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Yesterday was my first day in the gym. I am debating going back today. My legs are really sore so I ALIVIA17 17 MARZBARZ1
4/27/17 10:32 A
Been on Sparkpeople since April 7th, down 11 pounds and under 250. ALEATHIER 47 SLINKYREDDRESS
4/27/17 12:17 P
Sometimes motivation is a new lunch box that fits all your healthy foods! (lunchbox is by Bentology. HEALTHFAERIE 113 FIT2TRAVEL
4/27/17 6:03 P
Made it out the door but today was definitely a hard day no energy to do much but I gave it my be HENNYFLOW29 110 JAJABEE1717
4/27/17 1:49 P
Working toward November when I plan to climb Coba Mayan pyramid. NCSTATEVA17 21 B11943
4/27/17 10:39 A
FINALLY!! ONE-derland! I know it just barely, but MISSHARTUNG1 272 TCDRAGON54
4/28/17 6:02 A
Holy crap this makes me happy. I finally hit my first goal. We can do this folks!!! ANDYRODEN44 278 I_ROBOT
4/27/17 9:01 P
Hello! MAGIK0731 3 JUDITH316
4/28/17 5:02 A
Feeling a little chubby today, thinking it is due to too much salt and not enough water. MAGIK0731 1 MAGIK0731
4/20/17 10:26 A
Tackling the day! MAGIK0731 2 RSKMOM
4/19/17 11:04 A
26 pounds lighter since baby #4! Progress always feels so GOOD! Staying healthy for my sweet kids... SUMMERBROOKEC 11 TIME4ME2017
4/19/17 12:39 P
Aim for your goals! JOANNEJI 55 SPARKARINA
4/19/17 11:42 A
My first non-scale victory! Being able to fit in my old dress COMFORTABLY. It's an amazing feeling. JFIALLO 50 LINDZZ3
4/21/17 8:28 A
I have 7 more pounds until I reach my main goal I DHUDSON1977 122 COMEBACKKID12
4/19/17 9:26 P
69lbs lost since October. Happy my hard work is showing. Still have a ways to go but I know I will g TIFFANI260554 283 MELISSASPARK727
4/19/17 10:12 P
Me in a swim suite (left) 2016 200's (right)2017 170's. One year can make a huge difference! LTRINH9 132 TSHAWGER
4/20/17 7:21 A
Slept great and ready to tackle today! MAGIK0731 2 TZIP91
4/19/17 10:47 A
A good meal while reading a good book about ending your obsession with food and weight. Just what I LULU487 6 IJRYAN
4/18/17 6:52 P
Dinner yum yum guys what are y'all having MRSCHUNKYNOMORE 27 MRSCHUNKYNOMORE
4/18/17 8:44 P
Today, my daughter turns 1 year old & I'm back down to 203! It's a good day 😊❀ SDAVID1114 8 FROSTY99
4/18/17 9:07 P
A mile around our park is three laps.. Ran the first walked the second and ranvthe third... I was hu A-A2008 5 NANCYA8689
4/18/17 7:07 P
I can tell I've lost weight in my clothes... I am 2 sizes down, but I don't want to get on the scale KASLANE 8 IJRYAN
4/18/17 6:57 P
I hate vegetables. I've tried sooooo many recipes. Help! WITHVENGENCE 10 IJRYAN
4/18/17 6:54 P
Spaghetti squash with chicken and Italian dressing and cheese garlic bread for dinner. YUM YUM πŸ‘… MOCNVW23 14 LEVISGIRL4EVER
4/19/17 2:07 P
Had a great session with my trainer and I am pretty sure I am going to be feeling it tomorrow. MAGIK0731 2 WALLAHALLA
4/18/17 6:28 P
Not a big change but it is to me , down 2 sizes ,Yay GINABLUEYEZ1 302 GRANDMATHOMPSON
4/18/17 10:04 P
I went from walking 10 laps, to walking 9 laps and running 1, to walking 6 and running 4. Well, thi PSALMISTLD 81 DMSPEER93
4/17/17 9:48 P
Stayed in calorie count easter dinner. Go me!!! BRENDAFRAVEL 125 BEACHTIME9
4/17/17 1:52 P
Sorry for the language but something we all need some days 😊 Have a great day RAINYN2004 9 BIKE4HEALTH
4/16/17 3:04 P
4/16/17 9:24 P
Happy Easter! 😁 MARY10IN5 4 MARY10IN5
4/16/17 1:29 P
I survived my outdoor walk today it was too hot for me 85 degrees and sun beaming 2.6 Miles 6,142 MRSTHOMAS8314 18 O04875
4/16/17 2:40 P
This is Steak, bacon, eggs whipped with HWC and cheese. Oh my gosh it is yummy. This is Keto! I've l BKISSEE1 9 BKISSEE1
4/25/17 3:28 P
I did my workout today πŸ™ŒπŸ» I am so sick of gaining weight and thinking back to when I was in a fitn ADAVIS179 16 ADAVIS179
4/16/17 2:32 P
February 28 - April 11. Slowly but surely, I will get there. HOL1218 303 AMYBRO1
4/17/17 10:24 A
