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This little boy of mine turned eight and I'm so glad I have energy to play ball and race with him! MADILYNEVE 3 JULIENSMITH
7/26/17 10:02 A
7/26/17 9:49 A
Another great night at VBS SHRINKINGSHERI 4 LOSER05
7/26/17 9:55 A
Going to try to beat these numbers today. MFIG303 20 FISHGUT3
7/25/17 10:24 A
Fell TOTALLY off the wagonπŸ˜”πŸ‘Ž TWISSY1 4 BARRYHAPPY1
7/25/17 9:53 A
Does anyone else notice how far off Fitbit's calculations are from Spark's? Which do you go by when MARGYFD 4 MADILYNEVE
7/25/17 9:38 A
Good morning everyone! Getting back on the band wagon. My first goal is 20 lbs down. Been walking ZUMBAENTHUSIAST 3 MADILYNEVE
7/25/17 9:37 A
Happy National Hot Fudge Sundae day CHRISSYWILSON80 3 MADILYNEVE
7/25/17 9:37 A
Lost 2 more pds MWMS27 7 MISSDORKNESS
7/25/17 10:33 A
Posted a photo FLOWER26CS 8 SPALOMO49
7/25/17 9:59 A
Day one of my journey MOXIE 85 GORDONED
7/25/17 4:12 P
Last night I rewarded myself with crab legs. My favorite food besides Mexican tacos MEXIQUEEN 30 CARRIEMETODAY
7/25/17 10:33 A
Finally heading south to MY beach! MEADSBAY 112 CJSTANBACK
7/25/17 4:19 P
Advice please! Tips! I'm wanting to lose the arm flab, I do 2 sets of 12 on each weight machines the MADILYNEVE 5 CREATING_ME1
7/22/17 12:17 A
Here I am starting again, right back at the beginning. Have over 100 pounds to lose. JESSIEBRUNS 39 SARAHNRICKY1
7/21/17 2:06 P
Wanted to skip the gym today to be lazy, but that didn't happen.....we did alot of yard work #delici MADILYNEVE 2 PASTORDAN_ATDCC
7/20/17 11:07 P
I would love to go play outside or even exercise but here is south Louisiana you can fry an egg on t MADILYNEVE 7 B45715
7/19/17 5:29 P
Goodmorning, started in feb at 252.8 got down to 241.2 now I'm here. The beauty of this whole "proce JUSTSTICKWITHIT 22 ~*~SPUNKI~*~
7/24/17 1:51 P
Enjoying my morning yogurt alternative today. Time to get some more. #deliciousdailymoment AALLEY2 3 YMWONG22
7/18/17 10:35 A
Guy's could we just celebrate for a second please??? Just momentarily. I AM OFFICIALLY OUT OF THE 30 LEALONIE19 17 MUSTANG0421
7/18/17 12:29 P
It's kinda funny. I bought size 20 pants they fit at the store, went for my a walk couldn't complete KINYA4571 10 RECOVERYMAMA
7/20/17 10:16 A
Good Morning!!! LELKINS71 4 YMWONG22
7/18/17 11:34 A
I have no idea where to start with losing weight!! What did you do? How many colories should i have S32902 9 DESERTGOLDFISH
7/17/17 11:52 P
Went get the family sonic for dinner on my way home from the gym, didn't touch it. I made a homemade MADILYNEVE 4 FITWITHIN
7/18/17 5:28 A
Progress. Progress!!! HENNYFLOW29 10 HOTPINKCAMARO49
7/17/17 11:17 P
I am disgusted with myself. This is the heaviest I've ever been in my entire life. Doing simple tas TUCKME13 32 YMWONG22
7/18/17 12:35 A
Went for my walk later tonight, due to my sunburn from yesterday in the pool, but I am proud of myse MKPARKE77 26 NOCALORIES
7/18/17 12:13 A
I have completely lost it. My food tracking- my motivation- My will power. I am frustrated that I wo VEGAS2010 5 IMAWRKNPROGRESS
7/12/17 10:59 P
Out of control, I find myself. Time to get back on the plan. DSHONEYC 13 EMMACORY
7/13/17 10:50 A
Posted a photo MADILYNEVE 6 MKPARKE77
7/12/17 12:34 P
I love the dollar tree store, got me some containers for snacks and salad dressing for $1.00 each ST3PH 6 MADILYNEVE
7/12/17 11:52 A
Today is day 5 and I decided to step on the scale. I started at 296.4 which means I have already los NEWMEMARIE 249 GABIRUSZCZAK
7/12/17 10:10 P
Big drop this week, super happy I got my nutrition and workouts balanced! RSCUNU 136 FISHGUT3
7/12/17 1:46 P
Being able to walk 11 miles a day at girlscout cam MADILYNEVE 5 PATIMAGE
7/12/17 12:09 P
Serious note** my husband does not workout. He works in the heat of Louisiana as a welder. He is 39 MADILYNEVE 3 QWERTY812
7/11/17 2:53 P
Ladies and gentleman, the fire volcano is going off again. Don't worry, this is normal here, but I SLIMMINGSARAH85 10 SLIMMINGSARAH85
7/11/17 11:50 A
7/11/17 5:38 P
So small changes are starting to develop!! I try to do 30 minutes of cardio every day and 10-15 minu MARYBETHJACKSON 47 MOONGLOWSNANA
7/11/17 3:30 P
Happy Sparking! SHAKARIA3 3 REEDSKI
7/11/17 12:09 P
