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Day 1 on Spark. Need some help staying on track and this seems perfect. Such a great community. Reco AULAURUS 129 PBVHCCVH
7/19/17 2:21 A
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 220 REGILIEH
7/15/17 10:26 P
Tabitha checking out my flowers from DD 🌺 MIMAWELIZABETH 10 LYNMEINDERS
7/14/17 6:57 P
I absolutely love eating fruit in the summer! What's your fav summer fruit? FITSISTA79 251 ADORENE
7/17/17 5:26 P
7/14/17 11:37 P
Turns out Luna has advanced cancer. Currently at the vet while they perform the necessary procedure SSMITH762 293 MARINEMAMA
7/12/17 7:53 A
7/14/17 9:48 P
Sometimes you have to make yourself do it even when you don't want to. Today is one of those days fo SILVERTOMORROW 15 MARINEMAMA
7/8/17 6:55 A
Been seeing so much of a difference in my health and emotions it's been awesome SAPPER651 20 MARINEMAMA
7/8/17 6:55 A
7/8/17 8:02 A
Posted a photo CBULLIS1 20 CGARR442
7/7/17 9:19 P
7/7/17 10:14 P
Sometimes you have to look back just to see how far you've come. FITSISTA79 133 CATHERINE5300
7/14/17 3:20 P
I really don't know what to say! 52 pounds gone since February and 3 weeks cigarette free! It's hasn SUMMERFODRIE 304 KOHINOOR2
7/11/17 12:03 A
Today we had our final weigh in at work for #biggestloser. Winners were not announced yet & we have MIKAILA86 15 MIKAILA86
7/5/17 12:57 P
Been eating badly for the last 3 days...trying to get back on track. VARIETYVEGETARI 5 NYARAMULA
7/4/17 5:27 A
This is such a true statement I had to share.... Hope you all have a safe and wonderful 4th of July. W8LOSSMOMMY 8 MARINEMAMA
7/4/17 7:07 A
Happy 4th all!! Enjoy the day and be safe!! AK1961 15 PLCHAPPELL
7/4/17 6:44 A
Small nonscale victories are sometimes all the inspiration you need to keep pushing forward in pursu SPARKE77 14 MARINEMAMA
7/4/17 7:05 A
7/5/17 4:21 A
Posted a photo GODDREAMDIVA1 9 YMWONG22
7/3/17 7:56 A
Posted a photo GODDREAMDIVA1 13 BETRHO48
7/3/17 10:31 A
Three months in and 30lbs down! I'm so incredibly TML267 107 STRONGERLEANER
7/3/17 9:35 A
Posted a photo GODDREAMDIVA1 18 BETRHO48
7/3/17 10:30 A
#mondaymotivation #motivate GLAMNGLOWDIVA 16 LIS193
7/3/17 12:12 P
Posted a photo CHINUA14 17 CANNINGNANNY
7/4/17 7:27 A
Last week is gone, whatever happened can't be changed. It's a new week with 7 days to be positive, PAMBROWN62 16 COMEBACKKID12
7/5/17 8:14 P
Love my magical sunset walks with my Labracadabrador. (And for those who can't see it, Labrador + ab BONNIEMARGAY 12 GARDENCHRIS
6/19/17 6:51 A
It was 109 here today and supposed to hit 114 later this week. Too hot to walk outside. Borrowed a y CINDYMAY242017 6 LYNMEINDERS
6/19/17 3:22 A
Down to 165 now! Need to lose 15 more pounds to hit my GW! JROSS375 33 MDOWER1
6/19/17 7:15 A
I, too, am new here and looking for someone with similar goals. I need to lose 80 to 90 Lbs. Also PBVHCCVH 2 LYNMEINDERS
6/15/17 6:21 A
My weight hovered around 159 for a week. Then it finally started coming down again. So happy this mo TYENOVKIAN 13 TYENOVKIAN
6/20/17 7:14 P
Have a great day, friends! SARA-SMILE2017 18 TANYA168
6/16/17 9:29 P
Posted a photo MS_JOEY70 20 MUDRUNNER4
6/15/17 8:06 A
1 day at a time...every lit bit of progress IS progress. SMHPHOTOGAL 14 STARGAZ3R
6/15/17 7:10 A
Feeling silly HIKEL72 9 ANNKRAN
6/15/17 6:50 A
Had another baby boy! LSMALLWOO 140 RAPUNZEL53
6/13/17 5:04 A
6/13/17 4:12 A
This is my first time to be here with this weight loss program. Im blessed to be here and see what m S63342 16 HEATHER736
6/13/17 10:30 A
Love this! #fitness, #app, RD03875 13 ROX525
6/13/17 6:08 A
