 GABY1948
8/12/17 8:19 A
Hope everyone is doing well and your day has been successful. Have a great Friday and weekend. KURTZIE1998 7 I-AM-TITANIUM
8/12/17 4:35 A
A little bit of motivation and inspiration!! Top two are from 2015, the middle 2 are from 2016, in t GPALMER29 179 PROVERBS31JULIA
8/12/17 2:47 P
Its taken me a long time, and lots of hard work, but finally broke the 100 lb. mark. Still lots to g PAMS3DDESIGNS1 229 SFELLS17
8/12/17 9:09 A
It's 9pm, I didn't want to do it after a long day, but I just finished finished my exercise after pu JLB2109 7 SISTERDEAR
8/9/17 11:40 P
My new schedule is working out for me! I plan to go before work to the Y, but if I run into an issu CINDYTW963 12 GARDENCHRIS
8/10/17 7:05 A
So not about weight or diet but a ? I wood like to dye my hair lavender. My 17 year old said I'm the ANGIEFR14 24 ANGIEFR14
8/10/17 7:08 A
Weigh-in Wednesday: down 111lbs! So close to one-derland I can taste it! 💃💪👟🏋 GOODFELINE 103 MRSFANCYLADY
8/10/17 2:02 A
Tough journey for me SUNITAJHA09 113 JOY831
8/10/17 2:55 P
My advise for today RHOOK20047 20 CASTALLCARES1
8/10/17 5:26 P
1 year later I'm down almost 100lbs! I'm living and enjoying life! It was a hard journey and I'm not FLOUNDER1323 269 BRENDA2U
8/10/17 10:55 P
I just had the best weekend ever!!! I went camping with my daughter. It was our 1st time setting up ANGELINAJOLI 6 ALALADY
8/7/17 2:47 P
Found a tub of my "small clothing". 40 pounds down this year (08/2016-08/2017). Found this size 20, BUDDY_LOVE 7 RAERAERAE62
8/7/17 2:53 P
Something low calorie, Wraps you can add anything to it you like, turkey, tuna, lettuce and tomato. J38850 12 EVILCECIL
8/8/17 6:32 A
Got the results from my blood work today. Everything was in normal range! Cholesterol was down 84 SUESMITH73 13 ANGELINAJOLI
8/7/17 3:05 P
Here's a #nsv! 3 weeks ago this dress was much too small and wouldn't do up at all. It's still a bit EMBAR1 170 RAZZOOZLE
8/7/17 3:31 P
-32!! KHJ5358 41 MEFATAGAIN
8/7/17 5:54 P
Better view of it, 300 lb hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more no more no more no more! GPALMER29 54 MEFATAGAIN
8/7/17 5:55 P
Lost 3.4 pounds at weigh-in this morning! I am psyched!!!!!!! 13.4 pounds total since July 5th!!! KRISYTAL34 119 RAZZOOZLE
8/7/17 3:30 P
I have officially lost 100 lbs which is my first goal! I get to reward myself with a girls day out a TIFFANI260554 198 SCYANKEE46
8/7/17 5:20 P
I have not been in the 100's for over 2 years. Today marks a big milestone for me. Have a great d WINTERRAIN 303 ROCKS8ROX
8/8/17 1:20 P
The definition of calories from my best friend's 10 year old daughter: "calories are little faries LINDZZ3 4 MCFITZ2
8/5/17 5:48 P
Guess who lost 30 pounds and needs a new wardrobe? 😁 GOOFYME1310 24 MYEMMANUEL
8/6/17 12:43 P
As of today I have lost a total of 15 pounds! GROJOJR1022 56 OMAJ1953
8/5/17 6:39 P
2 years of healthy food choices and exercise = HAPPY ME!!!!! F5FURY 38 ABUELAMEMA52
8/5/17 6:34 P
Major NSV! Today was my final closet cleanout. Went from 24/XXL to 12/M and have been working backwa MISSDORKNESS 176 SALAM4545
8/7/17 1:03 A
Walking around 6 flags! Already hit 4 miles and we aren't leaving until 10 :-D NAZYTEACH 6 CHRISTINEBWD
8/5/17 6:00 P
July 2017: "Before." 240lbs SWGAL2014 14 KOBRIEN13
8/5/17 7:06 P
