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Today I binged on sweets and red wine... Pretty upset with myself. STEUCHERT3 4 NANCYPAT1
5/9/17 10:50 P
5/9/17 11:15 P
Today is the mark of me using sparkpeople for 1 year and following all the way through. On this day LTRINH9 305 BROOKLYNBLONDIE
4/25/17 3:38 P
Me in Key Largo a week ago. I've got a lot of work ahead of me, but I am super motivated. I've been SKEETERSAMMI 10 I_ROBOT
4/5/17 12:59 A
Selfie after my 5.67 mile walk today. As of today I am 80 pounds down, 113 left to lose! I got this! PHOEBECOYOTE 103 MORTONDH
4/5/17 12:32 A
Today is my first day using the app. I'm ready to ELRISANNA1216 36 RO2BENT
12/7/16 10:12 A
Bundled up, outside for my morning hour walk befor LEXIGENE 5 MADILYNEVE
12/7/16 9:31 A
Took pleasure in sunny 45 degrees for afternoon walk. #healthy CHERIELS3 13 RO2BENT
12/7/16 10:13 A
Just completed my first 5k !! I've been working up to this for the past 8 weeks with C25K #fitness # BEACHTIME9 100 COACHJAJONES
1/11/17 9:13 A
Well today is my 5th day of my weight loss journey MONAE40 10 MADILYNEVE
12/7/16 9:30 A
First week of using this app and I knocked down 4. ATHENASB 9 GRAMMICHELLE
12/7/16 10:09 A
#support Having such a problem with eating at nigh GINGERDKL 26 CBUCKNER44
12/7/16 3:16 P
As of this morning's weigh in, I've lost 10.2 pou MARIEK7693 27 P7058PGA
12/7/16 10:44 A
Down 2lbs since I started last week!! Counting the BNOODLEZ 11 GRAMMICHELLE
12/5/16 9:36 A
Took a test last night and I'm pregnant! Gonna wai T20177 48 PARKDREAMS
12/5/16 11:00 A
So happy i splurged a bit on exercise equipment. I G56254 13 GGSCHNEIDER
12/5/16 11:55 A
Good morning everyone. Happy Monday CATERPILLAR-JEN 8 BIGRENTMAN
12/5/16 10:05 A
I have got to get out of this slump.. ugh.. I don' MWARNER211 7 FGLITCH
12/5/16 10:09 A
#WeightCheck Officially lost 10lbs and finally out HOLLYROBIIN 18 MSMAKEOVER
12/5/16 11:15 A
Love it when people tell me I looked like I lost w MADILYNEVE 6 QUINNY2016
12/5/16 9:58 A
Guys... I broke through my two month plateau and I CAITIEHALL94 38 MRSOLIVER455
11/28/16 9:32 A
Been out of the game for about a week now. Went up BNICOLE240130 14 CHEYENNEJACOLA
11/29/16 8:08 A
Hey Fellow Sparkers! Let's start the week off on a DEVAN4 10 -_-LJUBAVI-_-
11/28/16 9:33 A
Did five miles this morning DEBSANKS 18 MADILYNEVE
11/28/16 9:25 A
Kids bought me a fit bit!!!! MADILYNEVE 11 STEADYLIGHT
11/28/16 11:46 A
I did a 1.5 mile jog with my dog then did a 3.5 mile bike ride after that at the park this morningðŸ NATALIE428 3 MADILYNEVE
11/17/16 11:34 A
Just wanted to say hello to everyone! I hope your EMILEESMOMMIE 2 MADILYNEVE
11/17/16 11:34 A
9 AM and I have 4.5 glasses of water in....boom! 666RIOTGRRL 10 666RIOTGRRL
11/17/16 11:36 A
Good day, woke this morning did my strengthen work ARTH3736 7 MADILYNEVE
11/17/16 11:33 A
Woke up, went to college, got to class and the fir NELSONH1727 2 MADILYNEVE
11/17/16 11:33 A
Almost out of the 290s. Doing well! MARSHACUP 4 HOPEFULTOLOSE
11/17/16 11:32 A
I'm hiding in bed while my husband makes himself french toast at 9:15pm. Oh lordy give me strength. BRANDZEBUB1 21 TWEDEE777
11/27/16 10:27 A
Where is everyone from?!? SABRINAANDREWS 76 TWEDEE777
11/16/16 9:57 A
So has anyone tried the raspberry ketone.. I'm rel GEMMAWHERRY1993 6 LADYREDCOMET
11/10/16 1:13 P
I have been soo hungry lately! I am on month 3 of MRSJTHOMPSON15 20 SAFTANOMI
11/10/16 8:00 P
Did a little bit of meal planning today! Made cont MADILYNEVE 6 JINAL1991
11/10/16 1:41 P
#weightcheck OFFICIAL UPDATE: I am happy to report MAMAGIDGETJ 146 LTRINH9
11/16/16 5:52 P
