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I went a little overboard with Halloween yesterday. All day I have remembered other things I ate and JMFSPARKLES 6 ZRIE014
11/1/17 7:19 P
Sugar is a killer. And the sugar industry and quite a few nutrition and medical researchers have kno MSBOOTCAMP 7 MSBOOTCAMP
12/9/17 7:13 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 15 MARYJOANNA
11/2/17 5:07 A
A beautiful evening for my run, refreshing 😀 OHBYGUM 46 ZRIE014
11/1/17 7:04 P
Got my work out in. Didn't feel like standing around in the kitchen today. So I'm trying a honey ga DIALYSISCHIC1 56 ZRIE014
11/1/17 7:01 P
Thankful for the option of working from home when I need to. CAROLINAGIRL69 7 ZRIE014
11/1/17 7:02 P
This is the same crock pot dish I posted about earlier. My daughter loves it and wanted me to take a DIALYSISCHIC1 37 GPALMER29
11/2/17 9:12 P
I weighed myself 5 times to be sure!! 😄 KERRIBERRI86 298 CAROLYNG144
11/1/17 9:35 P
I'm down another pound. Slow and steady is the way to go. REGINAKNOX76 14 _LINDA
10/2/17 5:42 P
I'm the kinda mom that's always stands behind the camera because when I'm in front of it I don't lik BUBBLES_380 36 MDOWER1
10/2/17 5:00 P
Last night AMYRAINS2003 9 FISHGUT3
10/2/17 4:39 P
Posted a photo NOBIABROWN38 25 BELLSH1BELL
10/15/17 11:05 P
Goodmorning friends, well actually intentionally exercising and eating very clean and every 3 hours JUSTSTICKWITHIT 170 EVILCECIL
10/3/17 7:56 A
Eating clean and doing a reset cleanse! 30 pounds gone. #BeforeAndAfter JEN2017MOM 29 INSPIRED26
10/3/17 4:10 A
Day 1 at 210 pounds, today is Week 5 and I am at 187 pounds! 23 pounds down 🤗 and counting! 47 poun KEVSHAS 130 RUSSELLFORD
10/8/17 1:07 A
Mmm, hot bath! BONNIEMARGAY 10 CAT-IN-CJ
10/1/17 2:17 P
First day of October CANDEEB44 10 MARINEMAMA
10/1/17 5:25 A
Addiction is hard to over come. Been struggling since I was 10. But now I have a positive solution t AMYMBUNCH 115 MORTONDH
10/1/17 5:47 P
Feeling frustrated and stuck! Counting my calories and being active...but not seeing a lot of change CSCHRAM700 17 JOANNA7072
10/1/17 7:31 A
making some beef stew for my take to work meals for this week JPEARL465 10 CHALLENGER15
10/1/17 10:14 A
# surviving cancer I have found that one of the main keys of surviving cancer is to have an attitud PDX2U0 12 PURPLELOVER8
10/1/17 7:56 P
Running a 10K today-first race in quite a while! SILVERTOMORROW 14 SPARTANJAI
10/1/17 6:51 A
Happy Sunday morning. Weighed in today. So far I have lost 41 pounds. Very happy about that. Feeling DOINGIT4ME49 22 MOTIVATED36732
10/1/17 8:11 A
Finished my 2 hour workout.... Some people think I don't need to lose any more weight! However, I'm GYMLYF_RJONES 18 MADDIEBSMAMA
9/5/17 4:44 P
Just started dieting. Dear fat get ready to die JAMSHAIDKHAN085 8 DAWN1830
9/5/17 4:06 P
#coach I just finished the Plateau Busting Program & I enjoyed learning from the SparkCoaches everyd DIROB57 4 COMEBACKKID12
9/6/17 10:59 P
My hubby paused his football game and went walking with me this morning! I hit 20 mins/mile today! MRSJENKINS8587 70 MRSJENKINS8587
9/5/17 9:09 P
I weighed in at 149 this morning!!! First time in years that I've been below, or even near, 150!!!!! MBENGUEGIRLS 262 UMUCGRAD
9/5/17 9:14 P
Posted a photo JENNAE93 186 NOCALORIES
9/5/17 9:41 P
Got my Zumba workout done! Feeling good! CANN43 7 SILVAS7
9/8/17 6:44 A
It's my 25th birthday and I'm happy to say that I managed to lose 55 lbs. since January of this year MRS042515 21 DIROB57
8/29/17 11:08 A
Today's weight Down 48 lbs FREDDY529 46 MPLSKEN
8/29/17 2:06 P
Have priorities set! ... Ready for the gym ... this is the only body we ever get! 2BDYNAMIC 30 IAMAGEMLOVER
8/30/17 10:19 A
I have a hard time seeing differences visually, but I've lost 7.1 kg (15.6 lbs)! Woohoo! I also feel THAHEDER 152 DISNEYDAMSEL1
8/30/17 6:01 P
Woohoo!!!! I'm down 3lbs this morning :) feels great being back on track and seeing the results! JEMMSIE 31 TIGERSEYEHEART
8/29/17 7:13 P
