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Feeling frustrated have not been able to budge the scale down for a while. Holding my own byt need BABYSTEP16 8 MARIHELEN
2/12/17 8:49 A
I'm a newbie, my friends call me Bev. I joined the gym on January 9th. I committed myself to working B53029 10 MARIHELEN
2/12/17 8:48 A
Been going strong since January 1st. Started at 161. Down to 152. Would love to get to 140. But it g KENT07 31 KEERAKYRAM
2/12/17 9:12 A
1 month down and 17 pounds GONE!!! 🙏🏻 MOMMYLULU2 45 CHEIVOUS
2/12/17 9:55 A
2eggs & 1 mashed banana all mushed and mixed together make lovely healthy pancakes. Filled me up for KERANCE 22 LOISLEL
2/12/17 4:59 P
Went to church valentine's dinner tonight. Won one of the raffles and instead of choosing a box of RAYEJ53 31 JUDY1260
2/12/17 10:39 A
Lost another 1.4lbs! So excited since I thought I had a bad week. #weighin DGIGGLES3 12 DAWN1830
2/12/17 9:09 A
#weightcheck #weighin so excited that I lost 4kg (that's in 2 weeks as I forgot to note last week's) K73517 6 MARIHELEN
2/11/17 7:31 A
I haven't caught the lift at uni for 2 days now, feel so #motivated when I reach the top! #motivati KERANCE 4 NAOMI_ACOSTA
2/11/17 8:29 A
My goal weight is 177. What's yours? JAYLOVE43 1717 BERCRYS
3/1/17 9:25 A
Today is my first day. My first day at my new gym it opens at 7:00am. Wish me luck how do I post p KINYETTAG 17 JAYISOLDEM2
2/11/17 1:06 P
Did 10 minutes of cardio today - not much but better than my efforts for the past fortnight. Nice t KATHRYN896 12 ALINAV0630
2/11/17 8:08 A
As of this morning I'm down to 216. Total weight loss thus far is 127 pounds over the course of one D4RKLYNOON 102 D4RKLYNOON
2/12/17 9:18 A
Today makes 11 days no soda for me and I am beyond happy! I used to drink soda every single day. 11 FUNFITMOM2688 61 JONIBUSHELL
2/11/17 1:39 P
Started at 235 now out of the180 club, and on to join the 170s club wohooooo #almostthere #keeppushi CAROLYNG144 33 N23425
2/11/17 11:13 A
I seemed to have gained a little which I am not happy about. I need to watch my calories more. But w MJZELL413 11 WOMANOFLOVE
2/7/17 9:27 A
Ok got in to see my Dr yesterday and I'm down 7 pounds since I started 2weeks ago, I love this app VANESSAADAMS120 36 SISSY2979
2/7/17 11:09 A
Woohoo.. today was weigh day!! I am down 26.4 pounds in four weeks!!everyone have a great day. #moti JENN072476 53 CINDY247
2/7/17 7:02 P
I picked up a pair of size 12 jeans today during a thrift store shopping spree. Omg, they actually SSMITH762 416 K110391
2/28/17 11:18 A
Logged my breakfast lunch and snacks for the day. Feeling pretty good about my choices. Plus... It's CKLINGSHI 3 MARIHELEN
2/7/17 9:00 A
#lowcarb well began low carb on jan 29th and im diwn19 pounds so far getting used to not eating past S86211 23 SSMITH762
2/28/17 9:30 P
I woke up this morning with head felling like it was going to explode and my nose super stuffed up. CGANOE1 10 MARIHELEN
2/7/17 8:59 A
When life gives you lemons...workout! I had someone make me really mad yesterday. I jumped on my ell MRSMBURLEY 9 MARIHELEN
2/7/17 8:59 A
I am finding that attitude and optimism have as much to do with weight loss as dieting and exercise. BDAVIS96 10 LISAMARIE2015
2/7/17 9:02 A
Today I hit the heaviest I've ever been, I'm disgusted with myself. I have yo-yo'd with this for ove MISTYD64 20 7STIGGYMT
1/26/17 3:27 P
I've been using this app for a couple of days now and I'm loving it! Hopefully I get to know great CLAUDIAZZA 12 WTRUNNER416
1/26/17 2:47 P
I'm new to the site & looking for new ideas to eat the foods I love without the guilt. My family is MONASGMA25 12 MONASGMA25
1/30/17 11:02 A
Did 60 minutes of walk away the pounds for the first time this year LJBOWSER1 7 MARIHELEN
1/26/17 12:05 P
So today I was tempted & fell into the temptation. Yesterday was my birthday & I was given some choc MONASGMA25 18 FLOUNDER1323
1/30/17 11:12 A
I have been contemplating purchasing the premium, does anyone have it, and if so is it worth it? LISAR1680 16 J38850
1/27/17 9:18 P
Hi today is my first day starting at 190 lbs #newbie MYJERR4ME 64 TRISSYINCHARGE
1/31/17 2:29 P
Complete day two of Beachbody T25 workout. Worked up a heck of a sweat. Woohoo. Still working on my SMILILY 25 JAYISOLDEM2
2/1/17 12:10 A
Spark friends i Weighed in today and lost 3.8lbs this makes a total of 8lbs since I started this app TON360 41 EVAOLIVER
1/22/17 10:09 A
Omg! One week in and I've lost FIVE pounds! So happy! 35 more to go!!! #weightloss WTBISHOP12 35 GOTTAGETFIT52