Dinner...pork chop and zucchini noodles with arugula pesto. Not quite as good as I'd hoped but healt SPOONGIRLDEB 5 GARDENCHRIS
8/6/17 11:51 A
new sassy hair :) BBLUNDON 36 1CRAZYDOG
8/7/17 10:36 A
Lunch today - nice big pile of veggies & wholegrain rice, coming in at between 300 and 350 calories. CMCLAIRECAN 5 MCFITZ2
8/2/17 7:24 P
8/4/17 4:17 P
Since my last weigh in at the doctors, which was last week, I have lost 5 more lbs. Weight lost goa IBIGHOSS87 15 SDEHNKE
8/3/17 8:23 P
Mexicano! Chicken, spinach, pico and cheese quesad HOOSIERMOM33 4 MCFITZ2
8/2/17 7:20 P
Best grilled turkey breast EVER!!!! Found a recipe online and played with it a bit :) so tasty! Back JEMMSIE 25 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
8/2/17 11:32 P
5 and a half ounces of baked chicken breast that I cooked earlier today and homemade coleslaw!! God GPALMER29 31 AGEE1944
8/3/17 10:14 P
Isn't healthy eating beautiful ! Enjoy summers bounty 😆 STARFISH1961 17 MIMIGETSHEALTHY
8/2/17 8:47 P
Goals accomplished today: - rested - all home cooked food - easily stayed within calories and at low GRATTECIELLA 13 LIVEDAILY
8/1/17 2:27 P
Not a flattering picture of me but shows a bit of my beautiful ride on Saturday. It was 24 miles thr IMSHINY 15 NYARAMULA
8/1/17 7:17 A
Started calling new healthcare providers today to narrow down the best ones in my network, since min BONNIEMARGAY 6 GARDENCHRIS
8/1/17 8:15 A
Wrote my pages, did some research BONNIEMARGAY 5 TENACIOUS10
8/1/17 6:12 A
50 push-ups! Half a century! Stronger every day! GRATTECIELLA 13 REDROBIN47
8/1/17 7:57 P
Gained another 2.6lbs in July!! NOT happy! I'm gonna have to start being more careful! SHAPEUPCHELLE 5 TENACIOUS10
8/1/17 6:09 A
If my pup and I hustle on our walk to the taco shop, I am already burning calories by the time I ord BONNIEMARGAY 12 GARDENCHRIS
8/1/17 8:13 A
I was 210 now I'm down to 199 I am so proud of myself I didnt think I could do it KATIEVIRNIG 187 LINDASOUTHER
8/1/17 8:04 A
A Grocery Store Item A to Z WOLFSPIRITS 67616 SHECAZZ
8/16/17 9:52 P
A-Z girls names LITTLEWITCH13 245486 GAYLLYNNE
8/16/17 6:23 P
A - Z Boy names JEZRAI 132893 COURTENAYE
8/17/17 2:58 A
A - Z Occupations KAEDE... 109699 CHRISTOPHER63
8/17/17 2:25 A
I Lost 37lbs! JANZDIET2014 27 RETAT60
7/30/17 10:40 A
I'm watching over my mom days and nights at a rehab center 30 miles away from my house while she rec COURTENAYE 11 PLCHAPPELL
7/30/17 7:07 A
Long day today! Went to get dessert with hubby and friends. Thankfully they served something health UNDEFINABLE 8 JOCELYNH711
7/30/17 8:24 A
2.5lbs gone in week 2 despite a few slip ups. So pleased! EMBAR1 15 AMING4ACES
7/30/17 8:00 A
It's gotten to the point where the exercise is the thing I'm starting to look the most forward to. A COURTENAYE 12 MARINEMAMA
7/30/17 7:17 A
Yesterday I hit mega Fitbit mileage-hopefully I can do the same again today SILVERTOMORROW 11 DRABDALE
7/30/17 6:45 A
Sunday #breakfast 575kcals #tracked #metmygoal Doves g-free flour, almond milk, baking powder, banan RAWCOOKIE 32 RAWCOOKIE
8/6/17 4:23 A
120 days in total of 30 pounds down. I have hit step one of the goals I set for myself. Phase 2: 200 BOWLINBUDDHA23 20 BOWLINBUDDHA23
8/3/17 11:19 A
Found the Exercise Bike I LOVE....only cost a little over $2000!!!! YIKES!!!!! FLASUN 23 JAMER123
7/31/17 12:24 A