Yay! This happened today,😄 Almost to my first goal of losing 52 pounds. JULESANA8818 247 SPARTANJAI
8/29/17 6:05 P
80 pounds down... it's so unreal to say. SHERIFFWOODY 156 RENEBYBEE
8/29/17 4:25 P
How true... DINKER0798 126 GEORGE815
8/29/17 2:30 P
Disasterous weekend...and I wasn't in Texas. DSHONEYC 7 ZELDA13
8/28/17 12:53 P
While the rains have subsided, there is still lots of water that must drain. Our home is safe for n 1DAY-ATA-TIME 12 1CRAZYDOG
8/29/17 3:20 P
Here's how much weight I've lost since starting over in June - 20 pounds, the equivalent of four rea KNITTINGKITTY 22 CHAIRMASTER
9/2/17 10:53 A
Low resting heart rate is an indicator of fitness? Very happy to see heart rate in the 50's during ALL4BMI 3 DARRINISM
8/28/17 12:54 P
I can't believe I am about to post this picture, but hopefully it helps as self motivation. I finish CANN43 261 HARRIETT14
8/30/17 11:09 A
Last month I posted a picture of me in July and then me at Easter. Today, I'm going to post one of m PHOUSE99 146 PHOUSE99
8/31/17 11:29 A
50 pounds down and just getting started. KCGREEN82 139 PNUGENT24
8/28/17 10:06 P
I'm skipping the diet stuff, eating healthy is my diet! FITSISTA79 118 PNUGENT24
8/28/17 10:05 P
My first solo run... 3.2 miles in 33 minutes. My dh and I are training for a 5k on Labor Day. This JAVAJESS21 13 KENDILYNN
8/24/17 12:30 P
Yesterday I went to the Dr and did my official weigh in the last time I was there last month I was 2 MILKATRENA 10 ZORO22
8/26/17 11:08 P
The power of positive thinking. BOOHOOBEAR 9 1DAY-ATA-TIME
8/24/17 11:43 A
All the goods things are happening! Hit my goal we *ALICEMARIE* 114 CSCOTT_06
8/24/17 6:51 P
8/25/17 4:12 A
I dont have any before, before pics but down 19 lbs SUSIESERVESHIM 25 LASTDIET2017
8/24/17 1:08 P
Whoo-whoo! 26lbs down. I haven't seen the 170's in nearly three years. 🎉🎊😊 POSTBABY4102015 174 HEALTHYANDFIT27
8/24/17 3:53 P
Woohoo 150 here I come!!!! SASSYK11 108 LINDASOUTHER
8/24/17 5:42 P
Made a goal and reward poster! VANNAHK 10 HDHAWK
8/23/17 1:52 P
The begining of my day started off mighty impressive. ZPUGH1979 4 CURLYLADEE
8/23/17 11:03 A
Did you work out this morning? SPARKPEOPLE 87 CARPROTH
9/8/17 3:08 P
I just wanted to share my progress so far...Although I started in March of this year I've had about ABUCK6 57 MDOWER1
8/23/17 4:41 P
My sweet hubby passed 8-19-17. We had been together 41 yrs; married 40. I took off work this week an VHAYES04 306 JTHEALTHY1
8/23/17 6:57 P
It's been 114 days since I started my journey to a healthier me and I've lost 35.4 pounds and gained RIVERRAT79 165 EVILCECIL
8/24/17 6:42 A
My pants are almost too loose...good excuse to go shopping! (Reward once I am under 200lbs!) JAPANGURL17 111 TENACIOUS10
8/27/17 6:46 A
New day, starting out with 46 squats! GRATTECIELLA 10 LPORTER2015
8/22/17 5:10 P
Still slow as heck, but holy crap. I did a 5k this morning! ELORA101 104 GAYEMC
8/22/17 1:47 P
Last night was a really good night for me. My boyfriend was complementing me on my consistency, moti MELDAMAY 11 SYLBA61
8/24/17 10:14 A
Another .5 down! Total 25 lbs in 14 weeks STARRYEYES1985 59 PRAIRIECROCUS
8/22/17 12:20 P
Slowly but surely! MISHKA1212 149 BECKY_US
8/22/17 8:33 P
Saw this in my doctor's office today and wanted to share. :) BIKEORAMA 13 MIKAHALE
8/24/17 9:38 P
50lbs out of here! JHENYARD 258 GARGAMEL1234
8/23/17 8:05 A
Goal!!! ST3PH 16 MAZUR157
8/17/17 12:09 P
One yr difference!! 120lbs later 60 yrs old 👍👍 DIANEPAG 129 CHELSEA_GLAM1
9/14/17 5:41 P
Plateau busted! 31 lbs gone and counting... YAY!! ANDREWMOM 13 ROBINFITZWATER_
8/17/17 12:04 P
Good morning, I am somewhat new to sparkpeople. I have struggled with weight for the last 15 years. CHRISENDRAROSS 266 LYNN0488
9/16/17 8:07 A
Wow! I shrunk! DIANEPAG 161 ROCKRS
8/17/17 3:54 P
I need you all to pray that I don't fall off. My m MISSCNJ 173 QSHEPP
8/17/17 7:29 P
Today is my 33rd Birthday....What a wonderful gift to myself by being able to lose weight. It's a gr AMYMBUNCH 259 JOFFENH
9/26/17 6:16 A