1/27/17 9:20 P
I have lost 8lb in 3 weeks! I am so happy!first week 5.5lb, second week 1lb and third week 1.5lb. # B82989 47 SPARTANJAI
1/25/17 6:50 P
Only .4 down; grateful it wasn't a gain and it makes a total of 5 in 14 days, but... ;-( WEEDERSGRL1 18 SMITTYSTYLE
1/22/17 9:05 A
Good morning! I had eggs and an apple for breakfast. What did you have? #food BOOTYLICIOUS83 69 CBGAME87
1/23/17 5:53 P
I started the Monday after Thanksgiving and I'm down 18 lbs. There was one tough spot but I continue GALEEDMUNDS 5 MARIHELEN
1/22/17 8:18 A
Started back on here after taking six weeks off of not tracking food intake...didn't gain TORRIESJOURNEY 7 CALA51
1/15/17 10:15 A
I'm new here. Just starting. Wish me luck. :-) LIVING2017 29 WHITEMISTY75
1/15/17 1:30 P
Ya, lost 3 lbs this week MAXICONVER 13 LOLAHH
1/15/17 10:22 A
Just starting.this very long journey. But through christ all things are possible. MSFITNESS1984 6 LISAMARIE2015
1/15/17 10:22 A
I hit 40 lb loss this morning. 9 to go til goal! GROOMS74 26 MRSBKM
1/15/17 11:33 A
Gm... i ate so terribly yesterday im going to get up today in weight training !! CORLINA11 4 CORLINA11
1/15/17 10:15 A
18.8 lbs lost since I started back on Nov 27th. i am so proud GABYMORRIS 18 SHARON.LELA
1/15/17 11:17 A
Pushed myself extra hard yesturday and it paid off!!!!! Officially at 200 pounds! I haven't been thi FHOUK15 20 LTRINH9
1/15/17 10:28 A
Just starting today. I am very unhealthy and overweight! Great reminder to drink water! JONGAMEBIN 9 JOCELYNH711
1/10/17 7:05 A
I didn't want to, but I tracked everything I ate. Tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to make pr MMEQUEEN 5 MARIHELEN
1/10/17 5:41 A
Hey y'all!! Newbbie here...not so new to up n down weight🙁 nevertheless IM BACK AGAIN! ready and re SHELLYADD85 9 JAYISOLDEM2
1/10/17 10:23 P
One week into my journey, 5 lbs. down. 4 lbs. to hit my first goal of getting below 300 lbs. Good RSEMPSEY 5 MARIHELEN
1/10/17 5:40 A
Went way over my calories today! Feeling like a failure and scared I'll lose motivation. SURFGRL 7 DEBVENOSKY
1/10/17 6:15 A
Hey ya'll, happy new year, I am new here and I hope it works for me. I used to weigh 135lbs before C94982 13 CRICKUS
1/17/17 10:41 A
Making a chicken dish tonight that goes over rice. I'm going to try the cauliflower rice for myself. ERIN2016 2 MARIHELEN
1/10/17 5:39 A
Who knew a 3 minute quick workout would kick my butt more than the 28 minutes ones I did yesterday SHREDTOWED 7 GEAUXN
1/10/17 7:17 A
Are you feeling Positive or Negative today? BIGMAMA4U 52526 NYARAMULA
3/1/17 5:23 A
How did you feel when you woke up this morning? TWININGS12 8932 _CYNDY55_
3/1/17 8:03 A
Today I'm proud of myself for... SUPERBIEN 1536 SKEMERICH
2/28/17 2:44 P
Did you overeat at your last meal? IAMJOYFUL2 11552 NYARAMULA
3/1/17 5:22 A
today i feel... RAJ8406 9530 TANYA168
2/27/17 9:14 P
What Emoticon Are You Today? FIT4BRIT 38197 TANYA168
2/28/17 7:49 P
Lost 2 lbs this week! Total loss:38 lbs 11 lbs til goal !!! GROOMS74 16 SCOTTDEAN
1/1/17 2:53 P
Hello everyone just started this journey to eating healthy and living well. Hope to accomplish my go TANYAB45 24 MSMAKEOVER
1/1/17 5:44 P
Started a new year with a attempt to a healthier me! Wish me luck! JTANNER33 11 ANGELDELINKWENT
1/1/17 6:04 P
Starting out the new year rocking #keto DWHEELER94 11 S_MHANCOCK
1/2/17 11:47 A
Hey yall! I am starting Keto Monday morning. Im meal prepping the whole 9 yards. I am looking to sta MROWE46 3 MROWE46
1/1/17 4:54 P
Okay, let's do this. I have been a member since 2006. Going into my 11th year. When I use Sparkpeopl MARIHELEN 1 MARIHELEN
1/1/17 2:42 P
#friendfinder Good morning I want to see how many TAMARAOGINA 17 FITKAT62
7/5/16 1:11 A
I'm heading out to go hiking today. What kinds of FUNKYHUNT 28 WHYTEBROWN
7/2/16 12:22 P
So excited to start tracking once again to get my summer body! :) #firstpost #friendfinder #vegan CWILM3539 12 AWROTEN
7/3/16 2:17 P
Argh all this humidity is making it so hard for me DSKIRATA 8 LANAELAINE
7/2/16 9:08 P
I finally set a date for my wedding, November 26th JHARPYR 42 PKISER1980
7/3/16 8:51 P
is running good at night? FUAD6555 10 MADFUNSPARK
7/2/16 11:51 A
Down 18lbs today 😄 18 more to go! E8L26H1996 11 BECCA0327
7/2/16 1:55 P
How many cups of water today (or yesterday)? SNARDEESNIFF 12949 NYARAMULA
3/1/17 5:22 A
Did you take your vitamins today? HARLEYANGELONE 51424 MFLEESAK
3/1/17 11:36 A

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