Went to Bob Evans for breakfast but kept it light; then walked around my boyfriend's property. It's BLUEDAWN51 10 LALATIDAH
4/16/17 2:16 P
Hi all, I am happy to say that I lost 6.7lbs my 1st week. My 1st goal was to track everything I ate, SETTINGMEFREE 111 SETTINGMEFREE
4/23/17 12:24 P
iPhone MAGIK0731 3 MAGIK0731
4/14/17 3:38 P
I started sparkpeople on March 25, 2016 at 270lb. As of today I am 167.4. 7.4lb to hit my goal. MBLACK2085 107 SWOODALL14
4/14/17 4:43 P
I am under 200lbs again! Haven't been here since I had a baby! Feeling pleased with the effort I hav -POOKIE- 196 -POOKIE-
4/21/17 6:09 A
Good morning everyone today is weigh in day and I THEJACKIEDEAN12 304 FULLERFARMS
4/23/17 5:30 P
Just a little Friday motivation never think it is JESSE_RENEWED 173 SMFORD
4/15/17 1:12 P
Today I learned, I really need to work on strength, balance, and core training. NICSTAMPS 2 MAGIK0731
4/14/17 12:53 P
Running time = playtime. ZORBS13 5 DHAMILTON15634
4/14/17 1:53 P
4/14/17 1:01 P
Me #1 Priority YARAPR78 2 MAGIK0731
4/14/17 12:51 P
Today I found out I lost a total of 50 pounds. Which is a big deal for me. I've been struggling with ROBBIEJEHDH 2 MAGIK0731
4/14/17 12:51 P
did my 75 minutes of yoga this a.m. NDCAROL 4 GRLTAZ
4/15/17 9:51 A
After hitting a plateau and not had any weight loss for 3 weeks... Did my weekly weigh in and lost 3 JVARGOVICH 3 D1LION65
4/15/17 2:05 A
Happy Friday! MAGIK0731 1 MAGIK0731
4/14/17 12:50 P
888 days of logging in... EMMACORY 4 ROCKLAND2010
4/15/17 8:48 A
Breakfast: Matcha green tea, mango, melon, strawberries, and a Western Omelet Muffin from the 30 muf MACABBEY 18 ADRIENALINE
4/13/17 2:03 P
4/13/17 10:35 A
One of my favorite quotes. Anger is poison. Let that stuff go! RECOVERYMAMA 12 J38850
4/13/17 10:32 A
This little man gives me the drive to keep going. He needs a healthier LeLe to play with. MISSY5386 13 CHRISTINEBWD
4/13/17 11:05 A
Another healthy start to my day! Determined to get out of the 230's this weekend!! Small goals = Big JOYANNMADD 16 BJK1961
4/13/17 11:07 A
200 days...41 lbs !!! HENJEN4 25 SRIVERS1
4/13/17 11:10 A
Yay! 50 lbs lost as of today! Still have at least 20 to go but I'm feeling great! Gotta lose that HSBESA 258 ALOHRASMOM
4/14/17 4:11 A
4/13/17 1:20 P
Looking forward to 2 weeks MAGIK0731 2 JUDITH316
4/13/17 12:57 A
At the gym working out with my partner ZAZABEANDER 60 MISSCNJ
4/12/17 8:45 P
just enjoying this weather with my little cutie 😍 ALTIAHOUSE1992 10 CHERYLDH
4/9/17 6:57 A
I am not feeling great today. I am 48 days clean from heroin & gained like 30lbs since 2-18-17. To PRINNICKIE 307 WEGENERCS
4/10/17 10:04 A
Today is my son's birthday. He passed away some years ago. I have just wanted to snack. Resisting! CANDALEEPARKER 8 MAGIK0731
4/8/17 6:09 P
9 miles done today, rest and recover for 20 miles tomorrow. ZORBS13 12 NANCYA8689
4/8/17 6:45 P
Dinner! 500 calories of deliciousness NAZYTEACH 7 BOBGEO57
4/8/17 6:38 P
My favorite suit... The button is about to pop in a minuteπŸ˜‚ However, I am working on fitting it ver YELIAB21 15 BJK1961
4/8/17 7:53 P
Feeling good! MAGIK0731 2 STARGAZ3R
4/8/17 6:13 P
When you've worked really hard to get in the best shape of your life and feel really great about you CHERYLDH 307 _LINDA
4/7/17 3:18 P
Ready for my 2mile on the treadmill πŸ€“ ELIZA1477P 6 LSHAMRICK
4/6/17 5:42 P
And dinner is ready! Udon noodles and vegetables! Spinach, carrots, scallions, royal trumpet mushroo DANCINGOTTER89 5 MPLSKEN
4/6/17 11:56 P
Ready to lose this weight!!! 185lbs... I want to lose 50lbs!!! Wish me luck!!! H27493 28 WVSTUCK
4/6/17 7:02 P
I'm ready to loose weight hopefully I could do it BUDDAH_602 87 MOUCHE
4/14/17 11:22 A
My before and in progress photo. The before picture was taken in June of 2016. The after picture was CRYSTALH2017 180 -WRKNG2ABTTRME-
4/6/17 8:53 P
I have a goal that I will achieve! I will lose 50 pounds by the end of the year. I am down 6 pounds PRPLGRL 4 MAGIK0731
4/6/17 10:55 A

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