I'm overweight!!! :) And considering I started out ADORKABLE-ME 24 MOMMYJANIS
11/10/16 1:56 P
PLEASE HELP ME!! I am on a low calorie meal plan LDRESSEN83 17 TINALOUCHIC
11/10/16 1:39 P
18 year old girl with binge eating problems. I am T588741 5 SAM128
11/9/16 11:02 A
Vote!!? Deer meat/ ground beef MADILYNEVE 12 P63626
11/9/16 12:13 P
I started this journey 3 months ago and I have lost 6 pounds since then it may not be a huge number NIKKIP23 36 CIDPGIRL
11/12/16 7:01 P
Good morning, fellow Sparklers. Hugs, anyone? I EDNAEDWIN 28 ARMSBYM
11/9/16 9:39 A
I ran 5 minutes straight without slowing or walkin SARITARIUS 40 KENK667
11/10/16 12:39 P
I'd like to be at 175 by years end. Currently at 1 MARI1526 52 LADYSHEL
11/9/16 5:31 P
Well today is officially my first day. I can do th SHERRY965 21 DOROTHY592
11/9/16 1:46 P
I just got into a pair of jeans I haven't been abl MELISSACHRISTER 22 BAMBILIONSS
11/9/16 9:31 A
I'm supposed to run today but I feel like if I loo GROOMS74 11 GROOMS74
11/9/16 9:43 A
Happy Monday Morning, Sparklers!!! Here's hoping W LAURCAM13 7 MADILYNEVE
11/7/16 9:31 A
I need some motivation this Monday...... LOVEJESSICALOVE 13 LRJUSTUS1
11/7/16 9:44 A
Heading to the gym for the first time hope this he NICKILOFTIN 9 GGSCHNEIDER
11/7/16 9:43 A
So it's been about 4 months since I've done this p HBARTH8 11 MELISSAG38
11/7/16 12:10 P
I weighed myself this morning and am only 1 pound SSMITH762 19 MAALEX10
11/7/16 9:40 A
The 24 miles I walked last week not including what MOM_TO_5ES 12 GINA515
11/7/16 9:38 A
Wow what a weekend 😕 went to girlscout camp, w MADILYNEVE 1 MADILYNEVE
11/7/16 9:27 A
🎶Another pound bites the dust. And another pound gone. And another pound gone. Another pound bite GOMYMICHELLE 29 CLING724
11/4/16 11:37 A
I went through a couple of days of "I don't care". YISKAMIRYAM 19 TINALOUCHIC
11/4/16 1:09 P
I am going to make a sticker chart-for every day i LR237787 18 MLOWE1210
11/4/16 11:46 A
What is your goal just for this month? Mine is 5 lbs!! Seems easy but with the festivities I think i MADILYNEVE 6 SKMBOK
11/4/16 10:15 A
Hello my name is Jannette and I just joined the community. My goal is to lose 186 and what's hard fo GETFITJAN1 32 MAMAMELANIE
11/4/16 10:06 A
Woot, down to 195, that's 60 pounds gone since I SSMITH762 111 SPIDLESHANKS
11/16/16 9:08 P
Last Tuesday a coworker and I started walking on b SHELLYP0515 11 CURA37
11/2/16 1:09 P
Starting the day off with a fruit and coffee. :3 H LOSTBOYX 7 RHIO3TRE
11/2/16 1:02 P
Morning off with hubby, running errands, laughing, MEANBIRCH 15 MOMMYJANIS
11/2/16 1:21 P
Dropped off for a couple weeks but it's a new mont JESSG58 2 MADILYNEVE
11/2/16 12:21 P
Morning all. Good luck today JUNEBUGSLV 8 RAYMOSSISTER
11/2/16 1:13 P
I need encouragement in the form of friends suffer FATSQUIRRELMAMA 52 DIZZYBRITCHES
11/2/16 6:21 P
What is everyone's goal weight? How tall are you? FROSTBITTEN007 372 SPURTLE1
1/21/17 12:31 P
November is my birthday month. I am determined to FHOUK15 8 7STIGGYMT
11/1/16 12:42 P
Day 1 was successful. Kept track of all my food & SUNSHINE4244 12 MOMRIVAS1234
11/3/16 8:17 P
First day of the month as a newly divorced women. DEMONA 6 7STIGGYMT
11/1/16 12:44 P
I've been working out every morning after dropping SYTHOMP 9 SYTHOMP
11/1/16 3:34 P
I'm a twin and, like some sets of twins, there is J81262 32 DRUCELLAJOHNSON
11/1/16 2:32 P
Nov 1st seems like a great day to start over AGAIN EMJULIE4623 8 7STIGGYMT
11/1/16 12:33 P
So upset today. I was talking to hubby and told hi SUEMARIE513 61 DEJALABE1
11/2/16 7:59 P

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