Lost 21lbs in 8 weeks, and now the scale hasn't budged for the past 2 weeks. I loathe plateaus!! Hop AOLSON80 30 MDOWER1
7/11/17 3:28 P
My #deliciousdailymoment is after walking all day at girlscout camp I made the most delicious smore MADILYNEVE 2 GONNAWORKIT
7/11/17 11:20 A
Spent a week at girlscout camping lots of walking! So it was definitely not a loss! Back to normal t MADILYNEVE 2 KOFFEENUT
7/11/17 11:26 A
Help!! Non weight related! I need advise/tips to stop fussing so much with my family and husband. I MADILYNEVE 6 MADILYNEVE
7/8/17 12:18 P
Taking chance I never put my pics on the internet. But here goes. KMBRBN68 8 MADIPA
6/24/17 4:29 P
A bit more work! When I bought this dress I couldn't get the zipper even close to touching. (it wa LILGRASSHOPPER 11 CANDYAPPLE15
6/28/17 2:13 A
Celebrating 1st day of summer with an outdoor walk while it is still cool! 2BDYNAMIC 22 AQUAGIRL08
6/22/17 7:31 A
Hello everyone! It's my day 7 at this amazing app I have lose 4 kg and i am so proud! LOLICAAA 6 MADILYNEVE
6/20/17 12:17 P
Hi everybody! Just downloaded this app. I have been dieting for a little over 2 weeks. Started the f SUZIQ0526 3 MADILYNEVE
6/20/17 12:17 P
Canada 150 years young --- beautiful scenery from the west TRAILWALKERJO54 7 MADILYNEVE
6/20/17 12:16 P
But I was early this morning...gotcha!!! BOOHOOBEAR 7 GODS-PRINCESS
6/21/17 7:54 A
Thank God for a new day! Ate everything in sight this weekend. Yes the whole weekend!! It will be o MADILYNEVE 3 CHEYENNE_ADELL
6/19/17 12:00 P
Went to the Dr. to get my pneumonia checked today. She was so impressed with my weight loss. 38 lb SUNGIRL822 3 SUNGIRL822
6/19/17 3:35 P
After working out :) HSTUBBLEF 3 LIS193
6/19/17 11:29 A
Posted a photo EIDAORTIZ 6 LIS193
6/19/17 11:30 A
Love the feeling of being sore...even though it hurts like a . ..... I pushed through it and worked MADILYNEVE 1 MADILYNEVE
6/14/17 9:23 P
Feeling like a panting pup!! MADILYNEVE 4 BETRHO48
6/14/17 5:42 P
I was just introduced to this app and is fantastic! I already lost two pounds since I began on Sunda ISAMARIE103 4 MADILYNEVE
6/14/17 10:00 A
Just broke the 200 mark weighed at 199.2 this morning that's a 24lb loss in 8-9 weeks H54958 7 H54958
6/14/17 3:04 P
Back at the top of Stone Mountain πŸŽ‰πŸ˜… CGARR442 15 COMEBACKKID12
6/14/17 9:56 P
Iso... I really like strawberry banana smoothie in the morning. I use to use "rockin wellness" prote MADILYNEVE 4 SMARTPOET06
6/13/17 10:58 P
Finally out of the 300's !!!!!!!!!!!! Starting weight 4/14 /17 was 337lbs, today 6/13/17 is 299lbs! SARAH_ARAUJO 3 ASHRAMBO830
6/13/17 11:31 P
Tuesday work out: 23 m8ns of is cardio burning.2321 steps 217 cals burned... total for today 7607 s MIMIGEE2 17 DJ4HEALTH
6/14/17 1:46 A
Does anyone else ever feel guilty for eating? I abused food for so long that I still get the guilt a SJOYOUS 5 COOKIES450
6/14/17 12:16 A
I had not seen my ex in about 2 years and 105lbs. I saw him today. ... he actually stuttered. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌ MISSDORKNESS 279 SUPERWOMANSUE17
6/23/17 11:33 A
Laugh of the day! My reason I don't like sport bras. I need to find the right one I guess!!!! #UNIBO MADILYNEVE 6 MSWITZER
6/12/17 9:01 P
I was feeling myself slipping into I made something entirely new for dinner and STACIT0571 11 SKINNYONEDAY58
6/12/17 4:12 A
I just bought this dress at Kohls today. It's tight fitting right now. Hoping to change that in a fe NEWME1025 23 N70091
6/11/17 3:01 A
6/11/17 12:26 A
Today was a terrible day. With the unexpected pass KAITE13 31 KAITE13
6/11/17 11:41 A
I am 79 years old and retired in Vegas. I used to weigh 227 and am 5 ft 1 in. I've been trying for 1 JLEWIS527 50 JLEWIS527
6/21/17 2:28 P
Lazy day, slow day, pajama day, only day off! MADILYNEVE 1 MADILYNEVE
6/10/17 11:49 P
Met my birthday goal!!! ( my birthday is tomorrow) KAYBRITMOODY 215 INCH_BY_INCH
6/12/17 12:44 P
Starting Over Again-50 pounds to go! I can do this!! CAFFEINATED-ME 26 MAMACMAY
6/8/17 1:22 P
Today marks day 1. I have 90 lbs to lose. Already finished my workout today. Just gotta stay focused COUNTRYANGEL5 162 LITENLIVELY135
6/8/17 9:44 P
Baseball season!!! Don't have time for the gym today and that's ok. My 7 year old all star has a gam MADILYNEVE 3 CIERAPOET
6/8/17 12:12 P