After an awful afternoon yesterday I managed to avoid using food to make me feel better :) I held on AMBURCH2 15 MADEINBRITAIN
6/13/17 1:21 P
Planning on having a great day, post a Woo-Hoo JUDITH316 1601 JUDITH316
7/25/17 2:04 P
Getting there!! MADCRAFTERMOM 7 C61873
6/11/17 5:54 P
Week 1 ** Lost 1 lb ** Gotta Start Somewhere! *WooHoo!* STACYTEXAN 11 GONNAWORKIT
6/13/17 2:51 P
Friday! For most it is the end of the work week, yay. I hope you have a positive and productive da PAMBROWN62 11 PLCHAPPELL
6/9/17 5:26 A
Up early this morning to start the physio exercises for my back. Looking forward to having a stronge JOG321 11 PLCHAPPELL
6/9/17 5:25 A
Posted a photo AMBURCH2 10 LYNMEINDERS
6/9/17 4:49 A
47lb down since January!!! Now to stay motivated for the other 47. CNHUNT89 102 MDOWER1
6/9/17 7:57 A
Our grandson Yitzchok is checking out his mommy's new glasses!!! FLASUN 18 LESSOFMOORE
6/10/17 8:27 P
Driving down the interstate jamming to my music! Weekend in sight! What are you doing this very minu LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 6 MARIEWINDSORA
6/9/17 6:08 A
6/26/17 10:47 P
This quinoa dish is way better than the last! Went vegetarian today minus the chicken broth I cooked BORAHDEAU 9 CINDHOLM
6/7/17 7:13 P
Posted a photo SPARKFRAN514 18 GODS-PRINCESS
6/9/17 8:28 A
So proud! Bucket list item crossed off. 10km in Central Park GERMANPICKLE 19 CHAS6113
6/7/17 6:58 P
I can tell the difference in my face. My hubby can tell the difference in my body. The number on the GLOMEKAAL 62 LADYSUMMERSET
6/15/17 8:40 A
Good Evening everyone. :) Haven't wore this shirt and skirt in a while. They fit so much better. And DOLLIPS 21 G72812
6/8/17 6:00 A
Starting my journey... hoping that this one will be the journey that leads me to a successful outcom CMALIK9 220 INCH_BY_INCH
6/8/17 7:21 P
550 days on SP. My mom took the new pic the other day and it was eye opening. CHELERY1 135 TANGOKATE
6/7/17 11:40 P
This was my breakfast this morning. It wasn't until 2pm that I realized I hadn't eaten lunch! Very RBCAN8V 19 SRIVERS1
6/6/17 6:08 P
6/6/17 5:36 P
Its funny how life works. The left picture was me 7 years ago, at that time I was a SR. In highschoo CWEST4973 208 SHAKTI101
6/7/17 4:43 A
The Muffin Top Diaries... Be Gone Muffin Top! Leave my sight! *Sigh* If it were that easy....Right? STACYTEXAN 7 FROSTY99
6/6/17 5:41 P
Posted a photo MICKEYCLAUS 6 DENAJO38
6/6/17 5:35 P
Just joined yesterday . I feel great being able to track my calories and exercise. My boyfriend eve MAMAJOJO73 34 JOEDOLLAR
6/6/17 7:59 P
I finally have the courage to post this picture. I've seen other people do it and appreciated their STARRA5 157 P41560
7/10/17 1:53 A
6/21/17 11:23 P
6/6/17 4:31 A
#motivate GLAMNGLOWDIVA 11 LIS193
6/6/17 11:58 A
My first hike today was to little Manitou Falls as part of Pattison, a Wisconsin State Park. I was g EJOY-EVELYN 17 AALLEY2
6/6/17 1:07 P
Gained about 30 lbs since this was taken. I was comfortable here and making progress. Wanna get back SHANNON7345 7 REEDSKI
6/6/17 10:26 A
Found my weather-window - wild winds but no rain at 6.30am RAWCOOKIE 10 MIRAGE727
6/7/17 6:50 A
Hi everyone I'm ashley, today I have been started with my diet and exercise for exactly one week. I' A52144 202 LASTDIET2017
6/6/17 7:31 A
My mantra today. Have a terrific Tuesday. PAMBROWN62 10 PLCHAPPELL
6/6/17 5:34 A
My cute little "monster" grandson having a nap after all his exercising for the day! FLASUN 18 LESSOFMOORE
5/24/17 9:33 P
Posted a photo MAMARHINE1 18 MIRAGE727
5/22/17 7:58 A

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